Iona Donahue: Jack The Lad

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Ice clonked in the sparkling water, my hand wet from the condensation on the glass. Greased as a well-oiled machine, I owed the sway of my hips to Mila’s delectable tongue. A welcoming smile rested on his handsome features as beads of sweat shone on his temples and forehead.“Hello, Jack.”He stopped what he was doing, and that smile was just for me, “Hey there.”His powder blue t-shirt was a treat; it darkened where Jack perspired and clung to his body. Revealing its definition, he was like Mila… a contradiction. Between brutish and athletic, he did not have the bulk of a mature body, only a few years into adulthood. Its effect on me was difficult to conceal. I wanted to admire how he filled those cream shorts, and it was a conscious effort not to.Holding a cloth, he wiped his brow with the back of his hand. Then, he looked through me, and my body quivered at the secret connivance of two lovers.“You are really going to town on that. Are you going to wash mine when you are done?”“Yeah… if you like.”I smirked at his earnest expression; it betrayed his naiveté, “Just kidding. I was heading out and saw you like this… I thought you could use a cold drink.”Laughing, he grinned at my little joke as I handed over the glass.“Iona… that’s very kind… thank you.”Jack’s fingers touched mine, and I felt it – a spark.“So… I thought to myself, what’s the eejit doing? It’s too hot for that.”He took tentative sips of the ice-cold water. Watching him, I felt that flutter within and struggled to hide it.Jack sighed in the way that only good refreshment can provide. “You are an angel, Iona. I have to wash my car. The boss lady wants me to give her a lift to work on Tuesday.”My interest was piqued, “Boss lady?”He pressed the glass to his forehead, “My actual boss. She got caught drink driving, three guesses who’s providing a lift to and from work…”“Oh… lucky you.”“Yeah… still, it’s a good excuse to keep the car tidy.”We had that in common, finding a positive from any negative. In our cul-de-sac of neat two-up, two-down houses, they were not palatial but practical. They were a step on the ladder for first-time buyers, homes for retired downsizers… or, like me, a single mother living alone. Jack was the newcomer, and the neighbours were welcoming. I had overdone that already. From his urbane smile, I reacted to that twinkle of mischief in his eyes.Stood on the pavement outside his house, we reached this point.“So?”Yeah, I leered with my comely eyes, and his smile proved infectious.“What?”He knew what, of course, I was thinking it. My invitation was nothing lurid; walls and twitching curtains have ears.“That would be great. Please don’t go to too much trouble on my account.”“Excellent… and I’ll decide that,” a megawatt smile made it obvious I would. “It’s a bank holiday weekend, so make an effort. It’s as good an excuse as any. See you at six-thirty?”“Sure.”Finally, there was that wry smile. Good, Jack was thinking it too.“Grand…” and I let mine linger. “See ya then.”“See ya, Iona.”My impudent grin was unbecoming of our age difference. Then again, I was not a woman who acted hers.= – =Birds do it, bees do it, and we would do it… maybe. The whole evening had built up to this moment. We sat in the garden picking over the remnants of a greek lamb and salad. I yearned for a repeat performance, and Jack had not mentioned a word about Tuesday. Was it his civility? I did not know. I hoped it was his sense of discretion. Whatever the reasons, it remained between us, charged in the air, poised like lightning to strike.I experienced men his age. They came in two varieties, bold, determined, and willing to say anything to get laid. Or shy, skittish and easily spooked. The former was cocky and dangerous, which had me wet in seconds. The latter needed time and space to flourish… it played to my kink to mould them into lovers of my own design – if I had the patience.Jack seemed to be neither or both. I had my fingers burned once by a bold, cocky type who could not help but brag. Feeling this fucking horny, regardless of the few glasses of white wine, if Jack even hinted at being boastful, the game would be off.I had no interest in the mundanity of his life; it was like mine. We got up, went to work, and came home. I wanted to understand Çeşme Escort his thoughts, what made him tick, that was far more interesting. It was not the effortless seduction I had planned. In the battle of sexes, or rather the exes, finally, I had him cornered with innuendo and playfully doubted his sexual experience.He leaned in with a conspiratorial expression, “I’ve lived a little.”“Oooh… Jack the Lad… I know you are no angel, and no one expects you to be one.”Yeah, I saw him at Liberty’s with a cock in his mouth. He already had one notch on my bedpost. A shallow nick, a pleasant enough memory. I wanted him to gouge out a chunk. I wanted to be marked with a dull ache I would feel tomorrow. That was the challenge, and I craved the horny little devil I knew he could be.As a fillip to my confidence, his eyes scanned up and down my figure. He’d do the right thing one day: marry, settle down, have wains. I wanted to be the nostalgic memory in years to come. Right now, I wanted to see if he had something else in him. Admiring Jack, there was a timidity to his demeanour and posture. His pallor was flushed, and I admit, I had little to work with here. Yet, whilst I saw him at Liberty’s, I had no idea how to tempt that from him.Summoning him to my bedroom, it was clear that no woman had ever been so brazen with him. He followed me with lost puppy eyes, and the bulge in his chinos promised much. This was my plan, as many of his hidden fantasies I could manage packed into a night of filthy debauchery. He would confess every last one; I wanted him hooked.I wanted him to be mine.-=-When the bustier yielded, I heard his muted gasp. Yes, he had seen me naked before, but I posed my statuesque frame for him, all racy curves, and leaning against the wall. The heave of his torso rose and fell as the notion of his surrender surged through me. My thumbs tucked under the elastic, and the lace caressed my flanks on their descent. Stepping out of the puddle of fabric, I wanted to be admired.“Oops, I am all naked.”Purred slowly, I ran my fingers through the long tresses of my hair and cast a curtain over one eye.He croaked first and then swallowed, “You are so beautiful.”Jaw proud, head tilted, and unwilling to be conquered – my eyes bored into his.“Thank you. Are you going to stand there all night?”Again, I beckoned him, and he approached. Draping my arms around his shoulders, the distance between us narrowed, his eyes closed as my vision blurred and the first graze of our lips lingered. He kissed me as if he loved me. Again and again, each kiss was an insipid demonstration of passion.Gathered into my arms, draped against his muscular body, it churned the need within me. He was soft to the touch yet so unyielding beneath.He tilted his head to receive my lips, “How do you see me, Jack?”“There’s a look in your eyes, as if….”“As if what?”Kissing his neck, he murmured, “There’s something about you. It isn’t easy to put my finger on it. It’s the way you carry yourself. You look so worldly and confident… and it’s so… sexual.”“It’s because I want you.”“And you have for weeks, like me?”“Not as long as that, but when my mind is made up,” I nuzzled his ear, harbouring a tiny concern I was so transparent to someone as young as Jack.The burning within brightened as his tactile hand caressed my waist and grasped my hip. His caress began to roam and skirted the place that ached for him. My restless touch coveted his body, a languid expedition that drew him closer. My hot loins pressed to his thigh, he would know, and I did not care.“But…,” his tone suggested something important, “you’re my neighbour and….”I interrupted, “No shitting the bed?”“Yeah, and no pissing in the corporate pool.”“Your boss? She’s given you the come on?”“Yeah.”I stifled his sigh as my lips petitioned his. He responded with more enthusiasm, still muted but wavering.“That’s just plain common sense… not fucking your boss. And me… you’ve wanted to fuck me but couldn’t because I’m your neighbour? I am as guilty as you are.”He jolted at that word – fuck. Jack groaned, and it weakened whatever held him back. I would use that word again and more like it.Taking a step back, he remained in my embrace. Back to where we began, my arms draped over Çeşme Escort Bayan his broad shoulders. My assertive eyes demanded his full attention. Unbuttoning his shirt, I eased forward. My hand slid under the fabric; his pectorals were well-defined, large and broad. An errant thumb brushed his nipple; it narrowed his eyes, and hot, exhaled breath grazed my cheek. With my tongue in his mouth, I stifled the next and weakened his resolve.As my eyes returned to his, the battle was half-won.“Now, Jack, listen to me… we’re going to fuck. I don’t mean just once, like Tuesday, but all night. You need it, and I need it. I will fuck your brains out and want nothing less from you. Neighbour or not, can I trust your discretion to keep this between us?”He nodded animatedly, “Yes, absolutely, to my grave.”As soon as he said it, I giggled at his earnestness. I pulled him into a long, deep, intense kiss to stifle another apology. Open-mouthed, my lips petitioned for more; it intensified to draw out his tongue. I found his nipple, loosening his body from a stiff awkwardness into a more fiery passion.I seized my chance, and the heft of my breasts squeezed against his naked torso.Slotted together, I matched him in height, hips to hips, and his confined erection pressed against the delicate flare of my abdomen. This kiss had what I wanted; his nerves melted away; this was a statement of his lust. I held his erection, it felt as purposeful as I remembered, and his broad hand clasped my unfettered breast. More heat surged into my loins, and his deep murmur thrummed through us. Kissing me, he was good… he was everywhere, and it exhilarated my senses.I needed to assert myself, and my hands eased his shirt off those broad shoulders. Pulling it down, it trapped his arms, and he whimpered. A hint of submission, perhaps, now that was something I could work with.Tracing my fingers over the definition of his upper body, they meandered over every curve and vale.“Oh, you can’t move your hands,” it was a coquettish giggle, “Where would you put them if you could?”He muttered, “Your breasts.”“Sorry?” I feigned.“Your breasts.”I stepped back, “You like them?”Squeezing them for his benefit, I savoured how he admired them and waited for his eyes to return.“They like lots of hot spunk on them.”“Shit…”Testing him again with a passionate kiss, it unlocked his untapped passion. The faintest caress from the tip of my tongue provoked a stifled moan. Instinct would power his actions now; I wanted his primal brain fused to his rampant cock. The descent of my hand pulled at his behind, and I took him into a close clinch. A mischievous caress eased from his waist, around his clothed flank and rested on his loins. Groaning into a deeper kiss, I pressed my hand against his erection.He broke, and I saw it, his innocent vulnerability. Watching his reaction, he was so thick and hard. His eyes narrowed as mine burned for him. From this posture of control, Jack showed me his capitulation. This was something to work with; later, I might tie him down.The flat of my hand placed on his erection, my fingers traced over the defined lines of his upper body. Beneath that velvet skin, there was latent power. He was every inch the Adonis. Hewn from oak, almost hairless except for a tuft between his pectorals.I watched how his chest staggered for air; it betrayed his need. Painted fingernails grazed his febrile skin. The definition of his body was not too harsh; their curves swept as appealing arcs to those broad shoulders and pronounced biceps. My thumb grazed Jack’s nipple again, his eyes narrowed, and hot, exhaled air caressed my cheek.“You have a fine body, Jack. I bet you are one hell of a ride if you put your mind to it.”Yeah, goad him; he was young, and they went off like rockets if they wanted to.He hesitated with his natural modesty and smiled, “I bet you are the same.”“Oh, you’ll discover just how much energy I have.”Caressing his confined erection, I witnessed how it crumbled his resolve. Gazing into his eyes, I could not hide my amusement as they narrowed. Gasping, he floundered for words, and I struck. My lips petitioned his again, and I reeled him in. Placing the tip of my tongue against his, it escalated as a naked flame Escort Çeşme on fresh fuel. It was the kissing that over-amorous teenagers did, heavy tongues like eels and plenty of saliva. His response caught me unawares with its intensity.I freed his arms, and he pulled me into his embrace as his first bold move. The firm grasp of my body forced out a plaintive whimper. Jack was strong and powerfully built, and he would be mine tonight.I roused his lusts as the cock-hungry temptress and the wide leather belt rattled through the buckle. I wanted to wrap it around his neck and use it as an impromptu leash. It was too soon, maybe later.Sudden shallow breaths caressed my naked shoulder as I nuzzled Jack’s ear. The button and fly yielded, my patience corroded by need, and I eased my fingers under the thick elastic of his briefs. Nuzzling his neck, Jack flinched as my fingers traversed smooth hairless skin. Before, there was soft down, trimmed and tidy. I plunged in for an intense kiss that he was all shaved. I held it in hand; he was overstimulated, swollen and rigid.“Mmm, already at full mast?” I purred, “So, you’ve been hoping we’d do this again then?”“Uh-huh.”“Mmm, I’m impressed, Jack.”There was limited latitude to move as I stroked it. Jack groaned, and its deep thrum vibrated through me in this closest clinch so far.“Touch me.”Lost in my gaze, he cupped my sex; the surprise stole my breath as he breached it. Spilling my syrupy juices, I expected his inexperience and that he might finger fuck me. Instead, he eased them out and slickened my swollen clit.“Yes, like that. Oh, fuck….”It narrowed my vision. Simpering for Jack, he placed his lips on mine. I clasped his bicep and gasped at the apex of each breath. This was meant to be my seduction; for now, the tables were turned.I had to whimper, “Can you feel what you have done to me? I’m soaked.”“Yes…” and he groaned as I stroked him.A snort of frustration left him as I withdrew my hand. Pushing on his body, I pressed his back to the wall. The graze of my lips peppered his shoulders; craning my neck, I nuzzled his nipple with his implacable erection in hand. Descending to my knees, I pulled down his chinos and helped him out of them. I caught the outline of his erection pressed against his boxer briefs. His biscuit-toned cheeks flushed, and the definition of his torso swelled hurriedly for air. His eyes caught in the headlights, and Jack’s features did not reciprocate my devious grin.“Now, let me see I again.”He murmured again, slight, almost submissive. Manhandling it, I pried it free and removed his underwear. It was not the longest or the thickest; it was oversized and out of proportion to his muscular body. Resting a hand against the cut of his obliques, I admired the upturned curve and its purposeful girth.“My, Jack, isn’t that a treasure?”“Th… thanks.”Placing a single finger on it, it twitched as I traced the plumpest vein and cupped his chunky balls. Heavy in a tight sac, I wanted them to be full… I wanted to drain them dry. Caressing them, admiring his curved shaft, it was just so right for me. Not an inch would go to waste, and I would take it to the hilt. The dimensions of it bested my favourite toy, the one that induced mind-bending orgasms. He had me close last time, and Jack would need to last to provide those.Fully engorged, my thumb traced over the pronounced ridge along its length. Its sleek head was swollen, and its foreskin fully retracted. Gauging its rigidity, I gripped it; there was no give as velveteen steel. It was a formidable implement for carnal delight or a battering ram to bruise me.He would see my wide-eyed delight, “No wonder you kept fidgeting earlier.”Witnessing my smile, I detected a hint of trepidation.“You are blessed.”“Thanks,” it did not alleviate his flustered appearance, “Is this your experience talking?”I laughed at his audacity, “I’ve seen a few in my time; this is a perfect one.”Kissing along its length, I felt its heat on my lips. Jack flinched and groaned.“So…” I leered, “are you going to show me how you really use this?”Yeah, it verged on the cruel; you had to be there to see my rueful smile. Jack knew I expected words.“Definitely.”“Good boy.”Pressed to my cheek, it was so hot and ready. I wanted this moment to sear into his memory. He would witness my enjoyment of this lewd act with unbroken eye contact.My fingertips traversed the smooth skin, “You shaved it for me, too.”I tut-tutted and wrapped my hand around it, rubbing the soft pad of my thumb on its frenulum.

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