Isabella’s Reversion Pt. 01

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Note from the Author:

This is a story about ABDL. The first word being Adult. All sexual encounters center around Adults, above the age of 18. This story also contains BDSM, plushophilia, watersports, and various other fetishes. For those that are grammar freaks, please don’t comment on my improper grammar use. I could care less. I do my best with spell and grammar check. I do ask for all to comment on their thoughts of the story, but don’t down any fetish or other things you may not like to do or not do. Please enjoy.


As the light of the full moon gleammed off of Isabella’s light brown partially naked body, she continued humping the medium sized soft plush brown teddy bear, with her left hand holding up the teddy bear’s head against her hungry sopping wet cunt, and holding a patially drunk beer and cigarette in her right.

She was now watching a Domme dressed in a black PVC teddy, whom was short and a little chubby but still very sexy, fucking her husband’s pink satin rumba panty covered ass with a large strap on, going in and out of the panties anal opening. He was holding his pink frilly maid’s uniform up, as he moaned softly.

It was a regular couple that submitted thier personal movies to her Amateur porn website, which she had been hosting for a few years now.

The wife’s girlfriend and the husband’s secondary Mistress, a tall and skinny lady with dirty blonde hair, had him licking his own cum from a paper that she had milked him on six times.

Isabella soon found it unbearable to suppress her climax any longer, as a light stream of pee began filling the plate from the dirty blondes’s cunt, whom was hovering over it, while the husband was still bieng made to insure the plate was clean.

Isabella’s cunt experinced it’s ninth eruption of thick and creamy magma from her constantly active volcano, only soaking the snout and face of the teddy bear further.

After licking the blonde’s cunt clean as well, the husband had been laid down, and was bieng used as a toliet for his wife’s golden juices, as she humped his face.

The next one was of a blonde bombshell sensually stripping off her office clothes, to reveal a white satin and lace bra and thong.

The girl took a Barbie, used the doll’s hair to tease her pussy, and eventually began using the toy as a dildo

This made Isabella’s clit swell even more, as she continued grinding her cunt against the teddy’s snout.

The next one was of a attractive brunette dressed in a ankle length red and white stripped satin maxi dress in a dressing room, with several lingerie outfits behind her on a clothing hook. She was acting like she needed to pee very badly.

The girl lifted the hem of her long satin dress to her waist revealing red high cut nylon and lace panties covered by pantyhose.

After grabbing her cup of Starbucks coffee and placing it beneath her, she ripped a hole in the crotch of the pantyhose, slid aside the crotch of her panties, and began coaxing her long thin pussy lips as to make it release her pee.

As another orgasm overtook Isabella, releasing her flow of thick sticky cream, the girl began to pee into the coffee cup.

The girl finished off with massaging her clit until she quickly orgasmed, releasing a clear thin stream of secretions.

After using a new pair of panties, which still had a tag on them, to clean her cunt. She left the dressing room with everything.

The girl put all of the lingerie back, and folded the now dirty panties, and placed them back on the self, then left the store.

Isabella soon realized she was in trouble when she saw the only to familiar appearance of a very sensual red headed girl dressed in her normal dark purple and black silk school girl outfit began waving to the camera.

The red head submitted movies she made herself atleast twice a week. She was a just as much as a plushie lover as Isabella herself. Isabella had given her the nickname Red Heat on her website, which the red head insured to live up to in every porn she uploaded.

Knowing that this would require Joan, Isabella exited out of the website on her Galaxy Note 2, and went inside, with the teddy bear still between her legs.

Isabella was glad to see Red Heat had made one, as so she could loose herself in the euphoria of many orgasms after the long and hard day at work she had gotten home from a few hours ago.

It had started fourty two hours ago, and when a client desided to click on a pop up saying he had a virus, the pop up itself bieng the virus. Ofcource the client was using the server as his personal computer. Making it to where the server crashed, and making her convene the Think Tank.

Isabella was the head of the server and network department, along with bieng in charge of the Think Tank, a select group of techs she had hand picked to resolve such issues.

Stopping by the old futon her Mother had given her, to drop off Edith, xslot the three foot long teddy bear she had just been humping, Isabella went to the bathroom of her older one bedroom apartment.

The only pluses for the apartment was it was large, had a claw bathtub, and was halfway between her work and her mom.

Isabella could be living in a luxurious condo or house, but had decided long ago to live on a raemon noodle budget, saving and investing the rest as so she could retire by the age of thirty, which was only a few years away.

She had graduated from high school at sixteen, and focused her ambitions in the area she excelled at, computers. By the age of eighteen she had gained the highest certifications offered from Microsoft, Cisco, and Apple. Most of her money had been made by being a Network Design Consultant all over the US, but settled in San Antonio and her current job after her father passed away, as to be there for her mother.

After using cheap toliet paper to clean the remains of urine from her thick plush pussy, she fastened on a clean pink pair of her high waist Dixie Belle panties.

She hand made her panties, and had for years. Made from nylon, they wet down to her inner thighs with a tight fit, and had a wider than normal gusset. Four buttons went down each side, and when unbuttoned they laid out flat. A large soft lace heart in the middle of the front, showing all the way down to the very top of her pussy.

She had made them skin tight, as so to not only accent her curves, but also so that every time she would move with whichever plushie was in the crotch of her panties, it would rub right against her continuously hungry cunt.

She stopped by the refrigerator and pulled out two hotdogs, she had brought on her way home, slowly sliding them into her asshole one at a time, while bent over, using her already wet cunt to lubricate them. Insuring to leave half of the second one out to be used as a anal toy.

Isabella walked into the bedroom, that served as her server room, sewing area, and her sex room. Along with a sewing table and chair, there was three white metal Baker’s racks packed with small to medium sized plushe animals. A majority of which were the small ones in which Isabella used as her loving panty plushies.

There was also a twin sized air matress in the middle of the room, which was where a huge pink with white accent teddy bear was laying.

Joan, the massive teddy bear, was dressed in a silk black and white under bust corset with shoulder straps and a built in mini skirt, one of the several outfits that Isabella had hand sewn for Joan. Joan herself had also been hand sewn by Isabella as well.

Joan was not a normal a normal teddy bear. She was six foot tall, with fur covered double D silicone breast forms, a massively thick twelve inch pink furry cockwith a white tip, and an asshole for the times Isabella wished to use her double ended strap on.

“I fucking love being a plushophilia,” Isabella thought to herself, as she pulled the furry cock throgh the hidden cock hole of the black satin rumba panties.

Isabella’s cunt shuttered as she pushed aside the crotch of her already wet panties, and slid the soft plush penis inside of her cunt, making her almost orgasm then and there.

After putting on her 3d glasses, Isabella used her phone to turn on her forty two inch 3d LED tv, and setup Red Heat’s newest submission to play in 3d.

She slowly began riding Joan, as Red Heat waved in greeting.

Red Head was sitting on her bed, which was covered in the many plush animals she had previously made love to for the camera, but instead of a plush bieng beneath her already, there was a white adult diaper.

Isabella had seen many other submitted porns of men and women doing various things in adult diapers and pull ups. But something, unknown to Isabella, was about to be unlocked deep within the cage of her mind.

Red Heat unfolded the diaper, laid it flat on the bed, kneeling over it. Slowly she teased up the silk black and purple plaid school girl skirt, revealing the red flame shaped stip of pubic hair just above her shaved cunt.

Red Heat slowly began rubbing baby lotion on her glistening pussy, upturned a bottle of baby powder, and squeezed a thick white cloud of powder over her pubic area, with a white mound of it covering her pussy itself.

Spreading apart her pussy lips, Red Heat began to release a slighty yellow tinted stream of piss onto the crotch of diaper, and then fastened it onto herself.

Without realizing it, Isabella’s hips had joined in with her ass cheeks, to help her grind and fuck Joan harder, as she laid down on her. Joan’s breast began massaing Isabella’s own full C almost D cup breast through the satin and lace of Isabella’s bra.

After placing a large stuffed dog underneath the diaper, Red Heat leaned backwards, and let all see and hear the diaper being filled with the rest of her bladder, as the backend of the crotch xslot Giriş yellowed more.

Red Heat looked over her shoulder and gave a wink, while slowly starting to hump the stuffed smiling German Shepard, holding it in place with one hand, using the other to unfasten the back of her black satin and lace bra, allowing her white freckle covered firm breast to fall free.

Isabella quickly unfastened the front clasps of her bra, allowing her own firm breast to feel the softness of Joan’s, as she laid ontop of her.

She put a hand down the back of her panties, and used her hand to fuck herself with the last hotdog she had stuffed inside of her asshole, while still riding the fur covered cock for dear life.

Isabella felt the edge of her climax coming upon her quickly, but she pushed it down. She always waited until her body could no longer control the orgasm before giving into it.

Once Red heat had orgasmed, she leaned back, and released even more golden juices into the diaper, using her hand to knead the diaper. She then turned herself and the the dog around and bent forward, making her sexy diaper ass expand.

Isabella could not believe her own eyes, as she watched in a state of sensual horror, as Red Heat gave a little fart while the back end of her diaper began bulging out quickly.

Red Heat had resumed humping the dog, while the back end of her diaper was still filling up. Her thighs were tight pressed against the plusie to hold it in place, as the backend of the diaper began becoming brown, and still pushing out further.

Because of the shock of what she was witnessing, Isabella did not realize her body had given into the orgasm, until she was trembling and her pussy gushing out large amounts of her sticky warm cream.

Red Heat continued humping the german shepard for dear life, as anyone could tell she was about to orgasm. The crinkling noise from the diaper was the only thing, other than her yells and loud moans of the pleasure Red Heat was experiencing, was able to be heard

Isabella herself was still humping and fucking Joan even though her limbs were still trembling. She had even recruited vaginal muscles to aid in her attempt to get her cunt off faster. The intensity of the climax was driving her mad with passion and lust.

Red Heat’s buldging diapered ass was almost a blurr from the speed of how fast she was humping the stuffed dog.

Isabella could feel the shear power of the orgasm that was about to engulf her entire being, and she was determined to not give in to it until it forced her body’s submission. Again she was seeking the place of bliss and pure passion she had sought for years.

Isabella could see, in her imagination, Red Heat’s cunt squirting her release into the pee soaked messy diaper, as Red Heat yelled her orgasm at the top of her lungs.

Isabella’s foundation between reality and euphoria was rocked, as the endorphins speed their way through out her body, and her cunt gushed and squirted opius amounts of her thick and sticky cream all over Joan’s cock and panties.

During the tremendously powerful orgasm, she pushed out the two warmed hotdogs from her asshole, making a lovely warm mess in the back of her panties. Which even made her sanity questionable.

She could barely focus on Red Heat’s spasming body, as her mind sought the purity of the orgasm. Seeing mainly a blinding light.

Again Isabella was ever so close to reaching bliss, but dragged back screaming her protests, as she yelled, “So fucking close.”

She felt that her cream had not been the only thing to soak Joan’s cock, as she laid still panting.

Isabella laid there allowing her body to recover from it’s own spams and trembling, her mind going back in time to the day she last time she had an accident her sleep.

It happened a week before she was going to start high school. Her mother had been busy all day with school shopping for all five kids, and Isabella had just been woken by her from an afternoon nap. Luckily Isabella had fallen asleep humping a pillow, which soaked up most of her pee.

Supper was late because her mother had been busy hand washing Isabella’s sheets. Her already drunk father was set off by the flour tortillas being slightly burnt and cold. So his fist flew on both his wife and Isabella.

From that day on Isabella never agian had an accident, and sought to graduate high school as quickly as she could, as to get the hell out of the house.

Grabbing the light brown teddy bear she had humped earlier and a bottle of Coke Zero, Isabella stepped onto her balcony.

She sat holding onto her teddy bear, as she smoked a cigarette and sobbed a little from the frustration of missing the horizon of bliss once again along with past memories from that night, which always seemed to still haunt her.

As the brewing wonderous light of dawn gave chace to the darkness of the night, Isabella went to bed. Laying, only wearing panties, xslot Güncel Giriş under her sheets and thick white down comforter, she put her anime panda bear pillow between her legs, and began slowly humping it, as she still held on to the other teddy bear tightly in her arms.

Isabella dreamed she was on the blue tiled floor of Toys R Us humping a stuffed german shepard plushie. But she had not paid for it yet, and was surrounded by employee’s with looks of deep anger, the same anger that had been in her Father’s eyes the night he had beat her so severly.

Then she was in a gothic school girl outfit with a diaper on, and humping a white fluffy teddy bear. As she orgasmed she felt pee explode from her bladder, and fill the diaper.

The same Toys R Us employees stood around her, laughing at her for wetting her teddy bear. Reaching hands out to grab her, as she awoke startled to the early afternoon sun.

She could tell something was wrong as she was humping the panda bear pillow, still in a state of grogginess. The pillow was soaking wet with warm liquid against her cunt and the insides of her thighs. Realizing it would take several days of orgasms to make it that wet, she knew what had happened. She had pissed in her sleep.

Her pussy could have cared less about the reasons why it had started again after years of kegle exercises, it only wanted to feel the release it so desperately needed.

As she readjusted another sensation touched her cunt and ass cheeks, making making her clit quiver with excitement. It was a new squishy warm feeling. She had pooped her panties.

Embarrassment and disgust should have gripped her mind, but instead a flooding sence of giddiness and lust filled her very soul.

Her body, of it’s own accord, mashed more of the bown mess against her ever hungry and wet cunt, as it continued humping without her awareness.

She no longer cared about the mess she was making, nor about the smell that was abundant, she had to get the fuck off, and now. She was addicted to the need for endorphins more than ever before.

Her entire body joined in a harmonious symphony to help her grind harder and faster than she had ever done before. She could feel the brown mess in the back of her panties mashing and smearing against her perfectly rounded ass cheeks. She could feel the plush animal pillow beneath allowing her urine to be squeezed out onto the bed, and her lower legs.

It all felt so magical and wonderful that she had pushed down any threat of sudden orgasmic release, until she couldn’t hold on any longer.

She began pinching and pulling on her hard and extremly sensitive nipples, as to send more sensations of pleasure directly to her clit.

Loud moans of pleasure were bieng uttered from her soft plump lips, as her body continued it’s lust filled quest for true satisfaction.

With a lound scream of pleasure, and a release like she had never before felt began in her clit and spread up her spine, and into her mind. She felt as close to the place of bliss than she had ever been, but it still escaped her.

Her pussy was continuously gushing heavy amounts of her creamy secreations, like a the dam of a raging river had broke. She even felt a small tird bieng pushed from her asshole, and the last vestiges of her bladder release.

She laid there, with her arms and legs spasming, catching her breath as if she had ran for miles. Her thoughts consumed on how much it had all added to her pleasure, even the large shit that was mashed against her entire crotch and ass cheeks.

She began to think of how she had used the many hotdogs, bananas, and even popsicles over the years just to allow her body and lusty flesh to enjoy the wonderful feeling of pooping itself.

She gathered all of the bedding, and put it all in the dirty clothes pile, and went into the bathroom to start the soaking of her shit filled panties.

After using vaginal wipes to clean herself, Isabella grabbed a medium sized stuffed polar bear and a cup of coffee from her kreuig, and went outside for a smoke.

She had laid old blankets over the balcony railing so she could go outside naked even in the day time.

Placing the polar bear on the floor, she kneeled on it, and slowly began humping, as she sparked a cigarette, and began trying to take apart and analyze what had just happened and why.

First she checked her work email, even though she was on a forced four day weekend and faced with a life altering event, her mind was still went to work.

Crane, the CIO of where she worked, told her under no uncertain terms was she to return to work before Monday. She had been working a month straight, and led the Think Tank two other times. One time lasting for twenty two hours straight, and the other fourty.

As she tried to concentrate on the emails she was reading through, she soon found that analytical thoughts became fantasies of uncontrollable pee and poop, with a mixture of diapers making thier appearance within it.

Isabella found herself humping and grinding her wet swollen cunt against the snout, insuring her clit was hitting the tip, as quickly as her body allowed. Her thighs trapped Lisa in place beneath her.

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