It Started as a Joke

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It started as a bit of a joke…

Nicky hadn’t been with us very long, she’d been late on a number of occasions and was at the point were disciplinary action would have to be taken. As the H.R Manager for my firm I had the job of both monitoring absence and lateness as well as carrying out any disciplinary action.

Knowing Nicky was at the point were disciplinary action was to be the next step I made a point of telling her that one more occasion of lateness would result in disciplinary action being taken against her, “It would be a slap on the wrist.” I said,

“Only the wrist?” She replied.

“Ok” slap on the legs,” I said.

“How about my bum.” Came her reply.

“Ok your bum it is.” The team she worked with and I laughed, but little did she know that I had a liking for spanking women.

A little later I saw her at the copier and whispered in her ear, “I only spank bare.”

“Bare?” she asked.

“Bare bottoms” I replied “Next time your late I’m gonna give you ten spanks for each minute your late.” I said as I walked back to my office.

Nothing happened for a few weeks, then I happened to see her clock in, noticing that she was only just on time. “Nearly ended up over my knee then Nicky” I said with a smile.

“Yeah Antalya Escort but not quite.” She replied laughing.

Again nothing happened for a week and then it happened she came rushing in on a Tuesday morning four minutes late, my face said it all as I looked at her, she knew she’d been caught. “I’ll talk to you a little later Nicky.” I said as I went to my meeting.

I called her to my office about three in the afternoon. “Hello Nicky, take a seat.” I told her.

I went through the normal procedure telling her that she would be disciplined for her lateness and that the meeting would take place on Thursday afternoon. I deliberately didn’t mention spanking, though I would have liked to do it I couldn’t. It was Nicky herself who did. “So how many spanks am I going to get?”

Playing her at her own game “Forty.” I said “And remember it will be on your bare bum.” I said laughing. The meeting will be at ten to five in my office.

Wednesday went by just like any other day, Thursday however was something else, Nicky had been fine in the morning but after lunch she went very quiet. I called her to my office at ten to five, all of the other managers were gone for the day so I had the management block to myself. When she arrived I told her to Antalya Escort Bayan shut the door and take a seat, I went through the normal disciplinary process and told her that a verbal warning would appear on her record and that any further occurrences of lateness would result in further disciplinary action being taken. For me the meeting was over, then she said. “Are you going to spank me now?”

I looked at her and said, “As much as I’d like to you know I cant do that.”

“I was hoping you would.” she said. Without a second thought I said “In that case you better come round her and get over my knee. Slowly she moved round to my side of the desk and placed herself over my knee. She was wearing a skirt that day, which was nothing out of the ordinary for her. I lifted her skirt and felt her shudder a little as I did so, I was also glad to see a pair of baby pink brief cut knickers covering her bum. I rubbed my hand over her bum then hooked my thumbs under the sides and peeled them down to her knee’s revealing a nice tight white bum, a bum I was going to turn red in the next ten minutes.

“I’m going to give you a break between each ten spanks Nicky, you can stop this at any time by saying Customer ok?”


“Lets begin.”

I delivered Escort Antalya the first ten spanks at a slow speed and not too hard and after I finished I asked her if she was ok, she said she was so I started the second ten. This time I was a little quicker and a little harder, her bum was turning the same shade of her knickers which had fallen down to her ankles. After this set I lifted her off my knee and stood her up, “You still ok to continue with this Nicky?”

“Yes, it was me who said you should spank my bum.”

“Ok then back over my knee for the next then.”

Again she placed herself over my knee, again I lifted her skirt holding it in place with my hand and I rattled off the next ten spanks in a quick fire fashion, this had her starting to flinch and had turned her bum from pink to red.

I gave her a break for a few minutes then I started the last set of ten, they were quick but hard and as I landed the last two, her legs kicked up sending her knickers off to the corner of my office. After I finished her bum was a nice shade of red, I left her over my knees for a minute rubbing her bum, feeling the heat coming off it. Nicky let her legs part a little and I could see a little moisture between her pussy lips. I wasn’t going to there this time, though I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the last time Nicky would end up over my knee. I stood her up and told her to get her knickers and put them on, as she did so I got a last view of her reddened bottom before she left my office.

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