It Started Innocently Enough

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“It all started so innocently.”

So many times, that is the way the naughtiest, nastiest times come to be.

The first time we ever saw Ben and Joan was in the home improvement store near our house. We were picking up a couple of small things for some minor repairs and happened to be in the hardware aisle looking for a replacement hinge for our back gate. Ben and Joan were in the aisle at the same aisle buying screws in bulk. We struck up a conversation after Joan dropped a box screws on the ground and they went everywhere. Jack and I stopped and helped them get them picked up. The conversation continued after the screws were all cleaned up off the floor. We compared projects, the small repairs we were making and the large project Ben and Joan were undertaking, a large deck and hot tub installation and chatted very pleasantly with this nice couple.

They were each a bit older than us. Ben was in his early 50s and Joan about 4 years older than him. Joan was built very similar to me, busty and curvy, a couple inches shorter than me and she had bright red hair and the pale, freckled skin that so often accompanies it. She was quite pretty with striking features and long, elegant jawline. Ben was tall, about 6’3″ or so and of mixed race, which we later found out was black and Hawaiian. He had a tightly cropped afro and goatee to match, a bit of gray in the goatee and at his temples. He was fit but not buff. They were aging well and obviously had taken care of themselves over the years. Jack and I were in 47 and 45 respectively and we each hoped we could age so gracefully.

We chatted all the way to the checkout line then said good bye and wished each other luck with our projects. Jack and I chatted on the way home a little about the nice couple, mostly about how the box of screws just exploded when it hit the floor and look of shock on Joan’s face. Soon, they exited our thoughts and we were back to the home repairs,

Over the next 5 months (we met in March) we ran into Ben and Joan about a dozen times. A few more at the home improvement store, Jack ran into Ben at a hotel near the airport where they were both attending different conferences, I saw Ben at the DMV, I saw Joan at a coffee shop, we saw them at a concert as we were leaving (we didn’t speak that time, we were on one side of the auditorium and they on the other). It was one of those weird things were we would see each other here and there randomly and say hello whenever we did and make small talk when the circumstances allowed. I could not recall ever having seen Joan or Ben before that fateful day in the hardware aisle, but now that we had met we kept running into each other.

One evening Jack and I decided to go out to dinner. We had planned on staying home but decided impulsively to go check out someplace we had never been before. We settled on a nice little restaurant that was getting good reviews. It was a little ‘hipstery’ compared to where we usually went, but we decided to step out of our comfort range a little.

We were waiting in the lounge area for our table enjoying a drink when Ben and Joan walked in. I noticed them talking to the hostess and Jack and I both remarked how “we see them everywhere!” Ben and Joan turned to enter the lounge and wait like we had and I waved at them to come over. Joan noticed me and nudged Ben and they both saw us and waved. They came over and we bought them a drink and started chatting away. It was their first time at this restaurant as well.

We ended up getting a table in the lounge and eating and drinking and chatting for hours. It was a very natural, organic evening and the conversation flowed very easily. We talked movies, travel, sports, history, we even ventured into politics and things managed to stay civil! We got so into the conversation the hostess had to come let us know they were closing soon.

At 11:30, we paid up and they ushered us out the door. We talked as we walked out to the parking lot, with Ben and Jack exchanging numbers so Ben could let Jack know about a softball league that was starting up soon and Ben’s team needed players.

We said our goodbyes, Joan and I exchanging hugs, and off we each drove in our separate ways.

A couple weeks later, Ben texted Jack and asked if we would like to come over for dinner this coming Saturday and try out the hot tub. They had finally finished the big project they had started when we first met them and thought we should be the first people they had over. Jack came home from work that day and told me of the text and asked what I thought. I was hesitant at first (bathing suits, eh…) but I had been very comfortable when we hung out, so I said “Sure, ask them if we can bring anything!”

They said we just needed our suits, but we took them a bottle of wine and a couple of 49er tumblers (Ben had said he was a huge fan.) as thank you/hot tub christening gifts. They had a lovely home and the deck was very nice. The hot tub sat off to one side, a few steps down off the istanbul escort deck. We sat on the deck while Ben grilled and we chatted and drank from the wine we had given them and bottles of beer. Ben grilled up some lovely seasoned chicken breasts, salmon steaks and veggie kabobs. We sat and ate as the sun went down and enjoyed even more engaging conversation.

Jack and I helped clear the table and Joan asked if we were ready to enjoy the hot tub. I said “Absolutely!” and Joan showed us to the guest bath where we could change into our suits. Jack changed into his black and white striped trunks and I put on my floral one piece. I adjusted and checked my cleavage in the mirror and was worried ‘the girls’ were coming out a little too much.

“Do I look ok? I don’t want to be falling out all over!” I asked Jack while looking in the mirror trying to shift my 40DDs into a peaceful state.

Jack rolled his eyes. “Hell honey, Joan is at least as big as you up top. I bet her suit gives her the same issues, don’t sweat it. I bet Ben won’t mind at all!” he quipped.

I elbowed Jack in the chest and gave him an ‘oh please!’ look. We folded our clothes and put them in the small shoulder bag we had brought our suits in and headed out to the deck.

Ben was waiting for us at the back door in his blue and red island themed trunks and walked us to the hot tub. We gingerly slipped into the hot water and let ourselves get used to temperature. Joan was already in and Ben got in next to her as we all got comfy. Jack was right about Joan and her suit. She had a two piece and her purple bikini top was straining to contain her. She had to be at least a 42 and I’m thinking a double E.

We eased into the hot water, letting our bodies adjust, and then settled in. It was nice and relaxing, the jets feeling really nice on the muscles. Joan sipped her wine and I could tell she was getting very relaxed. We started joking about our boobs and how difficult it can be to ‘make them behave’ and of course the humor started getting a little raunchy and suggestive, but everyone just rolled with it. We chatted and joked and drank, everyone really seeming to be having a great time. After a couple glasses of wine while sitting in the water, Joan had a big grin. She kind of giggled and motioned me over with a finger, almost conspiratorially.

I edged over on the seat towards her and she leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

“Wanna make out a little?” she said, repressing a giggle after she asked. I could see the wine had definitely had an effect on her. She continued “Want to? Would Jack mind? I know Ben wouldn’t!”

I am not easily shocked, but Joan completely took me by surprise. I just never would have thought she would be so blunt and I had not pegged them as the sexually adventurous type. Not exactly sure why I thought that, but it certainly had not occurred to me that they would be into that sort of thing.

My expression gave me away and when I turned and looked at Jack, he was a little concerned at the shock on my face. I caught Ben’s expression and he was just smiling, obviously knowing his wife well enough to know what she had asked me. Hell, maybe they had planned it all out, I couldn’t be 100% sure either way at this point. I smiled as I took the whole thing in and turned back to Joan.

“Let me check.” I said, coyly, and slid back towards Jack. My thoughts were racing and I have to admit I went from mellow and happy to excited and horny in about a second. Joan was an attractive woman and I had not really ‘made out’ with another woman in ages. The thought of it really appealed to me.

I nestled up close to Jack and he had an ‘ok, what the hell is up?’ look as I whispered to him.

“Joan wants to know if you would mind if she and I made out.” I said, trying to sound as innocent as possible. I may have even batted my eyelashes. Jack had the same reaction as I did. He leaned in close to me.

“Do you want to? This is um, unexpected, to say the least.” He whispered as he looked at our hosts, trying to gauge the situation. “How far are you willing to go?”

“I do. I’m interested to see how far it does go, now that it has presented itself. If it gets uncomfortable, we say no thanks and leave. But I don’t know, I think it could be fun. But if you’re not ok with it then we can decline.” I said, being earnest and honest.

Jack got that delightfully wicked gleam in his eye. “No, I’m good with it. Let’s see how this all plays out.” He said.

I slid back over towards Joan and she was grinning from ear to ear. “Jack said I could play.” I said.

Joan and I moved into the center of the tub and she caressed my cheek. I smiled and put my hands on her hips under the water. We looked into each other’s eyes and moved in closer to one another. Wow, this was feeling downright romantic!

I parted my lips and tilted my head to the left and Joan instinctively lean right and our lips met. Soft, careful kisses ensued, each one a little şişli escort slower, a little longer than the previous one until we locked lips and our tongues began to explore each other’s mouths.

MMM, she tasted like the Chardonnay we’d been drinking. I felt an excitement pulse through my veins I had not felt in too long, different from kissing a man. It was soft and sweet and just like my pulse, rising and becoming more passionate by the moment. Our breasts pressed together, my hands explored Joan’s hips and ass and lower back. She cupped my face with one hand and caressed my shoulder with the other.

We kissed and caressed for quite a while, the heat of the hot tub only increasing the heat of the moment.

I broke from another deep kiss with Joan. “I need a drink. MM, oh my, yes, I need a drink!” I said.

Ben reached into a cooler just off the side of the hot tub and produced a couple bottles of water. I took one and thanked him. The cool water was much needed. I looked at Jack and he was all smiles. The men had sat there silently watching and appreciating the spectacle. I think I had actually forgot they were there a few times!

Ben spoke first. “I’d like to make a suggestion, if I may? Just a suggestion, of course.”

Jack gestured that he was for it and I said “By all means.”

Ben looked at Joan and she nodded ‘yes’ so Ben started his proposal.

“Not to be too blunt or graphic, but Joan and I would both love it if you two would like to share some pleasure with us. One scenario Joan and I both enjoy, but are not going to force, is if the ladies would like to enjoy each other in the good ol’ 69 position for a while, and then at the appropriate time Jack could have sex with Joan and I could have sex with Margie, while the ladies were still in the 69 position. But only if you two are into that sort of thing.”

Ben sounded like a city councilman proposing a new tax rate or bridge project. I have to say I was not prepared for such a detailed and diplomatic way of asking if someone could fuck me. I looked at Jack. We had never ‘swapped’ or had a foursome, just the threesomes. I turned and faced Jack so Ben and Joan could not see my face.

“We did not plan for this, are you cool? What do you think?” I asked, not wanting the fact that I was excited by the idea to sway or pressure Jack. We had not planned for anything close to this crazy scene before we left the house tonight!

Jack looked me in the eyes. “Are you? I’m thinking it could be hot, but I don’t want to pressure you.”

I smiled, so grateful he and I are on the same page the majority of the time. “Let’s have some fun!” I said and turned to face our hosts again. Jack draped his arms around my shoulders.

“Condoms for penetration is a must for us, but I think you have a damn fine idea Ben!” Jack said.

“Of course, yes, we have condoms. No anal and condoms are our musts. Hope we didn’t put you two on the spot too badly there!” Ben said. Joan giggled again.

“No, I love surprises!” I said.

Ben and Joan laughed and started to get out of the hot tub. We followed and Ben led us back to the other side of the deck, past the table we ate at to a sitting area with a big chaise lounge chair in the middle and some nice patio chairs around it. Ben brought the cooler and asked if Jack wanted another beer. Jack said sure and he and Ben each took a beer and sat down across from each other again. I finished off the water and Joan and I stood face to face next to the chaise lounge. She walked right up and cupped my tits and I grabbed her face and kissed her again. Our tongues wrestled and twirled around each other and I felt my nipples harden and my juices flow. I untied Joan’s top and freed her giant breasts and ran my thumbs over her thick nipples. I kissed down her neck and she gasped. I clearly found one of her weak spots so I lingered and ran my tongue from her shoulder up her neck to her ear and she whimpered. I just love the sound of making someone stop all thought and shudder with pleasure. Joan held the back of my head as I continued my way down to her breasts and those big nipples I just couldn’t wait to get my lips around.

I leaned down part way and lifted her hefty breast to my lips. I sucked and licked on her nipple, loving the way it felt against my tongue and in between my teeth. Joan moaned sweetly, her yearning and desire evident in her vocalizations. I spun and sat on the chaise which put my face at the perfect level to give Joan’s tits the attention they deserved. Joan caressed my hair as I showered her tits with kisses, licks, nibbles and sucks.

Joan grabbed the straps on my suit and pulled them off my shoulders and down my arms. I paused my oral affections to lean back enough for Joan to get my one piece suit down to my waist. I resumed my devouring of her nipples as she caressed my breast now.

Joan stepped back and knelt down. She kissed my breasts and nipples as she pulled on my suit. I arched to help her mecidiyeköy escort get it over my ass and hips. She stood and I assisted as she lowered her bottoms down past her hips and stepped out of them. Her red bush was full but not ‘overgrown’ and looked sexy as could be. I ran my fingers though her pubes before she pushed me back on to the chaise and kissed me from head to toe before moving back up to my tightly trimmed blonde pubic mound. The sensation of her lips and breath lightly skirting around my pussy sent chills up my spine and made me laser focused on my desire.

Joan pressed her face full into after her teasingly slow build up and I shuddered and groaned in delight. She probed me with her tongue and alternated between kissing and tongue fucking my pussy and I loved her technique.

I caught just enough of a glimpse to see both Ben and Jack had their cocks out of their suits and were stroking them while still seated in deck chairs on either side of us. Jack stroked his veiny 7″ cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other while Ben took long, slow strokes up and down his cock. Ben was endowed very nicely, looking to be a thick 9 inches, and I became even more turned on remembering that Ben fucking me was part of the night’s agenda of festivities!

Joan raised up and pushed my legs towards the end of the chaise. I assisted and lay on my back on the chaise end to end. Joan moved around and placed a knee on the side of the chaise and then swung over, straddling my face. She maneuvered into position I was looking up into her pink lips. She nestled down and resumed tonguing me and reached up and grabbed Joan’s ass as I extended my tongue into her sweetness. We moaned into each other’s pussies and each dove into our missions of making each other come.

Joan’s tongue danced around my clit, my labia and pussy and I lapped and tongued her with enthusiasm. We squirmed and moaned, fingered and tasted each other and again I forgot the men were even there! I broke from my intense focus when I heard Ben speak.

“Ladies, I don’t think I can wait any longer, we’re coming to join you!”

I looked up to see Jack standing over me, suit gone and cock standing at attention. I saw him extend his hand and take a condom from Ben and begin to unwrap it and slide it over his cock. Jack was unrolling the condom onto his cock when I felt Ben’s hands on my knees. Without being able to see him, it felt as though he was on his knees at the end of the chaise. That would allow him to line up and enter me with being in an awkward half bent position. Jack placed one foot on the end of the chaise near my head and was lining up his cock with Joan’s exposed pussy when I felt the head of Ben’s sheathed cock press against my pussy lips. I felt Joan’s fingers spread my lips some as Ben pressed into me.

My senses were completely overwhelmed! Joan’s body on top of mine, her big breasts pressing against my pelvis, her fingers on my labia, her husband’s big cock sliding into me ever so slowly, the sight of my husband’s cock sliding into Joan’s pussy, his balls hanging there, the sound of Joan’s pleasure as Jack filled her, not being able to see Ben but feeling him slide in, his strong hands on my soft thighs. I was in sensory overload but loving it!

Ben slid in to the hilt and I moaned in pleasure. I could feel Joan’s hand on my clit, pressing more than rubbing and Ben began to work his cock in and out me. I returned the favor and rubbed and flicked at Joan’s clit as Jack pumped into her. The air was filled our moaning and groaning as our husband’s fucked away. Jack’s balls swung and slapped into Joan and I loved being able to see what I usually only felt.

Ben picked up speed and I became lost in the sensation and sounds. He steadily continued picking up speed and soon I was gone, awash in pleasure and coming, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. I came first out of our little foursome!

Ben was grunting and groaning and I head Joan tell him to pull out and come on her face. Actually, and a little shockingly I must admit, was she said was “Give me that big load all over my slutty fucking face!” In the heat of the moment she had definitely let go and embraced it!

I felt Ben abruptly pull out and grunt a loud “fuck yessssss”. I heard Joan’s exaltations of joy and could feel drops of Ben’s come hit my legs and pubes. Joan yelped with pleasure as her man gave her that big load all over her slutty fucking face!

The facial and Jack’s pounding took Joan over the top and she squealed and bucked on top of me as she came with a series of “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” chants.

Jack picked up speed and I opened my eyes to see his balls in a blur as he went for broke on Joan. Ben said “Paint her ass with your come for me Jack!” Jack grunted and fucker Joan even harder in an effort to do just what our host requested.

Jack began his pre-orgasm ‘mmmmmmm’ and I knew Joan was soon to receive a good load of come on her ass and back. Jack fucked right up until the very last second and withdrew and barely got the rubber all the way off his cock before shooting a hot, hard charging load of come onto Joan’s ass. I watched as it sprayed and splattered, a ricochet hitting my lips.

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