It started with a message

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It started with a messageIt all started when I received a message from her online on this adult site I joined. We ended up exchanging a few steamy messages, which led to some more chatting and some webcam fun as well. After a while we decided to meet, but even tho we had been chatting for a while we still didn’t know one another, so we decided on meeting at a local bookstore. I got there a bit early, and started wandering around; looking around to see if she’d arrived yet. I grab a magazine and end up going to grab a coffee and sit down, as I sit down, I notice a woman across from me, she turned and smiled and I realized this was her. She was a beautiful brunette, with an amazing body, her perk tits held behind a thin blouse, and a short black skirt, and no panties, her shaved lips exposed to me and the store. I get up and move over to join her, we exchange hellos, and begin talking as we always have, I let her know how bad I want to slide under the table and anadolu yakası escort take care of her wet lips, and to taste her juices. She brings up her hand and two fingers are dripping wet, she lets me lick her finger clean. I hold her hand and we head off into the store. We find a nice quiet area in the back of the store, she leans forward to grab a book, and my hand is drawn to her ass, massaging it, and my fingers slip around the bottom of her skirt. I lift it up exposing her ass, and slide my fingers down her backside and between her legs. Using two fingers I separate her lips, and with my middle finger I begin circling her clit. She breaths in deeply, my fingers slowly speed up, as does her breathing, I feel her juices falling over my hand, and look down to see it dripping on the floor. She’s now gripping the shelf, as she cums, her body bucking against my hand, I have to put my hand over her mouth to ataşehir escort keep others from knowing. As she comes down, I slide my fingers off her lips, I turn her around an she licks my fingers clean. Knowing we’re going to get kicked out of the store if we don’t get going, she pulls her skirt down, and we head for the door, her juices dripping down her legs. We head over to my car parked in the back of the lot, and I go to open her door, and before sitting down, she slides her skirt up and her blouse down revealing her amazing tits, and most amazing hard nipples. I hop in the drivers seat, she turns and putting on leg over the back of my seat, spread wide open I begin to finger fuck her, starting with just two fingers, and working digit after digit deep inside her, once I get my fourth in, she’s spread wider than ever before, I work them in and out of her, soaked as she cums, and cums hard, soaking my seat , I drop down, and ümraniye escort tongue her clean, sliding my tongue in and between her lips, licking her clean, I then start sucking and licking her to another round of orgasm, this time her juices cover my goatee soaking me. I sit up, and smile, at this amazing woman, her hands caress the bulge in my pants, and she unzips my pants, and grabs my cock, stroking it, pulling my foreskin back releasing my tip, and she leans in engulfing me. Her tongue rolls around my head, as she works me over, her hand playing with my balls, as she bobs over me taking me down, my hand on her head, guiding her as my built up load is ready to blast, I tell her, and she quickens her pace with her lips, and her hand stroking me, I unleash a flood of semen down her throat, she continues working me over, to get every last drop, taking it all down. She pulls her shirt together, and pulls her skirt down. We chat a bit, and I end up driving her to her car. She gets out and we part our ways, I get home and am spent, and go over to turn off my computer, and waiting is a message in my inbox, I check it, and she’s already sent me a message, with a picture, it’s her naked and dripping down her legs, asking if I’m still horny, well here goes to the next round.

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