It was my Daydream — of You

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I woke this morning and had a beautiful daydream before getting out of bed.

I’d just arrived and knocked on your door and you opened the door in a buttoned-front dress, my favorite. I bent and kissed you and you led me into the living room. You explained that you’d been home for over an hour and had about thirty minutes before dinner was ready. You told me to sit down and you’d call me when dinner was ready. I offered to help, but you just turned on the TV and told me to sit down as you handed me the couch-potato box.

I listened to you working in the kitchen, but must’ve dozed because the next thing I knew you were shaking me awake for dinner. I opened my eyes and looked up as you bent and kissed me awake. I could taste your sweetness and smell the beauty in the woman that you are. My hands went to your hips and pulled you closer and then I slowly unbuttoned your dress ajnd slipped it off and to the floor. You were wearing a black bra, half-slip and panties beneath. I pulled you down and you rested just your knees on each side of one of mine.

I slowly slid the straps down from your shoulders and then reached behind and slowly unclasped the bra. When it was finally lose, I pulled the two ends around you and toward me. I watched enchanted as the cups slid slowly down and your soft plump breasts came into view and finally the artwork that was your nipples had appeared. I nuzzled them with my mouth and then slowly placed my mouth completely around the tip of one and drew a nipple into my mouth. It was exquisite and sweet, and the most delicate thing I could remember.

I let my hands slip from your breasts and trace slowly down your sides until I came to your slip. I hooked a finger in each side and under the taboo heat porno waist of the panties and started slowly pulling them down together. When they were down almost to your knees, I noticed the crotch stuck between your legs and quickly came up to free them. Your body is so delicate, so warm, and so perfect as I move my hand to free the panties. I felt the warmth of that private spot, noticed the dampness, and reached in to spread your legs a bit and free them. I caught the soft sweetness of your scent and brought my face to your soft tummy as my hands continued and finally the slip and panties were around your ankles and then on the floor.

I couldn’t help myself as I began kissing your tummy, marveling at its softness, and running my tongue over it. Finally I plunged my head into the hint of your warm shaven lips and kissed you. I felt your hand pulling me up, and I stood with you naked and dwarfed beside me. You led me toward the bedroom and as we passed through the doorway, you released me and hurried to the bed to fold it back. I could see the soft, white sheets behind you that accented your body as you moved.

Finally, you returned and pulled me to the edge of the mattress. You sat down and began by unbuckling my belt, and then unbuttoning my pants, before finally unzipping me. You let my loose pants fall to the floor and returned to my briefs. Nearly imitating my earlier actions, you hooked the two sides and pulled them down. As they slid below my crotch, my cock arched upward at full attention. You looked up at me and reached for it as your eyes locked to mine. Without looking away, you held me and slowly raised me to your lips. I felt the light brush of your tongue and the fullness teach that bitch porno of your lips as they surrounded me and you watched my face as I closed my eyes.

You worked for a moment and completely lubricated me before sliding further back on the bed and lying down. You brought both knees back with your feet flat on the bed and spread your thighs wide. I bent forward with my face and lips at your pussy. I kissed them and then laved them with my tongue before slowly sliding it between them. I tasted the sweetness of your beauty and that wetness that had increased since I’d first noticed it a few moments earlier.

Inside I noted your delicate inner lips even more delicate than your breasts. I felt the soft quiver in your body as I stroked you and tasted you. I brought both hands up and placed a finger along each side and slowly spread them until you were completely open and nearly flat before me. The soft pink of your naked lips and soft cleft hiding your clit were a wonder to my eyes and they feasted before continuing. I used my tongue and lips to raise that fragile hood and exposed your clit and then traced it slowly with my tongue. My nose tasted the delicious scent of your arousal as I took it between my lips and captured it with my tongue.

Your legs went over my shoulders and your hips began to move slowly and then quickly increased as a fever overtook you and your body writhed. My arms went around your thighs and held them rigid. Unable to move them, your passion and desire continued to grow. Soon, I could tell by your breathing and the soft moan escaping your lips that I’d taken you to the edge and you were climaxing. My cock was rigid with the pleasure of knowing that team skeet porno I was pleasing you, and I maintained you in that state for more than thirty minutes while it seemed that you no longer cared what went on around you.

I tasted and lapped your juices as they seemed to flow continuously into my mouth. Your hands were in my hair, but you were no longer pulling but merely hanging on and experiencing. Several times you seemed to regain focus for a moment, but were quickly lost again in your passion. Later you would tell me how you’d always enjoyed my ability to give oral, but this time when I captured your thighs I’d outdone myself and you were in ecstasy the entire time.

When your quivering quieted to a continuous shivering, I began to think of stopping, but continued for a few extra minutes as I selfishly enjoyed you. Finally, I relaxed my grip and let you catch a breath. You continued to shiver for a few moments before you stopped shivering and lay shock still. When your breathing relaxed, I lay beside you and kissed you. Soon, you were returning the kiss and my hands went to your pussy as yours curled around me. We each touched lovingly and probed the other. Finally, you crawled on top of me looking very weary, but soon you came to life as you inserted and rode me.

My attention starved cock relished this soft warm caress and deep penetrating warmth. My hands were again on your breasts as I enjoyed their softness and beauty. We came up together and I could feel the urgency rising as you rode me hard. Your hips were first grinding and then thrusting and then grinding and thrusting. My cock was alive and my body eager as I sought to satisfy you as much as you were satisfying me. I think we must have climaxed together, or certainly only moments apart as I felt the rising through my penis and then I filled you.

You let me relax and withdraw naturally, before you bent to clean me. When you were through and I kissed you I could still taste you, and the sweetness of our joy was mixed in a greater wonder.

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