It’s Been a Long Day

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It’s been a long, difficult day. The world has been uncooperative, as per usual. One of those days where nothing goes as planned. People specifically. People are the worst, once again, as per usual. Although now, finally, you’re standing on the front step. A little sigh of relief escapes your lips, being able to let your guard from the world down a little bit.

The front door is already unlocked, signaling that Nathan is already home. Stepping through the door, you close it behind you, making sure to lock it. Your lips form into a little smile, thankful to finally be home. Taking a step forward, you look down to the floor, noticing a distinct addition of the color red to the floor. Bending down, you place your hand on the floor and pick up one of the many red objects.

“Rose petals?” you question. There is a trail of them leading through the house. It’s obvious that Nathan left them there for you, but exactly what you’ll find at the end of the trail has you curious. Following the path slowly, your bag still on your back, the trail leads to the main bedroom of the house, the door closed. You roll your eyes, letting out a little snicker, before opening the door.

Your eyes immediately fixate on the bed. You notice, out of the corner of your eye, that the trail of petals leads there anyways. Between you and the bed; however, is Nathan. He’s standing, leaning on the bed slightly, facing you. His hands on either side of him, holding himself up slightly, and his legs spread. He’s watching you as you enter, wearing nothing but shorts, made entirely of lace, and his collar, which he’s taken a liking to wearing around the house.

“Hey handsome,” he says, taking a few steps towards you. He places his arms on your shoulders, removing your bag and depositing gently on the ground, leaning it against the wall. He pulls you into the room slightly, closing the door behind you.

“I know you were saying that you were having a bad day… I thought that I might be able to make it up to you for you coming in… What do you think?” he continues. Your eyes look him up and down, the caring smile on his face, his loving eyes looking deeply into yours. Despite this, you can’t help but notice the bulge in the front of his shorts.

“I love it,” you say to him. There’s more you want to say, but for now, those words will suffice. Your right hand reaches up to his neck, and a single finger hooks through his collar. You bring his head down to yours, your lips softly meeting his. His eyes close almost immediately, and he kisses you back without a word.

This goes on for a few seconds. Both of you would be content to just stay there, as if there’s nothing else in the world going on. You’re the one to make the first move, placing your left hand on his chest and pushing him to the right, his back against the wall. Your right leg pushes its way between his, forcing his legs open. He whimpers slightly as you pull him further down by his collar, bringing his ear to your lips.

“It is going to take a lot of making up, though,” you whisper, making sure to let your lips graze against his ear, “you sure you’re up for the task?” as you finish asking the question, you let your tongue out of your mouth, letting it softly drag over the skin of his earlobe. You exhale, letting your hot breath run over him, the noise flooding his ear. You can hear him letting out a slight moan, nodding and kissing your neck gently.

Taking the top part of his ear into your mouth, you suck gently, knowing that he’s able to hear it. He whimpers a little louder, and you can feel his knees shaking slightly. He sinks down a little lower, and you let him, letting go of the collar as he sinks to his knees. You spread your legs slightly, your leg no longer spreading his own, he kneels between your feet, staring directly at the bulge that’s formed in your own jeans. He moves his head forward, pressing his face gently against your bulge and nuzzling it with his cheek. A smile spreading on your face, you press your hips forward, grinding your crotch against his face gently. You know that he loves this part, the feeling that he’s about to please his lover, his master, and his best friend. Your left hand drops down to his head, and you can feel your fingers running themselves through his hair, keeping his head in place as you grind.

His hands aren’t idle, as you soon feel your button and zip getting undone. Keeping your hips slightly away from his face for a moment, allowing him to undo your pants. He hooks his fingers in, and he slowly peels your pants down your thighs, your knees, your calves, and finally down to your feet. Finally, you remove your left foot, then you’re right, taking a step back to step out of the pants. On his hands and knees in front of you, he presses his lips to the tops of each of your feet. Very slowly, he kisses up your ankles and legs, making sure to swap back and forth between each one, wanting to worship you properly.

His hot breath on your legs, he drags his tongue ever so gently up the insides of your thighs, before finally resting deneme bonusu veren siteler his tongue on the perineum, directly underneath your hips. His tongue drags upwards, slowly making its way onto your sack. His hot breath surrounding your heavy orbs, he opens his mouth and slowly lets them in, closing his lips around them and sucking ever so gently. Your eyes close, letting out a low moan, letting your head fall backwards slightly as you revel in the feeling of warmth and wetness around you. Your heavy rod resting on his forehead, he takes a few moments to worship your testicles, before removing them slowly from his mouth. His tongue resumes its journey up your crotch, and soon it’s at the base of your shaft. A droplet of precum leaks out of your head, falling onto the bridge of his nose. Hit hot, heavy breath surrounding your shaft, his tongue eventually finds your head. His neck craning up, he stares up into your eyes. The anticipation is a little too much, and you find your hand lacing back through his hair again, getting a little more solid of a grip before pulling him towards your length.

Wordlessly, he opens his mouth and lets your head sink between his lips. Those lips, darkened and wet with saliva, close around your hardness. Keeping eye contact with you, he bobs his head up and down. Your hand still has a fistful of his hair, but you let him move at his own pace, for now. The pleasure surrounding your head, he begins to bob his head up and down. Slowly, sensually, and with purpose, he takes slightly more of your cock in his mouth with each bob up and down. After the long day you’ve been having, the feeling is heavenly.

He hears you let out a moan, and he can’t help but let out a moan of his own. This moan sends a slight vibration down your length, and before you can comment on it, you can feel your head pressing against the back of his throat. The sucking stops for a moment, and he looks up at you. After a moment, he inhales through his nose, getting as much air as he can, before swallowing around your head, pulling into the tightness of his throat. The warm, tight, wetness of his throat forces another moan out of your mouth. Looking down at him, you can see his cheeks have hollowed themselves from sucking, slowly taking more of your cock down his throat. His eyes stare straight in front of him, entirely fixated on taking more of your shaft. Slowly, his slick, sloppy, reddened lips make contact with the base of your cock, his nose pressing against your stomach. The feeling is heavenly.

“Mmmph… Mmmph…” he lets out a series of low, muffled moans, his gaze moving from your crotch to your eyes, staring into yours as you stare into his. Your hand still gripping his hair tightly, your other hand matching your first one. Both of your hands with a fistful of his hair, you slowly drag his face away from your hips. The friction of his throat grinding against your head and shaft, you drag yourself out until it’s just your head remaining in his throat. He knows what’s going to happen, and gives you a little nod, letting you know he’s more than ready. After a moment, you sharply drag his head back down to your crotch, whilst thrusting at the same time, burying your cock back in his throat once again. His nose hits your stomach hard, and your balls slap against his chin.

“Ohhh fuck!” you find yourself moaning out, and his loud groan indicates that he loved it too. Your grip tightening in his hair, your hands bring his head back once again, before jerking him back down your length. The pleasure shoots through your shaft and up your spine, causing you to arch your back as you hold him down on your length, grinding his face against your cock, reminding him who’s in charge. Looking down, you notice that his own hands have moved down to his own hips, rubbing at his bulge through his lacy underwear.

“Who said you could do that?” you say, looking sternly into his eyes. He stops rubbing, unable to respond, “hands up. High above your head.” He does as you say, raising both arms high above his head.

Taking a step forward, your feet planted on either side of his thighs, you move your hips forward gently, but firmly. His head moves backward, and is forced against the back of the wall, held in place by your crotch and cock. Your hands let go of his hair, before wrapping around his wrists. You bring them close to you, and you simply keep hold of his wrists, pinning them against your stomach. Your hips move back, but his head stays in place. Your shaft and head slip out of his throat, but not completely out of his mouth, letting him get some air. After a couple of pants, you press your head to the back of his throat once more. He takes in another deep breath, before swallowing your head once more.

“What a good boy…” you tease, watching the redness spread across his face. You can’t help but let out a grin, feeling a bit of a power high. His eyes closed, you let your head roll back once more and let your hips get to work, starting to firmly thrust in and out of his tight throat. You can hear him letting out wet sounding groans, your heavy sack slapping at his chin with each thrust of your hips. His hands pinned in place against your stomach, his head pinned in place against the wall, you can feel the stress of the day melting away in his mouth. The room is silent, save for the pants and moans escaping your mouth, and the helpless gagging sounds escaping his.

You can feel it coming. That feeling, starting in the middle of your testicles, the warmth slowly growing throughout your crotch and up to your stomach. You know that he can tell. Your cock pulsing harder inside of his throat, your movements becoming slightly more erratic, and your hands squeezing his wrists harder, it would be impossible for him to not know. He confirms your thoughts, by looking up at you and swallowing around your cock. The tightness around your head is nearly mind-blowing, as it grinds down your head.

“Oh Jesus… Oh… Oh fuck! More!” you can’t help but moan out. Keeping his hands tightly in place, your thrusts become much more inconsistent, your mind focused only on the orgasm at this point. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long. After four or five wild thrusts, bringing your cock completely out of his throat, and back down once again, your orgasm hits you like a train.

You can feel every muscle in your body tensing up on the spot. The sweat leaving your body, you can feel your hips and cock pulsing involuntarily, cum shooting out of your shaft and completely bypassing his mouth, shooting directly down his throat and into his stomach. Your entire body leaning heavily against the wall in front of you, you can feel time itself slowing down, your mind blank.

You’re not sure how long you were pressed up against that wall for. It couldn’t have been long, but you can feel your orgasm fading. The first thing on your mind is checking on Nathan, making sure that he’s okay. You take a step back, letting your cock slide out of his throat, much to your dismay. He lets out a loud cough, and you can see him breathing heavily in and out of his nose, but he’s kept his lips around your head, making sure to suckle the last drops of cum out. That last little bit of sucking, directly after the orgasm, feels heavenly. You can feel his tongue running up and down your slit, trying to encourage the rest of the cum out. You run your fingers through his hair, smiling down at him.

You’re the one to make the first move, hooking your finger back into his collar and bringing him back up to his feet. He smiles lovingly, and you can see his eyes have been watering whilst he was swallowing your hardness. Rather than say a word, you bring his face back down to your, pressing your lips to his once again. His kiss is much more submissive this time around, allowing your tongue to push itself into his mouth. He lets out a little moan into your mouth and backs up slightly, towards the bed. You follow suit, pushing him towards the bed and straddling him when he falls. Your hands find his wrists once again, and you quickly pin them by the sides of his head. You can’t help but grin down at him, feeling his hardness underneath you, still held captive by the lace underwear.

“You’re going to be good for me and help me burn off more of this stress, right?” you say. He nods quickly, not saying a word. Knowing he’s fully submissive to you now, you let go of his wrists, sitting up and placing a lot of your weight on his bulge, eliciting a little groan from him. Your hands move to your shirt, pulling it up and over your head, now fully naked on top of him. Placing your hands on his chest, your nails dig into his chest, clawing downward. He lets out a loud groan, keeping his hands by the side of his head as if they were still pinned.

“Now, you going to go get your rope for me?” you ask him, and he nods once again. Slipping a leg off of him, he gets up to his hands and knees. Before he can crawl off the bed, your hands grab his hips, your fingers feeling the lace of the underwear, bringing him back and slamming your hips against his ass. You can hear him let out a loud whimper, your body leaning over his and whispering in his ear once again.

“Your spreader bar, and lube too, love,” you say, before giving him a hard spank. He yelps and jumps, crawling forward quickly and off the bed. Watching him, he reaches under the bed to open up the box of toys, pulling out the rope, spreader bar, and the lube. He brings each to you, placing them by your knees.

“On your back,” you say, and he obliges immediately. Laying on his back, his head on the pillows, and arms by the side of his head once again. Taking the rope in hand, you move up his body, to his head. Slipping a thigh over, you sit on his face, placing your heavy orbs against his lips.

“Be a good little ballwarmer for me whilst I tie you up,” you say, almost posed as a question, but he knows it’s not one. His mouth opens, letting your balls into his mouth, your semi-hard cock resting on his face. You can feel him sucking on you gently.

Meanwhile, your hands get to work, tying his hands to the headboard. Slowly tying the first wrist, he provides no resistance to you. You give his wrist a tug, making sure it’s not going anywhere. The second wrist is just as easy, and soon his arms are completely tied. You can see him looking up in your eyes, and you wait on his face, balls in his mouth, partly taking in the sight, and partly reminding him who’s in charge.

Lifting your legs up, removing yourself from his face, you crawl down his body, settling yourself between his thighs. Hooking your thumbs into the underwear, you drag it down his thighs, down his ankles, and off of him. He shivers a little as the cold air touches his skin, goosebumps appearing. Paying little attention, your hand wraps around the spreader bar, bringing it to his knees. Wrapping the latch around his knees, you tighten each one, making sure that he can’t close his legs. Kneeling between his thighs, the spreader bar behind you, your hands reach around his hips, fingers kneading into his cheeks and spreading them. He tries, but fails, to bite back a groan, squirming as you squeeze. Letting out a little laugh as he tries to close his legs, you reach for the lube, laying it on his stomach. His cock is already fully hard, and yours is pretty much there as well.

Taking the lube, you drop some out onto two of your fingers, pressing it against his tight star. He lets out a little hiss as the coldness touches him, biting his lip and arching his back. Still, you spread it around his hole, making sure to get it nice and wet. Adding more, your fingers slip inside of him, and he can’t hold back his whorish moans. You can feel his hole tightening down around you instinctively, pulsing around your fingers, and just thinking about how it will feel around your cock, your fingers start to pump in and out of him, warming him up before the main event.

Your free hand gets to lubing up your own hard shaft, biting back a hiss as the coldness touches your shaft. Rubbing it up and down, ensuring that every inch of your cock is cover, he lets out a groan as you slowly add a third finger, wanting to properly stretch his hole. You can see the muscles in his thighs contracting and relaxing with each thrust of your fingers, his body sweating, obviously trying to work against the spreader bar. You can see his cock leaking all over his stomach, and you know it’s time.

Slowly removing the three fingers from his hole, he lets out a disappointed whimper. Reaching up, wiping your fingers off on his chest, you stare down at him.

“Disappointed?” you ask. He gives you a little nod, and you continue, “let me fill you back up then.”

Taking his thighs, you lift them up, ducking as the spreader bar goes over your head. Now in front of you, you take the spreader bar in your left hand, holding it up in the air, his hips forced to lift. With your free hand, you press the head of your cock to his tight star, and you can see he’s biting back a groan. With a little force, you push your hips forward, and his hole can’t resist, your head slips in. The tightness surrounding you, you both let out a deep groan, and you can’t help yourself. Your hips buck forward, forcing your cock the rest of the way in.

Nathan’s moans echo around the room as your hips meet his cheeks, his hole contracting around the base of your cock, squeezing you. Your throat can’t suppress your own moans, your grip on the spreader bar tightening. After a few moments of getting used to his tightness, your free hand reaches for the lube once again. Your hips pulling back slowly, you let more lube drip down the length of your cock, until the crown of your head is threatening to pull out of his rim.

“You like that?” you ask, and you can’t help but grin down at him, staring into his eyes. His tight hole pulsing around your head is already bliss. As he opens his mouth to respond, you push hard forward once again, your hips slapping against his cheeks hard. His mouth already open, he lets out another loud, whorish moan, cutting off whatever words were about to escape his mouth.

Your cock buried in his hole, his pulsing around you feels heavenly. You can see the muscles in his thighs working against the spreader bar, you figure it’s time to start. Pulling your hips back once again, you thrust into him. Without waiting, your hips pull back once again, and push back, getting into a rhythm. Starting to fuck him, the only sounds in the room are your moans (his more than yours), and the wet slap of your hips hitting his cheeks. Occasionally, you feel the need to give his cheek a sharp slap with your hand, causing him to groan loudly, but also to clamp down around you for a few moments.

Your long, deliberate strokes cause him to start to thrash in his bonds. It takes two hands to hold the spreader bar in place, keeping his thighs high and wide. You can see his precum pooling on his stomach, his hardness twitching with every thrust. With every thrust, his moans get higher and higher pitched. Pleasure strewn across his face only turns you on that much more, and soon, you can feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm bringing itself closer and closer to crashing into you once again. His eyes roll back slightly, and soon he’s begging.

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