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It was three o’clock on a Friday afternoon, and Kyle was stuck in another boring business meeting. It didn’t even apply to his sector, really. It was more of a job for the accounting department, and so, while pretending to follow the mundane talk, and nodding slightly whenever his boss looked at him, he began to check the email on his laptop. Spam, purchase receipt, spam, overdue library book notice, spam… he was deleting without thinking when suddenly a sender’s name caught his eye. He looked across the shining wooden table to Jane, the head of the advertising department. She was looking out the window, her green eyes focused on something in the distance. She did not look at him at all, and for a brief moment, he doubted that the email was even from her. Nevertheless, there it was, on his screen. Jane from advertising had sent him an email.

Often, during these monotonous sessions, Kyle caught himself idly fantasizing about the lovely Jane. She was petite, and although she dressed conservatively, there was no hiding the perfection of her figure. Kyle tried to sneak peeks down her sweaters and blouses whenever the opportunity presented itself, and his efforts were always rewarded by the sight of her breasts, framed beautifully in her lace bra. He might have been imagining it, but he thought that he was being allowed these peeks more and more lately. He shook his head, trying to purge the images before anything below the belt started acting up. He turned back to the email.

Normally, he blew off these inter-office emails, but this time it was different. Not only was it from Jane, whose curves he had imagined running a hand over on more than one occasion, it also had no subject line. Email around the office tended to be very to the point, containing most of the message in the subject line itself. When it was not formatted that way, it was usually a corporate memo about dress code or sales, and contained so much jingoistic language that he deleted it after reading the first line. This email fit neither of those formats. Intrigued, Kyle opened it and stared at the screen. Without so much as a preamble, the email began:

“Sometimes, during our business meetings, I want time to freeze. Everyone will be frozen doing whatever they were doing: yawning, picking their noses, taking notes. Everyone, that is, except you and me. This suspended state will provide both of us with an opportunity we have each wanted for a long time. If time stopped, I would want you to walk across the room and come to me. I would want you to grab my hand and pull me to the front of the room, where Paul stands every day and talks down to us.”

Kyle looked over at Paul, the manager. He stood at the head of the table, and the chairs all faced him in a horseshoe shape. Kyle tried to imagine walking to Jane and leading her to the front of the room, pretending Paul was a sloppy statue- his coffee sloshing over the side of his mug perpetually. He glanced at Jane, who was still studiously avoiding his eyes, and then turned back to the email.

“Once we got there,” the letter continued, “I would want you to kiss me deeply, the way you’ve always wanted to kiss me. I would want your lips pressing down on mine and your tongue exploring ankara escort my mouth. I would want you to kiss my face and slide your lips down my neck. I would want you to bite my collarbone gently. Then, I would want you to look up at me once, just to confirm that I want you the way you want me. Which, of course, I do.”

This time, when Kyle looked over his computer screen to the lovely brunette across the room, she was staring right at him. His eyes widened and he blushed, but she blushed even more deeply. Then, tentatively, she smiled at him and waved. He grinned back and returned to his laptop.

“We would stand up there in front of all of these people,” the email read, “and you would pull off my jacket, unbutton my blouse, and slide your hand up my thighs and under my straight-laced skirt. You’ll be surprised to discover that my hose only reaches my thighs. You’ll be even more surprised when you find out that under the skirt, which is all business, I’m not wearing any panties and my pussy is soaking.”

Kyle’s eyes shot up. Jane must have guessed which part he was reading, because she had removed her jacket and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. He doubted that anyone else could see, but he had a great view of her breasts, still encased in a lace bra. She stared at him, as if daring him to say something. Instead, he deliberately knocked a pen belonging to the woman beside him to the floor.

“Sorry,” he muttered, then quickly ducked under the table, ostensibly to search for the writing utensil. He looked across to the pair of shapely legs that rose from Jane’s beautiful heels. He followed the length up from her ankle to her knees, using his eyes to caress what he couldn’t touch. She obviously knew what he was looking at, because she uncrossed her legs, and subtly pulled her skirt up several inches. Sure enough, her hose ended in lace three-quarters of the way up her thigh, and past the creamy expanse of skin, Kyle could clearly see her pussy, shaved smooth and very obviously wet. He stared as long as he could, then scrambled to find the pen and resumed his seat after apologizing again. He looked at Jane, but she was nodding at Paul, responding to some question he had thrown at her. Kyle pushed himself closer to the table in an effort to hide his erection and went back to his reading.

“While you’re making these discoveries,” Jane had written, “I would be nibbling your ear- sucking on the lobe and scraping my teeth lightly down the edge. I would undo your belt, then your button, then your zipper. I’d reach into your boxers and tug on you gently.

“When you feel this, you will gasp and shove two fingers in my cunt, which will be tight, and hot, and wet, because that’s what you do to me. Just seeing you walk around the office gets me. It might be your shoulders, or your blue eyes, or your nice ass, or maybe everything, but it gets me. We will stand there, kissing and touching, in the middle of a room full of people who cannot see us. Your fingers will pump in and out of me and my knees will probably turn to jelly. As soon as you take your hand away, I will sink to my knees in front of you, pull down your boxers, and lick the drop of liquid from the tip of your gorgeous escort ankara cock.

“I’ll lick all the way up the length, swirl my tongue over the head, and then lick back down. Then I will take you into my mouth slowly, inch by inch, while one hand circles the base of your cock and the other hand holds your balls. I will slide my tongue all over you and press your cock head to the roof of my mouth. I will push just a little farther, and you will feel yourself hit the back of my throat. This will break your control and you will begin to fuck my mouth in earnest. A few more flicks of my tongue, and a few more thrusts on your part, and you will come in my throat. I will swallow every drop and continue to hold your rod between my lips, even though, by then, every touch will make you jump.”

Kyle was about to come in his pants. He had to minimize the window and look away from the screen. He avoided eye contact with Jane, knowing that a single sexy glance would break his resolve. He stared at the carpet, then at the ceiling, thinking of macaroni and cheese, socks, and fishing trips- anything to keep his mind off the email in front of him and his enormous, painful erection. He tried to focus on the meeting again and managed to think about insurance plans until the need to come was less urgent. He was still hard as a rock, and he had to adjust himself, hoping that none of his coworkers could see, but he felt himself back away from that dangerous edge. He determined not to look at the email again until he was safe in his office, so that he could walk from the room without his pants tenting in front of him. He found it easy to ignore for two entire minutes, but then his curiosity and his sex drive got the better of him. He maximized the window again, and began to read once more:

“All our coworkers will still be frozen, unable to see the events that quite literally just went down before their very eyes. It’s too bad, really, because I know how many of them would love to go home tonight and recreate our scene with their husbands, wives, or their own hands.”

Kyle was a little worried that he might be the one recreating Jane’s touch with his hand later that night, but then again… perhaps he would be brave enough to ask her out for a drink tonight. He read on:

“Thoroughly spent, you’ll sink to the floor with me and gently run your hands up my thighs, my waist, and my breasts. You will pull me to your chest and hold me there while you try to catch your breath. This closeness will fool me into thinking we’re done, but suddenly I’ll be on my back on the floor, with my legs open and my knees bent. You will put your hands on my ankles, just above my shoes, and then you will run your hands up my calves, over my knees, and down my thighs. As you move, you’ll push my skirt up just enough that I can open my legs even wider and you can touch everything. You’ll place your hand over my cunt and rub my clit with your thumb until I’m involuntarily shuddering beneath you. You’ll slide a finger deep inside me again, and then another, and then a third. Your slim fingers- piano hands, I think they call them- will reach places and elicit feelings with in me that will make my muscles contract around you. Your other ankara escort bayan hand will creep up my stomach to my tits. You’ll pinch my nipples gently, then again, a little harder. You’ll grab one breast and squeeze it like you’re a teenage boy, while your mouth will cover the nipple of my other breast. The feeling of your tongue flicking over my nipple, combined with your teeth scraping along the edge, and your slender, long fingers fucking me will be enough to create a feeling in the pit of my stomach that spirals up into a deep and long orgasm. I’ll hear someone panting and gasping your name, and I’ll distantly realize that it’s me.”

He lifted his eyes from the screen and looked across the table once more at Jane. Her right hand was dutifully taking notes, but her left hand was under the table, and judging by the color in her cheeks and the small motion in her upper arm, that hand was under her skirt. Kyle could not believe it. The most beautiful woman in the company was rubbing herself in the middle of a business meeting, while her coworkers surrounded her, oblivious to the situation. He had never met a girl that brazen before, and the knowledge that she was so turned on that she had to reach up her skirt in public was enormously attractive. He felt himself grow impossibly harder as he watched the blush in her cheeks intensify. He wished he could duck under the table again, but people might begin to notice if he ended up beneath the table twice in one meeting. She looked up at him and he swallowed hard. She grinned deviously and nodded towards his computer, indicating that he should finish reading her message. He bowed his head obediently and began again.

“When I come down from that high, I’ll be curled up in your arm. You’ll be stroking my hair and kissing me softly and sweetly. Then you’ll pull your boxers and pants back up, button your shirt, and tuck it in. You’ll look like a straightedge businessman again, while I’ll still be on the floor, exhausted and unkempt. Our colleagues will look on; unaware of what just happened in the room. You’ll kneel down and pull my skirt back into place, smoothing it as you do. You’ll fasten my bra, after kissing my tits once each, and you’ll re-button my blouse. You’ll ease my arms into my jacket, lift me, and set me, still too tired to walk, back in my chair. Then you’ll cross the room, sit back down, open your computer and time will resume. It will be like nothing ever happened, except that I’ll spend the rest of the meeting staring at you and our coworkers will all wonder why they have erections they’ll attempt to hide, or why their panties are suddenly so wet.”

The email ended, but Kyle continued to gaze at the screen, re-reading his favorite parts, and trying to imagine the way his pretty coworker would feel coming underneath him. A quiet cough interrupted his fantasies. The room was empty now, except for him and his manager Paul, who stood by the door at the light switch.

“Uh… meeting’s over now, Kyle,” Paul said, looking confused. “You’re excused.” He flipped the lights off and walked out.

“Right,” Kyle called after him, but he didn’t get up to leave immediately. First, he saved the email, clicked the button to compose a new message, and typed one word.

Down the hall in her office, Jane’s computer binged with a new message alert. She looked at the sender’s name, smiled, and opened the email.

“Dinner?” it said.

“Yes, please,” she wrote back.

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