Jack and Vinnie: A Desperate Drive

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It was the weekend and Jack decided to take his partner, Vinnie to a gig for his 25th birthday. It was a long drive to the city so they decided to make a day of it. Jack drove so Vinnie could have a drink, he didn’t care as much for alcohol as he did anyway and wanted to treat him. Plus, he wanted to test drive his brand new Audi R8… He tried not to show off that he was the proud owner of such a prestigious car; he was a modest guy and Vinnie had a tendency to get jealous. ‘Yeah, yeah you got a banging car,’ he’d said as he rolled his eyes when he had picked him up but his mood soon changed when he told him he could take it for a spin when they got back, after he had taken him out for the day.

After nearly a year together, they still had a passionate, loving relationship. Jack’s kind, caring, laid back personality complimented Vinnie’s hot headedness and sometimes wild, flighty attitude. They were the prime example of why opposites attracted. Even in appearance they differed; Jack was tall, muscular and fair with blonde hair and blue eyes, decorating a face with lip and eyebrow piercings – a gentle giant – whilst Vinnie was slim with tanned skin and dark features. They adored each other very much and were inseparable.

They went shopping, saw some of the sights then stopped at a gourmet restaurant where Vinnie sank a few cocktails and ordered the lobster – the most expensive thing on the menu. Jack didn’t mind; he enjoyed treating him and seeing him smile even if it meant he had to have deep pockets, which luckily, he did. He’d recently been promoted and was at the top of his career.

At the gig, they stood at the back and watched the band with their arms around each other. Vinnie quickened his drinking; necking pints of cider and shots of tequila. By the end, he was quite merry.

“Happy birthday babe, I hope you’ve had a good time,” Jack said hugging him and affectionately stroking his neat, black hair.

“The best,” Vinnie grinned. “I can’t wait to get back. The night is young hehe.”

He gave him a cheeky wink and a kiss. Jack’s face lit up. He loved it when Vinnie was tipsy, his infectious giggle and the way he got extra flirty drove him crazy. He had a bottle of wine at home; he would drink that and catch up with him then give him the best sex of his life.

“Come on. Lets go home. I’m ready for bed,” Vinnie eagerly tugged him.

He dashed back to the car and the long drive home began. The traffic was heavy and there was maintenance where they were digging up parts of the road, which meant they had to travel down the motorway at a snail’s pace. It didn’t dampen their spirits at first but an hour in to their journey and they had barely left the city, Vinnie started to get impatient.

“For fucks sake,” he grumbled.

Jack smiled at him, “Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait.”

He reached across and squeezed his thigh but to his surprise he pulled away.

“Don’t,” he snapped, squirming and crossing his leg.

“Ah…” Jack saw the uncomfortable expression on his face and the penny dropped. “Need to pee do you?”

“What does it look like?” he grunted through gritted teeth, irritated that he felt the need to state the obvious. “Just hurry up.”

“I can’t go any faster. There should be services soon.”

He needed to go badly judging by the pained look in his eyes. All the drinks had been a lousy idea with his annoyingly small bladder. He knew from past experience that alcohol dramatically cut the time he had to get to a toilet. He hadn’t had an accident yet but there had been a few close calls when he had been out partying and there was always a first time for everything… He could hold it for a while, hopefully, but his drunkenness wasn’t helping the situation. He cursed himself for not going before he left the gig, having been in too much of a hurry to get home with his mind clouded with sex and booze. He should have known all those pints would go straight through him – why hadn’t he stuck to shots? It was unlikely Jack would want to fuck him if he peed himself in his brand new Audi. He would be too ashamed to even contemplate it anyway. A little further down the road, it seemed his prayers were answered when he saw a sign saying there were services in five miles.

“Thank fuck for that,” Vinnie sighed, allowing himself to briefly relax.

“Yeah, won’t be long,” Jack reassured him in his soft, soothing voice.

He could make it for five miles, even at the pitiful speed the traffic was moving. He crossed his legs and tried to distract himself, opening the window and letting the cold night air hit his face. His lower belly was swollen and pressing against the waistband on his trousers so he loosened his belt but it didn’t make much difference. No matter what he did, he couldn’t escape the ache nor think of anything else.

“Nearly there babe, I know its not nice,” Jack sympathised.

Although a part of him found his plight amusing, he didn’t want to see him in pain. Plus he needed to pee himself.

The Gölbaşı Escort crawl to the service station felt like the longest thirty minutes of their lives. An excited smile spread across Vinnie’s face when he spotted the sign for the turn off. Finally, relief was close by. But his heart sank when he saw barriers across the slip road and huge yellow lights spelling ‘closed’.

“No!” he cried putting his head in his hands in despair.

Being too drunk to try and hide his torment, he felt his eyes stinging with tears. Catastrophic humiliation was near.

“Can’t you pull over?” he cried, his voice shooting up a pitch or two.

Jack observed his surroundings. The hard-shoulder was dug up and lined with flashing bollards and the traffic was bumper to bumper – there was no way he could stop.

“No chance!” he exclaimed, knowing that Vinnie already knew this, even being as drunk as he was.

“Why you being an asshole? If you don’t stop, I’m gonna piss my pants. Is that what you want?” he hissed.

He doubled over, crossed his legs and put his hands over his crotch. It was getting beyond an ache and verging on painful now. He needed to pee a lot, he knew his measly bladder was full to the point of bursting. Having a pop at Jack was a knee-jerk reaction.

“Of course not babe,” said Jack, who had the patience of a saint and maintained his gentle tone. “If you need to go that bad, no worries. Just pee in the foot well. The car needs a clean anyway.”

“Fuck you, I’ll wait,” Vinnie snapped back, his pride getting the better of him. He knew Jack was lying – the car was brand new and immaculate! He just wanted to make him feel less bad about pissing in it but sometimes it annoyed him that he was so damn nice and accommodating.

Little did he know, that soon he would regret not taking his offer. Ironically trying to hold on to his dignity, as well as his pee, would have the opposite effect.

“Just fucking hurry up,” he winced.

Jack revved the engine, willing the cars in front to speed up but to no avail.

Another thirty minutes passed and they had hardly moved. Vinnie squeezed his legs together in an equally fruitless attempt to delay the inevitable. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. The dull pain was descending into agony now. He could hardly keep still; crossing and uncrossing his legs as he rocked back and forth and kept both hands firmly pressed on his crotch like a small child.

“Oh fuck, please hurry up,” he begged with panic in his voice.

Jack’s pity for him was tinged by an unexpected arousal. He watched Vinnie squirming in his peripheral and felt his cock pressing against his jeans. Although he wouldn’t admit it, a part of him was willing him to piss himself, despite the damage it would do to his brand new car. But at the same time, he didn’t want him to suffer – physically or mentally – and he doubted Vinnie would enjoy the experience (he was a proud guy) so he tried to dismiss his kinky thoughts, angry at himself for even having them in the first place.

For Vinnie, when wetting himself became a very real possibility, he wondered if maybe he could relieve himself just a little and take the pressure off. At first he was surprised that despite his urgency, he found it difficult to go knowing that it was headed straight into his boxers but his inhibitions were lowered because of alcohol, and his body’s need proved greater so within a couple of seconds, a slow trickle dribbled out. He kept his head down so his eyes were fixed firmly on his lap to make sure the evidence didn’t seep through his trousers. He felt the warm fluid fill his boxers and the pain subside and had to resist the urge to keep peeing because in the moment, that would have been so much easier. But he had to keep what little dignity he had left. He peed for no more than a few moments until he felt the cotton fabric of his underwear become saturated then swiftly crossed his legs again to trap the flow. His bladder was still very full but he had bought some time. He put his feet on the chair and brought his knees up to his chest as he turned to face the window, eager to keep the guilty look in his eyes hidden from Jack. He fidgeted and adjusted the front of his trousers to keep his soaking underwear from touching the material and outing his indiscretion. He was partly successful; on looking down there were no obvious signs that he had peed but out of sight out of mind… he was more than a little damp underneath.

Jack glanced over and immediately spotted a small dark patch in the seat of his trousers, amplified by the position he was in and the light colour – he had chosen the wrong day to wear a white suit. The stain was only faint but told him everything he needed to know.

“Just pee in the foot-well. Don’t ruin your nice suit,” he said firmly. Although his desperation was turning him on, he wanted to put him out of his misery.

“I said no!” Vinnie screamed at him, his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. “I’m fine.”

“Babe, Gölbaşı Escort Bayan I can see you’re a bit wet. Its OK. But don’t hold it in anymore – its not good for you and I don’t want to see you in pain. Come on I won’t judge you. You know me better than that.”

“Shut up!” Vinnie yelled frantically. “Maybe if you weren’t driving so slow! You’ve got a banging car and you’re driving it like a fucking old woman! You can’t drive for shit!”

“Hey don’t blame me, I can’t help the traffic,” Jack shot back impatiently as the unwarranted abuse began to chip away at him. “Maybe if you hadn’t drank all that cider! Or gone to the toilet before you left the gig like a sensible person! You knew it was gonna be a long drive so don’t you dare try and make it my fault. For fuck’s sake Vin, sometimes you can be so damn irresponsible!”

“Shut your fucking mouth, I’m fine!” Vinnie protested. “I must have spilled a drink earlier!”

“Oh right,” Jack rolled his eyes. “Whatever mate. Funny how you weren’t wet when you got in the car so how about you shut your mouth instead because we both know that you’ve pissed yourself.”

He immediately regretted drawing attention to the obvious truth and embarrassing him when Vinnie reacted badly, screaming obscenities at him and demanding to be let out of the car.

“Come on, if I could pull over, I would,” Jack said calmly, trying to undo the damage and not make a bad situation worse. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap but please stop having a go at me. I know you’re stressed but its not my fault babe! Hopefully there’s another service station coming up. I am sure we will make it in time but the offer’s there if you wanna go in the car.”

“Hmph,” Vinnie sulked, knowing that he was right and that he had been way out of line. It took a lot for Jack to swear and lose his temper, even if it was only for a moment.

He contemplated just letting go; the damage was done as Jack already knew he had peed. What difference would a little (or a lot) more make? No, he wasn’t quite prepared for that level of shame yet. Instead he turned back to sticking his head out of the window. He knew Jack was trying to help and he’d been unjustly mean to him. His pride wouldn’t let him verbally apologise for the tirade of foul mouthed abuse he had unleashed – that would be too much like admitting he was in the wrong, something he tried to avoid even when he knew he was. Perhaps some physical affection would dispel any bad vibes? Keeping one hand firmly between his legs to keep himself in check, he used the other to reach over and massage Jack’s thigh whilst he looked at him with sad, brown eyes. With any luck, he would read between the lines and know he hadn’t meant a single word of the venom he had just spewed – it was the drink and anxiety talking. Of course, being the kind, understanding guy that he was, he did.

“Don’t worry babe, its fine, we’ll put it down to too much drink. We’ve all been there and its your birthday. You’ve got a good excuse,” he said, putting his large soothing hand over his and gently squeezing.

Vinnie smiled sheepishly, knowing all too well that his behaviour didn’t deserve such a compassionate response. He loved Jack so much.

“Look traffic’s starting to clear,” Jack added, nodding towards the road ahead.

Sure enough, a lane opened up in front allowing him to put his foot down and speed up but cones were still dotted along the hard-shoulder so stopping was out of the question. Vinnie felt his racing heart slow back down to normal now that the atmosphere had improved and he breathed a small sigh of relief at the sound of the roaring engine. Maybe he would make it after all? However, no sooner had that thought crossed his mind, his bladder twinged sharply, persisting that it still needed urgent attention and he would not be allowed to relax for one second until he had provided it. He bit his lip nervously and took a deep breath, trying to act calm but the constant need to squirm made that impossible. Not only did he have to find a position that was the least uncomfortable, he had to keep his underwear from pressing against his trousers too. The warm, wetness welling beneath him soon turned cold and unpleasant as the cotton material clung to his skin, front and back. Better that than show through, he thought. Still, he groaned to himself, knowing that there was still a long road ahead and he would have to put up with his sopping wet boxers for a while yet. They’d been one of his favourite pairs too. At least he wasn’t soaked all the way through; a small patch at the back of his trousers was something he could live with. And Jack’s new pride and joy was safe… for now.

He tried to distract himself, rolling his head back and counting the street lights in the black sky as they flew past. A growing fear crept in every time his eyes drifted down to the side of the road and he saw more damn cones stretching into the endless blackness. He flicked through the radio stations but couldn’t enjoy a single Escort Gölbaşı song. All he could think about was getting to a porcelain potty. And fast.

“How much longer?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Jack answered, knowing that was not what Vinnie wanted to hear. “As soon as these road works clear I’ll pull over.”

Vinnie felt a sharp stab of pain down below and was unsure if he could hold it that long. He knew if he let himself go again, he wouldn’t be able to stop. Rain began to spatter against the windscreen, and the sound effects really didn’t help matters. He doubled over and clutched himself with both hands, grinding his teeth and closing his eyes in despair.

“Oh fuck, I need to go so bad,” he whined with a growing urgency in his voice that was already unusually high pitched.

Jack shook his head, wondering why he wouldn’t just whip out his cock and pee in the foot-well rather than risk going in his clothes – it would be slightly less humiliating for him but he wasn’t going to tell him again and risk being yelled at. If he was willing to put himself through agony just to end up wetting himself anyway because of his ego then that was his choice. However, his heart was breaking watching him wriggle and contort his face in pain, all for the sake of pride, which he had far too much of anyway and he should have known that he genuinely wouldn’t have thought any less of him.

He did all he could to help: driving aggressively by swerving between the two lanes and flashing his lights and revving at anyone who got in the way. His stomach tightened as he silently worried if there were any unmarked cops nearby. Several drivers beeped their horns at him or flipped him a middle finger, most of them assuming he was some arrogant asshole with a flash car that made him think he owned the road. In his mirrors, he watched with amusement the angry shaking fists and spew of profanities coming from their mouths that he couldn’t hear but could lip read enough to get the gist. Most noticeably backed down if they got close enough to see him clearly – a huge six foot six guy made of nothing but muscle. To anyone who didn’t know him, he probably did look a little intimidating. Vinnie found it funny but tried hard not to laugh in his current situation – if they did know him they would find he was more like a big, cuddly teddy bear who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was lucky to have him. Jack bullied his way through the congestion until finally, the road cleared a little and a sign appeared on the horizon.

“Jack… please hurry up. Please, please, please. I can’t hold it in much longer,” Vinnie begged.

“Hang on! Look!” Jack’s face lit up when the letters came into view.

There was a service station only three miles away and at the speed they were travelling, they would be there within minutes. However, Vinnie didn’t share his enthusiasm – the likelihood of him making it to the loo in time was decreasing by the second. Sweat rolled down his back and tears leaked from the corners of his eyes as he mentally prepared himself for the inevitable.

“Oh shit…” his words were barely audible as he squeezed his legs together with all his might, knowing that as soon as he uncrossed them or even so much as moved, the floodgates would open.

“We’re nearly there babe, just hold on,” Jack assured him.

He pulled in to the car park and found a space close to the entrance. Being the middle of the night, it was fairly quiet but there were still a few people milling around by the doors. Vinnie’s heart was beating like a drum. He should have been relieved when he saw the bright lights spelling ‘toilets’ but he already knew it was too late. They may as well have been on the moon. The pain was intolerable now and his body had its own ideas on how to deal with it. As he held himself he felt his hand dampen and on looking down, saw an expanding wet patch between his legs, darkening the white material as a steady stream burst the barrier of his boxers and seeped through in defiance.

“Oh fuck, I’m pissing, I can’t stop,” he whimpered.

Jack turned the engine off and looked over in a panic, “Try! Toilets are just there! Quick!”

Vinnie contemplated dashing into the services but the thought of running past a group of strangers with an obvious, growing pee stain on his trousers was just too much and he knew he couldn’t stop for a second time; his bladder would be empty by the time he got to the toilet. It was pointless.

“I can’t,” he squeaked.

Too distraught and desperate to think rationally, it didn’t occur to him to unzip his fly and pull out his cock to spare what remained of his clothes. By that point, he didn’t care anyway. At long last, he clambered out of the car, stood upright and sighed heavily and with the sound of a loud prolonged hiss, he let himself go.

He’d been holding it in for so long that it stung as it spurt out and flurried down his long legs, drenched his socks and flooded his expensive leather shoes, leaving them ruined and glistening in the moonlight. For a moment, he forgot about the utter humiliation and the fact that the people at the entrance could clearly see him as an overwhelming sense of relief washed over him and to his surprise he realised that the warmth of his soaked garments hugging his skin actually felt kind of nice…

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