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Subject: Jack Jr. And Little Willie-1 All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between adult males and teenage boys. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material. Please donate to fty). It is the only way to keep this site up and running. All comments welcome. Gay – Adult-Youth: M+/t+, oral, anal – – – – – Jack Jr. And Little Willie 1 When I was 12 years old, I took a keen interest in men and their naked bodies. I was afraid to tell Gordon, my best friend, because I didn’t want to be known as a weirdo. My first face to face experience happened during the summer of 1974, when I was 13 years old. My mother worked two jobs, so after school I decided to spent my free time at the local swimming pool. I would hang around the locker-room and furtively look at men getting dressed and undressed. One afternoon, I saw a man going into the showers at the back of the locker-room. He was completely naked and wasn’t carrying a towel. I followed him into the showers and stood right next to him. He smiled when I took off my swimming trunks. I stooped forward, and as I did so, I took the opportunity to check out his cock and hairless ball-sac. “Take your time, son,” he said. “It’s well worth a look.” I quickly stood up straight, but then I looked down at his cock again. My cock began to twitch as I watched the man soap up his semi-erect stem. “I’m Jack,” he said. “And this fella is Jack Jr.” “My name’s Kevin,” I said. “And this is… er…” “Little Willie!” “Yes. That’s a good name for it.” “So, Kevin,” Jack said. “Does Little Willie want to come home with me and play with Jack Jr? If we stay here, in the showers, someone might walk in and catch us having fun.” “I’m not sure,” I said. “I’m expected home at seven o’clock, so…” “No worries, son,” Jack interrupted. “We’ll make it a flying visit, seeing as it’s our first get-together. Nothing heavy, just a bit of fun. I can then run you home in my car afterwards.” We dried off and quickly dressed, and then Jack drove me to his place. He lived not too far from my house, so I knew I could visit him anytime I liked. The moment we were inside the house, Jack led me upstairs and into the main bedroom. We took off all our clothes and made ourselves comfortable on the double bed. Little Willie was ultra-stiff as Jack touched my ball-sac and said how smooth it was. He then began to stroke my rock-hard cock, and said that I could touch him diyarbakır escort anywhere I wanted. I ran my hands over his chest and stomach, and then under his armpits. Jack Jr. got real hard and stood straight up. I stroked the cock and played with the heavy ball-sac. Jack moaned and said he loved me touching him. My cock began to drip pre-cum as we stroked each other off. I felt great, and groaned when Jack began sucking my cock, while he gently played with my balls. He licked his finger and slid it into my arsehole. I raised my arse as he sucked my cock and gently finger-fucked my hole. A few minutes later, I shot a huge load of spunk into his mouth and watched him eagerly swallow it. The next afternoon, I took hold of Jack Jr. and began to lick and suck its uncut length. I didn’t put my finger into Jack’s arsehole, but played with his heavy ball-sac. He said he was getting close to a climax, so he quickly stopped me. He said boys of my age could cum over and over again, but at his age, he could only manage to cum two or three times a day. I wanted to taste his spunk, so I begged him to let me swallow a load. He had me get into a 69-position with him, and we sucked each other off for a good long while. I loved feeling his cock throbbing against my tongue as he shot his load. I lay on top of him and licked his shiny cock-head as he played with my smooth arse-cheeks. “Jack Jr. wants to fuck you up the arse, Kevin,” he said, as his finger slid into my arsehole. “Will it fit?” I replied. “It’s a lot bigger than your finger.” “Yes,” he replied. “Your arsehole will expand to accommodate it. It’ll hurt at first, but I’m sure you’ll be able to cope.” Jack got out a jar of Vaseline and began to lube my arsehole. He took a long time, and used two fingers to get my hole ready for Jack Jr. He asked if I was sure I wanted his cock inside me. I told him I did, as he pressed his cock-head against my anus. He told me to push out, like I was taking a dump; and as I did so, I felt his cock slide inside me. “Easy now,” he said to himself. “Don’t rush the rush.” He was all the way inside me now, and it hurt like billy-o. He held Jack Jr. back until my hole was used to it. “Do you like it inside you, Kevin?” he asked. “Yeah!” I replied. “It feels great.” Jack began to thrust in and out; and as he did so, I took hold of my hard-standing cock. He was in me pretty deep, and said that he wanted to climax inside me. I shot my load as my arse-lips clamped around his stem. I felt his warm düzce escort spunk filling me up inside. He kept his cock in me until it got soft and slid out. He then lifted my legs up and licked the spunk out of my hole. I moaned and groaned with pleasure as we went into a 69-position to begin all over again. ~ ~ ~ I visited Jack’s house the next day, but he wasn’t there. I was quite miffed, and even more so when I saw him and a boy getting out of a car. I hung around as the car parked up and the driver joined Jack and the boy outside the house. Clearly, the boy was going to be fucked by the two men, while I kicked my heels outside the house. I confronted the boy at school the next day. He just laughed and invited me to meet Tom, the driver of the car. Danny and Tom liked threesomes, so that’s why they were at Jack’s house. Tom was in his early 40s. He was tall and thin, and looked like a younger version of Jack. He was very pleased to meet me, and told Danny to take a back seat while he got to know me. He told me to come closer as he put his hand on my arse. I gulped as he unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. He then touched my cock and ball-sac through the fabric of my Y-fronts. “You don’t mind me feeling you up, Kevin?” he asked. “In front of Danny.” “No,” I replied. “I kinda like being watched.” “Good,” he said. “I know lots of people who would like to see you naked.” He pulled down my Y-fronts and stroked my cock, and then played with my balls. He pulled me closer and sucked my cock, while he slid a finger into my arsehole. I moaned as he sucked and fingered me. I told him I was going to climax, so he sucked my cock harder, until I shot my spunk into his mouth. I was eager to see him and Danny stark-bollock-naked. I really wanted to see the man’s seven-inch stem alongside Danny’s four-inch cock. With the two of them naked, Tom had me bend over. He massaged my arse-cheeks as he eased them apart, and told Danny to lick my hole. “Lick him into shape, Dan,” he said. “Get him ready for a double whammy.” I ended up on all-fours a few minutes later, with Tom’s cock in my arsehole and Danny’s cock in my mouth. Tom’s cock was far thicker than Jack Jr, so I was rather sore when I was thrown over the back of Tom’s sofa and fucked again – The “Dynamic Duo” fucked me to completion four times that afternoon. The next day, Tom introduced me to Uggie (Eugene). Uggie was a small, muscular man in his late 40s. He was an ex-wrestler, and so liked to fuck a boy in a wrestling hold. I edirne escort remember being crushed chest to chest, with my arms around his neck and my legs around his open thighs. I held on for dear life as his cock pumped me full of spunk. “Let go of my neck, boy,” he ordered. “I want to take you for a little spin.” As I let go, Uggie pulled me tight to him and spun me round and round. His cock was still in my arsehole as his hands held my upper thighs in a vice-like grip. I was so dizzy as I spun around in that centrifugal loop – The “Awesome Threesome” fucked me to completion six times that Saturday. The following Saturday, Tom and Uggie decided to make some home-made porn. The first video featured Danny and I tied to Tom’s stripped down bed in the nude. Uggie had two video cameras set up, both on tripods, capturing all the action. Danny lay flat out on the sheet, with his wrists tied above his head to the metal headboard. His legs were not tied down at all – Uggie wanted the boy to be able to move around a little. I was told to lie flat out on top of Danny, so that my back was resting on his chest. Tom tied my wrists to the headboard with rope and made sure we were both comfortable. The two of us lay there, double stacked, as Tom stripped naked. The cameras zoomed in to get some close-ups of us lying there, waiting for Tom to take full advantage of our tied down bodies. Uggie, acting as both cameraman and director, told us to kiss. This wasn’t an easy thing to do – I had to move my head sideways and to the left; Danny had to move his head sideways and to the right. It may have looked good in the viewfinders, but it was a really awkward thing to do. Then Tom came into shot and joined in. The three of us kissed as Danny squirmed beneath me – he had my weight on his chest, with Tom’s body pressing down on the both of us. After the kissing scenes, Tom moved down to take care of our cocks. The man really knew how to get our cocks rock-hard. And again, Danny squirmed beneath me as I bounced around on top of him. Somehow, and don’t ask me how, Tom managed to get Danny’s cock inside me. The angle of penetration must have really hurt Danny, but he didn’t seem to care as he humped my arsehole. And as he did so, Tom tweaked my nipples and played with my cock. Of course, after a coffee break, I replaced Danny and became Tom’s “bottom-boy”. And yes, my hard-standing cock was bent out of shape to hump Danny’s arsehole. I soon became a regular sex-toy for Jack and his like-minded friends. There were days when Jack’s house was full of naked boy-lovers, and some of them would bring their sons along to spice up the action. Paul’s 11-year-old son was my favourite pre-teen. Alan and his father, who was a Scoutmaster, would encourage me to star in Scout-based videos.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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