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Subject: Emmerdale – Jacob it’s just fiction. Copyrights © ITV Emmerdale ********************************* Jacob Gallagher is working at the store. It’s delivery day and a lot of products need to be stored. Noah Dingle walks in the store and gets a candy bar, he walks to the counter, but Jacob didn’t notice him. “Yo, Jacob. Can I pay?” Noah yells. Hearing this, Jacob comes from the back side of the store. “Sorry man. Was putting everything away at the back. There is a lot of stuff.” Jacob explains. Noah was listening and texting at the same time. “No worries.” He puts a five on the counter. Jacob at Noah looks for a moment. “Are you busy?” He asks. Noah looks up. “Why do you ask?” “Well it’s so much work in the back. If you help me you can keep the candy bar and I give you fifteen.” Jacob replies. “Twenty!” Noah says with a grin. “Fine!” Jacob says, rolling his eyes. Both boys go to the back to store everything. After several hours, both are sweaty and tired. “Thanks for the help, mate.” Jacob says. He feels so hot that he lifts his shirt to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Noah gets a glimpse of Jacob’s abs and he stares for a moment. Jacob looks at Noah, seeing the boy stare at him. He grins. “Did you like what you see?” Noah snaps out of it. “Wha-what?” The teenager stutters. “Come on, Noah.” Jacob said as he got closer to Noah. “Did you think I didn’t notice you staring at me?” Jacob added. “I… Uh” Noah is lost for words. “I’m just teasing you.” Jacob chuckles, he then hands out the money to Noah for his help. Noah chuckled as well, but he was out of nervousness. Noah is still overwhelmed by what Jacob was suggesting. “Perhaps there is another way you can pay it off.” Noah suggests. Jacob is stunned by Noah’s words. “What do you have in mind?” Noah rubs his crotch and gives a cheeky look at Jacob. Jacob looks shocked. “Uhm. I don’t know what makes you believe I would be in for that!” “If you suck me… I uhm. Let you fuck me?! Noah suddenly says. He is open to the suggestion, but he is not sure about it. “Really?” Jacob crosses his arms and lifts an eyebrow. “You would let me fuck you?” “Yeah!” Noah says. Feeling his teenage hormones running through his body. He has no idea why, but his excitement is taking over him. “Okay then, but there will be no way back okay?” Jacob warns. “So no tricks!” “I promise.” Noah replies. Jacob walks to the door and switches the sign closed on, locking the door and putting the blinds down. “If we do it then, get on the counter!” Jacob says with a wicked smile on his face. Noah feels nervous but excited. His body shivers just from thinking about the possibilities. Jacob walks over to Noah and lowers himself in front of the teen. Noah looks down while Jacob starts to unbuckle Noah’s belt and unzip his pants. Noah’s heart beats faster. He feels like all the air in the room is so heavy and his breathings get faster. His blood is pumping rapidly. Jacob lowers Noah’s pants and rubs the teen’s crotch, feeling Noah has already gotten excited. Noah feels his dick growing harder by the rubbing. “I warn you, no one can ever find out about this okay?” Jacob says looking up at Noah. bursa yabancı escort Noah simply nods. Jacob then pulls down Noah’s underwear and that teen cock jumps out of excitement straight forward. “That didn’t take long to get hard!” Jacob teases. Noah feels his knees shaking. He’s so excited for what’s about to happen. Jacob grabs Noah’s dick in his hand and gives it a few strokes. Shots of pleasure run through Noah’s body. Jacob leans in and opens his mouth. He takes Noah’s dick in and locks his lips around. Noah can’t believe his dick is now inside Jacob’s mouth. He always dreamt about this to happen and now it’s finally happening. Jacob starts sucking at Noah’s dick. Noah moans, feeling all sorts of pleasures. The atmosphere gets hot, so Noah has to remove his t-shirt. Jacob looks up at Noah standing all naked in front of him. He lifts his hands up and rubs them over the boy’s body. Noah hangs his head back and moans. Jacob reaches higher to grab Noah’s nipples and pinches them while he keeps on sucking the boy his dick. Noah growls, feeling the pinching at his nipples. It hurts but is also pleasurable. Jacob rubs Noah’s dick against his lips. He kisses every inch of the meat. “Oh Gawd!” Noah screams out and without warning he cums on Jacob’s face and also some end in Jacob’s mouth that Jacob tastes. “Damn dude. You could at least have warned you were close!” Jacob says. “I’m sorry.” Noah says while catching his breath. Jacob grabs Noah’s shirt from the floor and wipes the cum from his face. He then stands up in front of Noah. They stare into each other’s eyes. “Now it’s your turn to suck me first!” Jacob says while laying a hand on Noah’s shoulder to push him down. Noah gets on his knees in front of Jacob. His mind goes over time. He never gave a blowjob before. Heck he just had his own first blowjob. Meanwhile, Noah unbuckles his friend’s belt and unzips his pants. Noah looks up at Jacob, seeing the stud getting undressed in front of him. Jacob steps out of his pants and shoes. He then removes his shirt and stands only in his underwear in front of the teen. Jacob notices that Noah is shy and nervous. “Hey. No worries, we will go slow.” Jacob assures Noah. Noah looks up at Jacob and nods okay. It only eases him up a little bit. “Just lay your hand on my crotch and rub it. Just like I started on you.” Jacob explains. Noah does what Jacob told him. He lays his hand on Jacob’s crotch. He feels already that Noah got hard and rubs that dick. “See? It’s easy.” Jacob assures Noah. Noah starts to feel more assured of it and uses more pressure to rub over Jacob’s dick. Jacob smiles. He enjoys the rubbing. “You think you are ready to suck it?” Jacob asks. Noah looks up at Jacob. He slowly nods yes. Jacob grabs Noah’s hands, laying them on the waistband of his boxers and let’s the boy pull it down off him. Noah is so close to Jacob that Jacob’s dick slaps Noah’s chin when it’s freed. Jacob smiles. He sees the shock on Noah’s face. Noah stares at that dick while Jacob steps out of his underwear. “Hey! No worries. You got this.” Jacob reassures and winks at Noah. Noah, all nervous but intrigued bursa sınırsız escort at the same time, grabs hold of Jacob’s dick in his hand. Jacob says nothing and just lets Noah figure out what he wants to do. Noah strokes Jacob’s dick. He never strokes another dude his dick, but finds it interesting. Jacob feels the pleasure running through his body. Noah gets closer with his head towards Jacob’s dick. He starts to wonder what it tastes like. Jacob looks down in anticipation, seeing Noah opening his mouth and leaning in. Noah takes half of Jacob’s dick in his mouth and locks his lips around it. “Mmm yeah!” Jacob moans out. Noah realizes the taste of a dick isn’t that bad and starts to take in more. Jacob loves it. He wishes Noah would take it all the way in, but he doesn’t want to frighten the boy or hurt him. “You’re doing great!” Jacob says. He pats the younger lad’s head. Noah feels proud that he gives Jacob the pleasure back. Jacob runs his fingers through Noah’s hair. Noah tries to take Jacob’s dick further inside, but feels he almost needs to gag. “If you can’t, no worries.” Jacob says. Noah feels comfortable with how Noah guides him. He decides he wants to and tries to ignore the gag reflexes. Jacob is amazed by Naoh. He feels so turned on that he almost needs to cum. He pushes Noah off “Hold on!” “Did I do something wrong?” Noah asks. “No! Not at all. You were so great I almost had to cum.” Jacob explains. Noah grins. “I want to cum after I fucked that ass of yours.” Jacob explains. “So get up and go to the counter.” He instructs. Nervously, Noah stands up standing in front of Jacob. He then turns around and walks over to the counter followed by Jacob. Noah turns towards Jacob, waiting for his next instruction. “Hop on the counter and lay yourself on it.” Jacob instructs. Noah gets on it and sits on the counter. Jacob pushes Noah back and lifts up Noah’s legs. He sees the teen’s pink pucker. “Looking good.” Jacob says and spits at Noah’s rosebutt. Goosebumps are all over Noah. Never has his hole been so exposed as this to someone. Jacob rubs his fingers over Noah’s rosebutt. Rubbing his spit over it. Noah’s dick gets hard again. Jacob keeps rubbing his fingers against Noah’s rosebutt till he suddenly pushes in a finger. Noah tenses up. The burning pain is crazy. Before he knows, Jacob has it out again. “This is gonna be fun!” Jacob teases. Noah starts to doubt what he said yes to. Before he knows it his body tenses up again, feeling Jacob’s finger inside his hole again. Right after, Jacob adds a second finger. “Just try to relax.” Jacob assures Noah. The pain switches fast to pleasure. Noah’s hole adjustes fast to Jacob’s 2 fingers fucking his hole. Then, Jacob steps away, leaving Noah all highly bothered up. Noah looks at Jacob who grabs a step. Jacob gets on the step to stand higher. He pushes Noah on his back down and grabs hold of his legs. “Hold those legs up!” Jacob instructs. Nervously, Noah looks at Jacob who has grabbed a condom and bites the wrapper open with his teeth. Jacob wraps the condom around his dick. “Let’s make this an unforgettable moment.” Jacob görükle escort says and winks at Noah. Noah feels the tip of Jacob’s mushroomhead against his hole. Slowly, Jacob starts to push his dick inside Noah’s hole. “Try to relax and breathe in through your nose.” Jacob advises. Noah follows Jacob’s instructions. The pain is almost unbearable. Jacob hangs over Noah. “You can do this.” Noah stares into Jacob’s eyes, trusting Jacob. Jacob pushes his dick further inside. The pleasure at Jacob’s dick is amazing. Noah’s hole is so tight. He tries to not ram his dick further inside. “You feel so amazing!” Jacob says. Noah looks at Jacob, he leans up and kisses him. Jacob is surprised, but he likes it so he kisses back. Noah wraps his legs tight around Jacob, letting himself be taken. Jacob pushes the last few inches inside Noah and starts to pump him. Noah feels the pain, but also how fastly it changes in pleasure. He wraps his arms around Jacob. Both boys grunt and moan. Jacob wraps his arms around Noah as well. Giving the teen some deep thrusting. Both seem to not be getting enough from it. Jacob has not had many sexual experience, but he knows that this feeling is really hot and amazing. Noah feels his dick rubbing between his and Jacob’s body. Getting rock hard by the feeling. Jacob feels Noah getting hard again and smiles at the boy. Noah starts kissing Jacob’s neck and finding a weak spot that turns Jacob on even more. “NOAH! Mmmm FUCK!” Jacob shouts out enjoying they fuck he’s giving to the teen. “YES!” Noah replies loudly. “I’m about to cum!” Jacob announces and lifts himself up. Noah looks at Jacob, seeing him taking that dick out of him. Remove the condom and start stroking. Noah starts to stroke his own dick as well. He stares at Jacob, seeing his body flexed and beating that dick like there is no tomorrow. Jacob closes his eyes and then his body tenses up as he sprays his load all over Noah’s stomach. “GAWD!” Jacob growls. Noah keeps stroking himself, nearing to unload. Jacob opens his eyes and sees his load over Noah’s body. He reaches his hand out and rubs his load over Noah’s body. “Stroke that dick! Cum for me.” Noah looks at Jacob. Both having eye contact when Noah suddenly cums. Sperm flying around, landing on Jacob and Noah’s bodies. Noah’s hand is covered as well. Feeling his dick deflating in his hand. “Damn kid!” Jacob says smiling. “That was amazing.” Noah admits. “Can we do it again soon?” Jacob smiles at the boy. “Well, perhaps we can make it a regular thing between us.” He replies and winks at Noah while getting off the step. Noah gets off the counter. Jacob grabs 2 towels out of a drawer. “We need to hurry up and get cleaned.” Both boys clean themselves up and get dressed. Just before Jacob is about to walk to the door to open it, again Noah grabs his arm. Jacob gets pulled to Noah. “Let’s do this again soon.” Jacob stares into Noah’s eyes. “We will see.” He replies, but surprises Noah by leaning in for a sweet little kiss on his lips. Noah is amazed by it. Jacob steps away and opens the door. Noah walks to the door. Turns one more time to Jacob. “See you soon.” He says and winks at him. Walking off. Jacob can’t believe he let himself go like that. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message For more stories from me, ook/groups/480903845719867 Please donate to Nifty for support to let this great site and it’s archive free, fty/

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