Jailhouse Buddies Reunited

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Harry was a bit of a hard nut, always getting into fights and generally finding it hard to keep out of trouble. Now that his third wife had walked out on him he was feeling desperately horny, but a man as uncouth as Harry is not exactly very woman’s first choice in a man so he found it really hard to get laid. Then he was walking down the street one day when he suddenly saw someone he knew, someone he hadn’t seen in a while.

‘Hey Ben.’ he called out and waved.

Ben looked up and smiled and came over.

‘So when did you get out?’ Harry asked.

‘Just today.’ Ben replied.

‘You fixed up with a place to stay?’ Harry asked.

‘Not yet.’

‘Then you’re staying at my place.’ Harry told him.

Suddenly there was a spring in Harry’s step. If he played his cards right he was going to get laid. When he was behind bars with Ben he had enjoyed some really good loving off the little fella. Although Ben was pushing forty he looked ten years younger and was in good physical shape. He had nothing to do in prison but work out and make out. He stood just five foot six inches tall and with his delicate features and shoulder length blonde hair it was easy to see why he was such a sought after catch in prison.

When Harry had first gone to prison he had been disgusted at what he found going on in there. Real men, rough fuckers just like him, were sticking their cocks up guys asses or even bending over and getting nailed. He wanted no part of it. But soon his balls began to ache and he realized he could never survive without sex. He had tired to jerking himself off and then he had hooked up with Ben and life didn’t seem so bad after that.

‘What’s your wife going to say?’ Ben asked as they made their way up to Harry’s front door.

‘She upped and left me.’ Harry replied.

‘Sorry to hear that.’ Ben said.

‘I’m not. She was a real pain.’ Harry said as he closed the door behind them. ‘The only thing I’m sorry about is that I’m not getting laid no gaziantep escortlar more and I’m so fuckin horny I could fuck a hole in the wall.’

‘There’s no need to do that when I’ve got a hole that is all warm and tight.’ Ben replied ‘And I think it has your name on it tonight.’

Hearing that got Harry so worked up that he pulled Ben close and hugged him tight. And then somehow, for the first time in his life, he found himself kissing a man. The thrill of it was so intense it overcame all the taboos he felt about kissing a guy. In his book fucking a guy’s ass was one thing but kissing him was a definite no no. And yet here he was, lip locked to Ben and not wanting to part. Ben was surprised by the intensity of Harry’s kissing; this guy sure had a hunger in his soul.

It was Ben who finally broke free when he ran out of air. He unbuttoned Harry’s shirt and started to stroke his tattooed chest. Harry sighed with contentment. It was the first time anyone had touched him there in over six months and when Ben’s delicate cherry ripe lips locked onto his right nipple he abandoned himself to pleasure. Ben was soon licking Harry’s pits while groping his big cock through his jeans. He kissed down Harry’s smooth chest to the line of hair that sprouted from below his belly button. The little guy went down on his knees and unbuckled Harry’s belt, wanting this moment to last forever and yet also desperate to get at the man flesh that was nestled in his crotch.

He unzipped Harry’s jeans and slowly lowered them down his strong, furry thighs. A big bulge lay before him in Harry’s pale blue underpants with a hard spear shooting off to the left, just barely contained by the minuscule scrap of cloth. Ben pressed his nose up against the mound of meat trapped in the soft cotton and inhaled the scent of a feral man, wild and free. Ben’s own cock throbbed in his trousers but it would have to wait. There was a most beautiful cock that needed urgent servicing.

Ben pulled Harry’s underpants down to his knees allowing his eight inch rod to spring free. His heavy, smooth brown balls swung low releasing their sweat scent into the air. Ben took hold of Harry’s magnificent tool and gently eased the foreskin back over the reddish head so that it was fully covered before milking it back again. He rubbed his fingers into the slightly sticky surface behind Harry’s flared cock ridge and then held them under his fingers. The scent of that man funk got him so worked up that he practically devoured Harry’s entire eight inch shaft in one go. It always amazed Harry how this little guy could take his cock right down to the pubes. No woman he knew had ever been able to do that. The sight of his cock buried in this pretty little guy’s mouth turned Harry on so much that he pulled him up to his feet and kissed him again. ‘I want to make love to you.’ he whispered in Ben’s ear.

The horny pair made their way into the bedroom where Harry slowly undressed Ben. He felt a rush of tenderness unlike anything he had ever experienced before. When at last he was fully naked, with his surprisingly big cock pointing up at the ceiling Harry laid him down on the bed. He stroked Ben’s body from head to toe, aware that he was probably very clumsy and not very good at it. And then, for the first time in his life he took another man’s cock into his mouth. Harry’s hunger knew no bounds as he delighted in the feel of that hard cock sliding over his tongue, leaking tangy precum that he greedily lapped up. His right hand stroked Ben’s chest while his left played with his plum sized balls. Ben was pleasantly surprised. Although Harry was far from the best blow he had ever had he was doing a reasonable job. Just the fact that it was big, hard Harry doing this to him was turning him on so much that he wondered how long he could hold out. And he got the answer when Harry suddenly shoved a finger up his ass. Ben cried out as the force of his ejaculation actually hurt. The world stopped turning as his balls drained into his buddy’s mouth. Harry came up and kissed him, passing a mouthful of spunk back to him.

Harry’s hard cock was crushed between the pair as they kissed and hugged and Ben’s ass was desperate for it. He pulled free of Harry and looked around for some lube. Harry got him some jelly that his wife had left behind and Ben quickly got himself lubed up. He got down on his knees on the floor, with his ass in the air and begged Harry to let him have it. Harry entered Ben very, very slowly enjoying the feel of his hard cock pushing past that tight ring and into that slippery chute. Ben groaned as his pleasure receptors went into overdrive. He was being filled by a seriously thick piece of meat and it was what he lived for, the feel of a man’s spongy cock rubbing up against his slit, prodding his balls and burrowing deep into his assguts. Harry’s large hand stroked Ben’s belly and tugged on his soft cock. Ben was so lost in pleasure that his cock seemed unattached to his body. All that mattered was his asshole, receiving the dicking it had missed so much and this time it was fifty times better. In prison Harry had just fucked to get his rocks off, but now he was really making love.

Harry’s cock was being milked by the finest piece of ass it had ever known, male or female. Each inch of his meaty throbber was alive and in love with this juicy hole. He was close now, so close. He bit down on Ben’s shoulder as his cock lurched and his balls started to spew forth a shower of red hot jism. When his panting and grunted had ended Harry withdrew from Ben’s ass and gently picked his lover up and laid him on the bed. He pulled him close and snuggled up to him. There was a dreamy, far away look in Ben’s eyes and Harry was a little envious.

‘Will you teach me,’ he asked ‘will you teach me how to take it?’

‘I’d love to.’ Ben replied.

‘I think it might take at least a month or two…’ Harry said and Ben snuggled closer.

He was relieved to find that he wasn’t the only one who thought that this might be the start of something special.

Copyright Daniel Blue

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