Jaime’s Way (part 2)

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I awoke to feel the dried cum on my face, ass and balls, and then remembering how I got that way made me smile. Crawling out of bed I made my way to the bathroom and took a hot shower and then easily shaved my already smooth legs. Out of the shower I brushed my hair and did what I could to make it appear more feminine. After I put on my make up I walked back to the bedroom and slipped into a pair of sheer blue panties. The cage Sherry had put on my dick prevented me from jacking off but since she was fucking me almost every night and making me cum like that, though sometimes my dick didn’t spew any cum, I didn’t feel the need to masturbate. Almost absently, I noticed that my titties itched slightly and looked to see if there was anything on them. There wasn’t so I pushed the thought out of my mind. Nearly a year had passed since Sherry had started me down this path and I was very happy she had. Sex had never been so good as it was now. I mean when she wasn’t fucking me with her squirting strap on, I was sucking a hard cock or getting fucked by one. Funny though, not only was I a confirmed sissy and crossdresser but it seemed that with each passing day I was feeling more and more like a woman; definitely a slut craving cock all the time, but a woman nonetheless. Once I got the house cleaned, which was almost spotless these days, I sat and decided what to prepare for dinner. Deciding on spaghetti I saw that we were completely out of any sauce base so I knew I’d have to go to the store. I went back to the bedroom and put on a bra and thought that it was tighter than normal after I slipped my breast forms into it. Maybe I had gained some weight, I thought, and took out a a sleeveless pastel green blouse and put it on. I selected a modest length pastel yellow skirt and stepped into it. The waist actually felt a little looser but I just thought I had to be imagining things. After slipping my feet into a pair of sandals I picked up my purse and walked out the door to begin the half mile walk to the store. No longer did I feel any discomfort being out in public dressed as a woman, but rather thrived on it. I knew I could pass as a woman but even if I couldn’t, I really didn’t care. By now anyone that mattered already knew about me and either accepted me or not. This included what little family I had and all of my male friends, some of whom had accepted me well enough to let me give them blow jobs on a fairly regular basis. More than one of them had also filled my ass with a load of cum. Sometimes Sherry was there to photograph the event and sometimes she let me go on my own while she entertained one of her friends. During my walk to the store I got honked at a couple of times and I turned, waved and smiled at the drivers. Of course, I wondered if they were just being friendly, honking at a sexy girl, or if maybe they knew me from some more carnal encounter. When I walked into the store I smiled st the cashier and called out, “Hi Stella.” “Hi Jaime. Looking good, girl,” she responded. “You’re looking incredible today. Got a hot date after work?” Stella looked to be near my age, maybe a year or two older, with beautiful red hair, creamy white skin, a very nice pair of titties, and a figure a girl like me would die for. But it was her crystal blue eyes that seemed to pierce your very soul that were so memorable. “You know it,” she laughed. After I found everything I needed for the sauce, I went to Stella’s line to check out. As I waited in line my mind wandered. I found it hard to believe that even the most mundane of activities could be a source of great satisfaction. Where I had always hate going grocery shopping in the past, I now found it to be quite enjoyable. In fact, shopping of any nature was now an activity I enjoyed immensely. In the past, whenever I got ready to go somewhere I spent very little time getting ready but now everything had to look and feel perfect. “Love that skirt, girl,” Stella said as I moved in front of her. “Thanks. It’s so comfortable and very light,” I replied, beaming because this was one of the skirts I’d picked out. I paid for my things and walked out of the store. As I was walking across the parking lot I saw a man walking so that we would intersect. As we grew closer I spoke, “Hi.” “Um, hi. Look, I know this seems very forward but after I saw you in the store I just had to know. Is your name Jaime?” “Er, yes. Yes it is. Why?” He blushed, “I, uh, I saw some pictures of you on the internet and I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re just about the most beautiful, sexiest girl I’ve ever seen.” I knew that if he’d seen pictures of me he also had to know I had a cock and that I’d been sexually active with quite a few men. “Wow, someone has actually seen those pictures?” “You better believe it! You’re just bout the most popular girl out there. I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you. Oh, my name is Jeff, by the way.” “Well, hello, Jeff,” I laughed and lost my hand in his. I knew I was slightly built, petite if I were an actual girl, but this guy was pretty big, which automatically made me wonder about the size of his dick. “Hey, listen, could I offer to buy you a cup of coffee, or lunch or something Beşevler escort s we can sit and talk?” A quick glance at my watch told me I had at least a couple of hours before I needed to start dinner. “That sounds nice,” I replied. “Would you like to follow me?” “Um, I’m on foot,” “Yes. I should have figured that out. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you a lift. I mean I’m not a serial killer or anything.” “Promise? Yes, I’d like a ride.” His truck was near the store so we walked back to it and opened my door for me. It was new, clean, very big and very blue. I could sleep on the seat of this thing and stretch out, not that I’m very big to begin with. Immediately my thoughts turned to the positions I could get into in a vehicle this size. Jeff drove us a down the road almost a mile in the opposite direction of my house. The diner was nice, not a chain restaurant. “I’m going to leave my groceries in here, if that’s okay.” “Sure,” Jeff answered and scurried around the truck to open my door again. Inside we sat at a secluded table and ordered two coffees. “I must be smiling like an idiot,” Jeff said. “I can’t believe how lucky I was to spot you like this.” “No, you’re not smiling like an idiot.” “Thanks. Now if I say anything that offends you, or ask a question too personal or invasive, just say so.” “Okay.” “Cool. The first thing I’d like to know, and probably just about every other guy that’s seen your pictures. Are you planning on going all the way? With the sex change surgery and all.” “Honestly, I haven’t given that much thought. I’m pretty happy with the way things are even though I never get to use my, uh, equipment.” “Do you wear that cage all the time?” “I’ve worn it almost constantly for nearly a year. The only time it gets taken off is when she wants it off. But I’ve found that when some guys see me naked they’re more relaxed because they know I’m not looking to use it on them.” “I can see that, although that seems pretty selfish on their part.” “Maybe, but I get off during sex about ninety-five percent of the time, so I don’t complain. Besides, I’m a catcher not a pitcher.” “That’s one way to put it. When was the first time you dressed?” “I’ve worn panties in private since I was pretty young but the first time I ever wore all the clothes was the day after I began wearing the cage. Since that day I haven’t worn any boy clothes at all.” “And you’re okay with that? Really?” Smiling broadly, I answered, “Perfectly. I live my life as a woman now. I do everything as a female, keep house, cook, run errands, get my nails done, have my hair styled, and most importantly, of course, is have sex. I love having a man inside me and feeling him deposit his seed. Now THAT really makes me feel like a woman.” “Cool. Um, what’s your favorite position?” “I like them all but my favorite is missionary.” “Missionary, huh? Yeah, I guess I can understand that. How do you feel about oral sex?” “I love it. Getting a guy to cum with my mouth is just so, so, um, feminine. And before you ask, I always swallow.” “Who takes your pictures?” “Usually my wife but sometimes it’s whoever happens to be handy.” “Wife? You’re married?” “Yes. At least as far as I know.” “And she’s okay with you having sex with men?” “Yea. I have sex with men and so does she, though not always with the same guys.” “Open marriage, huh? Since you’ve been living as a woman, have you ever had sex with one?” “Only with her and only after some guy dumps a load in her pussy or she feels like doing me with her strap on. Other than with her, I really don’t feel the urge to have sex with a woman, but with a man is a whole different story.” “Have you ever met a guy you didn’t want to have sex with?” “Never. Present company included.” “You would have sex with me? We just met.” “There’s been a few guys that she’s brought home that I never even knew their name. So I guess I’m a slut.” “Do you think you are?” “Sometimes. But that’s okay, I enjoy having sex with men, and if they call me slut, or sissy, or fagot, or whatever, I’m okay with it. It’s kind of a turn on.” “Really.” “Could I take a picture with you?” “Sure, I guess so. I really didn’t get dressed for any pictures today.” “You’re not undressed either.” “Is that what you want, some naked pictures?” “Well, of course I would but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’d just like to take a couple of shots of us together. Man, some of my friends would never believe me if I told them I met you.” “Oh? I’ll tell you what. We’ll take a few pictures here and if you’ll drive me home you can take pictures of me sucking your cock; with or without clothes.” “Oh wow! That would be super cool.” With that settled we went back to his truck and he took some pictures with us standing together, with his arm around me, with my hand on his crotch, one with me holding my skirt up high enough to show my sheer blue panties and one with my skirt up and my panties dangling from my fingers. We climbed into his truck and I gave him directions to my house. He drove and I stuffed my panties into my purse before looking up at Jeff. “Do you want my panties for a souvenir?” “Hell yes! That would be great!” Laughing, I hung them Çankaya escort bayan from the mirror. As soon as I put the grocery sack in the kitchen he kissed me, and like the horny girl I am, I kissed him back. Before I knew it he was cupping my ass cheeks in his strong hands and pulling me closer to him. Close enough that I could feel his erection pressing against me. From the way it felt, I was pretty sure he was hung like a horse. Pulling away from him I whispered, “Don’t forget the camera. After all, you do want pictures of your cock in my mouth. Right?” “Yes. Yes of course! I have to go back to the truck and get it and the tripod,” he answered. “You want me to suck your cock in here, or the living room, or the bedroom or where?” “Anywhere you want, gorgeous.” “The living room is as good a place as any.” “That’s fine. I’ll be right back.” While he was gone I set up the the things I needed to begin the sauce. Once that was done I ran to my bedroom and changed into a pair of “come fuck me” heels. Then, when I heard him come back in I went to the living room. “Are you sure about this?” “Positive,” I answered with a large smile. His camera was one of those expensive types. There was even a feature on it to take pictures automatically without ever stopping to reset it. After fiddling with it for a few minutes he finally said, “It’s ready when you are.” “Naked or clothed?” “Strip for the camera,” he smiled. “Where do I need to be?” “Right there in front of the fireplace. Once you’re naked, I’ll move into the picture and you can blow me.” “Sounds like a plan to me,” I laughed. I was used to taking directions for photo shoots so I moved to the spot he had marked and waited for my next cue. Even though I’d been photographed many, many times, I had never stripped for the camera and wasn’t really sure how to do it. I really wanted this to be special for Jeff. “Hey, if this stripping thing turns out any good, I’d like copies of it. And of course, I want copies of me sucking your cock,” I said with a smile. “That’s cool. I just want them for masturbation sessions later on,” Jeff replied with a laugh. “How about a tribute shot? You know, print out a picture of me and then cum on it. Take a picture of that and send it to me.” “I could just bring it over. That gives me a chance to see you again.” “And get another blow job,” I laughed. “Well that too. Or maybe a little more?” “That’s what I like to hear,” I giggled. “You’re a man after my own ass. Literally.” “And such a lovely ass.” “Okay, it’s a deal. You bring me a tribute picture and you can fuck me.” “Wow! That’s a deal. How about if I can get someone else to do a tribute as well?” “What? You want to do a three way?” “I’ve got a really good friend, a jack off, buddy, and he really loves looking at your pictures and talking about how much he’d love to have sex with you.” I laughed heartily, “Sure, the more the merrier. Bring on your friends and I’ll suck and fuck all of them.” “Slut,” Jeff laughed. “Yep. I’m a cocksucking sissy slut.” “You’ve got to prove that. You know, the cocksucking part.” “Don’t worry, I will. Are you ready to get started?” I asked. “Whenever you are,” he said and then clicked on the camera. I started off by swaying my hips a little and then began to slowly unbutton my blouse and pull it free of my skirt. The blouse hung open for a few minutes as I continued swaying. It landed on the floor when I shrugged it off. “I want to suck your cock, Jeff. Mmm, I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste your hot jism,” I moaned as I slowly loosened my skirt and let it fall. Since my panties were hanging from the mirror in Jeff’s truck, my caged cock was on display. “I love to eat cum. I’m so naughty. See why I’m a cum slut. I love sucking cock. You want me to suck your big dick, don’t you baby?” My bra came free and I tossed it, along with my fake titties, into a chair and then bent over and spread my ass cheeks as wide as possible. “There’s nothing like a hard cock up my tiny asshole. Mmm, baby, it feels so good! I love having a real man use me for the slut I am. Fuck my ass! Give me a huge load of hot cream and call me a whore.” Jeff stepped close to me and took me in his arms for a very long and passionate kiss while his hands roamed over my naked body. “Suck me, Jaime. Suck my cock,” he groaned. “I’m so turned on right now.” Slowly, I began to sink to my knees, my fingers opening his pants as I settled into place. When I pulled his dick out of his pants I almost gasped. Jeff really was hung like a horse. His cock was easily as big as the dildo Sherry used on me and I really wanted him down my throat. I kissed and licked his large cock again and again. Before I even attempted to take him into my mouth I sucked on his balls, pulling one in and then following it with the other. “Talk dirty to me,” I panted, becoming more and more turned on. “Suck my cock, slut. I want to paint your tonsils with cum. Show me you’re a good cocksucker. Get after it, sissy. Are you good enough to suck a real cock? Prove it if you can, bitch.” It was difficult working him into my mouth but I finally managed to get him inside. When I slowly began moving Escort Cebeci my head forward, even I was amazed that his cock slid in so easily and so far. But there was still a lot of cock for me to swallow. “Yea, baby, yea. Take it all. Fuck, you’ve got a wonderful mouth.” Taking a deep breath I pressed onward, gradually taking in more and more of his horse sized dick. I was lost in my own thoughts when I felt his curly pubic hair tickling my nose. I pushed forward again and my nose was against his belly. Then I slowly retraced my route until only the head of his massive dick remained in my mouth. Using my tongue I massaged the sensitive underside of the crown of his dick before I took him deeper inside. In and out, in and out, his dick slid while I gently caressed his heavy balls. “Damn, you’re a good little cocksucker, Jaime. But just wait until I fuck you. I’ll have you begging me to cum in your pretty little ass. Oh yea, I’m gonna tear that ass to shreds and you’re gonna love it,” he snorted. “Oooo, yea baby, that feels so fucking good.” Jeff held my head and started fucking my face. This particular act really made me feel so feminine and so much like a cocksucking slut. I loved it! “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! Here it comes, sissy!” Jeff growled and then began jerking madly. His already huge cock seemed to grow about five times larger just before he shot a massive load of creamy hot cum into my mouth. Then a second heavy glob forced me to swallow just seconds before another thick tasty stream of cum gushed into my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and finished on my face, leaving streaks of cum on my cheeks, nose, forehead and lips. While I preferred to swallow cum since I’m addicted to the flavor, I also like it when a guy give me a cum facial. “Damn, Jaime, you’re so fucking sexy when you smile at me with cum all over your face,” Jeff exclaimed and helped me to my feet. “It feels good,” I told him and smiled. After a cold soda Jeff downloaded his camera onto the computer Sherry used to maintain the website with all my pictures. We chatted while this was in progress and I gave him my email address and phone number while taking note of his. Jeff also told me that he lived alone, though he did entertain quite often, mostly women but sometimes he was with a man. Unlike me, he was always the top but he said he had no problem jacking off a man. While we sat at the computer Jeff insisted that I sit on his lap and we kissed quite a bit, which was really getting me aroused. By the time he left I barely had enough time to get dinner completely prepared and pick up my things from the living room before Sherry got home from work. When she arrives I was at the stove, still in my heels and wearing a very light pale orange summer dress. I had put on a pair of comfortable cotton panties but my titties had begum itching again so I went without a bra. “Well look at Suzy Homemaker,” she laughed when she walked in and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Hi, babe. Hey, do I look like I’m gaining weight? I put on a bra earlier and it felt a little tighter than normal and when I put on a skirt I had a hard time getting it up although it felt slightly loose at the waist than I was used to.” “Well, all girls retain water on a monthly basis, so welcome to the club,” she said and laughed heartily. “Oh, okay,” I agreed in an offhand manner. “Oh yea, I met a really nice guy today on my way home from the store.” “Oh? Tell me some more.” “He took me out for a cup of coffee and we talked for a while. He’s a really huge fan of the website. In fact, we took some pictures of me and we’re more than welcome to use them.” “Do you have the pictures? I’d like to see them.” “They’re on your computer in the file we have marked under Jaime with today’s date,” I told her as I set the table. “Cool. I’ll look at them after dinner and see if there is anything we can use,” she said and sat at the table. “How well did you get to know this guy?” “Well, his cock is bigger than your strap on,” I replied, smiling and licking my lips. “Did you fuck him already?” “Not yet, I just gave him a blow job.” “Holy shit! I leave you home alone for a few hours and you prove how much of a cock sucking slut you really are,” she said and then howled with laughter. “Hey, he’s a big fan. I mean he’s seen pictures of me sucking lot’s of cock and even getting fucked by some of your friends. I just thought he was nice and besides, I really got turned on and just couldn’t stop myself.” “So now what? Do you expect me to reward you by taking off the cage and letting you jack off?” “No. The idea of jacking off hasn’t even occurred to me for a long time. Now I know that if I’m feeling horny I can go out and find a cock to suck.” “My, my, is my little girl growing up?” “Hell, I don’t know. I just know I’d rather suck a cock or get fucked by one than jack off.” “Good answer. You may get out of that cage one of these days. Now, while you clean up the kitchen I’m going to go take a look at those pictures.” “Okay, but get comfortable, he took quite a few pictures,” I smiled, “and a lot of them have his cock in my mouth.” “Great! Maybe we can use some of them.” Two hours later I had taken a hot bath and shaved my legs and beneath my arms, as I always did, and was slipping into one of my little nighties when Sherry came into the bathroom. “You’re right, he’s bigger than the dildo,” she laughed. “I’ve got his number and email if you think I should get in touch with him.” “Honey, he’s your friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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