Jane and Michael

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So. Hello, my name is Jane and this is Michael and we have agreed to be interviewed as part of the sexual health study for — University.

I am 27, 5′ 9″and 61 kilogrammes. I work as an IFA and have no children as yet. Michael is 26, 5′ 11″, 62 kilogrammes and is a computer programmer.

The reason we are here, is to tell you about our relationship and to tell you about our story with premature ejaculation. That is to say Michael suffers from acute premature ejaculation and has done since we met several years ago. We are a monogamous relationship, have always been so and love each other very much. This condition has caused its difficulties, but we have found ways to work around it and to express ourselves to each other and care for each other in the best manner we can.

So just to outline the issue. Michael has what I call a ‘hair trigger’ and will ejaculate very quickly when aroused, particularly if stressed or under pressure. Obviously this can be embarrassing at times and very frustrating at others. Successful penetration can be achieved on rare occasions, but not for long and ejaculation will usually result within only a few seconds.

Prior to us meeting, Michael had little in the way of physical relationships with girls, women. You had a few girlfriends? Yes, when he was younger he had a few girlfriends and they would discover the problem, particularly as he got older. But they didn’t really hang around. As well, I think as he got older the women he was likely to meet already knew of the issue from gossip and so on, it wasn’t a big town.

I had a bit more experience but it was nothing great. I used to like jock types, big boys, men with muscles. Not always sporty but physical like fencers, roofers, builders that sort of thing. They liked me too, tall blonde cheerleader types being fairly popular. I have a nice figure which gets their attention even now, but they were all the same. I suppose they were vigorous, energetic, strong, but they tended just to take what they wanted and tell you what to do. Like they might get me on all fours and then plough away from behind until they were done, and that was it. I didn’t orgasm much, they didn’t seem interested. But it’s been different with Michael, not that the penetrative sex has given me any more orgasms, but it’s different. I matter more, I get to say what I want to do, what I want to happen and Michael will try to be there with me.

He ejaculated the first time we met. He had come over to see my brother and do something with the computer. I had been getting dressed to go out with the girls. I asked him to do up the buttons at the back of my dress as my brother was in the middle of something. I still had wet hair and I imagine it must have smelled of the shampoo. I scooped my hair up at the back so he could get at the buttons and it fell over my face so I couldn’t see. The dress was one of those summer ones with flowers, pretty short and showed a lot of leg. He got the first few okay. But I was leaning forward cause of my hair and I must have backed up into him. He just seemed to stop and I was like “Michael? You ok?” He didn’t say anything, so I turned around and he looked pretty shocked. I asked if he was alright and it was then that I could see a darker patch at his hip and twigged what had happened. He was mortified and couldn’t say anything, but he could see that I knew. I reached forward and he Sinop Escort sort of flinched, but I pulled his jersey down a bit and covered the mark. My brother never knew.

Michael made an excuse and then left pretty fast, but I was puzzled that so little on my part could have had that effect on him. In retrospect I quite liked the attention, but at the time I just wanted to meet him again. He was cute in a shy sort of way and I wanted to tell him it was okay.

Anyway I made my brother give me his number. Though he looked at me like I was mad. Not many would put the two of us together and my brother thought I was up to something. I was, though I didn’t really realise it. I wanted him to do it again, or rather I wanted to make him do it again.

So I called him up, a bit unusual in itself, but he seemed unlikely to call me in the circumstances. He was pretty shy on the phone, I don’t think he said more than two words. I just told him I wanted to meet and he could take me to lunch at a local diner. We met and had pancakes and coffee. He kept looking at me oddly like he didn’t know why I was there. Had difficulty trusting me and my intentions. He was nice to talk to though. I think I did most of the talking.

I’m used to guys moving pretty fast so this was a bit of a shock to the system, I thought maybe he didn’t like me. So I tried to flirt with him a bit, touching his arm and similar. But he pulled away quick, like he’d been stung. He seemed a bit anxious and I asked about the previous day. He definitely didn’t want to talk about that. It looked like he would run so I kind of ‘engineered’ a situation that I thought might be a bit more positive. I knew it was me backing into him that caused him to come the previous day, so when we were going to the coat rack I stumbled a bit on a heel and fell back into him.

Now it wasn’t the fall that had any impact and I’m quite light, but he caught me with his wrists under my arms and he ended up with a boob in each hand! He had quite a good grip as well, to stop me from falling. But, well that was it, he went off again, but worse I could feel it. Between my shoulder blades jerking away. Counter to what he probably thought and felt at the time, I was impressed. It’s an odd thing to be impressed by I know, but it made me quite excited.

But I found I wanted to protect him, as I stood up I grabbed his jacket from the coat rack, then wrapped it around him and did up the zipper. All without letting him go or letting on what was happening. I must have looked like his mother, but we left together and I asked him if he was okay as we got out of the door. He looked awful though. I put my arm through his and grinned up at his face. Didn’t say anything more, but I made him walk me to my car. I can remember wanting him to kiss me so badly. I stood up next to him and whispered very quietly in his ear, “I know you came again.” He nearly bolted there and then, but I had to tell him, “Also I think you should know. That I am as wet as you are.”

Then he went super quiet. I said “Please, I want you to kiss me”. I didn’t wait for him, I just leaned in and pressed my lips to his. I don’t know what he thought I was doing, I must have been beamed in from outer space as far as he was concerned. But I do know that I felt him lying across my belly and it kicked at me again a couple of times as we kissed. It was lovely.

I Sinop Escort Bayan said then that I had to go, I had spooked myself a little and needed to get away. I thought about that date all the way home and through the day. I was smitten and kept standing about in a daze. People kept interrupting me daydream about this boy who came in his pants when he touched me. I couldn’t tell anyone, how would they understand? But I wanted him to do it again. I called him up and I was very unfair, this guy barely knew me but I knew his secret and pushed away at his buttons. I made him come that time on the phone and the next time we met and the next phone call. I called him at work and told him what I was wearing, like on a sex line, sometimes he hung up before I could finish. He would take me on dates and started wearing only dark trousers, long jackets and jumpers. I would dress in outrageously short skirts and bump up against him in queues. At the cinema, in shops, some days just a hand or fingers on his thigh would do. If we were in the car and I was driving I would stroke his leg till he wriggled. One of my favourites is to stand in front of him in busy elevators. I’ll be facing him, looking into his eyes and I put my hand flat against the crotch of his pants. It’ll kick at me all the way from one floor to the next. I made him come everywhere I could, but I wasn’t orgasming myself and I wanted to now.

At first we tried to fight against it, to make him last as long as possible, but it wasn’t successful. The first time I asked him to get inside me, we were in my bedroom on the floor. I had my hair in a white Alice band, a little blue dress with cornflowers, socks and ivory satin knickers, all very safe and cute and girl next door. We went as slow as we could. I didn’t move a muscle. He barely got it out of his trousers when he came all over my legs and the front of my knickers. He comes quite a lot when he does, I was covered in it. But I was also hot as hell by this point, I made him pull the knickers off and mop me down with them. Then I told him to fuck me with it soft, just grind it into mush the way it was. He was good to do that for me and that time I came like a screaming banshee. Couldn’t look at the neighbours after that.

So it’s been a bit like that since. We take a slightly different approach in that I assume he’s going to ejaculate at the first thing he sees or touches – sometimes smells. One time I tied him naked to a dining chair and blindfolded him so he couldn’t see. But then just stepped out of my knickers and lifted my skirt. I shuffled over him and held open my vulva in front of his nose, maybe two inches away. I told him to try a deep sniff and he came all the way up the insides of my legs. We can manage full penetration on occasion, if we don’t signpost it too much. He will only last a few strokes, maybe up to thirty seconds? But it feels good to have him come inside me.

On very special occasions we have a little code word that means he has to get it in my bum as quickly as possible. We’ve practiced it a bit, but what I do is pre-prepare by putting a good squirt of lube up my bum and then wearing a short dress with no knickers. We’ll go for a walk or something, or we’ll be in the kitchen making dinner, he won’t know and I’ll go behind a tree or poke my bum out at him and whisper the word. He’ll then undo his belt, Escort Sinop getting it out as quickly as he can and stab it straight in there fast. He’ll probably get one thrust in when we do that, but it makes my eyes pop and I get a big goofy grin. A rush of endorphins I think. But for a quick comer he’s still a reasonable size and I have to make sure I’m relaxed before I say the word. Otherwise it goes everywhere.

Generally though, and ever since that first day in the diner, I like to watch him. To make him do it. I still like to do it in public too. I’ll take him out shopping like any other couple would. We’ll go to buy underwear and shoes, sexy stuff. He can’t handle it of course but what I do is get him to choose the underwear, knickers and bras and suspenders and so on. I’ll stand next to him at the hangers and make him point out which ones he likes and then get him to feel the gussets. To rub his fingers through them, push his nose up close and smell the new fabric smell if we can without getting caught. We buy the ones that make him come fastest. It’s the same with the shoes. On those days I get him to put a condom on. When we get back to the house we see how full it is. Then I lie back on the table and he empties it over my chest while he fucks me with his fingers. I spread it all over my body as he does. The smell is something else.

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated and take it out on him. I’ll take off a pair of knickers and make him come in the gusset. Then I’ll put them back on, or make him put them on wet. I like to try on the underwear we buy and see how long he takes. I keep a little book and what we do is, he takes his clothes off and puts on a blindfold and his hands behind his back. Then I change into whatever we’ve bought. Once I have, I stand in front of him and then tell him he can look. As he does I start counting steady, one, two, three – and so on, I stop when he comes. The longest is thirty six seconds, the shortest was four which is pretty quick even for Michael. It was a black set, see-through quarter cup bra, you know, with the nipples sticking over the top. Tiny knickers and suspender belt all matching. Ten denier stockings up to the top of the thigh. Nice pointed black satin heels, like for a wedding or a party. I was four feet away and he painted my legs.

I like to be fucked properly though, once in a while and it can build up inside me over a period of time. When it comes to that time I have to get him to put his issue aside. It’s me that needs the attention then and his job to sort it out, doesn’t matter if he has come already or not. Those times I ask him to put on the strap on. It’s a harness that fits round his hips and ass, but we adjust it to sit just above his penis. So he will usually have come already, or he will while we’re putting it on! It can get a bit messy. Anyway it’s a nice big transparent purple thing shaped like a real one, he lays me down on the floor or the bed and opens me up wide then pushes it inside. I’ll usually feel him squirt on my butt as he does. He can fuck me as long as I want him to then. For a man who doesn’t get much practice in, he plays me like a piano. I can make a lot of noise doing that. Sometimes he’ll get hard again when we do this and if he does he has standing orders to put it in my anus quick. Then he’ll go like a rabbit for thirty seconds or so and I’ll come the whole time, its probably the only time we orgasm together so it can feel pretty special.

Anyway I guess that’s it for our story. I hope it’s some help for your study. And also that it lets other people have some encouragement over whatever difficulties they may have. Is that okay? Yes? Great, bye everyone.

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