Janie Helps a Little Old Man

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Anal Sex

It had been years since he had been intimate with a woman and now, this woman, practically a complete stranger, was leading him out to her car in the bookstore parking lot. They had been chatting for nearly three hours over coffee and discussed a broad range of subjects. Eventually the subject of sex surfaced. That started them on this wild afternoon ride.

Ray explained to her that since his wife had passed nearly ten years ago, he had been relying solely on masturbation for sexual satisfaction. Janie was sad to hear this and her desire to help him was overwhelming. She had always gone out of her way to help little old men in need, but never in this way.

She had a special connection with Ray, who at 75-years-old was 25 years her senior. The couple clicked as soon as they saw one another in the bookstore. She introduced herself and they started discussing literature. She was impressed with how well read he was. He was impressed with her beauty.

Even at fifty, Janie was a lovely woman. Her face was like that of an angel; her shoulder length brown hair beautifully framed her rosy cheeks and big brown eyes. Having given birth nearly 14 years ago, her body had undergone some of the natural effects of aging. Her breasts were not nearly so perky and her belly and rear end had grown larger than she would have liked but she was still very attractive.

On top of that, her sweet Southern drawl made her even more tempting. She exemplified innocence and Ray was shocked at how his lust for her grew so quickly and uncontrollably. The fact that he was sharing intimate sexual details with her having only met her that afternoon was evidence enough for him that this was no ordinary friendship.

For Janie, she was venturing into an area where she dared not tread in many, many years. Only once before, had she strayed from her marriage and that was more or less out of retaliation for her husband’s own infidelity.

But there was something so attractive about Ray. It wasn’t so much physical as it was emotional. When their eyes met, she immediately wanted to get to know him. Within an hour, she allowed her mind to contemplate a scenario where she could pleasure him sexually. Before long, she found herself leading him by the hand to a place where she was going to make that dream a reality.

As they walked toward the car, she grew more and more anxious, but also became more and more aroused. She suddenly felt so young and vibrant; so alive.

She climbed into the back seat of her SUV and Ray slid in next to her. He was wearing khaki pants, a button-down shirt and a classic cardigan sweater. She was dressed in an oversized flannel shirt and a pair of tight black leggings.

When they got comfortable, she turned to him, looked deeply into his blue eyes once again and wanted to give him sex like he hadn’t had in years. He looked back at her and saw a woman that actually reminded him of his own daughter. That aroused him even more, for as his daughter matured into womanhood, he developed a genuine curiosity regarding the sexuality of his own flesh and blood. He never acted on these thoughts, of course, but perhaps what was about to unfold that afternoon might give him a glimpse into what it would be like to be with his own daughter.

Janie spoke softly and said to him, “Would you like me Beylikdüzü escort to make you feel good Ray? Because I really like you and I want to make you feel good.”

“I’m not to sure I can do the same for you,” he answered, a little embarrassed. “My hardware isn’t what it used to be.”

She assured him that she would be completely satisfied by simply giving him pleasure. “I want you to feel my touch and get hard in my hands,” she said.

Ray felt a stirring in his trousers that he hadn’t felt in quite some time. It had been a very long time since he had an erection he could describe as “rock hard.” Even before his wife passed, he was unable to achieve a full-on boner, but these days, he did manage to get hard enough to rub one out from time to time.

Ray unbuttoned his sweater and began to undo his belt. Janie reached over and took over for him. Undoing a man’s pants was one of her favorite parts of cock play. That way she could control the speed and tempo of the activity and create a much more dramatic and sensual reveal of the man’s equipment.

With both hands, she undid his belt and the button on his trousers. Then she lowered his fly, revealing a pair of white boxers. Underneath the material of the old man’s underwear, she detected the bulge of his penis, which was beginning to grow stiff in anticipation of her touch.

He looked up from his lap and looked at her face. He could see that she was, in fact enjoying this as much as he was. She smiled at the thought of taking the old man’s member into her hands.

She moved closer to him and put her lips to his ear and whispered, “Have you ever been with a nasty girl, Ray?”

His heart beating more rapidly than it had in years, he whispered back, his voice shaking, “Not in a very long time, I’m afraid.”

As she reached over and rubbed his hardening member through his boxers, she continued to whisper softly into his ear.

“Well, you’re with a nasty girl now Ray,” she said, relishing her control over him. “I’m going to do some very nasty things with your cock. Do you think you’ll like that?”

He could barely let out a trembling reply to her question. This was more arousing than anything that had ever happened to him. As Janie’s right hand rubbed him through the thin cotton fabric of his underwear, he felt his penis grow harder than it been in decades. She continued to nuzzle up to him, rubbing her nose against the side of face, lightly kissing his deeply wrinkled cheek; running her left hand through his soft, thinning gray hair.

He hadn’t experienced affection like this in a long time. He moved his hand up and began to reach for her breast. He stopped himself and asked her permission.

“Of course,” she said and to make it easier for him she took her hands off him so she could unbutton her shirt and unhook the clasp on her bra. Ray took a handful of Janie’s breast and teased her nipple with his fingers.

She moaned lightly as he massaged her tits and then turned her attention back to his lap. She was ready to look at and touch Ray’s seventy-five-year-old cock. She unbuttoned his shirt and began to lightly rub his hairy belly and chest. Like the hair on his head, his body hair had grayed as well and Janie found his furry body very arousing. She tickled him lightly as continue to fondle her Beylikdüzü escort tits.

She moved her hand down his belly to the waistband of his boxers and then slid her fingers inside past the elastic and pulled them down to expose his semi-erect cock. He lifted his hips and she took his cue and pulled his pants and underwear down past his knees. As his cock thickened, he leaned back in the seat and spread his knees apart, giving his younger lover a clear view of his penis and scrotum.

Janie was thrilled with the sight of this little old man leaned back in the seat next to, proudly showing her his manhood. She leaned back in to nuzzle his face and neck again and reached down and wrapped her right hand around his cock.

Ray dick wasn’t enormous but it was about six to seven inches when Janie’s touch brought him to full erection. His girth was respectable and her small hand wrapped around it was an exciting sight for both of them. She lightly rubbed her hand up and down his shaft, taking in every detail, every lump, every vein. Her fingertips grazed over his large, circumcised cock head. As she ran her index finger across his pee hole, she felt the stickiness of a large drop of precum that had leaked from the tip.

He watched intently as her little hand explored his manhood. As she reached down to fondle his ball sack, he let out a little sigh. He hadn’t felt anything this good in so long.

As she started stroking his shaft again, she whispered into his ear again, “Oh God, Ray, you have such a nice cock. You like me touching it don’t you?”

He nodded his head in agreement.

“I’m going to make you cum,” she said softly, “Do you have lots of cum for me?”

He nodded again. He hadn’t cum in over a month and he was sure that he was going to erupt like a volcano.

Then she asked him the question that he had hoped to hear.

“Can I kiss it?” she said innocently. “I want to put it in my mouth.”

He almost came right then and there. He said to her, “Please Janie. Please suck my cock.”

She moved her head slowly down his chest leaving soft kisses on his chest and belly as she approached the head of his dick, which was now throbbing. She lightly took his penis and moved the head to her lips. As her mouth made contact with it, she marveled at how soft the skin was and how hot it felt against her lips.

She kissed the head lightly several times and Ray let out a little moan of pleasure. Janie moaned a little as well as her she began exploring his 75-year-old prick with her tongue. She licked the head like a lollypop, pausing to poke the tip of her tongue into his pee hole and get a taste of the delicious clear seminal fluid that was now leaking out at a steady rate.

She couldn’t tease him any longer and she finally opened her mouth and began sucking the head of Ray’s dick. He looked down and watched this lovely woman worship his penis with her mouth. No one had sucked his cock in over thirty years. It was better than he ever remembered.

Much of that was due to Janie’s prowess at giving head. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew to make sure that her lover had a good view of her mouth wrapped around his cock. She knew how to deep throat a dick and she did so for Ray, letting the head of his penis slide down her throat has she moved Escort Beylikdüzü her soft moist lips slowly up and down his shaft.

She kept one hand on his balls, giving them a light squeeze from time to time, which brought forth a pleasurable moan from Ray. His hairy sack was stretched from years and years of carrying his heavy testicles. She ran her fingers across it, carefully exploring every wrinkle.

She sucked Ray’s cock for nearly ten minutes and then she decided to teach him a new trick. She moved her hand from Ray’s balls and reached down to his ass cheeks. As she continued to suck his dick, she searched for Ray’s ass hole with her index finger. When she found the old man’s butt hole, she rubbed her finger across the rim. She looked up at the astonished look on his face and took her mouth off of his cock and said to him softly, but quite deliberately, “I’m going to put my finger in your ass. It’s going to make you cum Ray. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow every drop of your sperm, okay?”

Ray could do nothing but nod in agreement. Janie took the head of Ray’s cock back into her mouth and rubbed his shaft with her left hand and then, true to her word, slid the index finger of her right hand deep into the old man’s anus.

Ray gasped as Janie’s finger reached his enlarged, highly sensitive prostate gland. As she wiggled her finger in his butthole, she continued to give him a perfect view of her pretty face with his hard cock moving in and out of her mouth. He reached down and took a handful of her hanging, saggy tit in his hand and massaged it.

She looked up at him again and asked him, “Can you cum for me honey? I really want to taste you.”

He was very close. He told her he was almost ready to cum and she kept her mouth moving up and down on his penis and moaned with anticipation of an explosion of the elderly man’s jizz.

Janie could feel the muscles of his scrawny legs stiffen and one last time, she plunged her finger into his asshole as deeply as she could.

That was all he needed. He let himself go and began to ejaculate five weeks worth of sperm into Janie’s mouth. It was far too much cum for her to swallow that quickly. She gulped down what she could and the rest leaked out of the corners of her mouth, down his shaft and onto her fingers.

He gave her at least six or seven huge spurts of spunk. More than half of it was already on it’s way to her stomach and as she lifted her mouth off of his cock there was an enormous surplus of thick, sticky spooge left for her to devour. She licked up the thick globs of sperm up and ate them one after another, savoring the old man’s salty taste and taking pride in being a such a cum slut.

Ray had never seen a woman as hungry for cum and watching her feed on the remainder of his ejaculate was an incredible turn-on. She looked up at him a smiled at him, her face sticky with his semen.

As she licked up what was left, she pulled her finger out of Ray’s asshole and used it to scoop the last drop of cum that remained on the tip of his cock head. She then put the cum-covered finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, getting a good taste combination of the old man’s jizz and his asshole.

“Was that nasty enough?” she asked as she helped him pull up his pants and button his shirt.

“Oh God, yes,” he replied.

“See you next Tuesday?” she asked. “We’ll talk for a while and then have a little more fun just like today, okay?”

Ray agreed on the date and each of them headed home, thrilled with their newly found friendship.

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