Jeanie The Genie

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Jeanie The GenieJeanie the GenieCopyright Oggbashan August 2015Edited September 2015The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.The information about genies is fictitious. Don’t try any of the information on your neighbourhood genie. September edit is to correct a minor plot error.*************************************************For mid-morning on Sunday in early August on the North Thanet coast the weather was appalling. There had been a severe storm from the North East last night, and although the wind had reduced there were heavy showers. It was raining hard as I parked my car.Since my retirement a couple of years ago I had become a beachcomber, looking for items to turn into works of art. Whether they were actually art was dubious. I tried, but I’m not really competent. I have great ideas. My execution is a long way short of the ideas. I’m improving yet I have butchered some interesting beach finds into parodies of my intentions.Normally I beach comb in the winter when there are fewer people around and more items thrown up by storms. Last night’s storm and today’s bad weather gave me an unexpected opportunity. If I went far enough from the car park any interesting flotsam or jetsam would be mine. I unloaded my trolley, my small sports holdall and added a plastic tarpaulin to the pop-up angler’s shelter. I might need to cover whatever I found. If in my shelter, no one else would take it. Why did I bother? The car park was empty. No other idiot would be out in this driving rain. I thought, if she knew, my ex-wife Alice would be laughing at me. She used to complain that I had no interests apart from my work. That was the main reason she gave for leaving me. I think she lied. Alice had met Jason, her toy boy, years before she asked for a divorce. But she had been right. Work had been my only interest. Even now, beachcombing was a pastime, not a real interest. Making an art work was more satisfying, or would be if I was even slightly skilled. How far should I go? Did it matter? Anything washed up during last night wouldn’t have been taken. Even the most dedicated dog walkers wouldn’t have gone further than they had to. I started walking, scanning the shingle beach from the top of the sea wall. After half a mile I had a few pieces of twisted tree roots in my trolley. None of them really inspired me but they might do for practice. A few hundred yards ahead was an indentation, a small cove, as the sea wall diverted inland. That cove caught most of the interesting stuff. I pulled the hood of my anorak down as I stomped into the driving rain. At the cove I turned around so my back was to the wind and rain. Only then could I see an accumulation of debris.I lifted the shelter and tarpaulin off the trolley. I would be here for an hour or so, and the shelter would be pleasant whenever I took a break. I erected it in a couple of minutes in my usual place, a grassy level area well above high tide. The tent pegs slid into the sodden ground. I used more pegs than usual because of the wind. I threw the tarpaulin into the shelter and set off towards the debris.The storm had eroded the shingle beach to a steeper curve than normal. As I scrambled down towards the flotsam my feet dislodged stones in a series of mini-avalanches. I heard a crunch as if I had trodden on a plastic bottle. I didn’t look back. Why should I? I’d see it when I left the beach, and that debris looked very interesting. “Sam? Are you going to ignore me?”That voice raised feelings I hadn’t had for years. It was sultry, sexy and alluring. I spun around, nearly falling over.Standing halfway down the shingle bank was a woman dressed in translucent harem pants, a short top and a half yashmak partly covering her lower face. She had a very large transparent shawl or veil over her head and shoulders. The rain was beginning to soak her as I watched. I was speechless. Where had she come from? She can’t have walked from the car park because she had been virtually dry when I turned round.I stumbled my way towards her.“You’d better get into my shelter,” I said. “You’re not dressed for this weather.”She wasn’t. She was barely dressed at all. Her attire might be suitable for a bedroom in a hot climate but not for a wet English summer. It looked like a 1950s Hollywood costume for an exotic dancer, not real Eastern attire. Except for her bra, panties and open waistcoat, everything was translucent. Her yashmak and veil were almost transparent with a tinge of pink.“Is that an invitation?” She asked. “I need an invitation.”“Be my guest,” I replied automatically.“Your guest, Sam? Thank you.”She went up that bank and into my shelter as if she was on level ground. I scrambled and slid after her. She was sitting cross-legged at the back. I grabbed my holdall to pull out a towel. I handed it to her.“I think you need this,” I said.“Thank you, Sam. Please come in too.”There was barely room for both of us in there. I shed my wet anorak and pushed it under the tarpaulin. She was towelling her hair, masses of long brown hair reaching down to her waist.“Who are you?” I asked, “and why…”“I’m Jeanie, of course, Sam,” she replied. “Can’t you see my brown hair?”As she dried it I could see it was light brown hair.“Jeanie with the light brown hair?” I asked, stupidly.“Yes, Sam. I’m Jeanie the Genie with the light brown hair.”I thought I’d humour her.“And what is Jeanie the Genie doing here?”“You released me from my bottle, Sam.”“I did? When? How?”“When you went down to the beach. You broke my bottle and here I am.”“I didn’t know I had. What does that mean, Jeanie?”“It should mean, Sam, that I owe you three wishes.”“Wishes? Don’t they usually end up badly?”“Sometimes, Sam. It depends on the wisdom of the person making the wish.”“I’m not sure about making a wish, but if you have magical powers, surely for your own sake you ought to do something about the rain, Jeanie. And perhaps find some more suitable clothing. Is that possible?”“Clothing, yes. Fixing the English weather? That’s probably beyond my capabilities. How would you like me to be dressed, Sam?”“It’s not what I want,” I emphasised, “It’s what you would be comfortable and dry wearing. I think I have a spare lightweight anorak in my car. I could get that but your legs would still get very wet, Jeanie.”“This is the traditional female Genie costume, Sam. It’s supposed to give you ideas.”“It does, Jeanie, it does. Ideas I thought were long gone. But it isn’t very practical in the pouring rain. I don’t want a Jeanie with pneumonia.”“But you do want a Jeanie? That’s a good start for us, Sam. Turn your back for a few seconds, please?”I looked out at the pouring rain. Was there a faint hint of lighter sky in the far distance? Or was it just my wishful thinking?“You can turn round now, Sam.”Jeanie was wearing clothes like mine, obviously feminine, but waterproof. Her hair was bundled into a headscarf that was covered by her anorak’s hood. She held out a neatly folded pile of clothing.“Put these in your holdall Sam. I’ll need them later.”I stared at her. She had shed her yashmak. Jeanie looked almost like my ideal woman, or perhaps better than my imagination could have produced. She had a wonderful face that was expressive and smiling. Only her eyes gave a hint of vast experience of the world. They looked as if she had seen everything. She waved the pile of clothes.“Sam?”“Sorry, Jeanie…”I took the clothes and put them carefully in my holdall.“Now, Sam, can we go somewhere to find some food? I haven’t eaten for thirty years…”“There’s a pub…”“I know there is. Come on. Put your anorak on, pack your shelter, and let’s go. I’ll make a couple of changes to my appearance if I’m going to be with you.”I reached for my anorak. It was dry. How? I didn’t care. I had Jeanie beside me. She had changed. As I had first seen her she looked to be in her twenties. Jeanie still looked much younger than me but had subtly aged. She was still devastatingly attractive but a mature woman, perhaps fifteen years younger than me. The wet shelter was soon bundled onto my trolley. As I trundled it back towards the car park Jeanie’s hand was tucked into my crooked arm as if it belonged there. I loaded the trolley and its contents into my car as Jeanie stood in the pub’s porch. As I looked at her, bundled up in wet weather clothing, she still looked like the most attractive woman I had seen in years. She was the first for a decade that had given me an instant erection. Her voice had done that even before I had seen her. Looking at Jeanie kept my erection hard.She almost dragged me into the pub. I sat her down at a table close to the log fire. She was shedding her outer layers of clothing as I went to the bar to ask for the menu.“We haven’t got much today, Sam,” the landlord said. “We weren’t expecting many customers in this weather. You two are the first today.”“What have you got, Alex?”“We could do cottage pie with peas and carrots. The vegetables will be from frozen but Mary made the cottage pie last night. That do?”“Yes please, Alex. Two cottage pies. I’ll have to ask her what she wants to drink. I’ll have my usual. I’m driving.”“OK, Sam. I’ll tell Mary to get the meals going while you ask your friend what she wants. It’s just as well the pub is empty. She looks wonderful. All the lads would be crowded around her.”Alex disappeared through the door to the kitchen before I could reply. I went back to Jeanie.“They only have cottage pie, Jeanie,” I said. “I’ve ordered that. What would you like to drink?”“Do they have any red wine?”“Yes. It will be fairly basic but reasonably palatable, Jeanie.”“Then a large glass of red wine please. I haven’t had a drink for…”“…thirty years.” I finished for her. “You don’t look as if you’ve been waiting thirty years, Jeanie. You must have been very young then.”“Silly Sam. Genies are almost immortal. You don’t want to know my real age. I can look any age I want. I chose this appearance just for you.”“And it works, Jeanie, how it works. You look wonderful.”“I’ll feel better with a drink and some food.” Jeanie looked pointedly at the bar. Alex was back.“A large glass of red wine for the lady, please,” I said.Within less than a minute Alex brought my soft drink and Jeanie’s red wine to our table.“Welcome to my hostelry,” he said to Jeanie. “You’re new here, aren’t you?”I thanked him for the wine but Jeanie didn’t answer his question.“Mary says the meals will be ready in about a quarter of an hour. That OK?”“Yes, Alex, thank you.”He went back to the bar, slowly, as if unwilling to leave Jeanie behind. I could understand how he felt. I didn’t want to lose Jeanie either, but how long would a genie stay?“Jeanie, how come you were in that bottle?” I asked quietly.“Shh, Sam. Don’t talk about that now.” Jeanie whispered fiercely at me. “Wait until we are alone. You’d better call me Jean when we’re here. You friend Alex would think you have gone mad if you talk about genies. Later.”“There will be a later?” “Yes, Sam. We have to sort out your three wishes and our relationship. You’ve got a spare bedroom, haven’t you?”I nodded.“Then I’m a distant cousin – from Australia – staying with you for a while. Your cousin Jean.” Jeanie emphasised the ‘Jean’.“OK, Jean. You will be very welcome to stay with me.”“As your guest, Sam?”“Yes, Jean. As my guest.”“Thank you, Sam. The word guest is important. I couldn’t enter your house without your invitation. A guest has responsibilities as well as the host. As your guest I can’t harm or hurt you. Unfortunately some of us don’t stick to the rules and give us a bad name.” Jeanie was still whispering, her brown hair caressing my cheek as she leaned close to me. “When Alex comes back, introduce me as your cousin Jean from Melbourne.” Jeanie continued.“You’re sure?”“Yes, Sam. I’ll sound as if I am from Melbourne.”She did. I introduced her to Alex as he brought our cottage pie. Jeanie had exactly the right accent and intonation.Jeanie ate the cottage pie with obvious enjoyment. I had to order another glass of wine for her. I was slightly worried that two large glasses of wine would be too much. They didn’t seem to affect her at all.We left shortly after finishing the meal. No other customers had braved the bad weather. I drove the short distance to my house, very conscious that I had a beautiful woman sitting beside me, even if she was a genie.I parked my car on the drive, retrieved the holdall, and opened the car door for Jeanie. We dashed for my front door. I opened it, and stood aside to allow her to enter.“Not like that, Sam,” Jeanie said quietly. “I need to be carried across your threshold, please.”I threw the holdall inside. Jeanie fitted snugly against my shoulder. I pushed the door shut with my foot. I carried her through to the living room. I sat down, still holding her. I didn’t want to let Jeanie go.“Sam,” Jeanie said, “we need to shed our wet clothes.”She was right. We were still wearing out waterproof outerwear. Jeanie climbed off me. I stood up, took my anorak and over-trousers off. I took them out to the hall and hung them up to dry. As I came back, Jeanie was taking off her headscarf. She shook her hair as it was uncovered. It splayed in a shimmering mass. Now dry and loose, it wasn’t light brown.“Yes, Sam. Light brown is a euphemism for ginger. Jeanie with the ginger hair doesn’t sound the same, but I’m a ginger.”She was. A wonderful ginger with a faint trace of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Light brown or ginger didn’t matter to me. Jeanie was perfect.“Can I have my clothes out of the holdall please?”“Of course, but what you are wearing is more practical, Jeanie.”“They would be, if they existed. They’re an illusion. My clothes, please?”I fetched them from the holdall. I turned my back while Jeanie dressed. I cheated. There was a mirror over the fireplace. I saw a flash of naked Jeanie as her modern clothes disappeared. She was wearing skimpy panties and a bra that weren’t really concealed when she put her genie costume back on. She left her shawl and yashmak off, tucking them into the waistband of her translucent trousers.For once I was grateful that my former wife Alice had insisted on full length net curtains. No one looking in would believe that Jeanie, dressed as skimpily as she was, could be my cousin from Melbourne. “Can we talk?” I asked.“Talk? Is that all you want to do, Sam?”“You know it isn’t. But I’m still confused. I didn’t expect to meet a Jeanie today.”“And one you saved from her imprisonment, Sam. She owes you three wishes…”“I’m not sure about them either, Jeanie. You are a shock, a very pleasant shock, but…”“You’d like to know what the implications of saving a genie are?”“Yes, Jeanie, and a lot more about the situation. I like, no love, the Jeanie I see. I don’t want her to go before…”“Before you’ve got to know her better?”The way Jeanie spoke that, I knew that she meant know in the carnal sense. My continued erection was a sign of my desire for her.“OK, Sam. Can we move to the kitchen and have some coffee?”I thought hurriedly. Was the kitchen overlooked? It wasn’t.“Yes, Jeanie. Have you got any other clothes? You don’t look like my cousin from Melbourne.”“Other clothes? No, Sam. These are what I was wearing when I was forced into the bottle.”“Who did that?”We were walking into the kitchen. Jeanie was leaning against me and had pulled my arm around her bare waist.I made the coffee. I was very aware that Jeanie was wearing next to nothing.“Aren’t you cold?” I asked as I gave her the mug.I sat down beside her on the small cottage settee placed in the alcove that had housed the solid fuel range when my house was built.“Cold? No. I know I’m making you feel hot.” Jeanie grinned.“You are. You know you are. But can we talk about genies? And how you came to be in a bottle?”Jeanie made a face.“I suppose I must. It will take some time. OK. Genies, particularly male genies, are fiercely territorial. They want an exclusive area to themselves and to expand it whenever they can. They are like young males of most species, aggressive if anyone threatens their chosen territory. Genies can gain increased power and therefore territory in two ways. The first is by tricking humans. The three wishes is just one of their ploys. Every time a human makes a genie-inspired disastrous choice the genie gets stronger.The other way is to force another genie into a bottle. The successful genie gains half the power of the one who ends up imprisoned, canlı bahis until the captive genie is released. If one genie is much stronger than another the result is obvious. But trickery can be used too. At any time at least half the world’s male genies are in bottles. It doesn’t harm them but it is an enforced and boring hibernation. They can only be released by a human.”“What about female genies, Jeanie?”“Shh! I was just getting to them. Female genies are also territorial but their territory is sex. They gain power by having sex with male genies, or sometimes with female genies. The male genie can consent to sex and that consent gives the female some of his power. But if she has successfully seduced an unwilling male genie, not only does she gain much more power, but she can force him into a bottle when he is exhausted by too much sex. She is at risk. If she fails to seduce an unwilling male, she ends up in the bottle.But the risk is worth it. If she is a successful seductress she can become so powerful that no male genie can force her into a bottle by strength or even trickery. She is her own person.”I was about to ask Jeanie if she had ended up in a bottle by failing to seduce a male genie.Her soft hand over my mouth stifled my question.“Shut up and just listen, Sam. I have a better idea. Hold still for a second.”Jeanie pulled her yashmak from her waist band. She lifted it to my face and pressed it lightly to cover me from below the eyes to my neck. She smoothed it with her fingers. It clung to my face as if it was made of cling film.The sensation was weird. I could breathe freely through my nose inhaling Jeanie’s perfume but my mouth seemed gagged. I couldn’t speak. It almost felt as if Jeanie’s mouth had covered mine.“Just enjoy that, Sam. That’s temporary to stop you from interrupting. It’s not really a gag, just a sign that you’re my human. You can’t speak without my permission. If you want to be released, squeeze my hand three times quickly.”Jeanie’s hand slid into mine.“Where was I? Yes, female genies want independence and power over their own bodies, and of course, to stay out of bottles.” My erection was almost unbearable. Jeanie’s voice was so sultry and compelling and combined with the sensation of a prolonged kiss was giving me sensations I hadn’t had for years. Jeanie knew the effect she was having on me.“I think we had better stop there for a few minutes, Sam. Come on. Upstairs to your bedroom. That’s what you need.”She was right. I followed her upstairs. Her almost bare behind wiggled in front of me. I still couldn’t speak with my face wrapped in her yashmak. Did I want to squeeze her hand and be released? I liked the sensation of a continuing kiss.Jeanie pushed me on to my back on my bed. Somehow my clothes vanished to reappear neatly folded over a chair. As Jeanie straddled me her clothes joined mine, except for the yashmak still covering my face. I saw that her bush was as ginger as her hair before she impaled herself on my erection.Jeanie’s hair lashed around as she bounced up and down on me. I had thought I would come instantly but perhaps it was her magical powers? I was lost in ecstasy as her breasts swung above me. The yashmak was behaving as if Jeanie’s tongue was deep inside my mouth, kissing me fiercely. I could see her hair above me. I could feel it caressing and embracing my face in a silky mass.As Jeanie continued the magical sensations intensified. Her breasts above me were also pressed against my torso, slithering across me. Her legs wrapped around mine held me as if she had many more than two legs. Her arms supporting her were also cradling my head. When she apparently pulled my face into her cleavage I couldn’t hold on any longer. I came into Jeanie more than I had ever done, even when a young adult.I was exhausted. Jeanie’s pussy still held me but my whole body seemed relaxed as if I had experienced a long body massage. I wanted to speak. It was a real effort to move a hand towards Jeanie’s. She pulled her hand away.“Not yet, Sam. Just relax. Go to sleep. I’ll still be here when you wake. My yashmak is still kissing you, now you’ll be hugged while you sleep.”Her scarf or veil flew across the room into Jeanie’s hands. It wrapped around me as Jeanie climbed off. It clung like the yashmak but from beyond my feet to the top of my head. I was enveloped in it, sealed completely inside it except for a loose fold dangling before my eyes. I was seeing Jeanie through a slightly pink haze. The veil gently tightened like a Lycra suit yet felt as if it was Jeanie holding me, not material. She bent forward, lifted the fold of veil and kissed my closing eyelids. I went into a blissful sleep.+++Jeanie kissed me awake. I was wearing my clothes. Her veil and yashmak were on the chair with her other clothes. She was wearing one of my wife’s dresses that Alice had left behind in the spare room’s wardrobe. It didn’t really fit Jeanie who is slimmer than and not as tall as Alice. A small white apron tied around Jeanie’s waist pulled the waist inwards. “Your dinner will be ready in a few minutes, Sam,” Jeanie said. “You might want to freshen up first.” Dinner? Had I slept that long?“By the way, meet Jean Lucy Brown, your Australian cousin. I and some genie friends have been busy. I have an Australian passport with an unlimited visa to live in the UK, and if queried it will check out.”“Lucy?”“Lucy means light. So Jean Lucy Brown is Jeanie the genie with the light brown hair, Sam. Apparently I’m long divorced from an Australian man but I was born in the UK so I have dual nationality. Neat, isn’t it?”“Yes, Jean Lucy. But I’d say beautiful, wonderful…”Jeanie’s kiss finished my sentence. She picked up the pile of her clothes.“Up you get. See you downstairs soon.”I took time to quickly shower and shave. When I’d finished there was a delicious aroma drifting upstairs. Jeanie had made a casserole out of items in my fridge and storage cupboards.“Sit down,” she ordered. “Soup coming.”I recognised my tinned tomato soup but she’d added something to it. Whatever she had done it was delicious.The casserole was equally good. Over the meal Jeanie continued to explain about genies.“When a genie is released from a bottle it takes time for their full powers to be restored, usually a whole day. That is why some genies stall on the three wishes. They need time to have the power to fulfil the wishes. But there is a benefit for the genie in delaying. As long as the released genie has not delivered the three wishes, he or she is immune to any attack from other genies. I am now. You haven’t made a single wish. Until you have made three and I have met those requests, no genie can hurt me, and certainly can’t put me into another bottle.”“What if I never make the three wishes, Jeanie?”“I’m not allowed to tell you what happens then, Sam. No genie can. I’m not sure what happens if you make one or two wishes and then stop. I don’t think you can. It has to be three wishes.”“Or none?”“None is possible but…”“You can’t talk about that.”“Yes, Sam. I can’t. Back to me. It isn’t a day since you released me. I haven’t got my full powers back. I have the half I was left with and I have gained some from you. Genies can gain power from humans. They don’t get as much as from other genies, but human-generated power is useful. What I have got from you will add to my previous strength that I will have regained by tomorrow. I gathered that strength in two ways. The obvious one is sex. If a female genie rides a human male she gets stronger, particularly if he ends up asleep.”“I enjoyed that, Jeanie.”“I know you did. But the other more subtle way is by consensual dominance. When I covered your face with my yashmak you were being controlled by me. You had a choice. You could have given the release signal. You didn’t. For every hour that your face was covered I grew stronger.”“It felt as if you were kissing me.” “It helps if the controlled human enjoys being controlled, Sam. I wrapped your naked body in my veil as you went to sleep. I made it seem as if I was hugging your whole body. You didn’t object. You didn’t need a release signal. You could have shrugged it off. But while you were asleep I pulled the veil down to cover your eyes making you completely encased in it. That is much better for me. The yashmak gave what? Five per cent of the strength I acquired through completely wrapping you? The veil gave me a fantastic amount of human sourced power. I’ll show you. Watch.”A Black Forest Gateau appeared on the table with a jug of cream beside it.“There! Unlike my clothing this morning that isn’t an illusion. It’s real.”Jeanie cut a slice, poured cream over it and placed it in front of me. I tasted. It was the best Black Forest Gateau I had ever had. I said so.“It should be, Sam. I copied it from a baker in the Black Forest.”Jeanie was obviously enjoying her portion of gateau.Reluctantly I put my spoon down. I couldn’t and shouldn’t eat two slices.“Jeanie, if I have helped you so far, what else can I do?”“You mean it Sam?” Jeanie sounded incredulous. “You would willingly help me?”“So far you have given me better sex than I’ve had for years, a great meal, and Black Forest Gateau…”“Better sex? You hadn’t had any sex for years, Sam. Anything might be better than none.”“OK. Better sex than I’ve ever had, with anyone. Jeanie with the light brown hair is devastating and I feel not exhausted, but wonderful. So? What can I do for you, Jeanie?”She stood up, walked around the table, stood behind me and hugged my shoulders. Her hair fell either side of my face as she rested her chin on my head. As she spoke she seemed to be talking to herself.“I’m a genie, Sam. I’m not human. I have to live by different rules. I’m effectively immortal and I’m much older than I appear. I’m enjoying being with you. I don’t know yet whether that’s because you are Sam, or because I know I’m safe from other genies until you make your three wishes. Just before I was put in my bottle was a very unpleasant experience. Is it relief? Gratitude for my release? Or just the freedom I have after thirty years.”One of her hands stroked my cheek. She kissed the top of my head. “You don’t really know me, Sam. You don’t know what a genie is. I could make you love me. That would be easy because as a female genie I have to be a skilled seductress. Some male genies could resist my attraction. Very few human heterosexual males could. I’ve been gentle with you. I could have gagged you with my yashmak without giving you a release signal. I could bind you unmercifully tight. I could do anything to you short of killing you and you couldn’t resist.”I pulled one of her hands to my lips and kissed it.“I am grateful, Jeanie, for your gentle treatment of me. I want more, much more, of the Jeanie who has been with me today. Of course I want to know what a genie is, who Jeanie is, and whether Jeanie can love me. I am beginning to fall in love with her. I want days, weeks, and months of Jeanie to find out about her. I think you want to stay too. Why would you have made the paperwork for Jean the cousin from Australia unless you wanted an identity to be an apparent human?”“Sam. I know much more about you than you know about me. You have been coming to that part of the beach for years. I knew you were the human likely to release me. You talk to yourself when you think you are alone. At first you used to sit on the stones and complain about Alice. After the divorce that changed. You used to despair because of your loneliness. You knew that wasn’t true. You had and still have a wide group of friends. Alice kept telling you that you lived for work. She was lying. She just didn’t want to do things with you.”Jeanie was right. I had known that Alice was lying. It was a symptom of our increasing hostility to each other. It hurt because we had been in love but had gradually grown apart until the gap was too wide to bridge. Later it became true. We had both retreated into work as a refuge from the arguments at home. Alice’s toy boy came much later when our marriage was effectively dead but we wouldn’t admit it.Our work made our eventual divorce less complex. We had enough assets to set up separate paid-for homes and could live comfortably. We had slightly regretted not having c***dren but neither of us wanted to jeopardise our careers. It had been agreed between us even before we married. Whatever accusations Alice and I had yelled at each other, lack of c***dren was never an issue between us.But remembering Alice still hurt. We had loved each other once. Now we were long divorced we wished each other well. We still met at events and friends’ houses but there was nothing left between us except the early memories of when we had been in love.Jeanie moved upwards. She pulled my head into a hug in her cleavage.“It hurt, didn’t it?” She asked. “Yes, Jeanie. Sometimes it still does.”“I think you need me almost as much as I need you, Sam. We’re both hurt and damaged. Perhaps we can help each other, even if we’re different species.”“What can I do, Jeanie?”“One simple thing now. Genies, even female genies, aren’t really domestic paragons. We use our power instead of muscle. After cooking that meal there’s the washing up. Tomorrow evening? A wave of my hand and it will be done. Tonight? I could use some human power generation. If I gag you with my yashmak and wrap you in my veil I’ll have more than enough to do the washing up and a few other things. OK?”“Yes, Jeanie. Of course. Can I watch?”“Yes, Sam. Even with my veil over your eyes you can see.” Jeanie put the yashmak back on my face. It still felt as if her lips were kissing me. I stood up so she could wrap her veil around me. Unlike before she had thrown the veil over my head. She eased me back down to the chair before tying it in a knot beyond my feet. I was totally bagged in that veil and silenced by her yashmak.Jeanie went to a kitchen drawer I rarely opened. She pulled out one of Alice’s aprons, not like the short white one she was wearing, but a much larger one. She put the upper loop over my head before tying the waist streamers behind the chair. My arms, already impeded by her veil, were held against my body. I couldn’t get off that chair, nor escape from her veil. I relaxed and watched as Jeanie made a few gestures.The washing up was done in seconds and the dishes flew into their appropriate places.“Sam, I can tell you’ve been living alone. This kitchen is clean but not as clean as a woman would like it.”Jeanie stroked my swathed head.“Enjoy your captivity, Sam. You’re my prisoner, unable to escape, and unfortunately I forgot to tell you a release signal. You’re trapped until I let you go.”She seemed to be enjoying my predicament. I was, constantly kissed and hugged by Jeanie’s clothing that felt just like her lips and her encircling arms. I was breathing her perfume and surrendering to her. I could feel my erection returning.“One more thing, Sam, and I’ll have enough genie strength to clean the whole house.”Jeanie picked up her filmy harem pants, twisted them and blindfolded me with them. They were held on with some other piece of her clothing. I was now gagged, blindfolded and securely fastened to the chair. I could hear Jeanie moving around in the kitchen before she went to other parts of the house. I was straining to hear what she was doing but failing.She had turned the radio on in the living room. I couldn’t hear that and I couldn’t hear her. I just enjoyed the sensation of being surrounded by her. I don’t know how long I was there until she returned and removed my blindfold. “Sam? The house is clean. I’m going to leave you tied to that chair for a few minutes more while I do your laundry, then I’ll let you go. Until then enjoy this.”I couldn’t answer. Her yashmak was still gagging me. The sensation changed. Instead of her lips covering mine, something soft was pushing into my mouth. It felt like a breast. It was a breast. A magic breast that was warm, soft, and delicately perfumed. It was silencing me as effectively as Jeanie’s magic lips. I sucked on it and milk dribbled into my mouth. I was enjoying that breast so much that I closed my eyes. I could vaguely hear Jeanie moving around in the kitchen.A few minutes later Jeanie’s hand stroked my cheek through the covering veil and yashmak. She was smiling at me.“All done, Sam. Now it’s time for you to be released.”Released? Did I want to be released? I had a mouth full of Jeanie’s breast, my body totally hugged by Jeanie’s arms and legs, and a sense of complete surrender to her. But a real Jeanie is more delightful than an illusion of Jeanie.She untied bahis siteleri the apron, unknotted her veil and pulled them off. Her fingers plucked at the side of the yashmak before easing it away from my face. She pulled down the front zip of Alice’s old dress to show real Jeanie breasts. Her hands directed my head as one breast filled my mouth. I was right. The real breast was better than the illusion of one. She cradled my head against her. I still couldn’t speak with a mouth full of Jeanie. She stroked my head as she spoke.“I’m worried about you, Sam. You trust me too much. You don’t know much about me except that I’m a genie. And what is a genie? A non-human entity that is in a symbiotic relationship with humans. We live with and by humans. We need humans for our power. We exploit humans. Do humans gain from us? Perhaps, some do if they make reasonable choices for their wishes. Most don’t because genies are programmed to trick humans into making the wrong choices. You might almost describe us as not symbiotic but as parasites. Even now, as you suck on my breast, I am drawing power from you. You might be enjoying my breast but there is a price. You will sleep very deeply tonight.”Jeanie kissed the top of my head.“For your age, Sam, you are reasonably fit. That is good for me. I can take power from you without damaging you. I have tried to take no more than necessary. Tomorrow I will have more of my own power back so I’ll need less from you. I will need some to replace whatever I use but not as much as I’ve taken today. You should think hard about our relationship. I will take from you. Do I give you enough back? I can give you sex, even when you are just bound by my clothing. How much sex do you want? You can’t stay aroused all day and every day. You might want that now because you have been without sex for so long, but next week? Will you be tired of being in a state of permanent arousal?”She gently eased her breast out of my mouth. “Now, Sam, we are going to bed. I will ride you. You will go to sleep wrapped in my arms and my veil and will sleep soundly until morning. Tomorrow? Tomorrow we must go shopping. I need some clothes of my own that fit. Can you afford to buy me clothes?”My heart sank. I had hated going clothes shopping with Alice. I’d have to go with Jeanie because I would have to pay. I had to swallow a couple of times before I could speak.“Yes, Jeanie, as long as you don’t want an extensive designer wardrobe.”“No Sam. All I want are reasonable clothes that fit. Perhaps the airline lost Jean from Melbourne’s baggage? I need summer clothes. The radio weather forecast predicts a warm summer day for tomorrow. Alice’s cast offs are all winter clothes.” “OK, Jeanie. We’ll go shopping tomorrow.”She gathered up her genie clothing before we went upstairs to get ready for bed. Tired as I was I noticed that the whole house sparkled as if it had been sprinkled with fairy dust. Everything was clean, walls, floors and ceilings. It was as bright as if it had been newly decorated. Whatever I’d given Jeanie wasn’t sufficient payment for an intensive deep clean of my whole house.Once in bed Jeanie rode me gently until I came into her. She was slow, sensual and delicate. I came with a warm comforted feeling instead of the raging passion of the afternoon. She snuggled up to my back as I went to sleep. When I stirred in the night I found that I was tightly wrapped in her veil but her body was still pressed against me.As I woke next morning she was downstairs in the kitchen. I unwrapped myself from her veil, shaved, showered and dressed. As I shaved I was thinking about Jeanie’s words last night. Was she using me? I didn’t know much about her or about genies. But I didn’t feel used. Jeanie had treated me with consideration. I had agreed to help her and giving her power, whatever that meant, hadn’t really affected me.I expected that today’s shopping trip might be expensive but I could afford it. She had been right about the weather forecast. Unlike yesterday’s driving rain the sun was shining. It would be a hot day for England. Jeanie needed appropriate clothing. She’d cause a riot in her genie costume. Jeanie was wearing another of Alice’s old dresses that had been abandoned as being too tight. It was loose on Jeanie but a better fit than yesterday’s. I sat down to a perfectly cooked English breakfast. Normally I had cereal but I felt surprisingly hungry. After breakfast I drove to the shopping mall. Jeanie dragged me into a discount clothes shop. I didn’t have to wait long. She filled a small trolley with basic day-to-day underwear before leaving me standing by it. She vanished into the changing rooms clutching a few summer dresses. I waited no longer than five minutes. She had chosen two summer maxi dresses. She added a couple of belts and we went to the checkout. The bill was very reasonable because the store had reduced its summer lines.We went back to the car park to unload. Jeanie sorted out a few items into one bag before she went into the Ladies. She emerged wearing one of the maxi dresses with a belt. She looked spectacular, much better than the store posters of that dress. She handed me the bag now containing Alice’s old dress.“Meet you inside that shoe shop, Sam. Don’t be long.”I looked down at Jeanie’s foot peeping out from under the hem of her maxi dress. She was wearing the flat gold sandal that was part of her harem style costume.“I need some heels…”Jeanie was gone. I walked back to the car and deposited her discarded clothing. By the time I got to the shoe shop Jeanie had the attention of all three shop assistants. It was still too early for them to be busy, and finding suitable footwear for Jeanie’s perfect feet was obviously important. I sat down next to her. No one except Jeanie noticed. Her hand squeezed mine before she continued her intense discussion about which pair of heeled sandals she should have.I leant over and whispered in Jeanie’s ear.“Have them both,” I suggested.Jeanie was startled.“You’re sure? I’ll need shoes as well.”“You’re worth it, Jeanie. Those feet need looking after. I like looking at them.”She kissed my cheek. After another twenty minutes she was wearing a pair of new heeled sandals. I was carrying her original sandals and five other boxes. I went back to the car while she headed to a larger store. I agreed to meet her in the women’s department.I didn’t have to look far to find her. She was surrounded by shop assistants scurrying back and forwards. The store was also having an end of summer sale and apparently Jeanie is a perfect size and shape. The choice of sale items was enormous. Jeanie waved the shop assistants away so she could talk to me.“Sorry, Sam,” Jeanie said. “This is going to take some time. Why don’t you go to the coffee shop? I’ll come to get you when I’ve decided. Do you have an upper limit on what I could spend? I need a lot because I have nothing.”Nothing? There were several bags in my car already, but by the standards of a normal woman’s wardrobe she was right. She had some underwear and a couple of dresses, one of which she was wearing. I swallowed and thought about my current bank account. It could pay for most before I transferred money from the deposit accounts. If she really went wild, my credit card could take the strain. I whispered an amount in her ear.“That much, Sam?”I remember Alice once having the expression I now saw on Jeanie’s face. It was like a c***d being told they could buy the whole toyshop. Alice’s had had a hint of sadness. She had inherited a large sum from her grandfather which meant she would never have to worry about lack of money again. Jeanie’s was pure delight.Jeanie kissed me full on the lips. I was still recovering from that kiss as I walked towards the coffee shop. I ordered a very strong coffee. I needed it, not for the amount Jeanie might spend, but for her kiss. That kiss had been unlike any Jeanie had given me before. It had meant so much to both of us. It felt like a woman’s kiss, not one from a genie acting the part of a seductress.As I drank my second coffee I tried to analyse what I felt for Jeanie. I had encountered her less than twenty-four hours ago yet she now seemed an essential part of my life. Was that genie magic, or did I love Jeanie? Just now she had seemed more woman than genie. A woman I might, no not might, I really wanted to stay with me. She had tried to explain what she was, and that she wasn’t human. Her reaction a few minutes ago seemed wholly female and a human female.The rest of the shopping trip was an anticlimax. I paid the bills and we loaded everything into the car. We had lunch in a restaurant in the shopping mall.Back home Jeanie went into a frenzy of reorganisation. All Alice’s clothes were bundled up to go to a charity shop, something I should have done years ago. Jeanie even washed and dried the few of Alice’s clothes she had worn. It was now more than twenty four hours since Jeanie had been released from her imprisonment in her bottle. She had regained her full powers. Washing, drying and ironing meant a couple of quick gestures.Jeanie seemed more confident, more relaxed and at home. She made space in the main bedroom’s wardrobe for her new clothes. Some of my rarely worn suits were banished to the spare room wardrobe. As she worked I sat on the bed watching Jeanie’s hair flying around as she moved quickly.I was slightly worried that Jeanie was taking over my house and my life. Now she had her full powers back would she need to draw power from me? But a couple of kisses made my doubts disappear. I wanted Jeanie in my life, in my clean and rearranged house.That night was a repeat of the previous night except that Jeanie came to bed wearing a long white silk nightdress. As she rode me the nightdress swirled around us before some of it covered my mouth at our climax. I went to sleep with a warm silk-clad Jeanie pressed against my back. I woke up wrapped in that nightdress.After yet another English breakfast we decided to go to a nearby sandy beach for the day. We diverted to the shopping mall to buy Jeanie some swimwear. I didn’t know what she had bought until she emerged from my angler’s shelter in a skimpy blue bikini. As we walked into the sea all the men were watching her progress. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads as she emerged with a wet bikini. We used the beachside shower before going to the seaside pub for lunch.The next few days followed a similar pattern. We were doing the holiday round of beaches and visiting local attractions just as if Jeanie had been my visiting cousin Jean. We decided not to go to London until later when the weather cooled down. In the few hot August days Jeanie was a sensation wherever we went, either in her swimwear or her light summer dresses. I was feeling years younger in her company, and conscious that most men were jealous of me.My friends were very jealous. Once introduced to Jean, my distant cousin from Australia, the wives were tightly holding on their husbands. They relaxed once Jeanie showed that all she wanted was me. She demonstrated her possession of me in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. She held my hand often, wrapped an arm around my waist, and kissed me whenever we had to part even for a short while.We had to spend some hours on boring things. Jeanie set up a bank account. I had no idea where she got the money from. I assume genies can produce pots of gold if they need them, but apparently the money was transferred from her bank accounts in Melbourne. She had credit and debit cards in her purse, with an Australian driving licence. I had added her to the insurance on my car. I expected some difficulty but an email check had confirmed her Australian no-claims bonus. The additional cost had been little more than the administration charge.We had even made an appointment for her to take a UK driving test. She didn’t need to. Her Australian licence would be enough for twelve months. Her driving was competent and safe. I could relax while she drove.It was obvious Jeanie was making arrangements to remain with me for a long time. We hadn’t continued the discussion about what living with a female genie might mean. I was happy to be with her and to make love with her every night. The boring parts of life, cooking, washing up, cleaning and laundry were irrelevant. A few gestures from Jeanie and everything was done.August was nearly over when we returned to the discussion about genies. Jeanie had been part of my life for weeks. I had been going around with a wide smile as if I had found bliss. I had. Jeanie was wonderful.That evening we had Jeanie’s Black Forest gateau again. I enjoyed it. As I laid down my spoon I said:“Jeanie, I don’t understand how you can produce a gateau out of thin air.”“Genies can, if they have their power. I can’t really tell you, Sam. It would be like trying to explain a Mozart symphony to someone born deaf. Just think of it as some of the magic I can do, like doing the washing up.”She waved a hand. The table was cleared, the dishes clean and put away and the kitchen was tidy again with no trace of cooking or eating.“See? That is the same power as producing a gateau. You don’t know how it works. You just accept that I can do it. I could use some of my genie power. I don’t. I use the power I take from you every night, and even during the day. I no longer need to wrap you up, nor gag you with my yashmak. Your love for me gives me power all the time. Think of it like a trickle charge into a car battery. When we were first together I needed booster cables for a depleted battery. My yashmak gagging you, my veil enveloping you, and making love to you gave me that boost. It compensated for some of the power I had lost when imprisoned in the bottle.”“You’ve never told me how you ended up in the bottle, Jeanie.”Jeanie actually blushed. I’d never seen her blush.“Like most people, I don’t like talking about the big mistakes in my life. But I have to, Sam. I’m enjoying now but there is a threat to me. I’m protected while you haven’t made your three wishes, but I haven’t even offered them to you for weeks. If I don’t do that soon, my protection will expire and I’ll be vulnerable again.”“How soon, Jeanie?”“The maximum limit is a lunar month. We’re only days away from that. If you haven’t made the three wishes I don’t have to offer them again. They would have expired. I can take longer to actually implement the wishes, but you have had to have made the three wishes within the lunar month.”“And if I don’t? If I refuse to make any wish at all?”“As I said on the day we met, I can’t explain what happens then. I’m not allowed to. If you haven’t made the three wishes I’m vulnerable again and my nemesis is close by, waiting for the end of the lunar month.”“Your nemesis?”“The genie who put me in the bottle. He could do that again. I know, now, that I’m not powerful enough to resist that. But the alternative is worse.” “Who is he, and why is he your nemesis, Jeanie?”“I’ll call him Jonas. That’s not his name. Actually saying his real name would bring him closer to me and he’s too close already. Genies can marry. Because we are almost immortal we usually marry for a specific time, traditionally twenty-five years. After that we can renew the marriage or split up. The advantage is that each married genie has the sum of both partner’s strengths and the longer they are together the greater their combined strength grows. Thirty years ago Jonas was married but he had put his wife into a bottle. At the time I didn’t know that. He had their combined strength and the half of hers as well. So he was as strong as two and a half strong genies.”“Putting your wife into a bottle seems extreme. Can’t genies divorce?”“Divorce? Yes, they can by mutual consent. Putting your wife into a bottle is an ultimate betrayal but Jonas is an asshole. No. He’s worse than that. He’s evil. He wanted to marry me even though he was already married. I didn’t know he was married. A wife in a bottle is invisible to genies. I thought I could trick him and put him in a bottle. He was becoming a real nuisance. I didn’t want him but he wanted me because I was the strongest female genie he’d met. If he could marry me, bigamously, he would have three and a half times the power, or four times if I too was put into a bottle. He could then marry another, and another, and become so powerful no genie could defeat him.The marriage is not a ceremony. It’s a sexual act. The male and female genies merge into each other. Between genies who love each other it is exhilarating, exhausting, but the ultimate sexual act. The female absorbs bahis şirketleri the male totally. He penetrates her completely. After the climax the female has complete control over the male because he has completely surrendered to her. That lasts about a quarter of an hour before they begin to uncouple physically. They never uncouple mentally until the timed end of the marriage or the mutual divorce. Each is part of the other. Each of them knows what the other is doing or has done.I was stupid. I thought I could start the marriage process with Jonas, stop it part way through as he surrendered to me, and at that point force him into a bottle. That’s like a human male trying to stop an ejaculation and withdraw at the last moment. It is possible but usually goes wrong.Jonas had no intention of surrendering to me. With the massive power I didn’t know he had he could surrender part of himself yet retain control. He felt me stalling and became angry. He hurled me into the bottle as revenge. But he still sees me as a useful source of power. If he could force me into marriage and back into a bottle he would be on his way to domination of many genies. He is obsessed with me. Any other female genie would suit his purpose but he wants me, perhaps because I’m the only one who tried to foil him.I’m protected from Jonas until the end of the lunar month or until I’ve delivered on your three wishes. After that? Jonas will be waiting ready to attack me and **** me into a forced marriage followed by a bottling. Because we started the marriage process he knows what I’m doing and where I am. I know as much about him.”“How can I help, Jeanie? I’ve helped so far by not making a wish. Is there anything else I can do to extend your protection?”“I don’t know, Sam, or I can’t tell you. If one of your wishes took a long time to complete? Perhaps that might defer my reckoning with Jonas but he’ll wait many decades if necessary. You won’t live long enough.”“You can’t tell me? The only thing you’ve said that you can’t tell me is what happens if I refuse to make a wish. OK.”I swallowed. I was risking the loss of Jeanie. She had become an essential part of my life and I loved her.“Jeanie?”I went down on my knees in front of her.“I have two things I want to say to you. I’m not sure which should come first. I think they are both important.”I lifted one of her hands to my lips and kissed it. I held on to it.“Jeanie, I refuse to make a single wish.” I felt her hand stiffen in mine.“You’re sure, Sam?” she asked.“No, I’m not. I’m risking losing you. But I repeat. I refuse to make a single wish.”“I have to ask you again, Sam. You want to refuse to make a single wish?”“Yes, Jeanie. I refuse to make a single wish.”Jeanie flung her arms around me and hugged me to her breasts.“You don’t know what you’ve done, Sam, do you?”“I hope I did the right thing…”“Right? It was brilliant. Your refusal three times over makes me free for the rest of your life. I can ignore Jonas even though I can hear him screaming with frustration. You have made me independent. No genie, no matter how powerful, can attack me.” “I’m pleased for you, but an independent Jeanie? Does that mean you’d leave me?”I was really worried. Jeanie’s arms and lips reassured me.“No, Sam. You’re mine, my human. I have to protect you and keep you alive and well as long as I can. I’ll be here as long as you want me.”As long as I want her? Jeanie had become an essential part of my life. I couldn’t imagine living without her. I reached into the pocket of my trousers.“Jeanie, I said there were two things I wanted to say to you. I am delighted that I was right about the first one. The second one is…”I paused. Jeanie was smiling down at me. I think she knew what I was going to say.“Jeanie, the genie with the light brown hair, and Jean Lucy Brown, please will you marry me?”“Both of us, Sam? Jean the distant cousin and Jeanie the Genie?”“Both of you. Will you marry me?”“Jean the distant cousin says ‘Yes’, Sam. But Jeanie the Genie asks: ‘Do you know what you are asking for?’ Are you sure you want to marry a genie?”“Thank you, Jean. And yes, Jeanie, I want to marry my Jeanie the Genie.”“Then you will, Sam, as long as you realise that Jeanie the Genie will always be the dominant partner in that marriage.”“You already are, Jeanie. I know you could do anything to me at any time. I could be silenced by your yashmak, bound helpless in your veil, and blindfolded by your harem pants. You could do it with a simple wave of your hand and I wouldn’t be able to escape.”“You trust me that much, Sam?”“You know I do, Jeanie.”“And you’d go through with the Genie marriage and surrender completely to me?”“Yes, Jeanie. If you’ll have me.”“Jeanie the Genie accepts your proposal, Sam.”I brought my hand forward and opened it to show a small black box.“What’s this, Sam?”“Your engagement ring, if you’ll wear it. It was my mother’s and my grandmother’s. Alice returned it when we divorced. She didn’t feel she could keep a family heirloom.”“Thank you, Sam. And thanks to Alice. She sounds a better person than I thought.”Jeanie let me put the ring on her finger.“Alice was and is a great person,” I said. “We just grew apart, had arguments and parted. Years later we accept that we weren’t right for each other and can meet as the friends we should have stayed. Some day I’d like to introduce my wife Jean to Alice.”“Not your wife Jeanie the Genie?” Jeanie was laughing at me.“I don’t think Alice would understand about Jeanie the Genie.” +++That night in bed Jeanie let me ride her for the first time. She was always in control, directing what I should do to arouse her, but she gave me the illusion we were equal partners. I know that’s not true but she delights in doing things that please me, as I do in pleasing her.It took three months to arrange the formalities for a simple Register Office wedding for Sam and Jean the distant cousin from Australia. I was worried all the time that the paperwork about Jean would have some flaw. Jeanie kept reassuring me. Genies don’t make simple mistakes like that. A few of our friends came to the wedding. Jean looked as wonderful as a bride should be. We walked up the aisle side by side. She was giving herself to me as I had given myself to her.We held the reception in Alex and Mary’s public house. They had a wonderful spread laid out for us. They were grateful for the custom in winter. We had invited our friends and the pub’s regulars. When the food began to run out I saw Jeanie make a concealed gesture and the tables were half full again.That evening we returned home for the night. Jeanie tried to pretend to be my new wife Jean. She even started cooking an Australian barbecue as if she was a human. But she was giggling too much. The meat was underdone or burnt. She waved a Jeanie hand and produced a perfect meal followed by a great Strawberry Pavlova even though strawberries were out of season.In bed she also tried to be Jean. I licked and kissed Jean between her legs, kissed and sucked at her breasts. But as I moved up towards her lips Jean had become Jeanie. She gagged me with her yashmak and teased me with her veil. She rolled me over to my back, tightly wrapped me in the veil from head to my waist, and rode me. With my head and upper body tightly held by Jeanie, and my erection deeply buried inside her, the sensation was overwhelming. I barely felt her as she unwrapped me and cuddled me as I went to sleep.The next morning we picked up our suitcases and loaded the car. We were heading for a country spa hotel near Chichester. We would have yet another reception there, for Jeanie’s genie friends. They had promised to behave themselves and appear human at all times.As I had expected, Jeanie’s genie friends were great company. They behaved themselves most of the time but slipped a couple of times. Jeanie had to surround some of the party with illusion to prevent the human waiters and waitresses from seeing the genies as they really were. After a couple of hours a genie walked through the door into the room. He was dressed in a Dracula style cloak and he looked ferocious.Jeanie noticed him at once. She waved at the waiters and waitresses who froze in place.“Joshua! You weren’t invited.”I knew instinctively that this was the genie she had called Jonas. I was worried. What could he do?“You didn’t expect me, Jeanie? I am surprised.” Joshua said. “You knew I wouldn’t give up. I want you as my wife. You don’t want to marry this pathetic human. He can’t give you power. I can. Almost unlimited power.”Jeanie threw her arms up in the air, almost like someone surrendering. It was obviously a signal to her friends. They all turned to face Joshua who stiffened rigidly as if he was playing statues.“Your mistake, Joshua, was coming when I am with my friends. They will restrain you while I undo some of your evil. Sam? I need you to help. Take my hand, now!”That was an order, not a request. I slapped my hand into hers. I trusted her implicitly. If she wanted me, I would be there for her.“What are you going to do, Jeanie?” Joshua said with difficulty.“Find your wives. All of them.”“All?” Joshua’s voice was very weak, straining against the massed genies’ power.“All. I know exactly where you put them. Come on, Sam.”The room disappeared. I was holding Jeanie’s hand as we seemed to rush through the air. We stopped by a gravel pit.“There, Sam. Dig there.”There was a spade. I started digging. About a foot down I came across a bottle.“Open it, Sam.”I unscrewed the lid. A female genie emerged.“Hello, Helen,” Jeanie said. “Offer him the three wishes.”“Sam, you have three wishes,” Helen said. She would have said more. I knew what to say even if neither she nor Jeanie could tell me.“Helen, I refuse to accept any wish from you. I refuse a second time. I refuse a third and final time.”As I spoke Helen’s eyes grew wide with surprise and then disbelief.“You mean it, Sam?”“I mean it. No wishes.”“Thank you, Sam, and thank you, Jeanie.”Helen stretched and smiled. Her smile was enchanting.“I’m free, and safe. Thank you.”“Enjoy yourself, Helen,” Jeanie said, “and come to our wedding reception. We’ll be back there soon.”I repeated the process of releasing female genies from their bottles four more times. Two of them hugged me. That was nearly as pleasant as a hug from Jeanie, but she’s mine and I’m hers. That makes her hugs special.Jeanie flew us back to our wedding reception. Joshua’s five newly-released wives were in a semi-circle facing him. The humans were still immobile, unaware of what was happening. Helen walked forward until she was standing very close to Joshua. He was straining against invisible bonds.“Joshua. We are free, all five of us. We are protected because of Jeanie’s Sam. You can’t do a thing to us. But we, we can divorce you. I know that normally requires mutual consent but you have broken genie laws by taking five wives and imprisoning all five of them. Ladies? On the count of three. One, two, three…”The five of them spoke together.“Joshua, I divorce you. Our marriage is dissolved.”I could see Joshua slump as if he was suddenly very weak. Perhaps he was. He had lost the power that five marriages had given him. His ex-wives wouldn’t have all their power back for another twenty-four hours but he had lost it.The wives stood aside. Jeanie, still holding my hand, stood before Joshua. “Joshua, I reject you,” Jeanie said. “You put me in a bottle. You put your five wives in a bottle. Now it is your turn. Normally that bottle is placed where a human might find it. But your offences have been unforgiveable. All of us have agreed that you will be placed in a bottle and that bottle shall be at the bottom of a crevasse in a glacier in a remote part of Antarctica. Unless global warming accelerates dramatically, your bottle will reach the sea in ten thousand years time. Enjoy your imprisonment, Joshua.”Every genie in the room raised their right arm and pointed at Joshua. He vanished.Jeanie hugged me tightly.“Back to the party, everyone,” she said. She waved a hand and the waiters and waitresses returned to normal apparently unaware that anything had occurred.An hour or so later Jeanie and I left our friends and retreated to our bridal suite. The genies seemed much happier now that Joshua was gone from their lives – until he comes back.I shaved before we shared a shower. Jeanie washed my back. I washed her back, and her front which caused a few squeals. We went to bed naked. Her genie costume was nowhere around. Jeanie supported herself on one elbow and looked down at me.“You’re sure, Sam? You want to marry Jeanie the Genie as well as Jean?”“Yes, Jeanie the Genie with the light brown hair, I want to marry you.”“Then we will. Hug me, please.”I hugged her. She hugged me. There was an odd sensation. Instead of my body being pressed against hers it seemed to be sinking into her. It was. My body was merging with hers.“Don’t worry, Sam,” Jeanie said. “Two become one. You’re going to penetrate me. I’m going to engulf you until you’re wholly inside me. Just relax, surrender to me and let it happen.”My larger body seemed to shrink as Jeanie’s absorbed it. Somehow she turned me around when I was halfway inside her. The back of my head sank through her face until I was looking out through her eyes. My shoulders, hips and finally my arms and legs were inside her. She didn’t need to speak. I heard her voice in my head.“You’re now part of me, Sam. I’m part of you. You’re part genie. I’m part human. We are paired for the next twenty-five years at least. Wherever you go, I go. Wherever I go, you go. We can and will appear to be separate people. We aren’t. We’re two halves of one person. And now? Now comes the sexual part of our union. Ready?”I thought back at her: “Ready…”Suddenly I was swamped with the ultimate of femaleness. I was nothing but a huge penis totally sheathed in an even larger vagina. Every part of me was held and caressed by Jeanie’s internal muscles pulsing over me. I could also feel that I was penetrated by a penis that was thrusting inside all of me. I was experiencing both male penetration and female arousal. The sensation was mind-blowing. Both of us were reaching orgasm after orgasm without having to restrain ourselves. The ecstasy went on and on swamping everything but the pleasure of the moment. It seemed unending, and with no need to end. Our endurance was inhuman. I was Jeanie. She was Sam. We were both of us, but inseparable, locked together as a single highly sexed entity. I thought, as much as I could think during the overwhelming orgasms, that we couldn’t survive this. We did. Eventually we slowed to a gentler pace before I slipped into u*********sness still held inside Jeanie’s body. As I drifted off to sleep I felt armoured by her love and protected by her magic, yet with overtones of Jeanie being shielded by Sam and protected from genie magic by his humanity.When we woke I was still part of Jeanie. We had to separate ourselves with a conscious effort. I was climbing out of her and she was gently pushing me out until I was lying outside her but cradled in her arms. I felt a sense of loss even though I could feel Jeanie’s essence as part of me.Jeanie kissed me gently.“Don’t be sad, Sam. We are married, Sam and Jeanie the Genie as one entity. We can become that entity again and again, every night if we want to. Even when we are physically apart, we have part of each other to love and cherish.”I never had to sing her song “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair” because she never left me. She’s still here, beside me, inside me, and we love each other.+++ This is the song. It is in the public domain because it was published in 1854:Jeanie with the Light Brown HairBy Stephen C. FosterI dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair,Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air;I see her tripping where the bright streams play,Happy as the daisies that dance on her way.Many were the wild notes her merry voice would pour.Many were the blithe birds that warbled them o’er:Oh! I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair,Floating, like a vapor, on the soft summer air.I long for Jeanie with the daydawn smile,Radiant in gladness, warm with winning guile;I hear her melodies, like joys gone by,Sighing round my heart o’er the fond hopes that die:—Sighing like the night wind and sobbing like the rain,—Wailing for the lost one that comes not again:Oh! I long for Jeanie, and my heart bows low,Never more to find her where the bright waters flow.I sigh for Jeanie, but her light form strayedFar from the fond hearts round her native glade;Her smiles have vanished and her sweet songs flown,Flitting like the dreams that have cheered us and gone.Now the nodding wild flowers may wither on the shoreWhile her gentle fingers will cull them no more:Oh! I sigh for Jeanie with the light brown hair,Floating, like a vapor, on the soft summer air.

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