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“Scene 27 :

A black satin sheet fills the screen, undulating like an oil-covered ocean. Coming in from the right appears the tip of a tongue. Moving in slow motion, it crawls towards the left side, revealing the rest of the tongue, a mouth and teeth. As it almost fills the screen, a small piece of flesh shows up on the left side. The tongue lowers and grazes that piece of flesh from bottom to top. The flesh moves and, still in slow motion, turns into a full-length erected penis. The face goes back as it grows but the tongue remains under it like a berth. They both freeze for a second, then the tongue crawls backwards, leaving a shiny trace of saliva behind it. It stops when only tip and gland are still connected. Second frozen frame. Then an inner shockwave spreads along the penis. It reaches the gland and sperm springs out into the open mouth…”

Jeannie closes her eyes and shoves her head into her hands. She sighs like she wants to get rid of all her sexual frustration anxiousness. How she longs for a fountain of sperm like this one. For weeks now, her nights have been haunted by dreams like this one. She thought writing them down would exorcise her desire but now her body is trembling nervously.


She leaps.

“Bob! You’re still here…

“Are you all right?” he asks, moving closer.

Sure he’s worried, she thinks. He’s seen her like she was crying. Thank God, she has ensest porno resisted her will to let her hands wander inside her shirt or lower…

“Yes, yes…a bit tired, maybe.

“What’s that?” he asks, looking over her shoulder.

THE SCREEN! And that last line glowing straight in the middle of it…too late to clear it.

She waits for the sarcasm, the male despise…

He says nothing. She looks at him and notices the surprise on his face and his fast breath.

“Hum…you wrote that?” he asks, clearing his throat.

Too late to deny either.

“Yes,” she whispers, giving him no explanation.


She looks down.

A big bulge in his pants is showing, a few inches from her face. She swallows. Subjugated, she sees her hand moving up and gently landing on it. She looks up. Bob’s eyes leave the screen and looks down at her. Without a word, he puts his hand on hers. Her eyes ask “Can I?”, his answer “Yes”.

He takes his hand away. Her hand reaches for the fly and opens it. His brief’s fabric is stretched to the max by the urgency of his desire. Carefully, she grabs the belt and frees the object of her dreams.

It’s huge, filled with blood and pulsing with his heartbeats. She feels hers in her temples, joining the excitation tempo. Her tits stretch, attracted by this magnetic pole. Her vagina sends spasmodic waves, wetting her lips with fake agent porno sweet and sour tears.

Hands on his hips, she moves her head closer to its and stops inches away. Her tongue slowly pokes out of her mouth but without crossing the last distance, trembling with hesitation.

Bob’s aching. He longs for her, but he doesn’t want to force her and restrains his urge to grab her hair and plunge into her mouth.

He says “I’m yours…”

Overwhelmed by his gentleness, Jeannie closes her eyes. She stretches her tongue and touches lightly his gland. It jerks away and she has to open her eyes to catch it up. She starts licking the shaft from base to top. Soon, it goes dancing on her tongue. No more word of encouragement from him but she feels Bob’s hips shiver under her palms and she goes further.

Rounding her lips, she slides his gland into her mouth and stops. Bob, first ecstatic, represses a sigh of pleasure. Then he feels her reluctance to swallow his whole and her wait for his agreement. He moans and she knows she can do whatever she pleases. She pulls him out and licks his gland clean until it shines with her saliva. Putting it back between her lips, she slides her tongue into its tiny slot and sucks it out. Then, she repeats that routine again, and again, and again…

Soon, Bob is out of breath. He bites his lips to avoid screaming (the COD’s office is two doors away) fake cop porno with Jeannie’s every bite she now delivers him. His legs are shaking and his penis is so sensitive it’s almost painful. But the surge of semen he feels coming persuades him not to interfere with her skilful treatment.


She freezes. Is anything wrong?

“No, please, don’t stop now…I’m almost there.”

A heat burst overwhelms her body at his declaration, hardening her nipples and increasing her juices’ flow. In and out, she pumps his gland faster. Teeth clenched, he cries out shorter and shorter moans. His back arches. Between her lips, his gland suddenly grows and she stops moving, leaving it lying on her tongue, welcoming his warm waves.

When the flow has stopped and she has swallowed his liquor, she finally engulfs his sex and caresses his belly with her hair. He sighs endlessly and shoves his fingers into her hair, stroking it like a purring kitten. When she releases him to catch her breath, he falls down to his knees and into her arms with a final sigh. They kiss.

Grabbing his hand and putting it between her thighs, she pants in his ear.

“Touch me…please…touch me…”

Bob’s fingers rush inside her drenched panties. He thrusts and they slide along her lubricated inner lips straight into her pulsing vagina. His move is so strong, the feeling so intense, she climaxes instantly in an orgasmic explosion she screams out.

Five seconds later, a door opens in the hallway.

“Someone called?” an alarmed voice says.

Jeannie and Bob are still arms in arms, laughing with their eyes, silently.

“Take me home,” she whispers.

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