Jemma’s Fantasy

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“OK guys, I guess this should be my last drink. It’s not even the weekend yet.” Dan set the cluster of three pint glasses down heavily on the bar table. His friends grumbled their agreement as they laid claim to their drinks.

“Still, we’ll make the most of it when it comes though. You out tomorrow?” Nick directed the question at both of his friends. It was a typical Nick question for a Thursday night. Any time the lads arranged to get together it was always Nick who got things going, directing the events of the evening. He made sure they all had a good time, and led by example. Dan half-laughed to himself. So typical of Nick, then, to start organising the weekend before it had even arrived.

As usual, George was the first to bolster up Nick’s social mandate. “Can be. Gotta do Friday, haven’t we?” George was understandably keen to be seen around with Nick. Both men were free and single; for them, Friday night was the start of a weekend spent seeking out the best that the town had to offer. So, predictably, he added: “We should text round the girls too, see who’s up for it.”

Nick nodded his approval. “I’ll text that Lesley, she’s always up for it with me.” He winked, and the three of them chuckled. That remark, too, was pure Nick. Lesley was a tall blonde who turned every man’s head, the sort of girl most men tended to develop get awkward around. He’d been seen going home with her on more than one occasion – but casually, and with never a question of them being a couple. It seemed that Lesley was available for casual sex, but only with someone like Nick.

He was probably the best looking guy they hung out with; he fit the tall, dark and handsome stereotype, and his hours of work in the gym was reflected in a strong build and an energetic, positive attitude to life. It was no surprise that George, good-looking and well-liked though he was, chose to hang around with Nick on a Friday night.

“Come on then,” he encouraged. “You coming out Dan? That girl of yours won’t mind, surely?”

There it was: the reason that, unlike George, Dan no longer felt like he had to rush around with Nick every weekend. Maybe he wasn’t the best looking or the strongest built of the three, but for the last few months, he had been the one with the steady girlfriend. Dan might enjoy a night out on the town too, of course; but he could take it or leave it. And this week he doubted he had the time.

“Well, you know I’ve got that stupid family thing on Saturday. So I’ll meet up with you guys for a few drinks, but I’ll probably spend the rest of the night with Jemma. You know how it is.”

George laughed along. “Oh, we know how it is! You’re out of town on Saturday, so you’ve made an appointment to get laid on Friday, and you’d rather do that than hang out late with your mates.”

The three of them laughed their approval. “Can’t blame you though,” Nick put in. “She’s pretty cute. Not bad at all.” And there it was – an approval from Nick, almost a get-out-of-beer permission card! “I still don’t know how you pulled her though,” he continued. “You must have bought shit-loads of Rohypnol! What’s going to happen when you run out?”

George nearly spilled his beer laughing. Dan had to chuckle along too. “I know. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m awake!” He took a swig of his beer. “And fucking. I have to do loads of that too, just to be sure I’m awake.”

This sort of treatment was inevitable for Dan with two single friends. George kept things going. “That is some long-lasting beer goggles she’s had, eh? What’s it been, three months?”

“Four,” Dan answered, laughing along with them.

“Woah!” Nick ramped up the pressure. “Long term shit! Must be into the kinky stuff by now then, eh? What’s she into, whips and chains?”

Dan gulped. Nick had unwittingly found his weak spot. He felt himself going red in the face. He tried to cover up by drinking, but his reaction was noticed. George poked at him. “What’s up, Dan? Got a confession for us? Don’t tell me. You’re wearing her suspenders under your jeans!”

Dan grinned and tried to move the conversation on, but they had found their opening now. “Go on, what’s the problem?” Nick mockingly soothed him. “If she’s bought herself a strap-on, I’d advise Vaseline.”

“No, it’s nothing,” Dan said. “I’ve just been getting a bit possessive, that’s all. I get jealous when she goes out without me.”

George howled. “Nooo! Not buying it Dan. You were telling me just last week how you totally trusted eachother! And how you knew she was giving other guys the brush-off! What’s really eating you?”

Dan started to say something, then stopped. The alcohol had fuddled his mind a little, and he was suddenly on the spot. “Course, if you can’t tell your mates,” Nick muttered teasingly, “It must be something really horrible.”

Dan sighed. He had to admit to himself now, this was actually bothering him. Maybe it would feel better if he shared. “OK,” he said. “But not a word to anyone, right? Specially not Jemma!” His friends Beylikdüzü escort made mock salutes, and leaned in seriously as Dan took another sip of beer. “OK, well we were talking about fantasies and stuff.” Nick and George waited expectantly. “And she said her number one fantasy was… well, she asked me if I’d be up for a threesome.”

George was astonished. “How’s that a problem? Come on man, just pick her hottest girl-friend! What about that Stephanie, she’s pretty cute. A blonde to go with your brunette, right?”

But Nick was one step ahead. “I don’t think it was with a girl, was it Dan?” He smiled knowingly.

Dan shook his head. “Right. And you know, I didn’t want to, you know, share her that way. Thing is, I really love her and… You know, seeing her with another man…” He trailed off.

Nick butted in: “… Especially if he has a bigger dick than you …” Laughter filled the table again. Dan felt a weight lifted, in fact, as his friends seemed to understand. “See, it’s always good to air your problems,” Nick concluded. “So what did you say?”

“I had to say no, I wouldn’t want to share her. She was OK, but she was kind of disappointed. Thing was she’d been telling me it had been a big fantasy of hers for a while, and she’d love to do it, but how could I say yes to that? She was OK with me, but I just feel bad right now. It was only last week.”

“Well, you know what I think?” Nick smiled. “I think you’d better make damn sure you show her a good time on Friday, right? I mean, give her multiple orgasms.”

George agreed. “Yeah, jawlock time for you, matey. She’ll soon forget about it.”

Dan was quite surprised – their advice actually did seem to make sense. He ought to put this behind him, and concentrate on keeping Jemma happy. Their sex had always been fantastic, the best he’d ever experienced, so he felt on solid ground there.

He laughed, finishing his drink. “Yeah. Thanks guys, you know what, you’re right.” He felt a physical tension ease. “And you know what else? I think I’ll have one more beer tonight. Seriously, I feel better now.”

As Dan headed to the bar for himself, Nick winked at George. “Young love. Bless.”


When Saturday evening came around, Dan joined up with his friends, even though he knew he wouldn’t be staying with them for long. A couple of drinks in pubs in the town centre followed. Nick had orchestrated a meeting with three or four of the group, which was to be swell to six or seven later at one of the larger bars in town. A few of the girls they regularly saw would no doubt be there.

Dan was able to enjoy the beginning of the evening, and knowing he didn’t have to progress to some of the noisier bars – which would no doubt be visited later – he noticed that he felt more relaxed than most of the rest of the group. He was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend, too.

George could not resist teasing Dan when he heard he was meeting up with Jemma. “Hope you’ve been exercising your jaw,” he whispered in a private moment. “Keeping her happy, that’s the key.”

Dan took the ribbing in good nature. “Don’t worry about me that,” he mockingly assured his friend. “I know how to make things good for the lady.” As the clock neared nine, the time Jemma had said she would arrive, Dan started to look around for her. He deliberately stayed clear of Nick, as he instinctively wanted to stay away from larger men when his girlfriend arrived. Nick was the most muscular and attractive of his friends, so Dan drifted toward the opposite edge of the group.

When Jemma arrived though, it was Nick who happened to see her first. “Here, I’m sure I’ve seen that foxy brunette over there before,” he laughed in Dan’s ear. Dan turned to see Jemma joining the group in search of him, hastily greeting one or two of the boys as she searched for him. She was wearing a smart knee-length patterned skirt and a respectable black top for their date. With her dark, straight hair framing her subtly made-up features and fresh young features, she looked delicious.

Dan felt he was breaking free from his friends’ teasing as he strode up to his girlfriend, kissing her briefly on the lips. He was relieved that she had arrived, so that now he could take her away from them and enjoy the rest of the night with her.

One of the men who had not been aware of their relationship looked a little disappointed, and Dan could scarcely blame him. Even though she was dressed quite conservatively, Jemma somehow stood out from the other women in the room, her brown eyes sparkling as she hooked her arm into his. Although her top was hardly revealing, the outline of her figure could be seen – an outline which hinted at a slender but curvy figure. Her bare calves were noticeably tanned.

Jemma’s cheeks plumped attractively as she beamed at her boyfriend. “Hi, Dan! Have you been having a good night?” Her soft voice chimed pleasingly in his ears. At 22, Jemma’s voice had a girlie quality about it that was appealing, but her attitutde was Beylikdüzü escort one of a confident young woman, aware of her own appeals.

Dan smiled. God, he was glad he didn’t need to go to noisy bars with the boys. “It just got much better,” he smiled at her as he kissed her again. “Well, we need to go…” But he was cut off, and groaned inwardly as George moved in.

“So what’re you up to tomorrow Jemma? I hear Dan’s out of town… You could always hang with us!”

Jemma was unphased, taking the invitation at face value. “It’s my friend Jodie’s birthday!” She replied. “We’re all going out with her. I’m not sure where, yet, though… Are you going out? Maybe we’ll bump into each other.”

Moving in next to George, Nick stared at her fixedly for a moment. “Yeah. Maybe we’ll bump.”

Jemma giggled, but turned to her boyfriend. “C’mon baby, we’ve got to go!” Dan felt her shapely body moving next to his as they began to walk, making their goodbyes.

The room seemed a little emptier after they had both left. George glanced at Nick, who seemed to have noticed it too. “I reckon she’d have no problem handling two guys at once,” he whispered in a mock-awestruck voice.

Nick grinned back. “I was just thinking the same thing, mate.”


Friday night was a modest success for George and Nick, an enjoyable night on the town rather than a major night of partying and debauchery. In fact, they were both happy to get home relatively early. Nick, of course, already suggested a bigger night out on the Saturday.

Saturday night started much the same way as Friday for the friends, but as the pubs were closing, they made their way to their firm favourite, the Dubz Club.

“I don’t know why, but the girls are always way fitter in here,” Dave offered as the four of them surveyed the room.

“It’s the music,” Nick said. Then, winking: “Plus, they know we come here, so it’s moths to a flame.”

The club was just starting to get moving, filling up with intake from the closing pubs and bars nearby. The men found their way to the main bar and ordered a round of shots. The atmosphere was set by the heavy bass beat of hip hop and RNB music, the combined odour of bodies, perfume and other scents in the air. George reflected on Dave’s comment: it was true, many of the girls in the club were stunning, and had of course dressed to show off their assets. So many of them seemed to have taken their cue from music videos. The dresses were generally glamorous, but revealing; there was a lot of flesh to be seen, and it was impossible for four young men not to be aroused.

Nick chatted with a couple of girls and expertly attached them to his group; he had the touch, there was no denying that. Of course, he was well dressed, handsome, tall and well-built. Maybe there was no real secret to it. George of course, was no wallflower himself, and within a few minutes there were half a dozen boys and girls mixing it up on the dancefloor.

As the night progressed, more drinks were had, and a couple of the girls drifted away, lost to the toilet queues, or a little too much alcohol; or just meeting with friends. Dave was keen on one of the girls and was starting to keep her to himself; Nick signalled to George that they should withdraw and give him space. The two, who regularly played wingmen for one another, had no qualms about heading to the upstairs bar and sitting things out for a bit. They bought drinks and leaned on a railing which overlooked the dancefloor.

“Good spot for checking out the talent,” George grinned. And they did just that, enjoying the sight of numerous scantily-dressed young women gyrating on the stroble-lit dancefloor. On any night like this, there was a time to dance; and a time to watch.

Suddenly, Nick nudged George’s arm, without taking his own eyes from the dancefloor. “Mate, look over there.” He indicated a group of women towards the edge of the dancefloor. They were dancing with each other, obviously high-spirited with alcohol.

“The bunch of all-girls?” George asked. “Which one’s caught your fancy?”

“Look behind the chick in the denim hotpants. You see the girl in the red dress?”

George stared. “Curly haired brunette? Juicy looking ass?”

Nick laughed. “I’ll remember you said that. Yes, that’s her. Wait till she turns around.”

George waited. He had a while to wait, but it was no chore as he watched the mysterious red-dress girl shake her booty. The dress was tight around her ass and rode high on her thighs as she moved to the heavy beats. Then suddenly the tune changed and she turned to say something to one of the other girls, revealing her face at last. “Shit!” George laughed. “Is that Jemma?”

Nick was staring at her too. “I thought so before. Yeah, that’s definitely her. What d’you think?”

George looked again. “Yep. But she’s got herself pretty dolled up considering Dan’s not around, don’t you think?” As if she had heard them, Jemma led the way off the dancefloor and grabbed a stool by a table. Escort Beylikdüzü Her girlfriends gathered around, and the watching men lost sight of her. George said in wonder, “How in fuck did Dan manage to pull something like that?”

Nick shrugged his shoulders. “She must like ordinary looking blokes, I guess. So, you think we should go and say hi?”

George shrugged. “She’s hot. But she’s with her girls, and anyway, you couldn’t do that. Dan would be broken.”

Nick nodded. “I’m way ahead of you mate. I’m not talking about stealing her away from him. But I was thinking that, knowing what we know about Jemma…” He stressed her name ironically as he winked in her general direction, “She’d probably love it if she had a couple of dancing partners tonight. Like, two men to dance with. You get my drift?”

George’s eyes widened. “Oh. Wow. Yeah, that could be really fun. You fancy her too then, eh? You think it would work?”

“Got to be worth a try. You up for it? I mean, you’ve seen her, she’s totally fucking fit! Listen, I think women will generally cheat on their man if they think they’ll get away with it. And if it means they get to live out their…” He paused again for effect. “One special fantasy!”

George gulped. “I get you. Yeah, she’s definitely worth a shot! But how do we…”

“Come on, man.” Nick reassured his friend. “Just trust me. Have I ever let you down before?”

Finishing their drinks, the two men headed down to the main floor. Jemma’s group was quite easy to find, being the loudest group of girls in the area. They paused and watched for a little while. There were four girls in the group, sharing shots. They were giggling closely and occasionally touching, obviously good friends; after a moment, they raised their glasses in the direction of one member of the group, a blonde dressed in a tight black dress.

“That’ll be the birthday girl,” Nick muttered. But they were both more concerned with checking out Jemma now that she was in their sight. There was such a difference in her appearance from the night before, when they had seen her link arms with Dan, that each one stood there mesmerised for a few moments.

Jemma had obviously put plenty of attention into making sure she looked glamorous for her night out clubbing. For one thing, her long hair was no longer straight – it cascaded past her shoulders in full, glossy curls which bounced each time she moved her head. The ends of the curls trailed on her bare chest, because the attention-grabbing, bright red dress she wore had an extremely low cut. The style of the dress was such that a strap hung from only one shoulder, leaving the other side of her chest completely bare; and on the strap-side, it dipped low across her chest. It was possible to see the curves of both her breasts, as well as an ample amount of cleavage. They were an ample size for her frame – perhaps a D cup, Nick thought to himself. 34D? Whatever – it was the smoothness of her skin which kept his gaze returning. Definitely worth a third glance.

Jemma leaned forward to listen to one of her friends and the dress shifted, giving George and Nick a full view straight down her front. Even from a distance, her breasts looked tanned and smooth. The dress moved softly against her figure, but it was tight; it clung to her body, presenting a totally different look than her black top had done the night before. It was the sort of dress which could only look good on a girl with a shapely figure; and on Jemma, it revealed the slender curve of her waist, her flat stomach, and the full curve of her ass. She carried it off to full effect.

Most striking of all however, was the length of her dress. Not only was it tight-fitting and low-cut, but It was also extremely short, ensuring that there was a great deal of undeniably shapely leg on view. Jemma’s thighs were strong and smooth, and there was surely only a few inches of them covered. It did look as though the dress had ridden up a little while she was dancing, but it had obviously been short to begin with.

“You know, if we don’t do something, someone else will,” Nick muttered to his friend as they stared unashamedly at their friend’s girlfriend. “I bet Dan doesn’t know she gets tarted up like this when he’s not around.”

The girls drank some more shots and started giggling again. Jemma’s friends were also dressed revealingly, but somehow they failed to capture the mens’ gaze in the same way. George replied after a while, “I bet he doesn’t. She’s supposed to be going steady, but she looks like she’s more up for it than most the girls in here!”

As they watched, one of Jemma’s friends said something to Jodie the birthday girl, who laughed and nearly fell over. “C’mon, let’s say hi before her friend loses it,” Nick urged suddenly. “We don’t want them disappearing off to the toilets together, they’ll be in there all night!” He was single-minded at moments like this. George knew well enough to go with this.

Nick confidently approached the group of girls and hailed Jemma. She looked startled at first, but then accepted the random meeting and was pleased to see some of Dan’s friends. “You said we might bump!” She smiled at Nick as one of her friends tugged at her arm. “Come on! We were just going for another dance!”

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