Jenn and Josh – Chance Tryst

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Their tryst began at a bar. The kind of sports bar adorned by eclectic memoribilia, all brought to you by cheap beer sponsors.

Josh, 25 and newly single, was alone, finishing a long week with dinner. Buffalo wings, a tall cheap beer and one eye on a baseball game he wasn’t really interested in.

A new job on the Coast had brought him longer hours, more money and an opportunity to live in an amazing place. He expected his girlfriend of three years to follow. She hadn’t.

Jennifer’s night was just beginning. 52 and recently divorced, she’d come out with a friend for drinks and later on, planned to go dancing at a beach bar. She wanted to make time for fun this Friday.

She was still warming up to being single after several years. Her university age kids were moving onto lives of their own. Her divorce had been finalized just two months prior. A welcome relief after years of her ex husband’s infidelity and addiction.

Jenn recently found an addiction of her own- the gym. An athlete in college and later, the Navy, her interest became nearly obsessive in the year of separation since her ex left. For the first time in years, guys, like Josh, had taken notice of her athletic figure.

He noticed her right away- tan, toned legs and shoulders were hard to miss in a somewhat revealing sundress. The word “MILF” came into Josh’s mind and he silently chuckled to himself.

Jenn and her friend paced along the crowded bar and finally settled on the vacant barstools next to Josh. Jenn opted to sit next to the tall, athletic guy sitting by himself. He looked young, handsome and kind of rugged.

After her friend got up to use the restroom, Jenn took the plunge and made the first move, breaking the silence between the two.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer,” she said, holding out a hand to introduce herself. He noticed immediately, flashing a warm smile and shaking her hand. “I’m Josh.”

The conversation was easy and flowed well. It turned out they went to the same gym and had both lived in the same city for some time, albeit years apart. Jenn forgot about her friend for a while, flirting with this handsome younger guy. She noted that instead of paying his bill, he ordered another round and continued the conversation.

As the night wrapped up, Josh offered up his number. He didn’t really expect any kind of serious relationship, but she was Kartal Escort easygoing, fun and after all, he needed friends in town. He suggested they meet here again for drinks at a future, unspecified time.

Fuck it, Jennifer thought. How about tonight?

“Hey, how about tonight?” She asked. He looked quizzically back at her. “We’re going dancing on the beach.” She named the club and her stomach dropped a little when he agreed to it.

To each of their relief, they found each other later that night at the beach bar. Music was loud, drinks flowed easily and they invited each other to dance.

Josh was glad for the distraction from work and dwelling on his breakup. He had zero expectations with Jenn and that was exactly what he needed.

Their two bodies danced amidst loud songs on a crowded floor. Jenn felt herself surprised and eager with expectation as his hands grasped her tight hips, pulling her in close. Josh felt the tug of arousal, feeling her heat and strong, lithe body against him. Letting go, she kissed him on the lips. He kissed back, a surprisingly good kisser.

Jenn lost herself in the moment, forgetting about everything else. She knew she wanted this man, right now. She pulled his broad, sweaty shoulders close. A sultry whisper in his ear. They walked right out the front doors.

She enjoyed the way he confidently held her hand, walking to his car. She gave her address. Josh punched in directions and drove towards her house. Their intentions were unspoken and very clear.

It wasn’t long into the car ride before his strong hand was gripping her bare thigh. She didn’t stop him.

They were minutes away from her house. Josh’s fingers found the warmth between her thighs. Through her soaking fabric of her thong, he rubbed along her most sensitive parts. She let out a whimper, moaning and stifling it by biting down on the seatbelt strap. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so wanted. She’d almost come.

Jenn put her hand in Josh’s lap. Quickly finding his growing erection through his denim jeans. She traced along his length, ready to have all of him to herself. His fingers felt so good- nearing the brink of coming.

“We’re here,” he interrupted. On the brink of orgasm, she’d barely noticed they’d parked in her driveway.

Keys were fumbled for. Lights were hastily turned on. Pendik Escort They went directly to the master bedroom. The two stood at the foot of her bed finally embracing. Josh kissed her again, deep and urgent.

Josh pulled her in close. Jenn felt his erection pressing against her tight stomach. She fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, before he took over and pulled it off, revealing his cut physique.

Jenn lifted her sundress over her head, tossing it aside. Josh stepped in, grabbing her tight ass, fingers teasing along the lines of her thong. She hungrily grabbed at his belt, pulling his jeans down into a pile at his feet.

Josh’s hands unclasped her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. He took her small breasts in his hands. He leaned forward to lick and kiss each of her hardened nipples.

Her hand teased along the obvious bulge in his briefs, now barely concealing his erection.

Josh grabbed below her ass and picked up her athletic frame. She wrapped her legs around his torso. He could feel her radiate warmth. Jenn couldn’t remember the last time she’d been touched like this in her bedroom. Josh sat on the edge of the bed, kissing her in an embrace.

Jenn was impatient for him now. She straddled him, rubbing herself against his cock, through her barely-there underwear. His hands pulled her close, grasping her ass while he kissed her neck. It felt so good.

Jenn got to her knees, while Josh sat at the edge of his bed. He removed his briefs and allowed her to finally take his stiff cock in her hands. He gasped as she softly licked the underside of his shaft from balls to his tip. His pre cum was dripping down the tip and she hungrily licked it, savoring his salty taste.

“You are amazing,” Josh said locking eyes. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been complimented like this. Jenn swirled her tongue around his tip, before taking him fully into her mouth.

Josh savored the view. In the large bedroom mirror behind Jenn, he had a full view of her backside. Her toned, round ass barely concealed by her thong. He recalled that his ex never wore the style of underwear.

She gripped his balls, feeling them tighten with arousal. Jenn backed off a little, giving his shaft long, wet strokes with her tongue. She slowly pumped his shaft while licking the base.

“My turn,” he demanded, Göztepe Escort getting to his feet. Jenn picked up on his cue and took his place on the edge of the bed. He hooked his thumbs under the thin straps of her panties and flung the aside. She moaned as he kissed the inside of her thighs, finally taking a long lick of her, pausing to gently suck on her clit.

Fuck, she was already so close to coming. As his tongue worked hungrily, he first slid one finger, then two inside. His tongue relentlessly fluttered on her clit. His fingers stimulated her from inside. Josh felt her writhe with appreciation. Jenn started to shake as she neared a climax. She was without words, feeling the orgasm flood across her.

Before Jenn could gather her thoughts, Josh was on his feet. He’d grabbed a condom from his jeans and was sliding it across his length.

Josh traced along her slick lips with the tip of his sheathed cock. He paused, rubbing her clit, until Jenn couldn’t stand it any longer. She impatiently reached down to guide him inside her. Before her hand made it, Josh fully entered her with a gasp.

Josh first made a few long, languid thrusts, felling him slide fully in and out of Jenn’s wet pussy. He found a comfortable rhythm, standing at the base of the bed. Jenn again wrapped her powerful legs around his torso.

Jenn eagerly bucked her athletic hips to meet him. The two worked into a pleasurable rhythm, punctuated only by their noises. Her hands cupped her own breasts. Josh held her hips and thighs for leverage, thrusting deeply into her now. He knew it would only be seconds longer that he could delay the inevitable.

Josh went faster, harder, as sweat dripped from his chest. Jenn lifted her hips, writing to match his rhythm. Another orgasm cascaded across her body. Josh sensed it and started to cum, now aggressively thrusting his length into her clenching pussy.

He tensed up as he came, unable to hold off any longer. Breathing heavily, he pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

“Give me this,” she instructed breathlessly. Jenn slid the condom off him and put her mouth around his shaft. Josh groaned in blissful agony as she teased the last drops from his sensitive and softening cock. His ex would never…

They lay in silence, sweat evaporating, speechless. A chance encounter became the tryst which each of them didn’t know they’d needed so badly. Eventually, they drifted into a light doze. The two finally said goodnight and Josh returned home.

On Sunday night, Josh’s phone chimed. A text from Jenn read: “That was fun. Want to hang out again? No strings attached.”

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