Jenny and her Grandpa

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Jenny and her GrandpaDoug answered the phone, it was his daughter, Helen asking if she and his granddaughter, Jenny, could stay for a night in a couple of weeks. Jenny had applied for University in the town that Doug lived and needed to have a look round and speak with some of the lecturers etc. Doug agreed, he hadn’t seen much of either his daughter or his granddaughter in the years since his wife had passed away and it would be nice to catch up with them face to face rather than via E Mail every fortnight or so or via the odd phone call.He knew he wasn’t good at keeping in touch, even with his own family, that had been one of his wife’s skills and since she had been gone, contact even with his close family had weakened. Thinking about it, he couldn’t believe Jenny was ready for University, last time he had seen her was a couple of Christmases back and it seemed in his mind that then she had just seemed like a little girl although she can’t have been in reality.Helen and Jenny arrived early afternoon and Doug welcomed them in. Both of them gave him a warm hug and he showed them to their respective bedrooms, Helen taking her old room and Jenny taking the smallest bedroom in the house. They spent the next couple of hours chatting about their lives, mainly about Jenny’s prospects in University and afterwards. Doug had noticed a big change in his granddaughter; she had certainly grown into a fine young woman. Last time he remembered her as being a typical moody zit ladened teenager, who seemed to be at war with the world and who would rather spend her time on her mobile phone than talk to anyone. Now she seemed very bright and bubbly, her brown hair was long and flowed over her shoulders and down her back, her face was clear of spots and he noticed perhaps for the first time how attractive she was. He also noticed how she had developed into a woman, and every now and then he found himself glancing at her breasts, which were straining the material of a rather tight T Shirt, so much so that her nipples were clearly highlighted even through her bra.Doug was 58 and had lived alone for 3 years. He still had a good sex drive and had even had a couple of sex dates via the internet, making contact with women his age and meeting up for sex in a local hotel. His main release was masturbation though and again the internet provided the vehicle for this, porn clips and films and sex stories were things he enjoyed regularly. Like many men, especially his age, he was often drawn to pictures and films of 18 year old girls. Just the smoothness of their bodies and the thought of their innocence, gave Doug that extra desire and as he sat listening to his own 18 year old granddaughter he couldn’t help but undress her in his mind, just like she was like one of those young tarts on the porn sites. As he felt his cock harden, he had to shake the thought from his mind, it was bad enough lusting after young girls but your own flesh and blood, that was really perverted.After their chat, Doug asked Helen and Jenny what they wanted for their dinner. He wasn’t a great cook, but there were plenty of decent take out places in the area. It was then that Helen told him, that she didn’t want anything as she had arranged to meet up with an old school friend in a local restaurant for the evening.Doug went to put the take away menus back in the kitchen drawer, when Jenny said,“Well I want food Grandpa, is pizza okay?”“Yeah fine,” Doug said, “I’ll let you choose.”An hour later, Doug & Jenny were sitting in the lounge, 2 pizza boxes were open on the coffee table.Helen popped her head round the door,“See you two later, well probably tomorrow actually, me and Karen have got a later of catching up to do, especially about our ex husbands.” And with that she was gone.Doug and Jenny enjoyed their pizza and watched TV in virtual silence for the next half hour. When they had finished Doug cleared everything away and Jenny went up to her room.Doug made himself a coffee and sat back down in his lounge. He had taken a couple of sips when Jenny came back into the room. Doug was completely surprised, she had changed into some pyjamas even though it was only 7.30pm. The pyjamas were a grey colour with pink hearts on türbanlı ısparta escort and quite tight, in fact they looked a couple of sizes too small, like she’d had them a few years, so much so that the bottoms were pressed tight into her crotch, creating a camel toe effect. It was also clear she had removed her bra, because now her nipples were even easier to define through the top half of her pyjamas. Jenny just plonked herself down on the sofa and stretched out and started to watch the TV. From his easy chair Doug couldn’t believe his view, he could look at the TV, but with just a shift of his eyes he could also get a great view of this young woman lying on the sofa just a few feet away. Yes okay she was his granddaughter, but still, she had a fantastic body and he would defy any man not to look at her or any heterosexual man not to get a hard on looking at what he was looking at.Doug’s cock had grown hard in his jeans, as he ran his eyes over her tight little slit. Again he imagined what her pussy was like, nice and smooth he thought, maybe still virginal even. He ran his hand over his cock, feeling it twitch to his touch. Every few seconds he trained his sight on her, a glance at the TV, which was showing an important football match live and then a longer lustful look at his granddaughter.He already knew that when he went to bed tonight, he would be enjoying a nice long wank, thinking about her, however disgusting that was. Yes afterwards he would feel awful, he knew that, but now too much lust made the masturbation session inevitable.Suddenly Jenny turned her head towards him. He quickly looked away back at the TV. There was a few seconds silence when Doug knew Jenny was looking at him, but didn’t speak,“That was a terrible decision by the ref wasn’t it Grandpa?” she said“What! Yes sweetheart really bad.”He turned to face her and she gave him the sweetest smile and all of a sudden she was his granddaughter again and he felt his lust dissipate rapidly.For the next half hour he tried to concentrate on the football and put all the previous thoughts away, but just as the first half of the match drew to a close, he found himself taking a couple of sneak peeks at her. She had shifted slightly on the sofa and he noticed that both her nipples were erect and once again he felt that stirring in his loins.At half time, Doug went into the kitchen to make drinks and he heard Jenny bound up the stairs and into the bathroom, which was directly above the kitchen. As he stood there spooning instant coffee into 2 mugs, he could hear her clearly peeing into the toilet bowl just above him. Again his mind ran riot, imagining the warm yellow liquid squirting from his granddaughter’s tight pussy. Once again he started to rub his hard cock, feeling a small amount of pre-cum dripping against his leg.Above him the toilet flushed and a few seconds later Jenny was coming back downstairs.Doug took the 2 coffees back into the lounge and noticed that Jenny had moved to the other end of the sofa. She looked up at him and smiled,“Why don’t you come and sit on here with me Grandpa? I didn’t think earlier, you’d probably be more comfortable on here and it is your house.”Doug put the coffees down on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa at Jenny’s feet. As the match started again he once again found himself looking her up and down. From here he could see her arse much better and could easily make out the shape of her panties against it.When she had finished her coffee, Jenny stretched out a bit more and put her feet on Doug’s lap. For a few minutes she lay still but then suddenly she moved one of her feet and it brushed over Doug’s groin, before returning next to the other one.Doug felt a nervous feeling build upside his gut as his cock grew even more erect.“Had she done that on purpose?” he asked himself.He looked at her, she was watching the football intently.No it was just an involuntary movement he decided.But then just a minute later she did it again, her left foot ran along the top of his leg and over his groin, pressing against his swollen cock before going back the other way.Literally a few seconds later she did it again, her türbanlı ısparta escort bayan foot moving much slower this time and literally resting on his cock for a couple of seconds before going back again.He looked at her, but she never made any sign that she was doing it on purpose or even turned to face him, but as he stared at her, taking in her lovely breasts again, she did it once more and this time he heard a little moan escape from her lips. And as her foot came to rest against his cock, Doug deliberately made it twitch against her and he heard her softly go,“Mmmmm.”This time she didn’t move her foot back, she left it resting on his groin and started to move her toes against him as if she was wanking him off with her foot.Still she didn’t look at Doug.Doug gulped took a deep breath and moved his right hand so it was resting on her arse.“Mmmmmm,” she whispered again.He squeezed her bum and then ran a finger down her crack.Her foot was moving up and down his shaft now and Doug decided to go all out. With his right hand fondling Jenny’s arse, he managed to unzip his jeans and pull out his cock with his left hand.It was all or nothing now he realised. Here he was with his granddaughter and he had his cock out on full display.Jenny still hadn’t turned away from the TV, but her breathing had grown deeper as she ran her bare foot up and down her Grandad’s swollen cock.Doug moved his fingers down Jenny’s arse and between her legs. She moved slightly to give him better access and he ran his finger’s along the slit created by the pyjamas and knickers riding up into her cunt. He stroked her swollen pussy lips through her clothes and Jenny started to gasp and groan in ecstasy. For the first time she moved her head, though not towards him but into the cushion she was lying on to muffle her moans.By now Doug had lost all sense of control and he tugged at Jenny’s pyjama bottoms, pulling them down over her thighs and to her knees. She was wearing a pair of tight white lace fronted panties and he could see through the lace that she was, as expected, lovely and smooth. He eased his fingers past the gusset and against Jenny’s pussy lips. She was very wet and he heard the distinct squelch as he forced 2 fingers into her. She bucked slightly and he heard her muffled cry as she pressed her face into the cushion.For the first time he spoke to her,“God! you’re a horny little bitch.”This time she turned to face him, her face and neck were flush with passion.“Yes I am,” she gasped, “horny for my Grandpa. I want you to fuck me.”Doug smiled,“All in good time little one, let me enjoy your horny young body first.”Jenny turned to lay on her back and pulled her pyjama top off exposing her wonderful tits, her nipples standing stiff.Doug moved and lay beside her and started to suck her left nipple, whilst fondling her right tit hard with his left hand. Jenny wrapped her hand around Doug’s cock and as he kissed and nibbled and bit her tits and nipples, she slowly wanked him off.Doug knew he couldn’t hold back, but wanted to cum so he could continue without having to worry about ejaculating for a while afterwards. He managed to kneel with one leg either side of his granddaughters’ lovely young body. Jenny smiled up at him and continued to wank him until he squirted his cum over her firm tits.She ohhed and ahhed as his warm sticky spunk landed on her hot little body.“Oh Grandpa, you are a naughty old man,” she said wickedly.“And you are a dirty little girl,” Doug said to her.“Yes I’m Grandpa’s dirty little girl, ready and willing to do anything.”When Doug had finished he moved down the sofa and started on Jenny’s pussy with his tongue. He firstly licked her through her panties and when they were sopping wet he pulled them off and worked on her clit. Jenny orgasmed profusely, squirting her juice into his mouth. He pushed her on to her side and went to work on her arsehole as well, running his tongue over it and pushing it in slightly.“Oh yes that is fucking awesome Grandpa,” she gasped, “Give me more of that.”As Doug tongue fucked her arsehole, Jenny’s groans and moans and cries got louder.“I need to shut you up you horny bitch,” türbanlı escort ısparta he said coming up for air.He grabbed Jenny’s cum soaked knickers and pushed them into her mouth,“Suck your juice off these,” he told her and then went back to her arse.Jenny moved her own hand down and started to rub her pussy as her Grandad licked her arse, but then she moved her hand down further, until she was finger fucking her own arsehole as he licked it. Doug watched up close as Jenny’s forefinger disappeared up her arse, she moved it back and forth before pulling it out with a plop. She left the finger there though and wiggled it about and Doug realised what she wanted. He took her finger into his mouth sucking it clean and as he did so he felt Jenny squirt her cum all over his sofa. She removed her finger from his mouth and shoved it up her arse again. She repeated this a few times, Doug sucking her finger each time it came out, but after 4 times, Doug grabbed her hand and moved it up towards her face. He pulled the wet white knickers from her mouth and pushed her own finger into it. Jenny sucked it gladly, her eyes wide open looking straight into his.“You truly are a dirty bitch,” he told her.She pulled the finger out and he watched as she moved it down and curl into her cunt. For a few seconds she finger fucked her pussy before once more returning the wet finger to her mouth.“I’ve been doing this for years,” she said, “never thought I’d ever let anyone watch me, but this is so horny.”“Have you been fucked?” Doug asked.Jenny smiled back,“Only twice Grandpa, I had a boyfriend a year back who took my virginity but that’s it. I’ve never had a real man.”“And you want me to fuck you?”“Mmmm soon, but first do that tongue thing on my arse again.”“And what do I get?” Doug asked cheekily.“In October you get a little granddaughter living here for 3 years, ready and willing to do anything her Grandpa desires, and I mean anything.”Doug went back to Jenny’s arse and kissed it, licked it and tongue and finger fucked it making her cum again.When he came back up, she asked,“So name one thing I can do when I move in.”Doug had already thought,“How about you bring your old school uniform with you and wear it for your Grandpa sometimes.”Jenny smiled,“Oh you old pervert, want to play school girls do you.”Doug nodded, “You get your arse licked and fucked, and I get to do it when you are wearing your old school uniform.”“That’s a deal,” Jenny said, “but how about you fuck my pussy and then my arse now and then when I move in you can do it all you like whilst I’m wearing my school uniform.”Doug positioned himself and pushed Jenny on her side again. He rubbed his cock up and down her labia stimulating her clit and then pushed it up her cunt. She was quite tight, which was a wonderful feeling and he fucked her hard as she squirmed and gasped and cried out in passion. He did this for a few minutes and then pulled out, and went immediately for her arsehole. The tip of his cock pressed against her rectum and he slowly pushed inserting a few inches into her. She moaned and cried out loudly and grabbed the cushion again to muffle her cries. Doug pushed a bit further and then got his rhythm going. He hadn’t fucked an arse since his wife had passed away and forgot just how tight & horny it was.It didn’t take much of this before Doug’s balls tightened and he released his spunk into his granddaughter’s arse.As his cock slipped out, he felt a brief wave of guilt come over him, but with a deep breath he slapped Jenny’s arse and told her again what a naughty little girl she was.She moved up and sat on his lap and he felt his cum ooze out of her into his lap.She kissed him and wriggled around slowly.“Jenny wants to please her Grandpa though, you are going to let me aren’t you? After all I have been dreaming of this for years. Waiting for my chance to be nice for Grandpa Doug, so I mean when I come to Uni I can come and live with you, can’t I? I do promise I’ll be a naughty girl as often as you like and I’ll do anything as I said.”Doug kissed her,“Dreaming of it for years?”“Mmmm, I’ve always fancied my Grandpa, I’ve always been annoyed we live so far away and even a bit miffed you haven’t paid much attention to my body especially as I developed.”“Well I’m going to make up for that now,” Doug told her.Jenny kissed him again,“I’m so glad Mum went out, aren’t you?”“Yes I am,” he replied.“If she wasn’t here I’d sleep with you Grandpa, but it isn’t long to wait until I come to Uni and then she won’t be around and we can have as much fun as we like.”“I can’t wait,” said Doug.

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