Jenny’s Payment

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My girlfriend had run into hard times; she had lost her job as manager of KFC and her wrestling school had been closed down which left her bereft of any income. I tried to support her but my minimum wage job wasn’t enough to feed us both not to mention high gas prices so she started doing these real seedy backyard wrestling matches for money.

I accompanied her, driving Jenny to and from matches. Everyone called me her boy toy since Jenny was 44 at the time and I was 22; she was a cougar before the term was popular. Her first fight was in this trailer park populated entirely by Mexicans in Newark, DE. It was like entering a third world country and their “ring” was nothing but a nylon tarp a bunch of wooden pallets bound together with twine. There were no actual ropes at all; the crowd acted as them in their place. It was late by the time I found the place and the first match I watched had one woman whipping her female opponent into the crowd. They caught the offending girl-who already had blood trickling down her face from a gash in her forehead-and, in tandem, almost like they were doing the wave, the crowd of Hispanics shoved the bloody girl back as the other woman “bounced” off the audience on the other side and brought the beaten girl down with a flying leg lariat.

“Uno!…Dos!…Tres!” everyone yelled as the girl was pinned.

I swear to god immediately after, like it was her theme music, a freakin mariachi band started playing. Whether they were recorded or live I’ll never be sure since it was a sea of bodies shoving against one another to lift the victorious fighter while a few dragged the loser off to parts unknown.

They been dressed like pro wrestlers, wearing the sparkly one piece swimsuits, flesh toned pantyhose with lace up boots. I was a little discouraged when I saw some children running around a few moments later carrying the same boots as the loser had on, like they were trophies. Two ninos were having a tug of war over one while one older man had the girls one piece draped over his shoulder before lifting it in the air like it was a flag.

Jenny’s match was next and I was worried for her. She said it paid five hundred bucks, and we needed the money badly, but given the circumstances I was still very nervous since it required a deposit of the same amount, so you basically double your money if you win, and get nothing if you lose.

“So what happens if you don’t win?” I asked, trying to be logical but I should’ve known better than to be that around a woman.

“What? You don’t think I can win?” Jenny asked with a stern look on her face. And like every cliche sitcom trope I immediately tried to apologize but a loud trumpet, probably from that unseen band, broke the din of the crowd and everyone parted like the Red Sea as Jenny’s opponent came out like their Moses.

She was a tough looking woman wearing a red one piece, with gold Spanish lettering, and matching red & gold luchador mask with devil horns affixed to the top of it. Someone was announcing her over a microphone and it was all in Spanish so I didn’t understand a word until her name was said.

“La Diabla!” the guy spoke with a deep accent and the crowd started cheering like a soccer match as a goal was scored. I was so far back, guarding the van, as Jenny pushed her way through the throngs of immigrants to jump up onto the pallet. She was cascaded by everyone’s trash as they booed my woman.

Jenny looked great, her dark locks went down just past her shoulders; crunchy with the hairspray that she nearly choked me to death with as it filled the car like a fog while I had been driving. She hadn’t been hitting the gym that much so she wasn’t exactly in the greatest shape but she looked sexy, wearing her black one piece, the middle meshed so it showed off much of her body and just a little bit of underboob. She also wore black knee pads with white lace up boots. As soon as she planted her feet on the “mat” she was shoved from behind by somebody in the crowd. She stumbled forward and was greeted by the right hook of La Diabla. The crowd started chanting in spanish and a loud old iron ring bell clanged, signaling the start of the match. She’d been spun by the blow and fell into the waiting arms of the crowd who quickly shoved her back into the middle of the ring, right into the waiting arms of her opponent.

La Diabla wrapped her thick arms around Jenny in what looked like a bear hug until the taller mexican woman twirled around, lifting Jenny as easliy as though she were a child, and slamming her down hard with a belly to belly suplex. The pallets rattled from the impact as I could see Escort Bayan Jenny’s mouth formed an “O” shape as she held her back; her eyes wide in shock as that had to be one of the hardest bumps she’s ever taken. The crowd went nuts; singing something in spanish for some reason, like a chant or what I’m not sure but La Diabla was clapping along with them while she genuflected over Jenny for a moment before getting to her feet to rain down stomps on my woman.

Jenny took about two good blows to her head before she was able to cover up but La Diabla seemed to enjoy toying with my girlfriend as she stood with one boot on the back of Jenny’s head and yanked up hard on her dark hair, making her scream as though she were on fire. She kept this torture for ten agonizing seconds before lifting Jenny’s head up off the mat then releasing her hair to stomp my woman’s face into the “mat.” Jenny rolled around; I could faintly hear her squeals of pain over everyone else’s laughter. Jenny was starting to try to get up, but having no ropes to help her she sort of crawled around like Velma from Scooby Doo when she lost her glasses.

La Diabla came over and gave my Jenny a kick to the ribs which flipped her over; the wooden pallets clacking like laughing chickens. She was resting on her back, holding her side, when La Diabla made some kinda weird twisty-twirly motion with her hand and the crowd started whistling and cheering like they were at a rodeo or something. La Diabla stood over Jenny’s waist, leaned down and tugged off the straps on Jenny’s one piece, exposing her perky C cups.

“Tetas tweester,” she bellowed and bent over, grabbing each of Jenny’s nipples, criss crossing her hands, and did a front flip forward. It was amazing to watch such a move but also hearing Jenny’s screeching made me a little worried-and a little turned on. The Mexican was pulling Jenny’s nipples like they were made of silly putty as she bridged so it was like she was yanking my woman’s nips over La Diabla’s shoulder as though it were some kind of exotic pin. Jenny’s arms were immobilized for a few seconds with the straps holding them down but even as she fought her way free, she was unable to remove the woman’s fingers from her sensitive nipples. I hadn’t ever seen Jenny being beaten so quickly and I thought she would scream her submission until the other wrestler finally let go. I heard my woman’s sobs of relief as the crowd applauded the athletic display.

La Diabla wasn’t even slowing down, as she hopped up a la Shawn Michaels, and started nailing Jenny in her back with boots and knee drops as my girl rolled over to cradle her sore nips. She hauled my cougar up by her hair and another handful of Jenny’s swimsuit, tugging it up in a front wedgie. She scooped Jenny up and dropped down to genuflect with a rather sick looking back breaker that seemed to bend Jenny completely in half. Coupling up her fists together, she brought down repeated double axe handles, aiming towards my woman’s ribs. Jenny rolled off and was soaked with sweat. La Diabla said something to one side of the crowd, it was in Spanish, so even if I could hear it I wouldn’t know what the fuck she was saying, but regardless a lot of the men chuckled.

Jenny was still holding her back and side when La Diabla pulled her up onto all fours by her hair than sat down to lock in a camel clutch. She wrapped one of her thick arms-they were muscular, not fat, but not like bulgy with muscles, kinda solid and husky-around Jenny’s throat, to pull on her neck but also probably choke her, while her left hand reached down to grope my woman’s bare boobs. Jenny made strangled cries as she was molested while her wind pipe was being crushed. Meanwhile La Diabla continued talking to some man in the front row who looked like super mario-I mean the dude had on overalls, a red hat and a big ass mustache-the entire time; just chatting as if they were having a normal conversation at home.

She let go of Jenny’s tit then used two hands to lock under her chin and reared back full force. Even from standing in the open van door I could see my girl’s tits were pointed straight up at the starry night sky; thankfully the semi circle of old trailers had lots of lights strung up like Christmas making their “arena” very visible despite being outdoors. I could see La Diabla’s arms were trembling from effort but not as much as Jenny’s body was almost seizing up from pain. I guess she got tired and let go, Jenny’s face went smacking onto the plastic tarp “mat.” My woman looked utterly defeated and I guess La Diabla was getting impatient because she too was sweating. She hauled Bayan Escort Jenny up to her feet by her hair, my girlfriend made no attempt to even fight back as the Mexican fighter pummeled her pale white tummy with punches and kicks; backing Jenny up into the “ropes” but the crowd held her up as her abdomen continued to take a pounding until Jenny slumped forward, like a punch drunk boxer, leaning on her opponent’s chest.

She spun Jenny around her hip and locked in an abdominal stretch. Jenny’s screams were beleaguered as La Diabla almost bent her sideways; increasing the pressure from the hold-and utilizing a handful of hair to do so. She reached out to the members of the audience and they pulled at her open palm, causing Jenny to cry out in pain even louder as they all assisted in helping the Mexican woman cheat. They all ate it up, laughing at the obvious cheap heel tactics while my woman suffered. When she got bored of this, La Diabla let go and used the hand that the audience had been pulling to slide into Jenny’s swimsuit; obviously going for her pussy. Jenny started moaning and it was clear what La Diabla had in mind for a finisher but she didn’t allow my woman to find release; releasing the hold before Jenny could cum. My woman was on her knees, panting from her horniness and exhausted from the match, when La Diabla grabbed a handful of her dark hair and tucked Jenny’s head into her armpit, leading her around like a dog. La Diabla did a slow lap around the ring before increasing dramatically in speed. The crowd, knowing this old move, did an equally slow build-up of “oooohhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” before the finally “AHHH!” as Jenny was bulldogged face first into the wooden pallet “mat.”

While she was down, she stripped Jenny nude, tossing her boots and swimsuit out to the audience as they passed it around like a beachball at a concert. I wanted to protest but knew I was heavily out numbered. La Diabla posed Jenny with her legs spread for all four sides of the ring to see as they laughed, took pictures, and even spit on her cootchie. Lifting Jenny up to her feet with a double nipple twists brought her back to the land of the living, screaming like a newborn baby. La Diabla silenced her with another right hook, which again half spun Jenny and I thought for a second she was going to go out again but the mexican she-devil picked my woman up on her shoulders. At first I thought this was another humiliation attempt until she locked both of her powerful arms around Jenny and shook her up and down like a rag doll.

The torture rack made the ring tremble like an earthquake as Jenny finally screeched her sobbing submission loud enough for the crowd to hear. The old bell clanged and the audience rushed to lift La Diabla like a victorious war hero while I pushed my way through and managed to grab Jenny before she was trampled to death. I had to help her limp over to the van; I wanted to get the hell out of Dodge before they wanted to collect the money we didn’t have, and get her some medical attention from a nurse practitioner friend I knew, when Jenny reached out and grabbed my wrist as I had the key in my hand, reaching for the ignition.

“No…we can’t go yet, baby,” she said to me through bruised lips. I stared at her wide eyed, hoping to psychically express my urgency to leave before we were sold into white slavery or some shit. But Jenny told me to wait and as I did she wrapped herself up in the small bed of towels on the front seat she used to sleep in when going to and from a match. Just then I heard two loud bangs on the side of the van and at first I didn’t move but Jenny whispered for me to open it.

When I slid the door back, there stood La Diabla herself; another match had started so the crowd was focused on that, as she smiled at me then stepped up into the van and closed the door.

“Time to collect what, joo owe me, chica,” she said in a rather deep voice. I was about to blurt out how we had no money and we’re sorry and I’ll sell however many oranges by the side of the road they want to pay the debt but I was equally unnerved when La Diabla patted her lap as she sat across the seat in the back.

“You’re…my payment, honey. They knew I…had no cash…and she’s heard about you…well everyone has…and you were my collateral. So just do whatever she wants, sweetie, it’s okay by me.”

I was awestruck that not only was Jenny okay with me fucking another woman-in her presence even-but she was the one who had pimped me out. The irony was that I had been doing the same to her for years but it was to make money wrestling.

“C’mere, papi, Escort lemme show joo ‘ow a real woman takes care of ‘er mang,” La Diabla said and unzipped her mask in the back. I was grossed out to see she had a mustache, not as big as the super mario guy, but it was very evident. I sat down next to her on the seat and she smiled, this shit eating grin, like she knew I belonged to her like a piece of meat. She pulled my face tight against hers and began deep throating me with her tongue. I kissed back, because otherwise it would be weird if I didn’t, as she moaned into my mouth while grabbing my dick through my pants. She unzipped the fly in a second and was stroking my cock over my boxers and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an erection, if only from watching the match. She pulled her mouth and hand away to undo the straps on her swimsuit. She had big boobs, easily DD cups but they fit her tall frame-I mean Jenny’s 5’8″ so this woman had to be 5’11” at least. She grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved my face into her tits as I began sucking her nipple on reflex.

She was moaning passionately, mumbling in spanish as she bounced me from one boob to the next. Finally she pushed me down on the floor and used her finger to draw aside the crotch of her swimsuit. It was a hairy beaver and I could smell it from probably the front seat, just from her sweat I think she was just putting on a show to make Jenny jealous. That’s half the reason I couldn’t understand why my girlfriend agreed to this, if I even look at another girl, let alone talk to a female who is like a waitress at a restaurant we’re at, she gets SUPER pissed off. So the fact that she let some other woman use me like a piece of meat must’ve been making her feel murderous.

La Diabla scooted forward on the seat, pulling her knees up to her chest, allowing me to bury my face in her pussy while humping against my mouth until she came so hard her juices were dripping off my chin.

“We ain’t done yet, papi,” she smiled and switched places, getting on the floor as she pulled my jeans and boxers off.

“Damn it’s really thick,” La Diabla gasped at my girth, “I can see why da otha’ ladies like joo so much,” she chuckled and started to suck the life out of my cock. Her head bobbed up and down and I think every time I moaned Jenny shot me evil glares but it felt incredible. She blew me to completion then, because I was still hard-which is the real reason why the ladies liked me back then-she planted her knees on either side of my hips, pulled her swimsuit aside, then slowly plunged herself on my dick.

“Dios mio, papi,” she moaned, “feels so fuckin’ good…ugh, damn dat dick feels like ez tearin’ me up.” I was keeping her in rhythm steady so she could get accomodated to my dong. I was slapping her firm, round ass as it went up and down; she trembled each time I went in a little further. It wasn’t long before she took over, pinning my wrists to the headrest as she shoved her big tits in my mouth again as she rode me hard. When she bent down to kiss me as she came the first time, she bit my lip enough to make it bleed and continued using me like a fuck stick for over an hour before she said she was done then got up yet leaving me unfinished and still hard.

“Whew, dat was fun, papi,” she blew a kiss at me before turning the address Jenny.

“Hey, puta, nex’ time joo wanna dance, breeng money,” she hissed before slamming the van door shut.

“We can go now,” Jenny only mumbled as I was still trying to catch my breath. The crowd had roared a big cheer when La Diabla left the van, like a victorious porn star or something-though I imagine this van was a-rocking quite proficiently. Sadly we earned no money that night, leaving me alone to foot the cash for the gas; Jenny told me this was how it was going to have to be. Until we got enough scratch she would have to use me for an entrance fee to any of these backyard matches.

“Do you really think women would choose to screw me instead of getting five hundred clams?” I asked, feeling stupid yet somewhat flattered.

“Baby,” Jenny purred as she grabbed my still somewhat-hard cock that stuck up over the waistband of my boxers as I drove. “A lot of these women would PAY a lot more to get their hands on this thing,” she said stroking me while I tried to focus on driving back in the dark.

“The way it curves right here,” she almost whispered sensually as her fingers traced the outline of my rod, almost like she was taking to it and not me. “It’s like it was made to hit a woman’s G-spot; and it’s so thick it feels like it’s stuffing you until you’re about to burst.”

Jenny cringed then crawled off her seat to slide between my legs.

“Try to focus on the road, I need to thank you for coming to my aid, baby,” she whispered before kissing the crown. “My hero,” she breathed before taking me all into her mouth.

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