Jerking with Sarge

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Jerking with SargeSo, I used to be in the military, Army to be precise, stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. Carson is located just outside of Colorado Springs, which, as anyone who has been there knows, has a large number of porn theaters and very liberal laws on the matter. I’ve been going to porn palaces since I turned 18, so the Springs were my utopia at the time.In particular, there is a theater called the Eros, downtown on Tejon. It’s pretty nice, as far as these places go, with quite a few rows of seats and a very large-screen tv for the porn. You have to buy a ticket next door in the actual “bookstore” and then go outside to be buzzed into the Eros. I had been on post for about a month before I started exploring all the different theaters, since I wanted to know what the lay of the land was, both geographically, and in regards to other people in my unit. So, once I was comfortable, I went on fun porn trips. The Eros was the first theater that I went to, as it was the first one that I saw after I arrived in town. After arriving at the Eros and being buzzed in, I quickly went inside, to minimize time for other people to see me outside. I first stepped into a dimly lit foyer-type room with a hallway leading away. As I walked down this hallway, the light grew darker, but the sounds grew louder. I could hear what sounded to be a very hardcore straight film from ahead of me. My dick got hard immediately.I emerged from the hallway at the back of the theater. The only illumination in the theater was from the tv and the emergency exit signs. There were at least ten rows of seats between me and the tv, with an aisle splitting the rows down the middle towards the tv and back exit. I stood at the back for a minute, letting my eyes adjust. As my eyes started working better, I could see four other people in the theater. One man was standing a few feet from me, leaning against the wall. He was staring straight ahead, with his cock out, stroking slowly. Another man was sitting in the very back row, directly in front of the first man. He was turned around, shifting his gaze from the show to me. He had a jacket on over his lap, hiding whatever he was doing. The fact that one guy was already jerking off and another guy was watching made my dick even harder. While not gay, I love exhibitionism, watching and being watched. I walked down bakırköy escort the aisle to find a seat, and saw two other men, sitting right next to each other. They both had their hands in their own laps, with their shirts pulled down, also hiding from my attention. I suppose they were waiting to find out if I was a cop, though I would have thought they’d guess I wasn’t when I didn’t bust the guy beating his meat at the back. I decided to sit in the same row, on the opposite side of the aisle, a few seats in. One of the two men turned his head and stared at me as I made myself comfortable in the seat. I figured they were in the middle of something and wanted to get back to it, so I moved my hand to my lap and loudly pulled down the zipper on my jeans. The guy looking at me apparently took that as his cue and pulled his shirt up, exposing a hard cock of average length but exceptional thickness. The man next to him immediately bent his head down to resume sucking on it, slurping noisily.With this kind of action going on around me, I couldn’t not pull my rock-hard cock out and start to jerk it. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles to give my crotch some more fresh air. I watched the great porn on the tv, occasionally glancing over at the two buddies next to me. They would occasionally switch who would be getting or receiving the blowjob, and whoever was receiving would sometimes look at me and smile and nod. I smiled back, happy in my chair with my meat in my hand. My precum drooled steadily from the hole in my dick, and I used it liberally to stroke my cock and balls. I was getting so hot with everything going on, that I didn’t even hear the front door open when someone came in. The only warning I had was that the guys next to me covered up again. So, I quickly pulled my pants up and covered my dick with my shirt, staring straight ahead. I soon heard footsteps coming down the aisle behind me. As I tried to watch the porno, I saw a large man walk past me and sit in the row right in front of me, in the seat just to right of the one directly ahead of me. I looked from the screen to his face, but couldn’t make out much, since he was looking straight ahead. He looked somewhat familiar, though I couldn’t quite place him. I looked at the two guys to my beşiktaş escort right, and they were both watching him, trying to decide what his deal was. Soon enough, though, we all heard the telltale sound of a zipper being pulled, and they were back at it. My flagging dick stood attention again as I pulled my shirt off my cock and pulled my pants to my ankles. As I did this, the man in front of me turned to see what I was doing, and I got a nasty shock – it was my platoon sergeant! My heart skipped a beat and I just sat there with my cock standing straight up, precum glistening on the tip.He looked at my dick, then up at my face. He didn’t seem to register that I was the new guy in his platoon. He merely said, “Nice dick.” Then he got up and came back to my row, sitting right next to me. I looked from him to the other guys to my right, and they were both looking at me and smiling. One of them gave me a thumbs-up and then went back to sucking his friend.After Sarge had sat down, he just watched the porn for a little while, occasionally stealing glances at my cock. I was still sort of stupified, so I just sat there. After a little while, Sarge unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, exposing a dick that was long enough to keep it from standing straight up while hard. He just sat there, not stroking, but keenly focussed on the the movie. There we were, two guys with our pants around our ankles, just watching a porno. I finally was able to break free of the surprise that held me, and I began slowly stroking my dick again. My hand sliding along my precum-covered dick made a wet, sticky sound, and the Sarge looked over at me. He stared at my hand moving up and down, but didn’t touch his own dick. After a couple of minutes of watching me jerk, he said, “Can I?” I didn’t know what to do, so I just stopped and sat there. He reached over with his left hand and gently took hold of my shaft. His hand started to move up and down in my precum, gradually moving faster and holding tighter. I couldn’t believe it. There I was, in a porno theater with my platoon sergeant’s hand wrapped around my cock. He reached over with his other hand and started to massage my sweaty ballsack, rolling my testicles around between his fingers and palm. It was amazing. I let my head roll back, and closed my beylikdüzü escort eyes as he gave me an incredible handjob. I let my body slide down in my seat as I became very comfortable. Because my eyes were closed, it came as a bit of a shock when all of a sudden one of the fingers of his right hand found it’s way into my asshole. I jumped up a little bit, but he held me down by my cock. He whispered, “It’s okay, I’m using your precum for lube,” as if the fact that his finger might be dry was what I was worried about, not that it was in my ass up to his palm.I was about to object, but he began moving the finger in and out of my ass while jerking me hard. It felt so good that I decided to let it continue. The sounds around me died out, and the only thing left in my world was the finger in my ass and the hand around my throbbing cock. Precum poured from me in what seemed like rivers, and the Sarge used this to stroke me and to penetrate me. I don’t know how long this went on for, but suddenly his finger found that certain spot that men have, and I started to shake. “I’m gonna cum!” I rasped. “Go ahead,” he said, and stroked me harder. He then pulled his finger from my ass. As it exited the threshold, the sensation caused my cock to erupt. His right hand, now free, was cupped around the head of my dick, as he caught glob after glob of sticky cum. Some dripped back down onto his left hand and my cock, but he was able to hold onto most with his right hand. He immediately stood up and started furiously stroking his large cock, using my hot cum as lube. He hadn’t once touched his own dick until now, but appartently stroking someone else was all he needed, because he didn’t take very long to cum. He turned towards me and shot his own cum all over me. The first heavy rope of jizz hit me in the face, running down my chin. The second and third ropes hit my shirt and exposed chest and stomach. The fourth and fifth ropes landed square on my crotch. He squeezed his cock from the base to the tip, pushing out the rest of his oozing cum onto my bare right leg.I sat there, covered in my own and another man’s hot cum with him standing over me. Some of the cum on my face dripped into my mouth, as the cum on my dick and balls oozed down to my asshole. I was stunned, unable to move. Sarge pulled his pants up, tucked his dick away, and looked down at me. “See you at PT in the morning.” I could do nothing but sit there as I watched him walk down the aisle to the exit behind the tv. I slowly looked over to my right, where the two guys who had been sucking each other were both staring at me with wide eyes.”That was awesome,” one of them said. “Can we be next?”

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