Jerome calls me again to entertain his buddies

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Jerome calls me again to entertain his buddiesMy Black Master finally drove me back home after having me an entire night at his place; using and abusing all my holes.My asshole was really very sore; Jerome and his friend Davon had fucked me in a very brutal way in my tight anus.Then my Black Master had delivered me to another three black guys; but he had warned them that my as was very sore; so, they all fucked only my mouth and my tight wet cunt…I woke up the next day after been passed out for almost the entire afternoon and as I looked around my bedroom, everything that had happened the night before seemed like a bad dream now. My body was still sore, specially my fully stretched asshole.My loving husband called me from this far town outside. He was worried about the night before, since I had not answered the phone; as my mouth was busy to talk with him, I was making some other buccal business…I convinced Victor everything was fine at home and I told him I was missing him and his nice thick cock between my warm thighs. My hubby laughed, saying he would be back home in three days…It was too much time for me to be home alone…After a light meal for lunch, I came back to the bed and took a nice siesta.I had dreams about taking huge black cocks. Tossing and turning in bed, I realized that my body wanted more black cock, although it would hurt…My nose could smell the musk of black balls and I could remember the taste of the salty black cum in my mouth. I finally woke up in the evening and went to the bathroom. I got inside the hot tub and used some toys in my eager vagina to find some relief…The next day at my office, I received a phone call from Jerome…My Black Master told me to get ready again this same night. He would pick me up at home, since he had another bunch of niggers just for me…He added first I would taste his black dick in my mouth, since he was in the mood for receiving a nice soft treat from my good oral skills…As bakırköy escort I hung up the phone, I heard a soft knock at the door. Ben was there, a huge black co-worker; one of the biggest black guys I had ever met. He smiled at me, saying he was sorry, but he could not help overhear the whole conversation with my Black Master…I looked at him; I was speechless.Ben kept looking directly at me, with a little smile on his face and slipping one hand towards his crotch. He started to rub his trousers gently. I was scared; but then I felt I was getting aroused as my cunt got wet.Ben told me he would bet I was a nice white married cocksucker bitch….I had no answer for this. My mind raced trying to come up with something, but I just sat there looking at him, as he stroked his crotch.Ben then said he wanted to play, just a little bit. He kept calling me a cocksucker and it was making me really nervous, but also it turned me on.Suddenly, he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his semi-hard black cock.I gasped in surprise; the bastard sported a nice huge black cock with trimmed pubic hair around. He moved over to a table next to my desk and leaned back on it. I just stared at his cock. I could not keep my eyes off it, and he knew it.”Do you want a little taste?” Ben asked, as I kept staring at his black cock…I was mesmerized by the bobbing cockhead in front of me and noticed how it grew and thickened as it raised its head towards me.My mouth was starting to water and I was getting more and more flushed. I looked up at him embarrassed, not knowing what to say or do. I knew I wanted to suck it, but I was scared because of who Ben was…But I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth but fear was holding me back. Ifinally just went for it. I slowly dropped onto my knees directly in front of him. His cock was now straight in front of my mouth, throbbing with every heartbeat, tempting me to take it between my red beşiktaş escort lips…I then opened my mouth and started to lick his thick cockhead. Ben moaned, asking me not to stop. I finally took his dick into my mouth and started to slowly suck it in and out of my wet lips.He said I was a fine cocksucker and then I started sucking in earnest now, taking his cock all the way in and then pulling out the head and back again. I started to moan as I sucked; Ben kept also moaning, making sounds of pleasure. The more he moaned, the hotter I got…All of a sudden I noticed he was getting close to blowing his load. His hips were moving forward, trying to thrust more of his cock into my mouth. I was ready to taste his cum. I also realized I was doing a great blow job. Ben suddenly put his hand on my head and started to moan louder.Few seconds later he began to shoot spurt after spurt of cum.I swallow in rhythm with his spurts of cum, sucking him hungrily…I finally let his cock pop out of my mouth and I looked up at him. Ben smiled at me, saying he had never imagined that I would be such a cocksucker…He then pulled up his trousers and he left my office.Late afternoon I went straight home to get ready for my night with Jerome.I got a warm shower, shaved my mound and cleaned out my asshole, thinking a new bunch of niggers would be willing to sodomize me.I decided to dress sexy; so I chose a tight red dress that barely covered my buttocks. A pair of high stilettos completed my outfit. Of course I left my thong behind, since I knew somebody could claim it as a souvenir.I was thinking about my Black Master; he considered me a white bitch to be used whenever he wanted; specially for black cocks…The bastard knew I craved it, even if it meant humiliating myself to get it.After dinner somebody knocked at my door. I opened and there was a big black guy, smiling at me. He said his name was Dino and added he would beylikdüzü escort be the first in my wet cunt as soon as we got Jerome’s place…When we arrived there, I felt my heart was pounding in my chest, as I stood in front of the door. Jerome himself opened and he smiled at me.“You cannot get enough, bitch…?” He said.He looked down at me, approving my sexy outfit.Once inside, my Black Master lifted the hem of my tight dress and he checked out my mound was freshly shaved. He slipped a finger along my slit and smiled as it saw I was already soaking wet.Jerome said his friends liked white married bitches’ cunts well shaven…He then told me to strip off my dress. I stood up naked, just wearing a pair of high stilettos. Jerome felt my buttocks and slid a finger around my tight rosebud. As it entered my sphincter I whimpered, telling him I was still a bit sore. He laughed, saying tonight his friends would take just my wet cunt.But first of all, Jerome added he would take my mouth, as he pushed my shoulders down and I got on my knees in front of him.He unzipped his trousers and his huge beautiful black cock popped out.I took just the cockhead between my red lips and started sucking him.Jerome closed his eyes and moaned. He then grabbed my head and pulled my face against his throbbing dick. I gagged on it as I tried to swallow all.My Black Master laughed, saying his friends would be satisfied with me; although my mouth and ass would be banned for those bastards…As I was choking on his thick black cock, I noticed a shadow at the bedroom’s door. It was Dino, the huge black guy that had driven me there.He was watching me as I sucked a black cock and he was stroking his through his trousers. He smiled at me as I looked at him.I choked again on Jerome’s dick and he released my head, letting me take a gasp of air. He smiled and said it was enough for him…A while later there was a knock at the front door. I heard my Black Master receiving and talking some of his friends. Then he called me. As I entered the living room, I could see half dozen black guys staring at my exposed naked body with their hungry eyes.I closed my eyes for a moment, thinking all this was just a bad nightmare.I thought it would be again a very, very long night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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