Jessica Pathetic

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I was sitting at my computer, working on some writing, when Jessica knocked softly at the front door.

I had been on a hot streak that day, getting some serious pages in on my latest novel, and finished the sentence before I responded.

“Yes?” I called. I saw the clock, knew who it was – she was right on time, a very good sign. She and I had only met recently, first on-line, followed a few phone conversations. This was our first face-to-face, and I half expected her to be late just out of the brattiness that plagues most submissives.

“Sir, it’s me,” she said quietly. “It’s Jessica.”

I pushed away from my desk and smiled to myself.


“Jessica from on-line!”

“Tell me what you are.”

There was a brief pause. When she spoke, her voice was even softer. “It’s your whore. Your fuckpig.”

“Oh, Jessica,” I beamed. “Hold on just a minute.”

I went into the bedroom and took a few things out of my ‘war chest’ the drawer under my bed where I kept my sex toys and weapons of flesh destruction. I took my time in setting them about the living room. I fixed myself a drink. I took a small glass plate from the kitchen and slid it under the chair.

I let her wait about five minutes before opening the door.

She was fidgeting, toying with her shoulder-length brown hair, looking back and forth nervously. A wide smile crossed her face when she saw me; a smile that went up into her eyes. I smiled back; her expressive eyes were quite a turn-on for me, as I looked forward to seeing them filled with lust and humiliation.

She wore a loose fitting dress and sandals, per my instruction.

“Hello,” she said brightly. “It’s so good to finally meet you.”

I stepped forward and hugged her lightly. I ran my hand along her back. She wore no undergarments, as per my instruction.

“Come on in,” I told her. I shut and locked the door behind me. She went to the middle of the living room, looking around at my place.

“I really love your apartment,” she said.

I walked past her, plopped down in my chair, and picked up my drink.

“Okay, slut, let’s see it.”

“See what?”

“See my new meat. Take your dress off.”

Your eyes tense up.

“Bitch, don’t disobey me.”

Slowly, she lifted her dress up over her head. She shakes slightly. This is so much for her, too quickly. She expected more of a slow build, I expect. She folded the dress over her arm. She hesitated only a moment before following my command to wad it up and throw it in the corner.

“Take off your flip-flops. You look ridiculous wearing nothing but your shoes.”

She slid her feet out of her sandals and kicked them aside.

“Hands on top of your head,” I snap. “And turn around slowly. All the way around.”

Jessica complied, eyes closed. Her breasts were large and heavy, succulent looking. Her ass, however, was big. Her belly sagged. She was a big girl, no doubt about it. This was something she had been honest about from the beginning, and it wasn’t a problem for me.

There were two roses tattooed on her back, and a blue flower on her foot. She had painted her cute, stubby toes the same shade of blue.

She was completely naked, save the red lipstick, the heavy black eyeliner (of course, per my instructions) and a necklace with a cross on it.

“You didn’t mention you were a cow,” I sneered. “Bend over and spread your ass with your hands. Are those stretch marks? Stand up and face me, you fat fucking piece of shit.”

Her cheeks burned bright red, her eyes still closed, her body still trembling.

“Awwww, what’s the matter? Are you a little embarrassed? You don’t like that I make fun of you? Well what did you expect? Your ass is fat, and you look so pathetic standing there wanting my approval. Open your eyes. Look at me.”

Her eyes are already wet. She has such low self esteem, feels shame so easily. I’m already having a blast. This will be too easy, I think.

“I’m sorry, Master,” she murmured. “I’m s-s-sorry I displease you.”

Standing suddenly, I moved over to her and grabbed a handful of her hair. Her back stiffened, her breath hitch. I slapped her left tit with an open hand, and then the right. I watched them jiggle and sway. I smacked them again and again, until her tits were pink and covered with finger marks.

“Did I do something wrong?” she squeaked.

“Shut the fuck up, cum bucket,” I chuckled. “This isn’t punishment. This is me having fun. That’s why you are here, isn’t it? To amuse me? Open your mouth.”

Her red lips part. I spit right in her face. She gasped.

“Is there a problem?” I whispered.

“N-n-n-no, Sir,” she whispered in return.

“Good,” I smiled. And then, before she knew what was happening, I raised my hand and slapped her across the face. She gasped again. I slapped her three more times, quickly.

That broke it. The tears started to run from her eyes. She wasn’t weeping, but the slaps had opened her up to let loose. Her eyeliner started to run.

“Tell xslot me you’re a fat piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to serve me,” I snapped. “And get on your grubby whore knees to do it.”

Jessica sank to her knees before me. Her fingers grabbed the front of my pants legs, and she started sobbing and pleading.

“Please, Sir. I know I’m beneath you, I’m just a worthless fuck slave. I-I-I’m a f-f-fat piece of,” her voice tore “shit whore. Please let me serve you. All I want it to be your toy.”

“Get used to being on your knees. That is where you belong.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I sat back down in my chair and picked up my drink again. I kicked off my shoes; having intentionally not worn socks that day so my feet would sweat. I don’t have terrible body odor, but no one’s sweaty feet smell good.

“Crawl to me,” I commanded. She kept her head down and crawled over. “Wrong. Tits lower, ass up high. Back up and try it again.”

She got it right that time. “Now look at me. Open your mouth.” This time, she stuck her tongue out for me to spit on. I leaned in close, as if to kiss her, and then spit in her mouth. She swallowed dutifully.

I shoved her head down to the floor and stuck my toes in her mouth.

“Tongue bath. Lick them clean.”

I finished my drink as Jessica lapped at my feet like an attentive puppy. She made little pained moaning sounds every once in a while, and stopped only when I needed to spit. Normally I don’t spit so much, but using her as a receptical was proving to be a lot of fun.

I sent her into the kitchen to get me another drink, and took off my clothes. She knelt down before me. I had her turn around, her ass facing me.

From behind the chair I took out the butt plug with the tail on it. I lashed her ass a few times with the long beaded tail strands, then went to her mouth and had her lick the plug thoroughly before jamming it up her ass.

“That’s better,” I said, patting her head. “Looks more natural on you.”

“Sir?” she whimpered.

“Yes, pet.”

“I want to tell you what a sexy body I think you have. I am such a lucky whore to be here with you.” Her voice had steadied out a little, still meek and sad but not teary-eyed any longer.

I sat down on the chair and spread my legs wide, hooking the backs of my knees over the armrests.

“Put your mouth to some good use. Stop blabbing and get that filthy tongue of yours inside my asshole. You ever given a rimjob before?”

She knee-walked up to me, looking nervous. “No, Sir.”

“Only one way to learn.” I grabbed a double handful of her hair and jammed her face between my thighs, into my ass. She gagged a little, and then I felt her slimy tongue licking my flesh. She poked around my pucker gently, timidly. I pulled her hair more tightly, and mashed her face in deeper. “Tongue out, bitch. Don’t waste my time here. Lick my fucking asshole like it’s your dinner, because it is.”

Jessica, my pathetic little cumslut-in-training, started to slurp and lap. I could feel the saliva pouring from her mouth. She got her tongue a little way into my ass, trying as hard as she could. I let go of her hair and took another drink.

“You are a foot-sucking, ass eating, spit drinking little cunt,” I snarled, smacking at the back of her head until I heard her breath catch. “Now let’s see how you suck cock. Don’t worry, pig, you can have seconds of asshole later.”

She grabbed the base of my cock with one hand, caressed my balls with the other, and started going to work. She had a hard time getting used to it; my cock was thicker than any she had touched before. Her eyes kept darting up to meet mine, imploring me for praise.

I spit on her again. She withdrew slightly.

“Awful. You call that sucking cock?” I reached around and found my handcuffs. Quickly, I snapped them onto her wrists and locked her hands at the small of her back.

I stood up in front of her and slapped her again. She yelped, and her eyes got wet again. I grabbed a double handful of her hair.

“Open wide.”

The face-fucking I gave her was a thing of beauty. She was trapped, unable to move, as I plunged my nine inches in and out of her mouth. Red lipstick smeared on my shaft, and on her cheeks. I kept going deep, prompting her to drool thick globs down her chin. She grunted and gagged and made a pitiful whining sound.

“You want to eat my cum?”

The whining sound turned into something like ‘mmm hmm’ but it didn’t matter what she answered. She was to be my cum bucket. Time to break her in the hard way.

I pulled my cock away from her, and shoved her over the chair. Her face was flat on the seat, flush in the pool of saliva she had dripped in my ass. I held onto her hair like it was the reigns of a beast of burden as I mounted her from behind.

“Remember this fucking, pig. You will never have such quality cock again.” I slammed home into her pussy. She squealed in pleasure, and started bucking – she was hot and worked up she was hitting orgasm almost instantly, hitting the peak of xslot Giriş pleasure every time I plowed deep into her vile pussy and smashed against her cervix. Her tail swished back and forth, causing a pleasurable tickling on my lower belly.

I rode her hard for a few minutes. Then I grabbed the tail and jerked it free; it came out with a POP. Before her gaping cornhole could contract, I jammed my cock deep into her bowels. She howled. She sobbed. Her bare feet kicked against the floor. Her bound hands fluttered like little birds. I pulled back tighter on her hair, riding her like a mule.

“You dirty fucking bitch. You whore. You fuckpig piece of aahhhhhh!” With her last whimper I went over the edge, and emptied a massive torrent of sperm deep into her ass.

I pull out slowly, find the keys, and unlocked her cuffs. Gently, I massaged her wrists, but kept her face down, her back bent.

I grabbed the plate, slid it between her knees, and then allowed her to sit up.

“Squat over that plate,” I said lazily, laying back to watch. “Let my cum drip out of your ass. Push it out, if you have to.”

Jessica squatted, facing me, face red and ashamed. She strained and clenched her ass, and white creamy jizz started to drip onto the glass.

“T-t-thank you for letting your pig cum, Sir,” she mewled, and bit her lower lip. The cum continued to drizzle across the plate, like frosting dusted with brown sugar. “Your cock is so perfect.”

“Here, suck on this. It will help.” I jammed the butt plug into her mouth. She gagged, and her eyes filled up with tears. “Jesus Christ you never stop crying, do you?”

She let loose a tiny little fart, spraying cum, and for some reason this set her off to crying again. Being a spittoon and eating ass was one thing, but farting in my presence seemed to affect her harshly. She started weeping again, making pitiful little noises around the buttplug wedged in her jaws.

It took about five minutes before I was satisfied that all the cum has leaked out of her ass. Then I pulled the plug from her mouth, replaced it in your ass, and pushed her face down into the plate.

“Dinner is served. Eat it while it’s still warm and smelling like your shit, cum bucket.”

She was rigid, staring at it, inches away from her nose. I let go of her head.

“I won’t force your face into it. I won’t have to, will I?” I said calmly, quietly. “I told you to eat it, and you will lick it up because you obey me. It would easier for you if I forced you to do it, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t give you the easy way out like that. You put your mouth down there and lick up that stinking cum because you are a depraved, pathetic, slut whore.”

She lowered her face and stuck out her tongue. Her chest was shaking a little.

I laid down next to her and giggled at her while she cleaned the plate.

“You are good spittoon, slave,” I said mock-gently. “As a dish washer, you leave something to be desired. Maybe if I gave you something else to lick up.” I cleared my throat and spit onto the plate. She continued licking until the glass plate was clean.

As she tried to regain her composure, I moved back into my chair and pushed PLAY on the vcr remote. I had a tape already cued up in the machine, a nasty little porno flick called Rough Sex.

“Watch these whores eat ass,” I told Jessica sternly, moving her to face the tv. “You might learn something.”

“Yes, Sir,” she mumbled. She kept her arms in front of her, trying to cover up her belly. I smacked her face, and she understood, moving her hands around to the small of her back.

“I see you for the pig you are, Jessica. Don’t try and cover up your gut, it doesn’t do any good.”

“Yes, sir.” She was smart enough to look at me whenever I spoke to her.

“If I catch you covering up again, you will be in trouble.”

“What does that mean, Sir?” she asked, her eyes honest.

I reached out and slapped her face. And then again, a backhand.

“I’m sorry, Master,” she cried. Your pussy was starting to stink again; the bitch really did love to be slapped around. “Your pig won’t cover up again.”

We watched the movie for a while. Jessica was still wildly turned on; I could smell the juice from her cunt. Every few minutes I would reach down and play with her a little. First I tied up her tits with thin lengths of rope. Then I pulled out the nipple clamps and attached them… but only after giving her big beautiful breasts another fierce round of slapping.

I put her in a few positions, moving her every once in a while. Just so she could get the feel of being my footstool, being my drink holder, so she could learn how I liked to have my feet and back rubbed. Every time I needed to spit, I just snapped my fingers – her mouth would open, her tongue would extend. I had complimented her on her spittoon abilities, and she seemed extra eager to please me in that fashion.

And then I got out a black marker, and looked down on her.

“I’m not sure what to write,” I said, pensive. “What word sums you up xslot Güncel Giriş the best?”

Leaning down, I wrote PATHETIC in big black letters over her tits, across her chest.

“You’re Pathetic.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m Pathetic. I’m your dog, your pig, your property.”

I patted her head gently, then quickly grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked hard. She fell to the side, and crawled to keep up with me as I dragged her into the other room. We went through the bathroom, her whimpering the whole time, and into the bathroom. I pushed her next to the toilet.

“Lift up the lid… with your mouth, cum bucket!” She put her lips on the toilet seat and pushed it up. “Now leave your face right there, over the water.”

Her neck lay across the edge of the toilet, her face extended out over the bowl. I snapped my fingers, and she opened her mouth. She was shivering, petrified.

“You’ve never been a urinal before, have you, Pathetic?”

“N-n-n-no Sir.”

I smiled down at her and unleashed a torrent of piss across her pretty features. She gurgled and groaned. She retched a little when I sprayed hot urine across her tongue. I shot piss over her ear, in her hair, and made sure to aim specificially up her nose and into her mouth. She started to cough, trying to fight off her gag reflex.

Finished, I let my dick hang between my legs. A yellow drop beaded up on the end. I snapped my fingers and pointed – she leaned up to me, extended her tongue, and licked it clean.

She looked so defeated, so broken. Her eyes were wide and honest, showing me that she had never felt so dehumanized in her life. Little curls of her dark hair stuck to her forehead and cheeks, pasted there with piss, spit, and cum. Three things the little bitch would come to crave.

“You learn quickly, pet. I bet you’ll be as good a toilet as you are a spittoon. Whoops, you missed a few drops.”

I pointed to the rim of the toilet bowl, which was drizzled with dozens of small dots of urine.

“Stick out your tongue, Jessica,” I instructed, as if talking to a dog. “Keep those eyes open. You don’t get to run away into your head. I want you right here, with me. You are Jessica, a nursing assistant and part time student. You live with your parents. You came to me because you loved the stories I wrote about degrading sluts. You are a sad, pitiful excuse for a woman, and deserve everything you get. Now, you are to use that whore mouth of yours to clean that toilet. And while you do it, you are to stroke your clit.”

Sniveling, she got to work, licking the porcelain clean of piss. I hadn’t cleaned the toilet in a couple of weeks, so it was fairly disgusting. She coughed when she got a pubic hair in the back of her throat, and then continued on.

A funny noise started deep in her throat. It sounded like a moan of pleasure, but one she was fighting, trying to choke back.

“That’s clean enough,” I said, when it was spotless. “And now…”

I pointed to the floor next to the toilet. She looked up at me, pleading silently. I grabbed her hair and pushed her face down. When I let go, she was already at work.

And then it happened – despite how hard she was fighting it, the humiliation of the scene and the stroking of her clit brought her to orgasm. I saw her quiver and quake, exhaling a long hiss that bled into a groan. Her tongue stopped mid-lick, spread out flat on the nasty bathroom floor as she exploded in a massive cum.

And then she broke into tears again, realizing what had just happened. Realizing it meant everything I said about her was true. Realizing that she had never been more turned on then she was right now.

“Stop,” I told her. My cock was throbbingly erect at the spectacle of her submission. She turned to face me, still on her knees, hands still behind her back. She looked almost clown-like, with her black eye makeup having smeared and run in streaks and splotches, her lipstick so rubbed it looked like greasepaint around her mouth.

She took my cock into her mouth eagerly, passionately. She rammed her face up and down on my cock, gagging herself, raping her own mouth on my meat. I reached down and played with her bound breasts, squeezing the clamps until she made a pained (but muffled) noise.

“Okay,” I said, “crawl back out here bitch, it’s time to play a little back-and-forth.”

I walk behind her as she crawls, kicking her ass once in a while to egg her on. I positioned her in the middle of the living room, and set pillows down in front of her hands. She was not allowed to use them, they were for me. The carpet was good enough for her hands and knees.

“Here’s how we play, pig Jessica. I’m going to go back and forth between your ass and your mouth. It’s like flipping a coin. You want to make me cum either heads or tails. At stake is what happens to you next. If you win, you get to take a shower, run some errands for me, and when you come back we’ll have dinner and you can stay the night.”

Her eyes lit up.

“If you lose, you put on your dress and leave right after I cum, without being able to clean up.”

“Let’s play,” I pinched her nose shut and jammed my cockhead deep into her gulping throat. I face fucked her ruthlessly, gagging her so much I thought she would puke. Thick ropes of saliva dripped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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