Jessie’s in Deep

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Another story from the erotic mind of busty_jessica_22.


“Hey Jessica, come on classes are over and we’re all headed to Rosie’s for burritos and beer.” Shelly called to her.

“Sorry Shelly I have an appointment with Professor Washington and I can’t miss it. Maybe I can catch you later?”

“Washington, that fat old bastard? Do you think he’s mean because he’s black and fat, or just because he’s stuck in this small college in the middle of nowhere?”

“I think he’s just being as fair as he can, college is supposed to be tougher, Shelly!”

“Well we are all entitled to our own thoughts and I don’t like him. Well try and catch up with us Jess, we’ll be there for a while, OK?”

“OK, Shelly save me a burrito and a cold one!”

I continued on to Professor Washington’s office and arrived just a few minutes early for my 4 PM appointment. I was wondering what he wanted to see me about when he saw me and said.

“Come in Miss Bustamonte, have a seat here.” He pointed to a chair opposite his desk.

“Thank you, Professor. What can I do for you sir?”

“Your Dad is the Pastor of the local Baptist Church here in town isn’t he?”

“Yes, sir, he’s been the Pastor here for as long as I’ve been alive.”

“He is well respected in the community, preaches about honesty and fairness in life for the most part, correct?”

“Yeas, sir! It’s one of his pet phrases “Always be fair and honest’, I have heard it thousands of times.”

“It’s a shame then Miss Bustamonte that you did not heed his advice!’

“What do you mean, sir?”

” This term paper you turned in,” He showed her the paper, “It’s is your work, isn’t it?”

I stammered a bit, it was the paper I had turned in but it wasn’t my work. I had paid a guy to write it for me.

“Um, yes sir!”

“Well it’s a funny thing. I gave this paper an A plus…”

“I got an A?”

“… Ten years ago to another student. I believe the correct word would be plagiarism, Miss Bustamonte, isn’t it?”

I was caught, I confessed and begged to have another chance.

“Please professor, I was tied up in so many things time got away from me and I looked for the easy way out, I am so sorry.”

He stood now and as he did the fat just bounced and jiggled. He was obese and at times he had an odor that stayed with you when you left the classroom. As he paced behind his desk that odor and all the fat repulsed me.

“Tell me what do you think your father’s reaction will be when he hears you were expelled form school for cheating?”

“OH God no, please he will explode, I’ll do anything please, I can’t be expelled. Let me do three papers, I’ll clean your office, wash your car, Oh god please?”

He seemed to actually be listening to me and he continued to pace the room before he said.

“Ok, I will tell you what. You have been a decent student and your future should not be destroyed because of this one incident…”

“Thanks you, thank you, tell me what to do?”

“First of all, NEVER interrupt me again, clear?”

I nodded. I was suddenly aware that anything I said could make him change his mind. I forced myself to be mute.

“I will give you this one chance to redeem your life and escape your father’s wrath. But I must warn you this will be no easy task for you. What is your choice, Miss Bustamonte?”

As I was thinking about my choice, not really a good choice, I could not get his use of my last name out of my mind. Ever since eighth grade when my breasts sort of exploded on my chest I have been called “Busty”. Short for Bustamonte and long for the size of my tits. While I am 5’6″ and slender, my 34 DD’s have defined me since they appeared. I am either pretty or cute depending on who you talk to and I have long hair whose color I change periodically. At this point it’s blonde, isn’t that a laugh the dumb blonde and the professor. Yeah, back to Professor Washington.

“I said I will do anything Professor, and I am good for my word. What do you want me to do?”

“Report to my house, here is the address. You will notice that it’s just a couple of streets over from your house, so you should not get lost. I want you there at 10Am to get ready for your chore. Oh and don’t be late, Miss Bustamonte!”

I took the sheet of paper with the address on it and head down slinked from his office. Although I had no idea what I would be doing on Saturday for the Professor, I dreaded having to be in his company, especially on a Saturday. I no longer felt like burritos and beer so I called Shelly on my cell and made my excuses. I went home grateful for the opportunity to redeem myself ashamed at my need to do it.

As I was leaving Professor Washington’s class on Thursday he handed düzce escort me an envelope that I opened and read in private. I was surprised when I saw a $100 bill but when I read the note I felt like I was going to be sick. The note told me to go to a store and pick up an outfit for Saturday. I was to make sure of the size, allow the woman at the store to make sure of the best fit. I was getting ill because the store I had to go to was an adult shop. I promised myself right then that I would never again cheat.

I went to the store that afternoon and cringed because it was really seedy inside. I asked for Gloria and told her the Professor sent me and she sent me to the dressing rooms. She later brought over an outfit, or at least parts of an outfit. It was a red vinyl bustier with a matching red vinyl thong. Gloria insisted I strip naked and try it on, as the Professor was insistent on the fit.

I squeezed into the bustier and my DD’s were barely contained, I felt as though if I walked at all they would spill out of the garment. I mentioned this to Gloria but she said that was the fit he was looking for. The thong was fine except that having the vinyl between my legs caused my pussy to get a little excited. I gave Gloria the $100 and took my ‘outfit’ with me. I was told in the note that I was to arrive at 10AM wearing this so now I had to figure how to get out of my house and past my parents with this on.

By Saturday morning I was really nervous and scared. I had promised to do anything and based on the ‘outfit’ the Professor was making me wear I was sure that I was going to have to fuck him. I don’t mind fucking, in fact I love it and do it as often as I can. I was physically repelled by the Professor’s weight and smell, all I could pray for was that he came quick and only wanted me once. Surely a hot shower right after would clean me up.

I put on the red vinyl outfit and threw some sweats over it so I could get passed Mom; thank god Dad had gone to a nearby church for some consultation and was not home. I told Mom I would be studying all day and I would see her later, unless the gang was going somewhere. She smiled at me in a weird way and said enjoy the day Jessie.

The drive to the Professor’s house allowed me to quickly forget my Mom’s odd manner and I started to get real concerned as I parked in the driveway, took off my sweats and walked to the front door with just the vinyl bustier and thong. I knocked and waited standing there almost naked. I knocked again and shortly the door opened and the Professor said.

“You were a little early Miss Bustamonte. I decided to not open the door until it was time for you, I trust you did not catch a chill.” And he laughed as he said it.

I knew I was not expected to answer and I didn’t. Instead I asked him.

“Ok Professor where do you want to fuck me?”

“Miss Bustamonte, I will tell you what you are to do today and while I reserve the right to fuck you later, you will be required to provide a different kind of entertainment today.” He grinned, a lot like my Mom had grinned as I left.

“Come with me, now!”

I followed him to the back yard and he led me to an area that had benches laid in a semi circle around a shallow depression in the turf. The professor had me kneel in the depression and he then tied my arms out to the side, affixed to posts I had not seen in the ground. I was secured to such an extent that I would be virtually immobile. I was not uncomfortable as the Professor brought some cushions and allowed me to slide them under my knees. He then brought out either a shower cap or skullcap and after gathering my hair he covered my head with the vinyl cap. However, when he brought over the cone I began to worry.

It was one of those cones that slides over a dogs head so he can’t bite himself. The Professor was in the midst of securing one of those cones around my neck. I was too puzzled to ask him what he was doing, but he volunteered anyway.

“Miss Bustamonte, today there will be lots and lots of men visiting, our own college football team, the opposing team from today’s game and a host of others. There were also a lot of men from in and around the community. Whenever we have someone volunteer like you have, we have a game. Everyone who comes here today will at one time or another come to this circle stand on the benches and ejaculate on you. In fact their goal is cum inside the cone on your face, or your head whatever. They will all be watched and judged and the winner will be allowed to fuck you however and how often they choose, am I clear?”

Holy shit, I was stunned. All I could do was nod. I love cum shots and all but I could not imagine being in the middle of a bunch edirne escort of men in just this vinyl bustier and thong and nothing but men with hard cocks cuming all over my face. I was too naïve to understand the reality of how much cum there would be.

I was anxious as the first few guys approached and pulled their cocks out and began to stroke themselves. They all looked so tasty that I at once was pulling at my restraints trying to get close enough to take one of them in my mouth. I’d forgotten the cone and the ropes held fast so all I could do was shout some dirty words of encouragement and wait for them to erupt. Now I know you think they are all going to cum at once, but no, the guy to my left shot first and most of his cum hit my head and slid off the skullcap and slid down to the base of the cone and wet my neck. The next two came together and they both caught my face spraying my mouth, forehead and nose with gobs of sticky white cum.

I had had a few orgasms before I realized what I had failed to understand when I started was just how much cum there would be. I also did not realize that this cone was designed not to allow the cum to drip out the bottom. After only an hour or so, it was sloshing around my neck inching higher and higher in the cone. I began to wonder what to do when the level reached my mouth?

When the level of cum was just touching the bottom of my chin, the Professor came by and was trailed by three women who I could not yet see. Miss Bustamonte, you are doing well but the men need some additional help in cuming so I have brought three women who will do whatever is necessary to get these men to cum and fill your cone. I believe you even know two of the women.

It was then that I recognized my Mom and she was naked. She was a little shorter then I am, she’s a natural platinum blonde and at 37 was still a gorgeous woman. Her tits were somewhat smaller then mine, she was a C cup, but they held their shape and were still firm. Standing next to her was Aunt Suzy. Aunt Suzy was almost my Mom’s twin. She was a year younger and her hair a lustrous auburn. The third woman was black and I did not know her but she was very well built with large firm tits and big nipples.

I was at first embarrassed to be seen by my Mom and Aunt but realizing they were naked and I at least had the bustier on I was OK. I was about to ask what she was doing here when she volunteered.

” I met Professor Washington, Bobby in an alley behind a bar. I’d had a fight with your Dad and went to the bar angry. After a few stiff drinks I ended up in the alley with a few guys sucking their cocks. When Bobby found me he chased the guys away and promised not to tell Dad as long as I ‘volunteered’ at his gatherings. Your aunt Suzy was also blackmailed by a friend of the Professor, that she had met and started an affair with.”

“Enough chit chat ladies the sun is setting and we are not finished. You three ladies are here to stimulate these fine young men. You are to make your mouth, your cunt and your ass available to the men to get them ready to cum. Any woman here who allows a man to cum in her and not on young Miss Bustamonte will be whipped and have their asses fucked without mercy until no man dares to put his cock inside you. Do you understand?”

The three women nodded and busied themselves stimulating the men. It was not rare to see one of the women taking three cocks at once, in fact that was generally the case. As they neared their climaxes the men stood and shot their cum on Jessica. The cone was filing and was now nearing her bottom lip. If she moved her head the cum would rise over her lips and seep into her nose. Her face was also covered in cum, so many men had cum on her face that there were gobs and gobs of sticky white cum hanging from her nose. Her eyes were just about covered shut and her whole face glistened as the cum reflected the days sunshine.

Jessica had to admit she was hornier then she had ever been. While she had never had a problem taking a guy’s cum anywhere on or in her body, she never realized how much of a cum slut she was. Just feeling the gooey liquid sliding around her neck and splashing her cheeks was making her lonely pussy ache and her nipples had been firm all day. She saw the professor and a group of guys heading her way and she felt a triple dose of cum as the three men who were on the benches unloaded at the same time drenching her once again with cum.

“Ah Miss Bustamonte, you are looking lovely this afternoon. I am pleased to tell you that the judges have decided and it was a dead heat, these two gentlemen have been awarded your pussy and ass for as long as they want it today.”

As the Professor was speaking the elazığ escort other men had released her ropes from the posts and were now tossing the ends over the tree limb above her. Once they had the ropes where they wanted them, they pulled on the rope hoisting me to my feet or close to it. I was now kind of standing facing the Professor, he continued.

“So they have agreed to do you together one in each hole. James here. “

A man was shown to the area in front of me and as I looked at his cock, I was drooling. It was a huge fat black cock and it was hard and ready.

“Will take your pussy and Harold,”

A second man was moved into my eyesight and when I saw his cock I almost went into shock, there was no way that salami was getting in my asshole.

“Will take you in the ass. We have you almost standing so, James will first impale you in your pussy and once he has filled your pussy, Harold will open your back door. You may not have come to the realization yet, but as they fuck you all the cum in the cone will be stirred up and splashed again and again in your face. It will be your job to swallow as much cum as possible before either of these men come inside you. If you fail to consume the majority of the cum collected in your cone, it will be fed to you after. In addition you will be required to return to this spot in four weeks and this whole process will be repeated. Gentlemen, please begin”

As I felt James sliding his huge cock in my hot wet pussy my mind was still concerned about Harold. The motion of accepting James made splash a wave of cum splash in my face and with my mouth open and moaning about the feel of James’ cock filling my cunt, I got a mouthful of cold slimy cum, I almost gagged, but managed to swallow it. I could not see how much cum was there or how much I needed to swallow to be free of this. However my ability to think was severely detoured when Harold pushed his massive member in my ass. I screamed and my mouth once again was filled with cold cum. Harold’s cock was drilling a new path in my back side and I could not keep my mouth closed and more and more of the cum from all day was splashing into my mouth and I was swallowing it as fast as I could.

Being doubled teamed having both my ass and cunt filled with fat juicy cocks, had my body bouncing as they pummeled me. Over and over again they took turns driving in and pulling out. Swallowing mouthful after mouthful of cold stale cum as I was being royally fucked had a devastating effect on me — I started to orgasm and never stopped until long after both men had finished with me.

I was barely conscious when my head was tilted to the side and I felt the remaining cum being emptied. Then I felt small amounts of liquid being used to clean any remaining cum from my face, my skullcap and the sides of the cone. When this was completed the cone was removed and I was placed on a mattress.

I felt a nice light sensation between my legs and soon realized that someone was using their tongue on my over used pussy. I lifted my head as much as I could to see who was doing such a magnificent job down there and I saw that it was my Mom. I groaned.

“Mom, I know you are doing a great job on my pussy but isn’t it wrong?”

“Well honey I need to make sure your pussy and ass are clean and neat.”


“Well in a few minutes, dear, Professor Washington is coming and he will be using your body like everyone else has today. So we want you clean and fresh for him, don’t we dear?”

“Oh God could this day be any worse?” I said to the ceiling.

“Well I don’t know about worse, Professor Washington has a magnificent cock and you will enjoy it as I have for so many years. Now before he gets here you need to finish all the cum that you collected today.”

Mom handed me a large glass full of a cold, milky white thick liquid — the remained of the cum sprayed on me today. I did not blink an eye as I tilted the glass to my lips and chugged the entire contents down. Trust me warm hot cum fresh from the cock is best, old and cold is terrible.

The last thing I learned was that I had not consumed enough cum today and I would be required to return in four weeks. I asked why four weeks and Mom said it was so the men did not tire of the game, but not to fear I was to be here every Saturday to do whatever Professor Washington asked. Mom hinted that his cock was huge and he was looking for woman who could take him in her throat. I was still smiling about the prospect of trying to get a large black cock down my throat when the Professor walked in naked.

He was disgusting, fat and flab hanging in folds on his body, but as I looked down further I was amazed at the cock hanging from his crotch. Oh My God I thought the guy who took my ass earlier was huge. The Professor’s cock made that guys cock look like a child’s toy. As I watched his cock my Mom knelt down and took what she could in her mouth. As I watched his cock grow my mouth began to water as I wondered how it would feel when he rammed that cock in my throat!

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