Jill’s Spanking Ch. 03

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Author’s note: It would be advantageous to those reading this to read the first two chapters as they set the background to this latest edition.


Jill had made her own way home that night, I don’t think I could have sat and drove my car anywhere. I didn’t sleep much that night either; I kept turning over in my sleep on to my back and of course my bum. I had to apply the cream to myself a couple of times during the night, thank god I wasn’t going to work that day, I don’t think I could have drove let alone sat in my chair all day. Jill phoned me just after eight that morning to see how I was getting on at work; she was a bit annoyed when I told her I was still at home lying on my stomach naked from the waist down watching TV. “I’ll get you back for that!” she said.

“That sounds interesting.”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Look forward to it. What time do you want me to pick you up?”

“Half seven”

“Ok, see you later.”

I put on a pair of loose fitting boxers and made my way down stairs wondering what would happen that night.

I picked her up at half seven and drove us back to the house. She hadn’t asked how my bum was on the drive back, in fact she made no mention at all about the events of the night before, that changed however as soon as the I closed the door to the house. “How’s your bum?” she asked.

“Not too bad, I catch it once in a while and it stings a little but that’s about it.”

“Let’s see how it is.”

We went up stairs to my room and I carefully dropped my pants and shorts. “Still quite red” she said.

“Yeah and still a little painful.”

“Want some more cream on before we go out?”

“Might help.”

“Ok lye on the bed.”

I lay face down on the bed while she got the cream and started to rub it in, as she finished I felt her take my pants and shorts off completely and looked back at her. She smiled and reached into her bag, “I was sort of exciting seeing you wearing my knickers last night, I thought you might like to wear these” she said as she pulled out a pair of white silk knickers from her bag and started to put them on me. As she pulled them up my legs I started to get hard, I lifted myself up so she could finish putting them on, the feeling of them against my bum and cock was great. She rubbed my bum through them and as I got up quickly gave my cock a squeeze. “Ok if I’m to wear your knickers you can wear a pair of my shorts.” I said as I reached out and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and I started to pull down her knickers. She stood there waiting as I reached into a draw and pulled out a clean pair of shorts. As I put them on her I couldn’t resist drawing a finger the length of her lips, they were slick with her juices and I brought it to my mouth and licked it clean before I finished pulling them and then her jeans up, giving her a kiss as I re-fastened them. “Ready for the pub then?”

“Yeah” she said as she picked up her knickers and placed them on the bedside table. “I’ll need them in the morning.”

The first hour in the pub was ok, we talked about what’s been happening at work and things in general. At one point she slipped her had behind me and rubbed my bum. I looked at her as to say come on behave. She smiled that mischievous smile of hers and went to the bathroom. It gave me a minute or two to settle myself down and take a drink. Haymana Escort Jill returned and we went outside for a smoke. We were on our own, no ears or eyes watching us, “how do they feel on?”


“You know, my knickers.”

“Great how about my shorts?”

“Not bad.” She replied as she moved closer and patted my bum, she quickly looked round then slipped her hand under my jeans and knickers and rubbed my bare bum “behave or I will have to spank you again.”

“What right now?” she said with that grin on her face. This time I quickly looked round, seeing the coast was clear I quickly sat down pulled her over my knee and delivered two quick slaps to each of her cheeks and let her up “now behave!” I said “if this weren’t our local you’d have got more than just the two. Come on lets go back inside.” We went back inside as the group started to play I wasn’t much interested I was thinking what we were going to do later. As the group started their second number I felt her had again slip under my jeans and the knickers I was wearing rubbing my bum. I looked at her and decided two can play at this game so I did the same to her only I went a little further and maneuvered my fingers so my middle finger was pressing against her sphincter. The look on her face told me this had her going. “Come on, let’s change pubs for a while.”

We finished our drinks and started to walk to the next pub. It was dark now and I knew a place on our route that was both quiet and secluded. As we approached the place I pulled her in and around the corner and kissed her as I backed her up against the wall. I wanted to know how wet she was so I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped my hand inside. She was soaking wet, my fingers played with her clit as we kissed. I wasted no more time, I pulled down her jeans and she stepped out of one leg and I dropped mine and pulled the knickers to one side allowing my cock to spring free. Lifting her up she pulled the shorts to one side and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. We fucked hard and fast, god I couldn’t get enough of her she was riding me hard we both knew we could get caught (thought the chances were remote) but that just added to the excitement of it all, I could feel her getting close to climax and as she got there I pumped my seed deep inside her.

We arrived at the pub a few minutes later ordered our drinks and sat down, “that was amazing” she said.

“Yes it was.”

Half an hour later we finished our drinks and returned to our local and stayed there until our normal time and left.

The minute I closed and locked the door she was all over me her hand went straight to my bum and she started to rub it, first through my jeans and then she forced them down the back of my jeans and onto my bare cheeks. I did the same to her, we stood there for a few minutes feeling each other then I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Once there I slowly undressed her till she was stood in only the shorts. She then undressed me till I was stood in only those white silk knickers. I sat down on the bed and pulled her over my knee and gave her five quick spanks on each cheek, just enough to warm her bum then I lifted her off and pulled down the shorts and placed her on the bed. I kissed her hard on the mouth and then started to work my way down her body, first taking in each nipple, sucking them till they were hard, then down to her stomach and finally Haymana Escort Bayan down to the top of her pussy. I kissed her all round her pussy but never once did I touch it, it was driving her mad, I kissed down her right leg then back up her left taking my time when I reached her knees, I lifted her leg so I could lick and kiss the back of her knees, (don’t ask me why but I have always found the back of a girls knees a turn on). Finally I traced my tongue along the length of her pussy to her clit and let it linger there for a moment or two before plunging it into her sopping wet hole. I fucked her with my tongue for a while before moving up to her clit only I filled her pussy with two of my fingers as I did so. I drove my fingers deeper inside her as she reached up and started to pull down the knickers I was wearing freeing my cock. She maneuvered herself so she could take me into her mouth and began to suck, we were now in a 69 position. I lifted her legs up and parted her cheeks and trailed my tongue from her pussy to her anus and back again. The first time I touched her anus she sucked on harder on my cock, I put my thumb in her pussy and when it was completely covered in her juices I slipped it into her bum. I fucked her bum with my thumb as my mouth and tongue played with her pussy and clit, I could tell she was getting close to orgasm and knew one thing would drive her over the edge. I raised my hand and delivered two spanks to her bum, one to each cheek and she came hard into my mouth and thumb, in that same instance she sucked hard on my cock and I exploded in her mouth.

I woke early the following morning. Jill had her back to me, her body tight against mine. I could feel the crack of her bum against my cock and immediately started to get hard. I knew Jill was a late sleeper at the weekend so I slid out of bed, put a robe on and went down stairs. A little while later I heard her get up, I was in the kitchen when she came down in one of my shirts and a pair of knickers. “Hello sleepy” I said, “what you doing up so early?”

“Felt you get up and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“Want anything to eat or drink?”

“Orange Juice if you have any.”

I poured us both a glass of juice and sat at the table opposite her. “What you want to do today?”

“Can we go out somewhere?”

“Sure where would you like to go?”

“Some where miles from anywhere or any one.”

“Ok, sure you don’t want anything to eat before we go?

“Yeah, we can get something later, I’m gonna get a shower and get dressed.”

“Ok let me know when your done and I’ll do the same.”

A little while later she called me to say she was out of the shower so I went up, showered and shaved. When I got to the bedroom to get dressed she was already down stairs, the knickers and shorts we had worn the night before were we left them on the floor but the knickers she had left to change into today were still on the chair where she had left them.

As I walked into the living room she said “ready to go then?”

“Yeah.” I replied “just got to check something first” and with that I walked over to her, undid her jeans and saw she was wearing another pair of my shorts. I smiled at her as I did up her jeans, turned her round and lightly tapped her bum, “ready to go.”

An hour later we found ourselves a quiet spot miles from nowhere and very unlikely to be disturbed. We sat on Escort Haymana the grass surrounded by trees and I waited “You know why I wanted to come out here?” she said.

“No but I have a feeling your gonna tell me.”

“You know when were where between pubs last night, well the chance of getting caught really turned me on, now I want to combine that with getting spanked too.”

“You sure about this Jill, you know he will be back tomorrow and your bum would be red for at least two days.”

“Yeah” she said getting up “now if you can catch me you can spank me.” With that she took off.

It took me a little while to catch her but as I put her over my knees and landed the first spank she was giggling. I hadn’t taken her jeans down yet so after ten spanks on each check I stood her up and then undid her jean and pulled them down, she kicked of her shoes so I could remover them completely and as I did so she took off again. Another ten minutes of trying to catch her and she was over my knees yet again. I delivered another 20 spanks to each check and stood her up again hooked my fingers into the sides of the shorts and slowly pulled them down to her ankles. I didn’t expect her to bolt this time as she would be completely naked from the waist down but as she stepped out of them off she went again. It was a sight to see her running round the clearing in just her top her pink bum open to the elements, but I knew I had to catch her so off I set after her. It took me a while but after a brief chase she was again across my knees. I landed ten hard spanks on each check then let her rest. “Jill how far do you want to go with this?”

“What do you mean?”

“How far do you want to go, do you want me to spank you till you cry again or what?”

“Till I start to cry then fuck me till I scream.”

“Ok you dirty mouthed little girl” I said as I slapped her hard on the left check, then the right, slow deliberate spanks. After ten her bum had changed from pink to red and she had started to sniffle. After ten more spanks to each check she started to cry.

I picked her up and put her on all fours, dropped my pants and started to fuck her with slow, deliberate strokes. I reached up under her shirt and started to play with her nipples which elicited a deep moan. My cock was covered with her juices so I pulled out and rubbed my cock all over her bum. I dipped my cock back into her pussy and got it covered again only this time when I withdrew I spread her checks apart and rubbed it along the crack as I did so I placed my thumb in her pussy and once covered in her juices I plunged my cock back into her. As I withdrew I placed my thumb at the entrance to her bum and as I pushed my cock back into her I pushed my thumb into her bum. I fucked her pussy with my cock and her bum with my thumb and she was loving it. I pounded her hard and fast and as I did so I wondered if she would let me fuck her bum with my cock and decided to give it a try. I withdrew my cock from her pussy but kept fucking her bum with my thumb. Slowly I withdrew my cock and placed it at the opening to her bum and slowly eased in.

“Oh my god!” she cried “fuck my bum” and not needing to be asked twice that’s exactly what I did alternating from long slow strokes to short quick stabs. We were both getting to the point of orgasm and as hers hit her she screamed out loud “Oh fuck yes I’m cumming!” and as she did so, so did I. The first lot I shot up her bum the rest I sprayed over her red bum. As she came down from her orgasm she reached round and rubbed my cum into her checks as what I had shot up her bum slowly seeped out and down onto the ground. She looked at me with a satisfied grin on her face and then lay down on the grass bum in the air.

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