Jim and Uncle John Ch. 02

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Jim had to pee bad, so before heading to the bedroom he stopped in the hall bathroom. Even after cumming he still had to wrestle his dick down so he could relieve himself. Man that bitch can suck cock, he thought to himself, we were asking the wrong questions tonight. Who did she blow to get her grades up and when? These thoughts didn’t help him keep his cock down, so he shook his head and tried to clear his thoughts. Finally his bladder was empty and when he shook the pee off the head he felt like he was spraining his penis.

After washing up, he went into the bedroom and was greeted by John’s hairy ass. His face was buried in Marie’s pussy. Her legs were splayed out so she was practically doing the splits. Both her hands were on the back of John’s head pulling him into her crotch and she was writhing all over making the bed bounce. “Damn, John. Your fucking ass is the best thing to bring my erection down. I thought you didn’t like eating pussy.”

John pulled his head up, his face glistening, “She flopped down and pulled me right into her cunt as soon as we got in here. You are right about her though, she is so fucking sweemmmmph.”

John was unable to finish his sentence as Marie pulled his head back into her sopping twat. “Shut up and finish what you started…that’s it, get your tongue up inside meeeeeeeee…Oh God, FUCK ME WITH YOUR MOUTH…SHIIIIITTT. Yessssssssssssss.” Marie collapsed back and finally released his head. “You don’t eat pussy? Seriously? What a wasted skill. There are a lot of women who have no idea what they missed out on.” She reached down and pulled John up and started kissing his face, cleaning up all the juices, “Sorry, I made a mess.” and continued to kiss his face finally attacking his mouth.

Jim was getting hard again watching John dry hump her with their open mouths locked together.

With a smacking sound Marie pulled away from John and looking in his eyes said, “You want to see if that thing fits in me?”

John nodded his head, “I’ll take it slow, let’s get your pussy used to the head first.” and reached between them to line up his bulbous head with the entrance to her vagina.

“Wait,” Marie said with a hand pushing at his hip. “I know this sounds stupid, but I want to see you go in me. I need to see how much you will be stretching me out.”

John got off the bed, walked to the foot, grabbed Marie’s ankles and pulled her down until her butt was hanging off the bed. He bent down, lined the head up with her lips, slid his dick up and down repeatedly allowing the lips to open up more and more.

Marie was up on her elbows staring unblinking as the head disappeared into her virtually unused vagina. “Oh God, oh yesss, this feels great. Push it in a little more…yessss that’s it.” She was feeling stretched to the limit and could not believe there was still at least ten inches to go. “A little more…more…stop! Oh my God you are fucking huge. I cannot believe you can get all of that into any poor little girls cunt, you bastard. You are ruining meeeee.” Marie panted, still engrossed with the monster disappearing into her, wondering if she will be able to take it all.

John started pumping in and out but not going any deeper, letting Marie get used to the four inches.

Marie started laughing. “Oh man, I know this is not funny, but here I am stuffed with just 4 inches of cock, which is probably all Joey has, stuffed was never the word I would have used before…Oh fuck keep fucking meeee…ooooooh, it feels great. I guess uncle would be a stupid safe word, oh fuck.” She reached forward and pulled John’s hips closer. “Yessssssssss, oh I feel my vagina opening up for you. I need to feel all of you…keep thrusting that thing into me.

Jim climbed onto the bed, sat behind Marie and reached around and started playing with her breasts. He stroked her erect nipples, then pulled on them eliciting and approving groan from Marie. The more he pinched and pulled on them the louder Marie groaned so he kept inching and pulling while watching Marie’s vagina welcome John’s sword deeper and deeper.

Marie was amazed at how John’s curved cock pushed against the top of her vagina and was aware of a feeling she had never had. A deep awakening with her, a pulsing growing more and more. “Oh fuck! I think you are hitting my G spot. I thought that was a myth. Oh God, oh God , Oh God, gooodddddddd ohhhhhhhhhhhh craaaaaaap I’m fucking cuuummmmmming.” She wrapped her legs aroung John’s butt and in her throes pulled him all the way in. “Oooowwwwww! ow,ow,ow, owwwww.” Marie collapsed back on Jim’s chest and started laughing. “Shit that hurt, I think you punctured my cervix, but what an incredible, full body orgasm. You’re a bastard with that weapon of yours. I’ll bet you like hurting little girls. OK, since you are all the way in go ahead and pound my pussy.” She panted. She turned her head and said to Jim, “Don’t stop what you’re doing, it feels so good, oh God I’m going to cum agaaaaiiiinnnnn.” she grabbed the back of Jim’s head and started Antalya Escort sucking on his mouth as new waves of pleasure crashed through her.

John knew he was close and panting, he said, “I going to cum, let me pull out.” as he tried to pull back with her long silky legs wrapped around him.

“No way, finish what you came for. You know you want to flood my cunt with with your cum.” Marie panted as she dug her heels into John’s ass. She had the fleeting thought that he was doing to squirt his sperm right into her unprotected uterus.

That was all it took for John to explode inside her. He dug his feet into the floor as he pounded as hard as he could into her welcoming pussy. “Shiiiitttt, you are so fucking tight.” And collapsed onto her when we was done thrusting. He rolled off of her onto the bed. “Sorry, Jim, you’ll have to have sloppy seconds.” John weakly laughed. “I’m done, you guys have fun, I am going to sleep.” He crawled up and flopped down on the pillow and fell right to sleep.

“It won’t be the first time with one of Joey’s girlfriends.” Jim muttered.

Marie got up off the bed, turned to Jim and said, “You’ve tag teamed Joey’s girlfriends in the past, have you? Anyhow I have to pee and clean up, then I think there is more unfinished business.” looking at the rod sticking up between his legs. “You’re not too tired, are you?”

“No fucking way, hurry back and open those legs for me…so glad John was able you prepare you so I can just start pounding that.” He said looking at Marie’s swollen and open pussy. “Hurry back.” Jim said while stroking his meat.

Marie realized that even Jim’s big hand didn’t fit around his cock and that it seemed fatter than John’s. As she went into the bathroom she remembered John’s didn’t fill up her mouth and throat as much. “Oh God, what did I let myself get into?” She thought as she peed and tried he best to clean John’s sticky seed out of her.

She went back into the bedroom, saw Jim on his back stroking his cock, the head glistening with pre-cum, climbed up on the bed, swung her leg over, grabbed his throbbing hot piece of flesh and lowered herself down. “You may want to fuck me, but I want you to play with my breasts at the same time. They really like the attention.” Marie signed as she lowered herself all the way down until she felt his pubes pressing against her clit. With tears in her eyes she said, “Crap, you’re so much thicker. Wow!”

Jim reached up and while pinching and pulling on those beautiful pink puffy nipples, Marie started bouncing up and down on his stiff rod. He was enthralled by the look of pure concentration on her face, flushed and tear streaked, but full of pleasure. He sense she was nearing an orgasm, so he pulled her forward and engulfed one of her nipples in his mouth. As he gently bit and nibbled of the hard eraser size tip, he felt Marie thrusting her pelvis harder and harder onto his cock.

“Oh crap, bite them, haaaarrdd…I’mmmmm cummminng again. yessssssssssssssssssss” Marie yelled and continued slamming her raw cunt onto Jim’s giant pole. “Oh my God you guys are so good…” And collapsed on top of Jim.

She pushed herself up and laughing, looked over at John. “He slept through that? Seriously? Are you ready to fuck me now? I know you want to be on top and attack me with the sausage of yours.”

Jim pushed her roughly off. “You have no idea what you are asking for, but realize, you did ask for it.”

Marie lay on her back with her legs spread wide, but Jim had other ideas and flipped her over, reached up, grabbing a pillow he slipped it under her hips. Marie eagerly spread her legs wide wondering if Jim was going to fuck her ass or pussy, she wanted it however he was going to give it to her. She was relieved however, when she felt the head enter her vagina again and soon was being pounded from behind. Harder and harder Jim thrust into her, their sweat making it easy to slide on her ass…she felt another orgasm and reached down and started playing with her clit loving the feeling of a man’s body pressing into her ass, her cunt, driving as deep as anyone ever could. Right when she started to cum, Jim let out a loud groan and splashed what felt like a gallon of cum into her.

They both screamed out at the same time panting obscenities while their pelvises ground together in the throes of raw animal passion.

Jim’s arms gave out and collapsed onto Marie’s back. “Oh my God that was great. I am so glad you changed your mind about letting us fuck you. You are the best fuck I’ve ever had. Women always cum eventually, but no one has cum as many time as you did and as readily. You are one fucking hot woman. I am exhausted, you are the best.” He kissed and rolled off her and fell right to sleep.

Marie lay there thinking she should get up to clean herself and giggled as she thought what Jim had said earlier about waking up between two guys with a pool of cum between my legs. Sure enough, there’s a pool of cum leaking out of my pussy onto the bed, I’ve Antalya Escort Bayan never felt so fucked (in the good way) in my life…and fell asleep.


Marie woke up not knowing where she was at first, but then remembered. “Crap, it was not a dream.” She realized she was awakened with a tongue probing her asshole and a couple of fingers inside her pussy. Turning her head she saw Uncle John with his face buried in her ass. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m sorry, you looked so fucking inviting with your ass in the air and you legs spread wide. I’m getting you ready, if you want.” John said quietly.

“OK, but go slow…again. I’ve never tried that. But don’t stop now, it feels nice.” Marie purred.

John returned to licked her and felt her ass pushing back against his tongue. He pulled his fingers out of her wet pussy and pushed his middle finger into her feeling her sphincter open up and relax. The well lubed digit sunk all the way in inducing a moan from Marie. After a bit he pulled out and inserted two fingers making Marie start humping against his hand. “You like that?” He asked quietly? “You ready for 3 fingers?”

“Yes, please. I never thought this would feel this good.” Marie panted.

When Jim rolled over in his sleep and put his cock right in front of Marie’s face, she reached out and pulled the flaccid penis into her mouth. She felt it swell and grow really quickly as her tongue bathed the entire shaft and head. In his sleep, Jim started thrusting his hips making Marie choke so she had to grab the shaft with both hands while sucking hard on the head. She looked up and saw Jim looking down at his morning wake up service.

“Ah, that is nice. Suck on my big cock, but I need to fuck you again, so stop before I cum.” Jim moaned. “Is John doing what I think he is? He loves a good ass, and you have that and more. Are you going to let him fuck you there?”

“I think so. It feels great with three fingers, no pain at all.” She replied, stroking his now fully erect dick. “I’m thinking both of you at the same time. Kind of like a cookie – a double stuff…cream filled double stuff” She laughed. She turned to John and said, “Let me climb up on Jim and you can do what you want.” She crawled up and lay down on top of Jim and ground her pussy into him while kissing him and moaning into his mouth. She reached underneath and guided the head of his cock you her willing vagina and felt him thrust into her, deeper and deeper.

Meanwhile, John grabbed a bottle of lube and stroked it all over his stiff rod, then swung he leg over and pressed against Marie’s anus. He pushed gently at first, then a bit harder until he felt her sphincter relax and the head suddenly pop into her.

Marie bit Jims lip when she felt that and sucked hard on it. She felt John’s penis pull out and then push in a little more…deeper and deeper. There was slight pain but what she notices is how absolutely filled she felt with all that man flesh buried in her.

They soon established a rhythm and it was apparent by the sound of their breathing that none of them was going to last long. Marie was the first to climax and her writhing just made it more intense for the men who had her sandwiched.

“I cannot believe I’m doing this, literally two feet of cock inside me at once, oh yes, yes, yesssss, fuck me, I need this…pound the shit out of my ass…my cunt. Fucking helllllll.” Her pelvis thrust in rhythm while she panted.

John started pounding into her ass harder and with one last thrust pressed his cock as deep in her rectum as it would go and emptied his balls the after a few more minutes pumping in and out, he drew back and popped of her anus with a tired groan. “I’m done, you guys have fun. I’m going to go shower. Thanks, Marie, you are incredible.” He patted her ass softly, tumbled off the bed and staggered out of the room.

Marie looked down on Jim and giggled. “Uncle John gave me a present and it isn’t even my birthday. Isn’t he thoughtful?”

Jim flipped Marie over onto her back and started thrusting into her hard. “He’s like that, always giving and giving.” Jim grinned up at Marie, “You are the birthday girl this weekend and we didn’t have time to shop, so…anyhow tell me about the teachers you blew for grades. Who were they, when did you start.” Jim panted looking down on Marie with her bright red hair splayed out on the pillow. “You are so fucking beautiful, you know that?”

“Stop it, I’m no more beautiful than anyone else, why do you want to hear about my mistakes?” Marie panted out between each thrust.

“You are, but I am just curious. I’ve heard about girls trading favors for grades, but never actually knew anyone who did that.” Jim said, “Plus, I’m pretty sure it would get me off listening to you tell me.”

“I knew it, you are just a perv who gets off on girls who describe their sexual history.” Marie panted, “If you keep doing that…I’ll tell you…anything…oooohhhh. My senior year, my math teacher Escort Antalya gave me a B on the midterm, even though I knew all the answers. I fucked up because this guy I had the hots for kept adjusting his crotch during the test, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him since he had a huge bulge, anyhow I went to the teacher’s office to explain that I was distracted and if I could take the test again I could prove that I knew all the answers. Oh, nice. That is a nice angle. Right there.” Marie gasped. “This makes it really hard to concentrate.”

“Get back to it, I want to hear what you did.” Jim stopped pumping into her and looked sternly down on her.

“Ok, ok, don’t stop. I thought it was weird when he closed the curtains in his room and locked the door. ‘What do I get? I let you retake the test. What’s in it for me?’ He asked me with a really strange look on his face. Truthfully I had no idea what he wanted, I hadn’t been exposed to men, I was really athletic and hadn’t dated much, but when his eyes travelled down to my chest, to my legs I picked up quickly what he meant. At first I was outraged and sputtered out some kind of protest, but he calmly sat there saying nothing…I knew that there was nothing to report. He never actually said anything. I made up my mind that if that is what it was going to take, then I needed to do whatever. I started unbuttoning my blouse watching his eyes. They never left my chest. I actually was almost this size in 10th grade.” Marie said while bouncing her breasts and stroking her nipples.

“I knew how good it felt playing with myself, especially my nipples. Being somewhat proud of them I was soon topless right in front of him. His hands were squeezing, pinching, stroking my boobs in no time. I was amazed how he liked to lift them up to watch them bounce. He stepped back and told me to show him my bush. I unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor and pushed my panties off and stood there totally exposed to the first man ever. He ran his hand through my pubes and run a finger up into…me. He said ‘So you are still a virgin, that’s fine.’ Then he unzipped his pants and pushed them down to the floor. He was already hard and I saw my first erection. I felt his hand on my shoulders so I dropped down unsure what he wanted. ‘Open your mouth.” He ordered. When I hesitated he grabbed my face and pushed it right into his cock. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it and started to lick the head. Instinctively I started bobbing my mouth while sucking and licking. I needed to feel his balls so I reached up and gently stroked them. I was pleased when I heard him say ‘You were holding back, you’ve done this before. And here I assumed you were an innocent young thing. God damn you’re good at this, keep sucking…deeper.’ Soon he was squirting his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all, I didn’t know you could spit it out.” Marie laughed. “I got and A and didn’t even need to retake the test.”

“That was your first man? I would have nailed you a lot earlier than that had I been in your school.”

“I was still a virgin, but after that feeling of power I had over him, I found myself getting out of predicaments with my mouth. Of course, the remainder of the year, the same teacher kept downgrading my calculus tests. I didn’t argue since I kind of enjoyed the game, in fact he was the one who took my cherry, last day of school, right on the desk in the front of the class after everyone left…crap I’m getting close. Pound me with that dick of yours.” Marie closed her eyes and worked her nipples furiously. “Oh yes…yesss…yessssssssssssssssssss, Fuck meeeeee.”

Jim knew he was not going to last either, so he let himself go, again filling up Marie’s vagina with his copious sperm and collapsed on top of her, then rolled off with his arm draped across her.

“Man, you have to tell me more about that asshole and others you traded favors with.” Jim said while gently stroking and squeezing her breast. “We’d better get cleaned on and dressed. Joey should be here in an hour or so. You go ahead, I heard John get out of the shower a few minutes ago.”

“Come on, the shower is big enough for both of us, since as you say, Joey will be here soon.” Marie chuckled as she rolled off the bed.

Jim watched her breasts bounce and her tight ass flex as she spun and headed for the bathroom. He groaned and said, “I’m getting too old for this.” got up and headed for the bathroom.


Joey arrived with the parts finding Marie sitting on the couch and reading her book wearing the same clothes as the day before, a pillow and a folded blanket next to her.

She jumped up and gave him a big hug planting her mouth on his. “I missed you, I hope you missed me.” Marie said breathlessly. “Hurry up and fix that thing and let’s get going home.” She turned to Jim and Uncle John and said, “No offense, but as fun as the card games were, Joey and I need to make the most out of the rest of the weekend. Uncle John and Jim, I’ll drop by soon and show you how to take hills on your mountain bikes. Remember, keep your weight on the pedals and stay off the seat when descending. It just takes a bit of practice, I’m sure Joey won’t mind if I drop by periodically and we can do some hills.” Marie queried Joe with an innocent look on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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