Jodie Ch. 02

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I couldn’t get Jodie out of my mind that day. being a Sunday I had nothing much to do, so I spent most of my time online – ‘theblackcockchurch’ etc etc

I couldn’t concentrate on work during the week either. I’m sure everybody in my office would have had a fit if they had any idea of the insanely erotic images of Jodie being well and truly pounded by a black stud in my head.

Thursday I saw Jodie’s number on my mobile while I was at work. I didn’t dare delay answering, yet I didn’t want to have to talk to her in the middle of the office. i answered the phone as I was standing up and getting ready to walk out. As soon as I’d answered she started really bluntly “been thinking about me and that big black cock have you?” I had a raging hard-on before I’d even reached the office door. I just hope no-one noticed!

We had a seriously flirtatious chat, I was actually starting to think this Goddess in human form had a thing for me. She asked me if I wanted to go to a different club on Friday night and meet some of her friends. When I asked if they were all like her two friends from the weekend just gone she said “well there’ll be a lot of BBC there for sure,but I have a couple of girlfriends I’d like you to meet”. I jumped at the chance of course.

I duly met her at a pub in town that Saturday night. She was looking stunning. A short, but full mini skirt – the kind you know is just designed for being flicked up to give a glimpse of cheek. She had a matching, almost spray-on, white vest top and clearly no bra. White stilettos’ (yes, cliche I know) and big gold hoop earrings completed the look. She looked like an archetypal chav slut, but SO sexy!

I must have been very obvious in staring at her, because i heard a voice, that seemed to come out of nowhere, that said “down boy, you’re the wrong colour for her”. That’s when I saw her two friends, who I found out were called Tracey and Beki. Let me try to describe them for you.

Tracey was white, about 5’5″ overweight, though not hugely so. She had a belly, but she still had curves is probably the best way to describe her. She had curly ginger hair and she was dressed in a denim skirt – about mid thigh length and the lowest cut top I could imagine. I seriously have no idea how it stayed up. If Jodie hadn’t been there I could have lost myself in Tracey’s cleavage all night.

Beki was black (mixed race as I found out later, but much more black than white). She was a little taller than me, and like Tracey, definitely overweight, but she carried it really well. Beki was looking particularly staid compared to Jodie and Tracey, she was wearing a mid calf length dress and what looked like calf length boots.

We chatted over a few drinks before heading off to the club. I had no idea why at the time, but there was a definite edge to the conversation, almost as if I was being sized up somehow. as we walked to the club Tracey and Beki walked ahead, and Beki had her arm around Tracey’s waist. To me it almost looked possessive -as if Tracey was her girlfriend almost. I was about to ask Jodie about that, but I was lost for words as she slipped her hand into mine. Guys, I’m sure you all know that moment? You know, when she görükle escort does something that says without words that she’s interested in you? Anyway, she used the pressure of her hand on mine to make me lean in close, and she whispered “they know all about what happened between us last weekend you know”. I was stunned, but even more so when she continued “Beki is sleeping with both of us – well, there’s not much sleep goes on, but you know what I mean” followed by the most wicked grin I’ve ever seen.

Before I had a chance to react we were at the club, and Jodie hurriedly dropped my hand and ran over to the doorman. the guy was a man mountain and as black as coal. She leapt into his arms, gave him a huge kiss and started to whisper in his ear. I could see him looking directly at me as she whispered in his ear. I cringed with what she might be telling him! As soon as she’d finished he smiled at her and told all four of us to “go right in”.

Inside, the club was hot, dark and sweaty. We were immersed in the sounds of dub and reggae. Looking around I was virtually the only white guy in the place. Seeing me notice that Beki leaned over and said “yeah, it’s easy for these two white sluts to pick up in here, it’s not so easy for me with my tastes” and then moved away before I could ask her to explain further.

Most of the night was a blur. Beki danced almost directly in front of me for most of the night. I was hypnotised by her big arse and her bouncing chest. She was really getting into it, and despite being big, that woman was fit, she wasn’t just warm and perspiring, she was dripping with sweat, but that never stopped her. It was a very sexy sight. The only thing preventing me from not being able to tear my eyes off her was Jodie dancing a little way further from me and just the other side of Beki. She had a succession of guys dancing with her and copping a feel. At times she’d turn around and grind her arse against the crotch of the guy she was dancing with. The odd thing is, she spent more time making eye contact with me than she did with her various dance partners. I was certain now that she got off on teasing me.

About halfway through the evening Tracey appeared again. I’d lost sight of her, but as with Beki, she was hot and sweaty. She had a guy in tow, way over six foot and covered in gold and dreads. He sat in a booth just behind us and Tracey came up to me. She leant against me so she could shout in my ear above the music. I could feel the heat from her body, I could feel the sweat from her forehead as she leant into me. ” I know it turns you on seeing her with other guys. You do know you’re only here for our amusement don’t you? She won’t be going home with you, she’ll be going home with a guy – or guys – who can give her a proper fucking”. She pulled away, gave me an evil grin and went to sit down next to her guy.

Next thing I knew Jodie was next to me, hand in hand with the doorman who had let us in. She introduced us, his name was Errol. Jodie smiled and told me that both her girlfriends knew about me, and so did both of the guys who were with them then. She ushered me into the booth and I sat between Jodie and Tracey. Errol sat on bursa escort bayan the end of the seat and Beki scooted on round to be next to Tracey’s guy (I never did catch his name).

I couldn’t believe what happened next. Tracey undid the guys flies and pulled out his cock. He was only half hard, but it was still huge. She slowly and lovingly wanked him, half under the table, and half exposed enough for the girls and myself to see what she was doing. I’d already been hypnotised by Beki dancing, I’d had my breath taken away by how sexy and slutty Jodie looked, but this time I really couldn’t tear my eyes away. It didn’t take long before I could see the signs that he was going to cum. I had no idea how she was going to deal with that. He stiffened, and his cock erupted with ropes of cum. Tracey was obviously an old hand at this, she managed to catch most of his cum in her hand. When he’d finished, he started putting his cock away and Tracey leaned over to speak to me again “I’m taking him home now – he’ll be ready again by the time we get there. Shame you won’t get to watch or clean me up! Jodie will be taking Errol home. So it looks like you belong to Beki tonight. Poor boy!” As she said poor boy she reached out and stroked my cheek – to emphasize the poor boy I thought, but then her hand continued over my face, over my mouth and nose. The I realised what she’d done, that was the hand that she’d caught his cum in. I now had a face full of a strange guys cum.

She held one hand and Jodie reached over and grabbed the other. Both of them making sure I couldn’t wipe my face clean. Errol and the other guy were in fits of laughter seeing me like this, but knowing that this is what Jodie wanted somehow made it all alright. She leaned over and told me that I was to obey Beki in everything tonight. If Beki wasn’t happy with me, then Jodie would finish seeing me then and there. When she’d told me that, she turned me to face her and kissed me, obviously enjoying the taste of cum on my lips.

That was it. Jodie and Tracey swept out of the place, leaving me with Beki. “Come on white boy, we’re going home” was all she said.

It didn’t take long for us to get to Beki’s place. The moment we were in the front door she slammed me against the wall and pinned me there with her body. She kissed me aggressively, her tongue demanded entrance to my mouth immediately – and I had no problem allowing it straight in. I was as hard as I’ve ever been, I loved being treated like that. I could feel her leg between mine, encouraging them apart, again, I complied willingly. The next thing I know she’d brought here knee up, aiming for my balls. Luckily my thighs were still close enough together that her knee missed its target. just. It was still close enough that I fell to my knees though. it was the involuntary wince and the shock combined. It was the right move though. She told me that I’d found my proper place, on my knees in front of her.

She moved back to get the right range and then slapped me twice, hard. Once on my left cheek and once on the right. She told me to stay still and open my mouth, and then she proceeded to spit at my face as if it were some kind of game to get bursa escort it in my mouth. One word followed that. “Strip.”

I was naked before I had time to think. Jodie had told me to obey this woman, and to be honest, even if she hadn’t I would have wanted to obey anyway. I’d never felt so owned, and I loved the feeling. She grabbed hold of my balls and brought me towards her. She didn’t say a word, but she lifted one arm up and pulled me towards her armpit. She clearly didn’t ever shave because she had a big hairy pit, and it was still dripping with sweat. The thing is though, clean and fresh sweat is really sexy. I didn’t have to be told what to do, I leaned forward and kissed it, tasting her sweat as I did so, then I lovingly licked it until I was pushed away and offered the other one. She didn’t say a word throughout this, she was just enjoying my oral attention. One more word “feet.” She sat down and I removed her boots. After each one came off I kissed her feet, I licked them, I sucked her toes. I was in heaven.

When she’d had enough of that I was pushed back by a foot square in my face, not roughly, but it once more showed me my place. Beki stood up, bent over and lifted her dress to her waist. She was wearing no underwear, so I was treated to the site of a beautiful black arse. I kissed each cheek reverentially, then I ran my tongue down the crack, then again, and again. I couldn’t get enough of the taste. it tasted of woman and sweat. They should bottle that stuff! I felt her push back, encouraging me, so I pushed my tongue inside her crinkled hole. Slowly at first in case she didn’t want it, but the more I entered the more she pushed back. The more she pushed back, the more I entered.

Eventually she turned round, and once again, pushed me away. She sat down and studied me. I was standing in front of her, hard-on throbbing and feeling slightly lost because I wasn’t being told what to do. Clearly it didn’t take long to get me in the mind set of obeying!

“You really do get off on being controlled and abused don’t you.” It was a statement rather than a question, so I just stayed quiet. “So does Jodie you know. You two have a lot in common. In fact I’ve made her masturbate in front of me many times, so it’s time that you two shared something else” I looked at her, dumbly, not quite processing what she’d said. “Wank” We were back to single word instructions, so I knew what to do. Half of me was embarrassed, the other half was just pleased to be attending to my throbbing cock.

As I stood there wanking, she teased me with what she thought Jodie would be doing that very moment, and what she’d made her do in the past. Beki must have seen that I was close because she lifted her dress and spread her legs, telling me to cum on her pussy. She gave that instruction just in time! She fixed me with an amused glance when I’d calmed down and said “well white boy, you’d better clean up your mess. I want it spotless down there”.

Needless to say, i spent a long time cleaning up every last drop of my cum from her beautiful black pussy -I may have gone over it a number of times just to make sure!

When she couldn’t take my tongue any longer, she took my hand and led me to bed. Nothing sexual happened for the rest of the night, but we had a very interesting chat, where she told me all about her, Tracey, and especially Jodie – and most interesting of all, just where I could fit in with everything.

But that’s for chapter three!

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