Joined a surprise party of my friend

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Joined a surprise party of my friendMe and my wife Shree have been married for 10 years. And to remove monotony of relationship I started to explore new ideas. In search of these new ideas, one day I find some people talking about sharing their wife with other men. I explore more then I found that these people shared their wives with other men and thus their wives became hot wives. I told these to Shree. Shree who is a shy typical Indian wife was annoyed with the thought. But later when we role-played of sharing her with other men, she started responding as she is fucking other man. After few days she was enjoying it so much that I noticed that while she fantasize other man fucking her she became wet very quickly. I asked her one day that she is free to choose a man or more of her choice and I am ready to watch her as a hot wife. We started peeping into dating website. And one day I found her chatting with someone. When I asked, she didn’t hide and replied that she found one man over dating app. I never asked her the name or to show me the chat between them. I was like giving her full freedom. I believed that this way our sex life will rejuvenate and that it will spark the new dimensions to our relationship. The time passed by and I was happy to watch her more enthusiastic during sex. One day she asked to me whether she can do sex with her new friend. Initially I was hesitated as this was a great taboo in our society. Wife in our society is a pious thing which is kept devoted whole her life to one man, while the man are rather at liberty. I was however in fantasy to watch my wife having sex with other man, so I permitted her. She kissed me passionately and told me that any day she will do this and tell me the whole story. I was little afraid and concerned with her security. She told me that she can take care of herself and will proceed to it only after being fully convinced with the man. She told me that this man is younger to her. My wife is a 38 years old sexy figure woman, a milf in real sense. The time passed by and I forgot the day. I never got such a chance anytime nor did my wife could have materialize her friendship to real thing. One day a friend of mine has came to visit me from Austria and invited me to the gathering of old friend at a five star hotel where he canlı bahis stayed. I taken the off from the work and all of the old friend gathered at the party room and we all have good lunch and then some fine drink and then the party was over. As I was much closed to him, I stayed there to discuss our old days when we both were at the same school and city. He told me that he has something special today in another party being organized by one of his new business friend in India. I asked him that what the special was so he invited me also to that party. At about 03:00 p.m. we reached to another room of the same hotel. My friend knocked at the door. A man about 32-34 years of age came out and welcomed my friend. He was not happy to watch me with my friend. My friend introduced me with my friend and told him that there is nothing hidden between two of us. Now that man was looking convinced. My friend asked him to show that special thing. Okay I tell you that she is a woman, the most sexy I ever watched at this age, she is someone’s wife and with the permission of her husband she became a hot wife that is a wife who sleep with other man with permission of her husband while her husband remains faithful to her. He further informed that he has fucked this woman on two or three occasion and convinced her for a threesome today. Though she has not got permission for a threesome from her husband yet she believe that her husband will have no objection and will become hard with the idea. So she is here today for this man and my friend from Austria. However, I was an uninvited and unexpected man there. My friend whispered something in the ear of his new friend, in response he said that I can join if I wish. I was never into anything like this but that day I wanted to watch that how someone wife responds to these things. The friend of my friend told us that no light will be in room as the lady does not want to disclose her identity except to him. Initially my friend and me friend stayed there while this man entered another room of this suite of the hotel. He asked us to enter the room when he calls. After about five minutes he came out of the room and told us that she is ready for all three of us. He told us that she will put on a mask and will not speak a word during our session. We bahis siteleri three entered the room. There was very little life so that only a woman figure on bed was visible and it was very difficult to watch her face or anyone else face. The woman was bearing a white saree with red polka dots. The man ride the bed and started caressing the woman from her back. She got a shock with her touch as she was ready for any of us three. The man then removed saree from shoulders of the woman and started removing saree slowly. Now the man was facing that woman when he started to open the button of her blouse. The blouse was removed and then her bra was unhooked by that man. The woman started deep breathing. My friend also join them by this time and now both the boobs of the woman were being caressed by this man and my Austrian friend. Soon the man was kissing belly of that woman and then he pulled the petticoat of that woman. Now the woman was full naked except a mask on her face. Any of us were not able to watch each other faces. The man was now licking pussy of that woman and my friend was drinking milk of her titties. By this time I got hard but still enjoying their act from distance. Both my friend and that man get naked and my friend put his dick into mouth of that woman. She given expression like vomiting but soon she was comfortable and sucking his dick. After licking pussy of the woman the new friend of my friend has put on a condom and started fucking that woman. The woman’s deep breathing sound was now converted to moaning sound. I started rubbing my dick in my pant. Now both friends were fucking that woman one by one and the woman was twisting her body in great excitement and making deep moaning sound. Now they asked me to join. I removed all my clothes and started caressing that woman. Woman was now holding my dick in his hand while sucking dick of that man while my friend was stroking her with hard thumping. The woman was making loud moaning. Now this was my turn and I was fucking that woman in doggy style. I felt that she was a wonderful body sexy mature woman. Her ass was nicely shaped. I thumped her hard and drained all my fluid into condom in her pussy. But what I said, my God, the condom got damaged, it is an accident. The woman stood up and ran to washroom while bahis şirketleri she switched on the light of the room. Now all of us can see each other nude. I apologize for this mistake. The woman went to washroom and asked me to follow. She indicated towards the bucket and then pussy. I understood her intention and washed her pussy and cum into it with my finger. Then she removed her mask and asked me to fuck her. But I was taken aback to watch her face. I was almost to shout when she stopped me to shout. I was shocked to watch that she was my wife Shree. Shree told me that the man is her online dating friend and she kept hidden three encounters with this man and today she was trying to explore a threesome. My loosed dick was again getting hard. She asked me to fuck her. I obeyed and started fucking her. She make some loud moaning. As we were in washroom for long, both my friend and the man came in and watched me fucking Shree without mask. Now my wife was talking everything with all of us. She took oath from all of us that anyone of us will not disclose her identity. Shree asked all to bear fresh condoms except me as it has already been broken and since once without condom is same as always condom. By this time I was fucking my wife along with two other men. My fantasy was turned to reality. Shree then pretended to get permission of her husband to stay out of home for that night by telling on phone that there is an urgent task at the office and she might be late. My friend and the man were smiling over her cunningness. All of us put on our dresses and finished dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. After dinner we came back and again fucked Shree. My friend and that man were praising sexy figure of my wife making me feel proud. But I kept it a secret that she is my wife. At that night every inch of my wife was touched, caressed and kissed. She was fucked up to her brain. I cummed thrice to watch her being fucked by other men. In the morning we left to our homes. I realized that Shree was more sexy, beautiful and hot that I ever realized before. My wife and I reached home and fucked again. Shree kissed me passionately with lots of love dipped to it. She was thanking me again and again for being such a generous husband and said she is one of the luckiest wife in the world. So much love she was offering for me. I was having mis feeling like lost my wife or have more of my wife. Whatsoever, my wife was now a hot wife. And one more thing, I never invited my Austria friend to my home ever.

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