Joining A Couple Turns Bi Ch. 02

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Joining A Couple Turns Bi Ch. 02After a very enjoyable night with Mike and Cindy, we had all fallen asleep in a sweaty, sticky heap until I was awoken by Cindy climbing off the bed, not sure of the time but the sun was beginning to creep through the blinds, as she told me she was going to have a shower and fix breakfast.As I heard the shower start, thinking how good Cindy would look in the shower, I felt a hand run across my chest and onto my cheek before Mike’s face moved above mine and asked if I had a night of pleasure. Without speaking I gave a nod and a smile when as if out of my control I reached around Mike’s head and pulled his lips to mine, both of us fully indulging in a deep erotic kiss, our tounges entwined while our saliva moved between us. Forgetting the outside world while enjoying our deep man lust, we didn’t notice Cindy was beside the bed until she told us to have fun while she got breakfast. As she left the room, Mike pulled his lips from mine, looked into my eyes and said it looked like we have a green light to do as we pleased as his hand slid down my stomach, my legs spreading in anticipation for what he was planning.To my joy Mike’s hand moved to my cock, wrapping his fingers around me as we continued our kissing. He gently stroked me for a short while until he moved to my arse, softly massaging a finger against my hole. I quickly found a bottle of lube, squeezing some onto my fingers and rubbing it on my hole, Mike helping work the lube inside me with one then two fingers, soon working them in and out of me, making me moan in pleasure, wriggling my arse on his hand.While keeping his fingers inside me, Mike moved himself between my open legs, lifting my knees to my chest as I felt his knob press at my hole, removing his fingers and squirting lube on his shaft as he slowly entered me, easing himself fully inside me. Once I had his entire length, I pulled him against me, pressing our lips together again as Mike began to slowly slide bursa escort in and out of me, keeping up this erotic pace and kissing for some time.My head was spinning with wild lust when Mike said to roll over. As he slid from me I quickly rolled onto all fours, begging Mike to drive his cock back inside me. Mike didn’t need to be told as he spread my arse and slid himself fully back inside me, quickly working up a fair pace, slamming his hips against my arse, feeling his cock driving deep inside me. I was now letting out loud moans of delight, telling Mike to fuck my arse hard. Mike eagerly replied telling me he loved how tight my arse was and that he was going to pound it. I agreed, pushing my arse back to meet his thrusts until I could feel him close to cunning, demanding cum inside me, not stopping until he emptied every drop inside me.About another two thrusts and I felt Mike’s load shoot inside me again and again while he continued to thrust in and out of me until he had emptied every drop when he pulled from me, falling on the bed, pulling me beside him and wrapping his arms around me with his slick softening cock between my wet arse cheeks, softly moving my arse up and down it.As we regained our breathes, we were startled when we heard Cindy say how hot that looked and she wanted to see more while she played with herself. At this, Mike reached to find my rock hard cock, gliding his still wet hand along it and telling me he wanted it inside him so bad, to have it fuck him wildly until I cum inside him again.I sprung to life, pulling Mike onto his hands and knees, spreading his legs as I moved myself close to his arse. Mike reached back and spread his arse, giving me a perfect view as I pressed my knob on his hole, gently sliding it inside him with a new and erotic delight at watching myself slide entirely inside him. I soon began working in and out, bringing my knob almost from him before driving as deep as possible back inside him. We both bursa escort bayan moved in time with each other, keeping to a smooth and average pace as Cindy occasionally let her presence be known when she said to fuck Mike hard, to fill him with cum.From time to time I glanced at Cindy, loving the sight of her leaning back into a chair while she fucked her pussy wildly with a huge dildo, the image before me sending tingles along my shaft. I could not keep up our gentle pace any longer, telling Mike I wanted to fuck him hard, that I needed to pound my load into him! I got a reply from Cindy as she knelt beside me, telling me to have my way with his arse before bringing her soaked fingers to my mouth, letting me taste her sweetness, taking them from me and pressing her lips to mine, our lips fighting against one another’s, this driving me over the edge as i moaned into Cindy’s mouth, unloading my cum I’m Mike’s arse. Mike eventually collapsing below me as i fell onto of him, my cock sliding from his arse. Once again we all lay there gaining our breathes as Cindy lay behind me using my softening cock to work my cum up and down Mike’s arse and whispering into my ear how much she loved watching her husband have his arse fucked and filled, Mike now turning to face me, also saying how much he enjoyed all of it before kissing me deeply again.Cindy sat up, moved over me and lay between us, telling us that it was her turn to be kissed as she turned towards Mike, both enjoying a hot passionate kiss, moaning and fondling each other as I kissed Cindy’s neck, working my hands around her sides, tightly grasping a tit in each hand, remembering how she liked her tits played with rough, squeezing her nipples hard and making her moan.My cock now started to grow between her arse cheeks, as I moved one hand from her tit and down to my cock, rubbing it up and down her arse, still slick and wet from her earlier orgasms on the seat while she watched Mike and I, soon escort bursa finding her arse, gently pressing my knob against her hole and with no protest, eased myself into her arse, listening to her moan deep and tell Mike I am in her arse, how good it feels.I slowly worked fully inside her, Cindy pushing back to meet my hips before she began softly moving her hips against me, gripping the base of my shaft from time to time. After the sensual pleasure of her working my shaft for a while, Mike loudly said his cock was throbbing for Cindy’s cunt. I pulled from her arse when she said she wanted me still inside her arse while Mike fucked her cunt!Cindy got off the bed, leading Mike and I by the hand over to the chair she played in earlier and pushed me to sit down. As I sat, she pulled me to the edge of the seat and turned towards Mike as she lowered her arse onto my shaft, easing it completely inside her before putting her feet on the chairs arms, pulling Mike between her legs and laying back on my chest.As I again roughly grabbed her tits, I felt Mike work between my legs, pushing them wider for easy access to Cindy’s cunt until I felt her arse tighten on my cock, suddenly feeling Mike’s shaft entering her cunt, his meat sliding against mine through the thin flesh between her cunt and arse. Once Mike had himself buried deep in Cindy’s cunt, he began to work in and out of her, making her hips rock against mine every time he thrust deep inside her, making my cock twinge with pleasure at every stroke.Mike kept up a fair pace for some time before with a hard thrust and grunt, I felt the pulse of his cock as he unloaded in her cunt until pulling out to have his cum run from her and down my shaft. As soon as Mike’s cock left her cunt she began to slide her arse along my shaft, working it almost from her before sliding to my base again, driving me crazy and in no time I told her I was ready to cum, Cindy telling me she would not stop until she also came. She kept riding me hard until soon I pulled her hips hard to me and came in her arse, pumping load after load into her, feeling Cindy slam down hard on me as her body shuddered in orgasm before she fell back against me saying that it felt amazing!

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