Joining the Mile High Club

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We’re on a plane off on our holidays and feeling very horny; we want to play but might get into trouble with the flight attendant and Captain. She’s a big, voluptuous girl who is making no effort to conceal her massive tits; she leans over us both throughout the flight offering us drinks; do you think she’s trying to get us drunk so she can have her way with us? It’s obvious she wants some cock, but she also wants to feel your naked tits squishing against hers and taste your juicy pussy.

We’ve both get so carried away that we play with each other regardless and the aroma of sex is beginning to drift across the narrow plane, my fingers are deep inside your pussy as my thumb teases your clit and you’re beginning to thrust your hips upwards to get my fingers even deeper in your wetness! At the same time, your hand is gliding up and down my cock, which is becoming slippery with precum.

“Wow,” I hiss into your ear, “you’re driving me wild. I can’t wait until we get to the hotel so I can rip your clothes off and fuck you senseless!”

This is so naughty and risky but we’re horny beyond control and at this stage, we don’t really care if we get caught, if others complain or anything else. All we can think of is how good my cock will feel in your pussy as you squeeze your sex muscles and milk every drop of cum out of my throbbing cock…

“Excuse me,” the flight attendant’s voice makes us both jump, which sends my fingers so deep into your wetness, “can you both come with me.” She lingers slightly on the word “come”, making passengers around us chuckle…uh oh, we’re in trouble now!

Hurriedly and with extreme embarrassment, we release each other’s private parts. Sheepishly and with our eyes down, we follow her towards a compartment at the front of the plane. She draws the curtains with a swish and motions you to sit in a wide seat.

“Looks like we’re going to have to sort you two out,” she purrs into your ear and swings one leg over you so she’s straddling you and without another word, grabs your head and buries it in between her huge, heaving breasts. “You’ve been making my pussy wet for hours, I’ve seen what you two have been doing,” she whispers as she grabs me by the cock and pulls me close to you both. She yanks my trousers down and with one movement, takes me deep into her mouth.

“Fuck yeah that feels so good!” I growl at her, “take me deep into your throat!” At the same time, her fingers find your throbbing wet pussy and she releases your face from her tits so she can alternate between deep kisses all over your soft, sexy lips and deeper sucks on my, by now, rock hard shaft.

With a loud pop, she releases my cock and stands up. Without a word, I slide your skirt all the way up your legs and rip your sopping Sivas Escort wet panties off you, burying my face deep in your pulsating sex, which is wetter than it’s ever been before.

“Oh fuck, I looooove licking your pussy, I just can’t get enough of your succulent wetness!” In response, you grab my head and tighten your sexy thick thighs around my neck.

“Mmmmmmm, keep going baby,” you sigh. She crawls under me and once again sucks me deep into her mouth; I’m fucking her face as I lap up all your hot pussy juices, which are beginning to stream down your legs. Just as I’m about to cum, she stops and squeezes the base of my twitching shaft until the feeling subsides. Through a haze of sexual ecstasy, you hear her whisper that she wants to watch me fuck you.

Oh, my fucking God, I think to myself. You unbutton your blouse and tease your big, juicy tits out as your thighs fall open, wantonly spreading your sex lips; wow, your sex is so fucking wet; she’s literally glistening with your fuck juices and it stretches deliciously as you part your lips. With one hand vigorously working your clit, you open up your sex to me which makes me dive right back in and you cum all over my face with a loud, raw sexual moan. Your eyes widen and lock with mine as you see her bury her hand in her own pussy before rubbing her juices into my throbbing shaft.

“Enough teasing,” she purrs, with a slight nibble on my earlobe, sending sexual electricity all around my body, “fuck her like you mean it!”

She takes my cock and, inch by tantalising inch, guides it into your wet and waiting sex with a satisfying squelching sound. With a drawn-out sigh, she sprawls herself on the next seat and wraps her legs around my neck, opening her wet pussy lips with her fingers; I inhale deeply, relishing her raw, sexual arousal and the juicy feast to come. She grabs my head, pulling it into her sex as my cock begins to pound you harder and harder; deeper and deeper. Your pussy is like a river of sex now and the squelching sounds are turning us all on to new heights of sexual pleasure. My tongue is deep inside her pussy as my cock explores your love tunnel.

Mmmm I want to kiss you baby, so with my face glistening with her sex juices, I slide my tongue deep into your mouth as my cock continues to pound your pussy; you begin to moan into my mouth.

“Her juices taste so good,” you whisper. On the other seat, the flight attendant is working her clit and thrusting two, then three fingers deep in her pussy.

“That’s it, big boy,” she growls, “give it to her hard!” My thrusting intensifies and you can now feel my balls slapping against your bum, with that hot skin to skin sound that drives us both crazy. I slide a finger into your bum, making Sivas Escort Bayan your hips lift clear off the seat, “Oooaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhh!” you let out a primal roar as your bum clamps tight around my finger. We feel a warm jet of liquid spray all over us…wow, she has just cum so hard that she’s squirted her sexual desire all over us!!

The cockpit door opens and the Captain steps out. “Another one?” he says in a deep sexy voice that causes your pussy to spasm around my cock even as you’re coming down from the most amazing orgasm you’ve ever had, “We should rename this airline Mile High Air!” He’s a well-built hunk of a guy, around 6ft 2in with broad shoulders and large pecs; he definitely works out and you realise our hot fantasy of having another couple join us is about to be realised!

I slide my cock out of you and give you a deep, luxurious and ever so slow lick from your wet opening, up to your clit and back down again, my hot, wet tongue licking every inch of your tingling pussy lips.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh!” you let out a scream as my tongue swirls around inside you; the whole plane knows what’s going on now!

Standing up, I take your hand while pulling the flight attendant to her feet. Pulling her tight up against me, I kiss her deeply, swirling my tongue around her mouth. Then I press her up against the wall. You know exactly what I want and come up behind me, squishing your sexy tits and soft belly up against me to complete the hot BBW sandwich I’ve been dreaming of for years! I lift up her leg and rub my hard, slippery cock up and down her syrupy slit.

“Ohhhh yeah baby,” she sighs, “fuck my wet pussy!” I don’t need asking twice and ram my throbbing shaft into her balls deep. She lets out a long drawn out moan, “ohhh God don’t stop! Keep fucking me! I’ve wanted you inside me for this entire flight!” Oh wow, her pussy is so wet; her juices are streaming down my cock! We already know she’s a squirter; I intensity my thrusting and work her clit furiously with my hand.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh,” she shudders and her pussy clamps around me, gushing her hot juices all over my cock. Fucking this hot voluptuous slut while you’re pressing your body up against us both feels amazing! I reach behind and coat my fingers in your hot pussy juices and you suck your delicious juices off my finger; you know that turns me on so much and I go at her harder and faster than ever before!

The Captain has been rubbing his throbbing cock during all of this and now you feel his strong hands easing your wet lips apart; with one thrust, he’s deep inside you. Oh, this is so hot; I can feel the force that he’s fucking you with, which makes me ram her even harder! I want to taste her sopping wet pussy and drop Escort Sivas to my knees to tongue her nice and deep. I grab hold of her sexy, voluptuous bum and pull her tight up against my face.

“Fuck, you taste so good,” I come up for air to gaze into her eyes. She grabs my head and shoves it back into her dripping, delicious sex!

“Mmmm baby yeah, lick my hot pussy! Eat me out!” Licking a hot BBW’s pussy is like sitting down to a juicy gourmet meal to me so I certainly don’t need asking twice and grabbing her full round bum even tighter, I press my face deep into her succulent wetness as she tightens her grip on my head.

“Ooohhhhh, don’t stop baby! I’m gonna cum in your mouth!” I feel her body tense and tighten as she sends a warm spurt of her girlcum down my throat! Ohhhh it tastes so sweet and I want to make you squirt like that as well!

“Lie on the seat,” the Captain commands me and seconds after I do so, the flight attendant is grinding her soaking wet pussy all over my face. “Ohhh yeah,” I splutter into her sex, “fuck my mouth!” She grinds all over my face, soaking me with her sex nectar; God I can’t get enough of this hot slut’s tight pussy!

“Suck his cock!” Wow. This Captain is so masterful that it’s making your pussy flutter and you’re not about to say no.

Kneeling between my legs, your lips slide around my hard, throbbing cock; I am literally in heaven right now with your soft lips and tongue swirling around my cock while she fucks my face! You feel his hand spreading your pussy again and his tongue slides deep into you, making you cum yet again. You’re a sweaty, glistening mess, sucking my cock for all you’re worth as your pussy bucks back against his face. Before you know it, he is fucking you again from behind, hard and deep making you spasm, throb and cum all over his cock.

The flight attendant is just a stream of orgasms now as she rides my face harder and harder, my tongue making hot squishing noises as my tongue swirls in her fuck tunnel.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” she cums yet again as I slide a finger deep into her arse. At the same time, my cock erupts into your mouth and the room is ripe with sex; the screams of you girls, mixed in with the growls and grunts of both men and the hot squishy, squelching sounds of your sopping wet pussies being fucked hard create a hot and horny symphony of sex.

The Captain intensifies his rampant pounding until you feel a warm sticky jet of cum spurting into your pussy, so much cum that it ooozes out of your fuck hole and down your thighs. With a loud groan, he slides his spent cock out of you with a delicious slurping sound.

“You two better put your clothes back on and strap in. Claire, prepare the cabin for landing.” She climbs off my face and tidies herself up as best she can.

“Oh, and one other thing,” she purrs into your ear as we kiss deeply and tenderly, both tasting her sweet juices, our fantasy fulfilled, “don’t forget to let us know which hotel you’re staying at.”

To be continued… 😉

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