JuLee’s Asian Tale Ch. 01

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The following is a true story of my first sexual experience outside marriage after arriving in the US.

After graduating from college at 22 I married my husband. He was a twenty six year old Airman serving in Korea.

We were not “well off” as enlisted Air Force pay was quite inadequate. Upon his discharge from the Military I decided to use my college education and English knowledge to benefit us. I must say before continuing that I am extremely in love with my husband and family and my 20+ years of marriage will attest to that. But as you will read I am also very adventurous and love a challenge. To me my first of two experiences with men other than my husband were both challenging and adventuresome and the adventure outweighed my traditional upbringing.

My husband and I have no secrets and openly discussed his one and my two affairs and learned from them. We plan at least another twenty years of marriage and great sex together. Our flings were just the right time and place with the right people.

As Real Estate is a great field I opted to become a broker and have been quite successful.

One of my clients was an older woman living in a neighboring city and selling her business. Her husband had recently died leaving her with numerous financial holdings as well as problems. The mutual friend who had recommended me to her had also suggested she consult a business attorney about the sale and taxes etc and the client asked if I would go with her.

This is not something I would normally do but I felt she needed help and I knew that eventually I would get her business although it may take some time. Her friend had recommended a local attorney who specialized in such matters and an appointment was already made. Along with the client and a box of documents in hand we arrived at Jeff’s office ready for business.

Introductions were made as we all sat down. His office was beautifully decorated with antiques and my first thought was he must be well paid for his advice.

I noticed Jeff took quite a long time shaking hands with me which I found a little strange. He seemed to be more interested in me than the client and would be talking to her and while looking at me as though he were undressing me with his eyes. Even with his attention averted he seemed to have a firm grasp on business and what needed to be done.

Jeff kept staring at me and his intentions soon became very obvious

I am not the average Asian woman as I am over 5’7″ with ample breasts, a tight athletic ass and what many men and women have told me are beautiful long legs. I seldom wear a bra or panties and was dressed in a tight white short skirt, beige blouse and high heels. Since I am well tanned I wore no stockings.

I returned his stares, deciding to accept what I took as his challenge. His attentions on me were beginning to sexually excite me and my pussy began getting very wet. Needless to say the moisture between my thighs caused me to constantly cross and uncross my legs which probably exposed me entirely and what caused his his eyes to stay fixed on me.

Jeff was an extremely handsome man in his late forties and I started to imagine his face between my legs with his tongue deep inside me, which caused my juices to flow even more and I hoped no one would notice the large wet spot I assumed was on the back of my skirt.

The meeting ended and I noticed Jeff did not stand to shake hands. As he talked to the client I wandered to the side of his desk and saw why. His cock was very hard pressing against his pants and a pre-cum spot was on the front of them. He made no move to conceal his hardness and I imagined the feeling of him deep inside me.

Needless to say I drove the 40 miles home with one hand on the wheel as the other was in use between my legs.

The following week my client was ill and asked if I would keep her appointment with the attorney.

I went to Jeff’s office, his secretary video porno ushered me in and he was extremely glad to see me.

I was dressed as usual in a short skirt, braless etc. I sat down on his couch and he sat on the edge of his desk facing me.

We discussed the clients situation for about ten minutes when our mutual interest in each other became very apparent as I was getting wet and he was getting hard.

As it was close to noon already, Jeff said his calendar was clear and asked if I would like to go to lunch. Of course, I said yes and we left.

We arrived at a very nice restaurant in the business district and sat side by side in a secluded booth at the rear talking.

Jeff said, “I graduated from the Naval Academy and attended law school on the East Coast”, he paused with a smile, and said ” I’m not married yet but I am engaged.”

I smiled back, and offered, “I am married with two children and attended university in Korea as a double major and have my degrees in English and Physical education.”

“Well,the physical ed did you justice,” he commended as his eyes drifted to my chest as my hard nipples were very apparent through my blouse.

“I spent several years in Korea as a Naval Attache and never saw as beautiful a woman as you. Have you ever modeled?”

I smiled and answered, “No, I haven’t.”

Jeff asked me, “has anyone ever told you that you have lips like Angelina Jolie.”

At that time I did not know who Angelina Jolie was, but not wanting to sound uninformed I answered “No.”

Sliding into the booth had caused my short skirt to rise just below my “hair line” I moved closer to him which raised my skirt much higher and his eyes immediately went to my thighs and what laid between them.

I parted my legs just enough to reveal to him two glistening lips framed by silky black hair, I knew that Jeff was aware of my wetness and strong desire to be fucked because of the increasing bulge in his pants as he stared at what I had already decided would be his dessert.

We stopped talking when he put his hand on my leg just above the knee and my thoughts ran to how it was going to feel with his hard cock buried deep inside my pussy. His hand slowly moved upward, I pretended not to notice as it inched toward my pussy which was by now dripping wet.

This process was entirely too slow for me. I rested my hand on his and guided it quickly to my pussy. Then, I moved so as to allow his fingers to slide inside me, he positioned his thumb over my clit and fucked me with his fingers for several minutes. The sensation was heavenly, and just as I was ready to cum the waitress arrived with lunch. She had a strange look on her face as though she new something was going on.

I said to Jeff “this is no time for a roast beef sandwich.”

He laughed nervously and agreed.

During the entire meal my eyes were fixated on the wonderful large bulge in his pants which was eagerly waiting to fuck me.

We finished lunch and were en route back to his office when Jeff announced he needed to stop by his condo and pick up his racket ball equipment.

“Would you like to see my place?” he asked eagerly.

Holding back my enthusiasm, I answered, “yes.”

It was a two bedroom condo very tastefully decorated. His furniture appeared to be very expensive. There was a small bar with two stools. We sat and talked and he confessed having spent several sleepless nights imagining how it would be to be between my legs!

“I haven’t been able to think of anything but you for the past week.” he blushingly admitted.

“Same here.” I whispered.

“Do you have any idea how badly I’ve wanted to fuck you?” he blurted out. Almost in a pant, I answered “yes” as I leaned over and kissed him sliding my tongue between his lips.

He responded by fucking my mouth with his tongue several times.

His demeanor aroused sex izle me even more as we kissed passionately. Soon his hand was under my blouse caressing my nipples as my hand massaged the front of his pants which confined an extremely large, hard cock.

He picked me up and carrying me to the bedroom, where he stood me against the wall removing my skirt and blouse as I stepped out of my shoes. He knelt down and began kissing my legs, he got up to my inner thighs and licked the wetness from them, before standing up to suck my nipples.

I gently pushed him away and began undressing him. the first thing to go were his pants as I wanted to see the cock I had been fantasizing about. It was huge and throbbing and I wondered if it would even fit inside me.

We both watched as I began stroking it. It was big, slippery and beautiful and so hard that the head was almost blue.

Jeff suddenly pulled back.

“If you keep doing that I’ll cum.” he panted.

So I reluctantly let go, eagerly anticipating that beautiful cocks arrival between my legs.

He laid me down on his large king size bed and where I readily spread my legs as wide as possible. He immediately buried his face in my more than abundant pubic hair and began licking my pussy.

I raised my hips up and thrust forward to allow his tongue even deeper into me as he put his hands under my ass to raising me higher.

The feeling a woman has with a tongue inside her pussy can only be appreciated by someone who has experienced it.

I was caressing my nipples which were so hard by now they hurt. I pulled him away from my tingling pussy and he began nibbling and sucking my nipples while rubbing his cock between the lips of my pussy.

I felt as though I was going to cum! so I screamed, “FUCK ME, please.” He moved his body slightly and slid his cock into me, I thrust my body upward in order to get as much of him inside me as possible.

I moaned very loudly as it filled me entirely and I guess he thought he was hurting me and asked “are you ok?”

The only two words I could get out were “DEEPER-FASTER.”

It hurt just enough to be enjoyable, even though I was soaking wet I could feel my pussy’s extreme tightness around his cock.

We must have fucked for twenty minutes before we both came. He shot a huge load of cum into me and it felt wonderful as it warmed my entire insides.

We lay on the bed kissing and sucking each other for about half an hour and we were ready again!

This time I was on my hands and knees as he slowly licked and sucked the cum which had dripped down my inner thighs. The smell of sex filled the room which excited me so I was afraid I would pass out.

He fucked me from behind, first very slowly then the pace increased as I pushed myself back against him. We both came quickly and again I was filled with his hot, sticky cum which dribbled down my legs.

While he showered I lay on the bed.

Exhausted, I slid my fingers into my pussy so I could savor the taste of our cum that drooled from my pussy and ran down the inside of my thighs, it was great.

Jeff called out from the shower for me to join him which I did and we enjoyed a long shower together washing and caressing each other. after our shower I knelt down and slid his cock into my mouth savoring it’s taste and semi hardness.

Jeff said “God, the inside of your mouth feels as good as the inside of your pussy.” I stood, smiled and kissed him.

We dressed and drove back to his office and hardly spoke as we were both too exhausted for words. He dropped me off at my car, where we kissed, agreeing we would do lunch again.

Several weeks later I telephoned Jeff’s office to set up an appointment. We discussed business for several minutes before he asked me to hold while he locked his door.

“What are you wearing?”he asked, on returning to the telephone.

“I bedava porno just showered and have a towel wrapped around me.” I said, as a shiver went through my body.

“Is your hand between those beautiful thighs?” he teased.

“It is now,” I answered.

“Now slide your fingers inside that tight wet pussy.” he ordered.

His coaxing had me on fire as I slid my fingers inside my tingling cunt. He described his feelings while fucking me and the more he talked the hotter I got.

“Your pussy is like warm butter.” He said, “and I would like nothing better than to be licking it right now.”

We talked about what we enjoyed most about each others body and I told him his cock and tongue were his best assets. The longer we talked the hotter I got and I could tell he felt the same way.

I went over to my bed and lay down with the phone cradled between my ear and the pillow, slid one hand between my legs and the other caressing my nipples as he described what he was doing to himself and I wished I could secretly watched him masturbate. After about 10 minutes we both came and I concluded that American phone sex was great.

The following Tuesday at about 11:00 AM I went to his office wearing a short flaired skirt, garter belt and stockings with no bra or panties and a conservative blouse.

As I walked in he smiled, got up and locked his door.

I was standing in front of his desk facing the door. Immediately he turned me around and bent me over his desk, lifted my skirt, went to his knees, put his mouth between my legs sliding his tongue in and out of my already wet pussy.

It was feeling wonderful but I moved telling him, “we need to talk some business.” Jeff stood up saying “we will save this for later” pointing to a very hard cock in his pants.

“Yes, we will,” I said licking my lips in anticipation

We concluded our discussion and he said “let’s go to lunch.”

We left the office and decided to take my car. We got to the parking garage and as soon as we got in the car his hand was on my pussy sliding his finger between my puffy, wet lips.

“Do you ever wear underwear?” he asked rubbing my clit with his finger. “Almost never and why do you ask?” I squeaked as his fingers continued stroking my pussy.

He said “A body like yours should never be confined by a bra or panties and your garter belt happens to be one of my biggest turn-ons.”

As we drove to a restaurant he unbuttoned my blouse putting his fingers on my nipples and I was worried I would wreck the car. We arrived at the restaurant (not the same one as before) and had a nice “business” lunch. We finished, paid the bill and left.

Th esexual tension was as we walked to my vehicle. As soon as we were seated in the car Jeff pulled up my skirt and buried his face between my thighs again.

Jeff really seemed to enjoy giving as well as receiving oral sex so I spread my legs as far as possible to allow his tongue between the lips of my pussy.

Quite naturally I pushed my arm under him and searched for his cock and began stroking it through his pants.

Neither of us cared that we were in a public parking lot at noon time! The thought of being watched caused me to cum almost immediately. He continued sucking on my pussy and then he stretched up and kissed me transferring my cum from his mouth to mine.

The taste of my own juices in his mouth was fantastic. I only wished there had been more of it.

On the 15 minute drive back to his office I asked him to unzip his pants so I could hold his beautiful cock.I reached over with my right hand took out that extremely hard cock and began gently stroking it. Any driver that happened to look into my car must have been shocked. I continued pumping away until he shot his hot cum into my hand. I will not reveal where it went only that it wasn’t wasted.

We arrived at his office, and kissed for a long time exploring each others mouths with our tongues. Unfortunately, we both had appointments and had to part.

Our short term relationship was purely physical. Jeff was a fabulous sex partner while it lasted and his wife must enjoy many wonderful nights with him nestled between her legs.

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