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Here we are getting back to the amputee stuff again. The main character is missing all four limbs, and this time it is a young girl for a change. I hope you will like the idea that comes at the end of the story – it was the initial thought, or the concept, that has resulted in me writing this piece. Enjoy… 🙂

Julie by StarDust


I’ve known Julie for ages. She was a girl from the neighbourhood and of the same age as my older sister, so it was somehow natural that we three had easily found the way to each other and quickly started to spend time together. I remember our mom asking us to be nice and kind to her because she (oh, the poor little thing!) was ‘sooooo terribly disabled’. Honestly, we didn’t really pay much attention to whatever our mom would ask from us at that time, as we’d got plenty of MUCH MORE important things to keep ourselves busy with and to pay attention to, of course. Adults have no idea about the true life, they never did.

Now that I think about it, I guess we sort of liked to take care of Julie. We carried her around, fed her, even dressed her up – and we all had a lot of fun of it. I think she was like a big living baby-doll for us, and we liked to play a kind of ‘parents and a kid’ game with her.

I must also say she seemed to like it too. She was eager to spend time with us, she laughed with us, and we included her in every single game we played or an ‘adventure’ we threw ourselves into. In our kid’s naivety, we even envied her; we found it quite cool that she didn’t have to move much on her own and was always taken care of everything she needed and wanted.

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention a ‘small detail’ about Julie – she was a congenital quadruple amputee. I don’t know if you fully understand what exactly it means, we had learned it very quickly, all by ourselves, back then at the age of 9 or 10. Julie didn’t possess any limb, not even any trace of one, in fact. She was just a trunk with the head attached on a somewhat short neck. A bit square shoulders and round, plump bottom. Nothing else. We called her ‘a pillow’ sometimes, to which she laughed a lot and even tried to bulge her stomach on purpose to achieve more puffy look. Then we would rest our child heads on her while laying together in the grass – yes, now it looks weird, but at those times we found it rather funny.

It didn’t take long and Julie started to sleep over in our house from time to time during weekends. We were a small gang and wanted to spend as much time together as possible. At first, it was our mom who took care of Julie’s preparation for the bed when she stayed overnight. But as we grew older, my sis Diana took over the duty. Girls would disappear in the bathroom and return back after a very long while, laughing (usually), with Diana carrying Julie changed into her nightgown in arms (always).

I need to mention that when Julie was staying at us over the night, we all slept in Diana’s room. That’s because we used to chat long into the night, and I didn’t want to be left out. Girls shared Diana’s bed and I slept on the couch by the other wall of the room.

Then, during one night, I woke up to strange sounds and muffled voices. At first, I didn’t understand what it was and where it was coming from. But soon I realized – the girls were whispering or speaking as if from a distance! I searched the darkness at the opposite side of the room with my eyes and could recognize they had put the duvet over their heads and were both covered by it completely.

They must have been wriggling under it because I could see the uncertain shape of the heap changing on the bed. I was not able to make out what they were saying, but I noticed their voices were replaced by somewhat wet, almost inaudible sounds from time to time. They must be kissing! – struck me as a flash.

Gosh, what was happening? What did it mean??? I was totally confused. I just watched the animated lump on Diana’s bed and kept trying to understand what was going on there, my head spinning from the effort.

In following weeks, it repeated few more times, and I had always been watching out for it to happen, so I wouldn’t miss a single occasion. What I found strange was that I sort of liked it. I was still a very young boy, not really knowing anything about sexual attraction and how things work between two people when they cross the line of friendship. My sister was only a year older, but much more developed in this area with stronger feelings and understanding of her pubescent body. She and Julie were best friends and they liked each other, so they just expressed their deep relationship this way – that’s how I understood it then. However, this was about to change soon.

It was one of those bright nights with the full moon shining through windows. I woke up to already known sounds again and turned my head to watch girls across the room. They were under the duvet, as usual, and I guessed my sister was on top of Julie, at least that’s what I could read from Kalaba Escort the way how the duvet was moving. It seemed that Diana was advancing down the bed because the duvet somehow travelled that direction too.

It didn’t take long and Julie’s head had peeped out from under the moving bedding. Her eyes were closed and I noticed she was breathing heavily – I can recall how it had surprised me. The bulge of my sister’s head under the duvet had stopped right below Julie’s shortened body, and soon, strange moist and intriguingly audible sounds started to emit from there. It was going on like that for quite some time, sounds changing occasionally, but in general just getting slightly louder with time. At one moment Julie started to moan silently and her breath shortened. I was watching in a sheer amazement.

Then, all of sudden, I became aware of the huge erection between my legs. My penis was hard and seemed to be growing and hardening even more with each Julie’s moan. There was no doubt the thing was reacting to what I was witnessing, totally independent on my will. Then I realized that actually my entire body was reacting to the sight because I could feel a strange excitement growing somewhere deep in me. I turned the attention to Julie again and noticed her face frowning and her biting the lower lip painfully. The next moment she shook violently and uttered a small scream through closed lips. Then, as if afraid she might have woken me up, she opened her eyes and looked my direction.

She had caught me staring!!!

She must have experienced a huge shock herself because her eyes went totally wide, visibly glistening in the silver-lit room. She stared at me and I stared at her.

“Diana, Diana, Diana…!” she whispered between still deepened breaths, increasing the volume gradually to catch the attention of my sis hidden under the duvet.

“What, dear?” Diana’s head rose up under the fabric.

“He is watching! Joe is watching us!”

Some rustling and Diana’s head emerged from under the duvet too.

“Joe!!! Are you watching us?”

“Y… yes, sorry… I just woke up… to sounds,” I uttered, absolutely embarrassed.

“Don’t dare to tell mom, boy! Or you will see!”

“Don’t worry, Di,” I said assuredly. “I’m not a kid. I don’t mind what you two are doing there. I just woke up to the noise, that’s all. Good night!”

With that I turned toward the wall and pretended getting asleep again.

Girls messed some more at the other side of the room, but I didn’t dare to look back. My penis was big, swollen, and I felt some sweet feelings inside me. That night I had my first wet dream.

* * * *

We never discussed what had happened on that night. Of course, I didn’t tell anybody, so girls finally accepted my faithfulness and their confidence in me increased with time. They tried to be more careful next couple of times, but then their attention loosened, and they cared less and less about whether I was watching or not.

Anyway, I think they must knew I used to watch them. At least Julie was definitely aware of me staring because she would look my direction quite often and see me gazing into the dark, trying to make out as much as possible of what was happening on the bed. But she never said anything, anymore. Instead, she would rather smile at me at those plentiful occasions.

I invariably ended up with a wet dream then, and I liked it.

Girls had been improving their intercourses as they were gaining more and more experience. I could tell they were getting better at it and started trying out new things. And what was the best – eventually they had stopped to care about me at all. Soon after, they were not even hiding from me anymore.

Most of the time they would start with a simple kissing, Julie laying on her back, Diana on the top of her or laying propped on the elbow just beside her friend. Few times it happened that my sis rolled Julie over too, so they were facing each other laying on their sides, both heads resting on Diana’s arm folded under them.

Then Diana would roll Julie’s nightgown up to her neck and start kissing her chest and breasts. This usually took time, as Diana was particularly mad about Julie’s big breasts. She licked them, rubbed her face across them, sucked on their nipples… This was also the time when Julie would start to pant and moan softly.

Then Diana would move down eventually, passing over Julie’s beautiful tummy too quickly in my opinion, stopping just for a moment at the belly button and then continuing further. Soon she would get at her friend’s smoothly shaven pussy. I bet it used to be Diana, who shaved Julie’s crotch for her.

Diana would then start to lick Julie’s pussy eagerly. I could not really see all details, but I could hear, at some point, very wet sounds start to emit from there, resembling squelching. This was usually accompanied by Julie’s groaning and occasional gasps. Regarding me, this used to be the moment when I sported Kalaba Escort Bayan the biggest erection.

Too soon to my liking, Julie would give out a very short cry and her abbreviated body would curl up profoundly, only to thrash back onto the bed accompanied with a very long and deep groan. I was sure it had to be that famous ‘orgasm’ – something I knew from the school chit-chat. Judging from Julie’s face expression and body reactions, I believed it must have been something incredibly intense and exhausting, however, she did seem to like it anyway.

Sometimes, but definitely not always, as Diana would start to lick Julie’s vagina, she would also press a hand onto her own crotch and wriggle it there somehow. If that was happening, she would experience ‘the orgasm’ too, shortly after Julie. She would then collapse beside her friend, even though her orgasm didn’t seem to be as intense as Julie’s one.

They would then cuddle together until Diana would stand up and wipe them both with paper tissues. Shortly after, they would be sleeping loudly, their bodies still touching one another. At such moments I was left alone with my huge erection, not able to calm down enough to get asleep too.

Then there were nights that I called ‘Julie’s turns’. It used to start with kissing, as always, but when it came to breast licking, the girls would sort of swap their roles. Instead of Diana’s kissing Julie’s eminent orbs, she would lean over her lover and offer her own (although noticeable smaller, still nicely rounded) boobs for her to lick.

She would bring one in front of Julie’s face, and the girl would then raise up the head to kiss it. After a short while, Julie would start extending her neck and turning the head in all directions in order to reach as much of the surface of Diana’s tit as possible. She would lick all around it and suck on the hard nipple, until she would finally lay her head back on the pillow, somewhat tiredly. Diana would let her take a short rest then, and after that, she would offer her second breast for the same treatment.

Honestly, I have never been interested in my sis’ body. I always focused solely on Julie’s one. Seeing her use the mouth and the long tongue to skilfully lick my sister’s boobs was constantly intriguing me. I used to get very frustrated when my sight got shielded by Diana’s body occasionally.

I knew Julie was very proficient at using her mouth and tongue for various things, as that was basically her only way to manipulate objects around her. She had surprised us many times by showing-off numerous tricks and stunts she could do with her vivid tongue. That’s why I knew she was very capable and I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but nonetheless – seeing it happen had never failed to genuinely amaze me.

When my sister got satisfied with the breast treatment, she would typically shift around and squat over Julie’s face. She would support herself with hands on the wall and manoeuvre carefully the bottom close to the friend’s mouth. Julie would then start to lick her pussy thoroughly, using the long tongue in an undoubtedly expert manner. Few little changes of Diana’s position and a couple of adjustments of the angle of her naked bottom later, Diana would climax with noticeably greater power than when she invoked the orgasm only by herself.

Several times they tried also the position with Julie on her stomach. Diana had prepared a pile made of duvet and pillows and carefully transferred her friend on the top of it. She let her lay on the front with the head hanging over the edge of the heap. She arranged her long hair into a tight pun at the rear of the head. Then she laid on her back herself and crawled under Julie. With legs along each side of the pile, she had manoeuvred her bottom to the proper spot and thrusted the pelvis upward a bit for Julie’s easier reach.

Julie then lowered the head to Diana’s crotch and started to lick her from above. This had quickly become my favourite position because my view was not hindered by anything, unless Julie’s hair got loose and fell down around her face, hiding the action from my eyes completely. However, this happened only once or twice because Diana apparently didn’t like the tangling of Julie’s hair on the pelvis, and so she had always made sure the pun was tight enough and would stay in whole.

Then they came up with something new. At first they tried what I learned later was a 69 position with Diana on top. That worked pretty well. Diana had to bow her back because her trunk was longer than Julie’s. The arc of Diana’s rear actually helped them to reach each other’s pussy at the right and comfortable angle. They climaxed at the same moment, in a perfectly timed mutual orgasm. Diana then slipped down from her lover and rolled Julie on her side. They stayed in the reversed position, cuddling themselves as much as they could, with Julie just rubbing her head over Diana’s crotch and lower abdomen in an obvious expression of ultimate Escort Kalaba happiness and gratitude.

Perhaps encouraged by the sheer success of their recently discovered position, they decided to swap roles at the very next occasion.

Diana rolled Julie onto her own stomach and chest as she had laid on her back on the bed before. They struggled a while to find the secure position for Julie, then they tried to lick each other. It didn’t seem to work for some reason. Either one or the other could not reach the right spot. They adjusted their relative positions several times, but to no avail. At one moment it looked as though it might have started to work, and Diana was getting excited quite rapidly, but Julie could not catch up with her, visibly.

Surprisingly enough, the one who was much more frustrated by that was Diana. Finally, she decided to give up and carefully rolled the friend down from her. She placed Julie between her legs with the head close to her crotch.

“Finish me,” she whispered desperately.

Julie raised her head and started to lick my sis’ pussy while Diana, supporting herself on the elbows behind her, dropped her head and closed eyes.

I could clearly see Julie was not in the proper and comfortable position. She had to keep the head quite high and back to reach the front part of Diana’s vagina and the strain added to her own frustration. She managed to lick around, but definitely not that proficiently as she was used to.

And then the moment, that changed my life, came.

Julie looked my direction with a desperate expression on her face.

“Joe! Are you awake? Could you come here?” she said silently towards me.

I was shocked. I knew they were aware I might be watching, but they had never showed any interest in me.

“W… what?” was all I was able to say.

“Come over here, please,” Julie urged, now knowing I was indeed not sleeping. “I may need your help.”

I jumped from the couch, blood boiling, feeling tipsy from the rush of hormones that made my head spinning like mad. All I was able to focus at was to hide my obvious erection. I held hands unnaturally in front of myself, miserably trying to make it look casual.

Most probably I managed to hide it from my sister because she still had her eyes closed and even though she might have heard Julie speak, she obviously didn’t pay attention to me. But I surely wasn’t able to hide it from Julie, since she looked straight at my groin and must have seen the bulge there. Mercifully to me, she turned her sight quickly away, as if to not embarrass me more.

When I stopped by the bed, she told me: “Get behind me and grab me by shoulders. Just lift me up a few centimetres… I mean, lift my upper body, I simply need to get higher.”

I climbed on the bed and sat on my heels. I knee-walked forward with Julie’s naked trunk between my thighs and Diana’s wide-spread legs by my sides. I leaned over and took hold of those round, armless shoulders. Julie had collar bones there, which made her look somewhat square from the front view, but the reasonably thick layer of woman fat and unused muscles that actually shaped and formed Julie’s whole body had made her shoulders feel neatly rounded and soft on touch.

So I grabbed her by those shoulders and lifted the upper part of girl’s body up by them a little. Julie wriggled and squirmed in her own strange manner and had managed to push herself a couple of centimetres forward, where she started to lick Diana’s opening again.

Holy crap, what a ridiculous situation I got myself into! I was holding the naked crippled girl in place while she was eating my sis’ cunt! Oh, shit! – I thought to myself. But at the same time I found it incredibly sexy.

Actually, what I found most arousing about it all was the naked back of Julie in my hands and her somewhat voluptuous ass tightly pressed in the narrow space between my thighs, just few centimetres from my… aaargh, penis! The moment I had realized that, my prick literally jumped from excitement. It grew up dramatically, and as I was leaning over Julie slightly, it pressed against her ass! Only my pyjama pants prevented it from darting right between but cheeks, but it had pressed there mightily, anyway.

I wasn’t sure if Julie had noticed, since she was fully occupied with what she was doing to Diana, already causing her to groan loudly. Through bulbous ends of her shoulders in my palms, I could feel the girl’s body vibrating very slightly, as she was working on my sister’s pussy with her tongue hard and vigorously. The next moment Diana climaxed. Her body shook, face frowned with exertion, and she uttered a very high pitched sound of relief. She collapsed on her back, trying to catch the breath.

I lifted Julie into a sitting position in front of me and let her lean against my body. I cuddled her to me in a sort of protective gesture. She was panting too, all sweaty with the effort and her own excitement. I was aware of the bulge in my pants – it was still there, now pressing into Julie’s back. Suddenly I felt being flooded up by strange emotions and strong feelings for the hot girl in my arms, her body trembling from the strain and exhaustion. Today I’m pretty sure this was the exact moment when my love for Julie was actually born.

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