Julie’s New Houseboy Ch. 03

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I’ve had Duncan over to my place several times, now. I have his phone number, and he is willing and able to show up at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. He’s taken quite well to training. He’s a very apt, very motivated student. He’s intelligent, but I don’t see any hidden agenda or secret maneuverings for advantage. He is, as best I can tell, entirely mine and under my sway; sincere and devoted . Well, now. Who could complain?

Let me give you a rundown on his latest visit. I think you’ll see that I’m not wrong in my conclusions.

It was a day off for me. I was up around nine, had coffee and a light breakfast, after which I kicked back on the couch, enjoying the summery air drifting through the window.

I phoned Duncan, and he, as usual, picked up after the first ring. A real ‘eager beaver’, I thought to myself.

“Dunc! Good morning to you.” I said cheerily.

“And to you, as well, Miss Julie.” he replied, sounding very buoyant. “I hope you slept well.”

“Yeah, doing fine. I’ve got some things I need you to do here.” I said.

“I’ll be right over, Miss Julie!” came his immediate reply.

Gotta say, it’s nice to have good material to work with. And Duncan was primo.

“All right, then. Get your ass over here.” I said, then hung up. I checked the wall clock. 9:40. He’d be knocking by the top of the hour. He was probably already in his car, I thought, smiling to myself.

I heard him coming up the stairs at an energetic clip at 9:55. Very nice. Shows a certain level of interest, don’t you know.

I opened the door just as he got to the landing, then walked back into the room. Duncan entered and quietly closed the door behind him. He waited by the door as I situated myself comfortably in the rattan armchair.

“Come over.” I instructed.

Duncan came to where I sat, and slowly went down onto his knees before me. He was slightly out of breath from hurrying, and, as usual, he was nervous. Subs know just by nature that they can be given their walking papers any old time, even on a whim. And, really, all they can do to ward that off is to give it everything they got, so to say. But I had a number of hoops I wanted to have him jump through, so there was no immediate danger of his dismissal. Still, that information was for me alone. In truth, we were just getting started.

As usual, he was neatly dressed, shaven, nails clean and trimmed. I sat there for a few minutes, just basking in the glow of his adoration which he had no way of disguising. I reached for my coffee and draped my bare legs over the arm of the chair. There is something so satisfying in having an obedient, worshipful man on his knees in front of you. I decided I’d just sit there for awhile. Duncan kept his eyes downcast, and his arms at his side. After about twenty minutes, or so, I spoke.

“You did some good work here last week.” I said. “The bathroom, the kitchen cabinets. I had no idea they could look so clean. I guess I’m not much of a housekeeper.”

“You shouldn’t be doing housework, Miss Julie. Someone like me should do that for you.”

“Someone like you?” I queried, understanding that he relished the chance to tell me just what he was. “How, like you?”

“A man who needs a strong woman.” he said, his eyes tearing some as he spoke. “I’m so happy you’ve let me do your housework.”

“Really?” I was toying with him now. “Tell me more. I don’t quite get that.”

“I…, well, I hope that if I am useful to you that you will let me be near you. Like this. I love to kneel before you.”

I reached forward and stroked his cheek with my hand.

“You’re a sweet boy, Duncan, and because of all the excellent housework you did for me, I want to give you a present. Wait here.”

I got up and went to the corner of the room where I kept miscellaneous stuff, including my laundry bag. My ‘present’ for Duncan was near the top. As I fished it out, I felt how cool it was to be a woman fully in charge of a man. The modern culture needed more of that!

I carried the panties back to my chair, sat down, and held them out toward Duncan, draped from the end of my index finger.

“This is your present, Duncan.” I said. “A pair of my panties. Do you like them?”

There was nothing extraordinary about them; light pink cotton with a lace trim at the waist. But they were xslot a bit soiled from wear. As I twirled them about at the end of my finger, I allowed the delicate stains on the cloth to be visible to Duncan.

“Yes, Miss Julie.” Duncan said with great solemnity. I had to make an effort not to laugh. So serious! Though, at the same time, that quality was important.

“Why don’t you tell me why you like them so.” I said, placing the panties in my lap, and crossing my legs. My foot dangled a few inches from his face. “Is pink your favorite color?”

“It’s not the color, Miss Julie. I like them…”

“I asked you a question, little Dunky. It’s rude to ignore me like that.” I said, sharply.

A bit of color drained from his face. Good. Physiological signs like that are excellent indicators of devotion. One sub, a few years back, actually vomited after I chewed him out. Now, he was a keeper! Though I did have to rough him up a bit for making that mess.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Julie!” Duncan blurted out. I kept a stern gaze directed on him.

“So, answer the question, dopey.” I said, firmly.

“It’s green.”

“What’s green? The panties?”

‘No, no! That’s my favorite color, Miss Julie. I thought…” he began to explain.

At that point, right in the middle of his confused agitation, I reached forward and slapped his face hard. Naturally, he shut right up. It was the first time I’d slapped him, but it wouldn’t be the last. From then, it would be part of my tool kit.

“No, Duncan, in fact, you didn’t think,. If you’d answered the very easy question I asked you right off, you wouldn’t be in trouble now.” I said.

“I’m so…” Duncan began. A tear dropped onto his pants leg. Then another. His lower lip was quivering.

“Don’t talk. Talking’s not your best friend just now.” I said, leaning back in the chair, my arms crossed. “From now on, you’ll talk when I tell you to, and you’d better think twice about what you say. You got that?”

“Yes, Miss Julie.” came his meek reply. He kept his eyes down during all of this.

“Look at me.” I said. Duncan brought his gaze slowly up to mine.

“I’m sure you’d love to tell me at length just how profoundly sorry you are. I can see that. But we’re not gonna kiss and make up just yet.” I said.

“As for this lovely undergarment yo seem very fond of, you’ll have to earn it. Does that sound fair, Dunky?”

“I would like that chance, Miss Julie. Oh!… Yes, yes, it does sound fair.” Duncan said, rushing to answer the actual question, much to my amusement!

I held out the panties.

“Go on. Take them.” I said, and Duncan held out both hands to receive them. He remained kneeling, holding the panties before him as if they were a holy relic. He seemed like he wanted to say something.

“Look, Duncan. If you get the need to say something, you can say ‘may I?’, and I’ll give you permission or not.. Okay?”

“Yes, Miss Julie. Thank you.”

“Do you want to say something?” I prompted. It looked as though the proximity of my panties had limited his ability to think straight.

“May I” he whispered.

“You may.” I said.

“Thank you for giving me a second chance. It was very kind of you.”

He was on the verge of blubbering, and, although it kind of turns me on to see a man reduced in that way (my last sub was quite sensitive and could be brought to tears), I wanted to get down to the business of tasking Duncan.

“Control yourself.” I said harshly, and Duncan composed himself. Still, I made a mental note to make him cry sometime in the future. It’s quite fascinating to watch.

“Now, Duncan, all these bullshit mistakes you’ve been making today need addressing.” I said. He looked up, giving me all his attention.

“You can have the panties today, on a conditional basis. You are to leave here, go to your car, put the panties on your head as if it were a hat, and drive around the downtown area. Keep the windows open. Drive slowly, say, up Morrissey Boulevard, across on fifth, down Main Street, across on sixth, back up Morrissey. Got it? Like a little circuit. Just keep going around like that. I’ll call you when I want you back here. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss Julie! Thank you.” came his excited reply. He was actually digging it.

“You may come across someone you know.” xslot Giriş I said. “That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss Julie. I’d be embarrassed. But I would know that I was pleasing you, and that would ease my discomfort.” he said.

A perfect rationale, I’d say. Pleasing me trumps all in ‘Little Dunky’s’ mind, it would seem.

“While you drive, you are to pull to the side a few times, and ask people for directions. Once you’re safely at the curb, you will arrange the panties so that your mouth is framed by one of the leg holes. Then ask for your directions. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss Julie!” Duncan said, sounding rather excited, I’d say.

“Also, and this is important, you are to record all of your interactions on your phone. At pedestrian crosswalks, record. Someone’s bound to notice a man with women’s underwear on his head, don’t you think?”

“It seems likely, Miss Julie.”

“Good. And when you ask for directions, of course.”

“Yes. I will.”

“Okay, then. On your way, Dunc. If all this entertains me, we may be on good terms again.”

He was parked across the street, and I watched him from the window. He got behind the wheel, started the car, carefully arrange the panties on his head, and drove off.

After an hour and a half, I had him return. I watched as he parked, removed the panties, and headed across the street. Once inside, he resumed his position on his knees at my feet.

“Give me the panties, Duncan.” I said, and he withdrew them from his jacket pocket.

“Now the phone.” I said, and he placed it in my outstretched hand.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here.” I said, looking forward to seeing “Mr panty-head” dealing with the public. My idea of fun! I had Duncan kneel at my side so that he could watch with me.

The pedestrian crosswalk footage was good. There was an older, matronly woman who noticed Duncan, sort of gasped, then nearly fell in the street hurrying away.

Another time, a group of punky-looking guys on skateboards, noticed Duncan. I was doubled over as I watched this!

“Whoa! Hey, check out the fag in the Mazda! Hey, Richie! Come here, man.”

They came right up to the window, laughing.

“What’s with the panties on the head, dude?” one said, sticking his head in the window. Duncan didn’t say anything.

“Fucking perv.” the one named Richie said, and spit on the windshield.

Then they started bringing Duncan to the attention of the other passersby.

“Yo! Freak show. Right this way, step right up!” one said.

Other pedestrians stopped to look, or slowed down, exchanging comments with each other. One of the boys started taking pictures of Duncan with his cell phone.

The ‘asking for directions’ segments were good, too. I liked one in particular.

It showed Duncan pulling to the curb. He looked in the rear view mirror to arrange the panties per my instructions, filming it as he did. A man wheeling a hand truck was heading down the sidewalk. Duncan called out to him.

“Pardon me, sir. Can you help me?”

The man stopped and looked into the car.

“What the fuck?” he muttered, then started to go on his way.

Duncan persisted.

“Sir I need help.” he said. “I’m lost.”

“That’s fucking putting it mildly, pal. This some kind of gag? Candid Camera?” he said, eyeing the spectacle of Duncan’s mouth wreathed by the soiled panties.

“I’m looking for the office of a Doctor Gillespie.” Duncan’s mouth spoke.

“A psychiatrist, right?” the man said, laughing contemptuously. “You know, I don’t mind that there are a lot of weirdos in this city, but most of ’em have the decency to stay indoors, you know? Do us all a favor, and fuck off, you sick fuck.”

“Thank you, sir!” Duncan called out as the man headed for his delivery truck.

Another time, Duncan got the attention of a man, a guy in his thirties, it looked like, smoking outside a bar.

“Sir! Can you help me, please?” Duncan called out. The man approached, flicking the cigarette into the street.

“Holy shit. Whatta we got here?” he said, coming to the window of the car, smiling.

“Thank you, sir. I need directions.”

“Yeah.” the man said, taking in the bizarre scene. “Yeah, looks like you took a wrong turn.”

“I’m looking for…”

“Look. xslot Güncel Giriş Cut the crap. What’s with the panties? I just gotta know.”

“Sir, I am wearing the panties of Miss Julie.”

“Ohhh! Miss Julie!” he said. “Naturally. It all makes sense now.”

“She is a beautiful, strong woman, and I worship her.” Duncan said through the leg hole.

“Well, she must be really something if she can get you to do shit like this. That’s all I got to say.” the man said, and headed back towards the bar.

“Thank you, sir!” Duncan yelled as the man went through the door.

Well, I’ve got to admit that I was thoroughly entertained by these antics, and I told Duncan so.

“May I?” Duncan said, a smile of deep satisfaction on his face as he listened to my praise.

“Speak.” I said.

“Oh, Miss Julie, I am so happy that this pleased you. So very happy.”

“And relieved, too, I imagine. Right?” I said, since he was at least part of the way out of the dog house.

“Very relieved. Yes, Miss Julie. Thank you. I’m so grateful.” He said, beaming.

I had Duncan move away from the chair, still on his knees, and positioned him in the center of the room. I stood over him, my legs apart, my hands on my hips. I was still in my comfy pajama outfit. I let my shorts fall to my ankles, lifted them with my foot, and proffered them to Duncan.

“Fold them.” I instructed.

His fingers fumbled nervously with the shorts, but he carefully folded them and put them to the side. My pussy was at eye level to Duncan, but he dared not look at me. I moved a bit closer.

“You’ve done well today, Duncan.” I began. “And I now forgive you for this morning. You were careless, it’s true. But you’ve made up for it. We’ll start with a clean slate, okay?”

“Yes, Miss Julie.” he said softly. There was tender emotion in his voice, and I wondered if he might cry.

“Look at me.” I ordered, and Duncan looked up into my eyes.

“You are forgiven.” i said.

I could assume, given how close we were, that Duncan could pick up the fragrance of my body, and the scent from between my legs. Once subs got pussy smell into their nostrils, they turned into the kind of putty that I like to play with! So, this was priming the pump. I came closer still, so that my pubes lightly grazed Duncan’s nose. His body began trembling, and his breath became rapid and more audible. I just remained there, moving my cunt hairs gently across the tip of his nose. I was setting in place the cornerstone of what I expected to be an edifice of worship and respect. I’m a skilled craftsperson when it comes to that, I’ll have you know. In fact, if Duncan believes in God, and I don’t know if he does, I imagine I could dissuade him from that in favor of something more heady, more immediate, more powerful: A woman. This woman!

“Kiss my feet.” I ordered, and Duncan, grateful, no doubt to have an outlet for the tension he’d exhibited, fell to the task. His mouth was so warm! As I looked down on him, I saw, in descending order, my smooth belly, my pubic thatch, my thighs and, finally, the top of Duncan’s head right where it belonged. Sweet little Duncan on all fours. I took all this in, all the while savoring the tender soft kisses to my feet. This was the epitome of Womanhood, the correct dynamic of male to female. And I knew that Duncan understood this through and through.

“Look at me.” I said, and Duncan craned his neck upward, raising his body only minimally.

“You may have the panties. Remember, though, you do not own them. They are to represent me in your home. Here is what you will do: Buy a good, quality picture frame, maybe sixteen by twenty, and place the panties in the frame. You will display them in the corner of your bedroom. Buy a folding screen, something tasteful. Bamboo, perhaps. Buy a small sturdy table. Lacqueured would be best. Place a cloth of fine linen or silk on top, and display the framed panties on this cloth. Be certain they are arranged under the glass so that the stains are visible, both of them. Place votive candles to either side of the panties, and have a pillow at the ready there for you to kneel upon. A small bud vase, as well. The flowers should always be fresh. Go now. Come back here on Friday with pictures. I want to be impressed.”

Duncan rose, his face flushed.

“May I?” he whispered.

“Go ahead.” I said.

“Thank you so much, Miss Julie. My life has so much purpose now. Thank you.”

Duncan began crying, and I’m not sure even a command from me could have stopped him. So I stood and watched.

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