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June first appeared in My First Blind Date, Ch.3. Sexual content.


When June was 10 years old, she fell from a school yard gym and broke her back and spine at T5. When she hit, there was a metal tube on the ground that supported the apparatus and her back hit on this tube. A few weeks after the injury a spinal fusion was done in the area of T4 to T6. June was paralyzed and had no feeling from that point down. She had no control over her bladder or bowels. This was a very frightening situation for such a young girl. She was sent to a rehab hospital which was far from her home so her mother could not be with her very often. Over time she learned to live every day life, use a wheelchair, and go back to school. With such a high injury, she was having trouble transferring form chair to bed and back and into a car or any other place like the shower.

June learned to live with her problems and take care of herself. She had been fitted with a back brace that ran from under her arms to her hips and that had hip joints that were attached to upper leg braces. These fit around her thighs to just above her knees. They could be locked at the hips with drop locks when she was seated with her legs 90 degrees to her back. This made her able to sit in her chair without the fear of falling out. After a year she returned home and finished school. She was a good student and popular with the other students, at least with the girls. The boys seemed to be afraid she might break so she never got asked out. During her senior year she was diagnosed with fibroid tumors in her ovaries. There was some question about what the tumor was so it was decided to do a total hysterectomy at the same time. This was fine with June as it was very hard to manage things during her period. She also had decided she never wanted children.

After graduation from high school she attended the local junior college and wanted to become a medical technician. As she had gotten older she spent more and more time learning about various disabilities and how people coped with them. She also learned what a devotee was and soon found she was attracted to people like her who were severely crippled.

Right after she was injured her mother had been contacted by lawyers and offered a large settlement by the school district and the maker of the school yard gym. It had not been installed right as the metal pipe should have been buried. A trust fund was set up and June did not know about the large settlement. She only knew that “insurance” was taking care of her medical bills. After she graduated from high school, she was told about the trust fund she was now eligible to receive. June talked it over with her mother and because their house was so hard to get around in, she moved out of her mother’s place and found an apartment that was wheelchair accessible. The only real issue she had with her being paralyzed was having to drag her dead legs around every time she needed to move. She was hoping that somehow she could change that and have a much easier time if it.

The other thing she had added to her new apartment was a bed that had a “trapeze” bar. It was a frame that attached to the head of the bed. On it was mounted a bar that went up some and then made a 90 degree turn towards the foot of the bed. About four feet from the wall was a metal bar that hung on a chain that she could grasp with her hands to lift herself up easier. The bar would rotate some to the side of the bed so she could get in and out of her wheelchair to the bed more easily. She still had to lift her paralyzed legs with her hands on to the bed and also move them around that way as she moved around in bed.

June got going in Junior College and liked the med tech class very much. One day about a month after she started she ran into, literally, a male, also in a wheelchair. They laughed as no damage had been done and moved out to a table to do their research. They introduced themselves and his name was Ed. They did their work and both got done about the same time. Ed asked if she would like to get something to drink in the cafeteria. June said that would be great and followed him there. After they were at an out of the way table Ed asked about why she was in the chair and June gave the details. Ed said it was similar somewhat to his story. He had been hit on his bicycle when he was 15, was a complete paraplegic from the waist down, and self cathed every 4 hours. June said she used a Foley catheter that was clamped at school and when she was out. At home she used a drainage bag.

They compared other notes and had a good visit. Little did Ed know this was the first real talk she had had with a male. She enjoyed it very much. Ed had to get to another class so he gave her his number and hoped they could talk more sometime. June was finished for the day and headed home. With her money, she had bought a van that had a wheelchair lift and hand controls and learned to drive it. She was very careful and still somewhat afraid to drive kütahya escort it as big as it was. The apartment manager had made a handicap spot for her and put a reserved sign for her apt number on it. That part of the parking was covered and the door close by.

June had grown since her accident and was now about 5’5″ tall, was slim, only about 110 pounds and her legs were very atrophied. They had grown at different speeds and different lengths. The right was now about 2 inches shorter than the left. The back brace had kept her spine straight and she was a 32″ B cup. The feeling stopped right below her breasts. She always wore skirts as they were much easier to get dressed in. There was a cut the full length of one side and a Velcro strip kept the waist closed. The skirt was full enough that the cut never showed. She could open the skirt and place it on the seat of her wheelchair and then sit down on it and then close the waist. The skirt came to her knees. She wore regular blouses but never wore a bra as her breasts were inside the back brace.

That night after she had gotten in bed she thought about Ed again. For some reason her nipples got hard and she felt them against the sheet. She put her hand on her breasts and wondered at the feeling. On a couple of other occasions the same thing had happened. She also noticed that when she used her fingers to slide over the chest area that had feeling, and just where the feeling stopped, she got a tingling feeling. If she did this for some time, again, her nipples got hard. She had explored her pubic area but with no feeling anywhere in the area, nothing had happened. She wondered what it would be like to orgasm. She also wondered what it would feel like with someone else touching her in various places.

June ran into Ed again a couple of days later and they talked some more. She invited him over for dinner on Friday and gave him her address. Ed arrived on time and they had some appetizers June had prepared. Neither one of them drank. June got dinner on the table and they enjoyed the meal. Each of them talked about their experiences getting along with their physical problems and how they overcame different things. Jane finally got her courage up and asked him if he had ever had a sexual experience with a girl. He said like you, I have no feeling anywhere and have never been able to get an erection even when trying to masturbate. I just assumed that no woman would be interested in me. June said so you have never even been with a woman and Ed said no. He asked have you been with a male. June said no, I am just like you. Who would want to be with a woman that has a catheter sticking out of her pussy?

They were both quiet for a while and then June asked if he would like to try and see what it was like. Ed thought for a while and said are you asking me to go to bed with you? June said yes, why not. I have never even seen a man and I want to. It does not matter if you are hard or soft let’s just see what happens. Ed said it was ok with him but he had better cath first so he did not have an accident. June said ok and can she watch. He said he could not see why not as she was going to see him anyway.

He followed her into the bathroom, washed his hands and instead of just unzipping his pants, asked June to pull them off as he lifted himself. She did and after Ed put one of his legs over the wheel of his chair saw her first penis. Even flaccid he seemed to be a decent size. He also had quite a bit of hair in the area. He cleaned the head of his penis with antibacterial wipes, pulled the cap from the cath, put some lubrication on the tip and inserted it into his urethra. He pushed the catheter up until urine flowed into the bag and left it there until the flow stopped. June said it was very similar to how she did hers except her catheter had a bulb on the end that she injected 5 ccs of water into to keep it in her all the time.

When the flow stopped he pushed the catheter in a little further and out some a couple of times to get all of the urine out. He withdrew the catheter and pushed it into the collection bag and June took it from him and put it in her disposal can that she used. She gave him a wet wash cloth to wipe off with. June then asked him to pull her skirt off as she lifted herself. He did so and he saw his first female. He could see a catheter coming out between her hairy labia and she wheeled over to the john and connected the catheter to a tube that ran to the john and released the clamp. Urine flowed and then stopped after a minute or so. June disconnected and reapplied the clamp.

They went into the bedroom and both transferred to the bed. Ed asked if he could remove her blouse and she said yes. He unbuttoned it and pushed it back on her shoulders and she let it slide off. She had not worn her back brace this evening. Keeping one hand on the bed to hold herself up, she reached for Ed’s polo shirt and lifted it up over his head. He also was holding himself up with lara escort his hands. Ed used the trapeze bar and pulled himself into the bed and over just past center. June then did the same and they lay down by each other. Ed said lady’s first for June to start looking at him. She explored him all the way down to his legs seeing that like hers, they were very flaccid and atrophied. She ran her finger up his abdomen from his hip asking him to tell her when he could feel it. About the level of his belly button he said he could now feel her finger.

Ed seemed to be reading her mind and said go ahead and touch my penis. June scooted down in bed some so she could reach and see it better. She pulled herself over his abdomen and took hold of it. It was very soft and warm and would stretch if she pulled on it. She moved her hands down to his balls and rolled them around. As she was doing this, Ed asked if she was doing anything yet. She said yes and he said he could not feel a thing. She masturbated him like she had seen on her computer but nothing happened. Using her hands she pushed herself from him and pulled herself back up alongside him.

She said for him to go ahead and look at her and he should feel free to touch anything he wanted. He looked down at her breasts and then touched one. He seemed to hesitate and June told him to go ahead. He asked if she could feel there and she said yes, very much so. He got closer to them and asked if her nipples were always hard like they were now. She laughed and said no they had gotten that way while she was looking at his penis. He then laughed and said well it was good for something looks like. He used his hands quite a bit on them and she finally said they felt very good.

As he slid his hand down below her breast, within a couple of inches she could no longer feel it and told him so. He said wow, you’re a very high para. He moved down to her pubis and said he could not see much this way and could he move her legs. June said sure do what you need to do. With some effort he moved all the way down to between her legs and opened them up. He could now see her vagina and urethra where the catheter was coming out. She had very well defined outer and inner vaginal lips and touched them. She seemed to be very wet also. He asked if she could feel anything he was doing and she said no. He told her how wet she was and she said that was from him playing with her breasts she thought. He ran his finger in to her and did not meet any resistance. He remarked about it and she told him she had to have a vaginal hysterectomy so she did not have a hymen any more.

Ed moved back up alongside June. They were quiet for a while thinking about what they had discovered about themselves and each other. June finally leaned over and kissed Ed. He was surprised but soon returned the kiss and got into it more. June pushed her tongue through his lips and he opened his mouth. Soon he was using his tongue to probe June’s mouth. Ed then put his hand on June’s breast and started moving it around. Shortly June got more enthusiastic about her kissing as she became aroused for the first time in her life. She soon broke the kiss and guided Ed’s head and mouth to one of her nipples. They each had to move some so he could reach it.

Ed latched on to the nipple and sucked and licked it quite roughly. June was in heaven and how rough he was did not matter. She moved so he could get his mouth on the other nipple and somehow Ed’s hand got on the area of her chest that feeling started and stopped. He moved it between those areas and it seemed an electric shock ran through her body several times. She squealed in delight and scared Ed thinking he had hurt her. He stopped what he was doing and asked her what was wrong. June was not sure what had happened but did not want to hurt his feelings if in fact she had some type of orgasm. She just told him that what he was doing felt very good to her. This did make Ed feel good that he could bring some kind of pleasure to a woman.

June also told him how much she enjoyed kissing with him. He said he had also. She asked if there was any way he knew of that she could pleasure him. He said he had never found one and did not even know how to tell her to experiment with anything. The hugged each other for some time and Ed said he needed to get going. She helped him get dressed and he left thanking her for a great dinner and evening. June cleaned up the dinner dishes with a big smile on her face. She now knew she could have some kind of sexual enjoyment and probably be able to satisfy a normal partner.


Several months passed and June was busy with school. It seemed to be easy for her and she made good grades. She and Ed remained friends but no more dates happened. June was into her second year and one day noticed an advertisement on the bulletin board that a doctor was looking for a med tech to work in his office. She took the slip and called for an appointment for an lara eve gelen escort interview.

When she got to the office she was given a job application to fill out which she did. After she turned it in she was shown to a patient waiting room. From the equipment in it she figured the doctor must be some type of eye doctor. The other thing she noticed was that some of the people she saw seemed to be some type of amputee but she was not really sure about that. A few minutes after she got to the room there was a knock at the door and she said come in. The door opened and a man with no legs wheeled into the room. He had a huge smile on his face. Without asking her any questions he said you have the job. June was shocked and he started laughing as he closed the door. He introduced himself as Dr. Jack and said since she was crippled she had lots of points in her favor. He said all of his employees were disabled in some way. He said look at me, I have two very short leg stumps. Tell me about your issues.

After some time June had answered all of his questions. He took all the time in the world with her and was very friendly. He told her he did have a job for her if she wanted to work for him just doing general things around the office as her time permitted with school. After she graduated and had her certificate, she could work into the med tech job. That would consist of doing eye exams on people that were going to have cataract surgery. There were three other doctors on the staff and it was a busy office. He did a little bit of specialized surgery but the others did the bulk of it and he did office follow up. June said she would very much like to work for him. Dr. Jack said she could start next week any time. June thanked him and left thinking she had found a great opportunity.

The following week June got to the office about 11 am on Tuesday. Her big days at school were Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She only had a couple of classes on Tuesday and Thursday right now. She was introduced to Windy who had a prosthetic leg that went above her knee. She seemed to be super nice and easy to get along with. Windy showed her how to make up the instrument trays for surgery on Wednesday. That was the big operating day. There were enough instruments to make up 8 trays and that would get them started. Someone else would keep cleaning instruments, sterilizing them and getting trays put back together during the day. There was a note book with pictures showing what and how the stuff was organized. They were then double wrapped and put in an autoclave to steam sterilize them. Windy was very impressed when she came back after lunch and June was almost done getting the trays prepared.

Wendy was an RN that took care of the patients after surgery in the recovery room. Wendy sat with June and they talked about what June was doing at school and her paralysis. June asked Wendy what happened to her leg and she said she had a tumor but did not seem to want to talk about it. June did not push her for now. June said she sure enjoyed talking with Dr. Jack last week. Wendy said yes he was a great person to work for. Everyone got along well and the doctors took care of the help very well. Wendy said you will have to meet his wife April sometime, she was a ball of fire and lots of fun. She mentioned it was not unusual to be invited to their home for dinner or a pool party.

The rest of the afternoon pasted quickly and June left at 5 and headed home. Wendy had introduced her to several of the other women and they all treated June like she had been there for years and were old friends. Dr. Jack had stuck his head in and said hello and asked how she was doing. June told him fantastic and that everyone was so nice. He said he was glad she was there and he would see her later.

June fixed dinner and did some work for class in the morning and went to bed. She had been reading a lot on the internet about sex and disabilities and was trying to find out more about her body. She had learned that her breasts were very sensitive and even got a small orgasm one night while playing with them. Running her fingers over her “feeling line” as she called it, while playing with her nipples seemed to be the key for something to happen. Even though she could not feel anything, she put her hand down to her pussy more and more. She noticed that the longer she played with her breasts the wetter she got down there. She got brave one time and tasted her fingers and liked the taste. She wondered if other women tasted like she did.

He also wondered what it would be like to be with another woman, to kiss and touch and put her mouth down there. She decided she would not pass up any opportunity to find out. Several of the women at work looked and smiled at her and others seem to pay a lot of attention to her legs. She noticed that most of them wore short white skirts and the amputees even shorter. None of the leg amputees ever wore pants. She decided to start wearing shorter skirts also. She had out grown her back and leg braces and was fitted with a new one. The back part did not come as high on her as the old one. The top stopped just below her breasts. The leg brace part still came to just above her knees. With the new short skirts, part of the brace showed.

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