Just a Little Tennis Match Ch. 02

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PART 2: Doubles Match


“Doubles match?”

“Sure, why not?” Michelle had stopped me outside of class, accompanied by her teammate and roommate Nicole. Michelle was my former friend/now girlfriend whom I’d hooked up with about a month earlier. While Nicole had joined us in that first sexual session, Michelle and I had split off into a more personal one-on- one exclusive relationship. Still, I spent a great deal of time at the girls’ apartment and gorgeous Nicole flirted with me more than ever, and sometimes Michelle had not appreciated it. Still, my girlfriend always let it slide, and sometimes let out little innuendos suggesting a repeat of our first threesome. So when the two of them arrived and offered a doubles match, my mind immediately jumped to conclusions other than tennis.

Nicole popped in, “C’mon. You and a male teammate against the two of us. Afraid you’re going to lose?”

“Well who am I going to play with?”

“Anyone you want. We’ll take you guys.” Nicole turned around and saw someone she recognized. Alan Cheng, the Varsity team’s top singles player was cruising down the hallway on the other side of the courtyard. “Alan will do perfectly.”

With that, Nicole turned about, flipping her hair, and sashayed across the courtyard. She whistled, catching the attention of most every guy within earshot, of course including Alan. Her hips were swinging in her skirt, and he did a double take before stopping in his tracks once realizing she was coming straight for him. Nicole sidled up to him close, real close.

As they were talking together, I was checking out the rest of Nicole’s outfit. She had on sandaled heels, flawless legs leading up to a tight and short mini- skirt. Nicole’s firm abs were showing slightly, and her firm, large breasts were pushing out her low scoop lace-up top.

Michelle was following my gaze, then turned and punched me… hard … on the shoulder.

I turned around fast, rubbing my sore shoulder. “What?”

She just set her jaw and glared at me.


Alan pounded his first serve up the middle of the Ad Court, slicing out of Nicole’s reach.

“Ace!!!” I crowed, pumping my fist. I exchanged Hi-Fives with Alan, then returned to our spots to set ourselves for the next game. We’d blitzed through the first set, winning handily 6-2. Alan’s most recent service ace notched this set to 5-3.

The girls huddled together, deep in conversation with their backs turned to us as they planned their next moves on how to come back and beat us. Alan and I were winning handily, and agreed to just keep our current strategy going. I should have known what the girls were planning…

They broke and set themselves, with Nicole getting geared to serve. With every move, she seemed just a little more sexy, her hips wiggling just a bit more. Michelle was the same. She was up front at the net, teasing me and blowing kisses my way, profiling herself against the setting sun to give her assets full advantage over me. The girls were apparently having the same effect on Alan. He returned Nicole’s first serve feebly, waffling a forehand deep and wide. The girls switched sides, Nicole retrieved Alan’s wayward ball, bending forwards at the waist to pick it up. Her blouse had opened up a few buttons (or she’d opened it a few buttons), showing her deep cleavage pushing out at her sports bra.

As Nicole got set to make her next serve, Michelle simply removed her blouse, leaving her wearing only a sports bra on top. I knew she was blatantly trying to distract me into playing poorly. But I would have none of it. I rocketed my return of Nicole’s next serve right at Michelle, hard. I’d actually not put enough spin on the ball, as it flew past her ear, spinning her around and dropping her to the court. The ball flew straight to the back fence, easily out. Drat, we were down 30-love, but I’d shown her that she couldn’t just flirt me into losing. On the other hand, seeing her laying on the court, panting, with her skirt bunched up at her hips from when she fell, didn’t exactly help my resolve to stay focused.

Nicole managed to serve out the game before we managed to regroup. 5-4. All I had to do was win my service game and we’d emerge victorious. Two well placed first serves quickly put us up 30-love. We were guys, we could overpower them at any time. I must have gotten overconfident smelling victory so close, and promptly double-faulted. But I was not going to let the girls get to me with their head games. The girls huddled again, and this time I noticed my girlfriend up really close to the net, not even set into her stance. Instead, she was whispering something to Alan. I shook my head, focusing on the task at hand, called the score, and launched into my serve. Nicole sliced a backhand return right to Alan, the ball weakly arcing into perfect position for his smash. This would have been great, had he been paying attention. I looked across the net for a moment to see Michelle settling her sports bra back into place. Alan had become unglued for the moment, and Nicole’s return lightly bonked him on the head. altyazılı porno

Damn women cheaters.

I collected my teammate, and we set hard to ignore their antics. We were still men. A service ace and I had my revenge on Michelle for flashing her breasts at my teammate. I set up the next serve quickly so they couldn’t come up with another distraction and we won the point, the game, and the match. C’mon, the guys can’t be beaten by girls.


After showering off and cleaning up in the locker room, Alan said he had to bail and took off. I’d driven in with Michelle so I parked my ass on the benches outside the girls locker room, waiting for the girls to get out. A half an hour later, they finally emerged, freshly scrubbed with new makeup and new wardrobes. Michelle was now in jeans so tight they looked sprayed on, Sketchers, and a long V-neck that showed off her upper body assets. Nicole, ever the show off, emerged in heels, miniskirt, and a button-down blouse that seemed a couple sizes too small for her body. It was enough so that the gaps between buttons sort of opened up, giving me tantalizing glimpses of a dark vermillion bra underneath.

“Hey honey, Alan was Nicole’s ride, and he took off already, so can we just drop her off at home on the way back?” Originally, Michelle had planned on coming over to my place after the match, but a side detour to the girls’ apartment would not be very long. Besides, I would never turn down a request from Michelle for anything. “Sure, why not?”

So we piled into my car and cruised off, arriving at our destination in no time. Nicole hopped out of the back seat and came over to my window, leaning down. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her gorgeous tits were inches from my face. “Thanks for the ride, but why don’t you two come inside for awhile? It’s not dinner time yet and there’s no one inside.”

Michelle leaned across me before I could say anything, saying “Sure, that’s a good idea. I’m sure we’ll find plenty to do to kill some time.” She had a funny look on her face, then got out of her seat to lean even further across me. Nicole now had that sparkle in her eye as she leaned into the car, closing her eyes to capture Michelle’s mouth with her own. I watched in startled amazement and rapture as my girlfriend’s tongue danced an inch in front of my face with her gorgeous teammate. Without breaking her kiss with Nicole, Michelle reached down and grabbed my rapidly rising cock, pumping it to full hardness.

After a few minutes, they finally separated, all three of us breathing hard. Nicole popped open my door. “Let’s go.”

The girls wrapped arms behind each other’s back, giggling as they strode off in front of me up to their apartment. I followed close behind in disbelief that this was all real. After opening the door and slipping inside, they closed the door back on me, leaving it open just a crack. I paused at the threshold, summoning up my courage before pushing the door back open and stepping inside.

They were standing side-by-side waiting for me, Nicole lunging forward to grab my head and press her lips to mine. My lips parted as her tongue dove in to explore the depths of my mouth, my own tongue pushing back against hers. My hands immediately went to her curvaceous ass, my hands slipping underneath the waistband, palming those fleshy mounds of her buttocks. I peeked open my eyes to see Michelle already had her shirt off, her hands reaching behind her to unclip her bra. Nicole reasserted her grip on my head, pulling me back into the kiss with her. She pushed me back against the door, slamming it closed. “You want a show?”

She stepped back slowly undoing the buttons up the front of her blouse. I watched as Michelle (now completely topless but still in her jeans) slip behind her and unsnap Nicole’s strapless bra. Michelle palmed Nicole’s bulging tits, pulling the bra down to reveal one of the greatest’s busts on campus. Michelle then undid the ties holding up Nicole’s skirt, letting it drop into a puddle on the floor. Last came the panties, these, slowly dragged down Nicole’s legs until she stepped out of them, leaving her heels still on.

Nicole then turned, still in her shirt and heels, unbuttoning then thrusting her hand down Michelle’s jeans. Michelle was quickly moaning at the intrusion as Nicole locked her lips onto Michelle’s neck, kissing and sucking and obviously rubbing within the confines of Michelle’s jeans. Nicole pushed Michelle farther into the room, backwards until she fell onto the couch. She then got down on her knees, tugging off Michelle’s Sketchers, and then her jeans and panties together. Once Michelle was completely naked, she leaned into Michelle’s now sopping wet cunt and attacked it with her mouth and tongue. This brought fresh squealing from Michelle’s panting mouth, as Nicole used her dextrous tongue against Michelle’s little nub. Nicole brought up her arms to palm Michelle’s heaving bosom, and the two of them rocked together, Michelle’s hands forcing Nicole deeper into her.

All the meanwhile, Nicole had left her ass pointing back at me, and I could see her türkçe altyazılı porno spread pussy lips in the light. Dropping my own jeans, I strode forward across the room, got down on my knees and grabbed a hold of Nicole’s ass. She moaned in anticipation of my entering her, and positioning myself just so, I leaned forward and slid slowly into Nicole’s delightful pussy, savoring the feeling as I bottomed out into her.

We set up into an easy rhythm, Nicole’s hips thrusting back at me as I pumped in and out. Her lips and tongue sliding up into Michelle and back out again in time with our coupling. Michelle took ahold of Nicole’s hands on her tits pushing them against her breasts and directing them to tease her nipples. My own hands reached forward to cup Nicole’s tits in my palms, holding onto them to pull her back tighter onto my ramrod. Gradually, as our pleasure increased, we stepped up the pace, my thrusts increasing in tempo and in strength. I had to relocate my hands onto Nicole’s hips to hold her to my thrusts. Michelle’s legs wrapped around Nicole’s head as she neared her orgasm, her hands pushing Nicole’s head more tightly to her pussy.

Michelle released first, her moans tumbling out as she gushed her honey onto Nicole’s quivering tongue. After lapping up Michelle’s juices. Nicole focused her attention on getting herself and me off, her fingers darting to her own clit at our coupling. She stiffened up, then shuddered violently all at once, screaming out her orgasm. On this signal I reached my boiling point and let loose, firing my load into her pussy. She slipped off me and turned around falling to the floor to let my spurting cum splatter over her naked breasts and stomach. Panting, I sank backwards onto the floor, as a recovered Michelle set to licking up every droplet of my cum off of Nicole’s body, her hands roaming across Nicole’s smooth flesh. She started at the bottom, licking her way up to Nicole’s heaving breasts, cleaning her off until Nicole grabbed her head and pulled Michelle into a searing kiss, opening her mouth to taste the mingled flavors of Michelle’s and my juices. They lay, leaning against the couch, kissing and caressing each other, then returned to me, with heavy-lidded lust in their eyes.

The two girls pulled me up, then led me back to Nicole’s room. Throwing me across her bed, Nicole immediately dove onto my cock, sucking and licking it back to hardness. Then she slid up my body, taking care to make sure her nipples dragged across my skin on the way up, two velvet points cool against my hot chest. She drew herself up to sit on my chest, I could feel the hot wetness of her pussy against me. She took ahold of her own breasts, caressing herself and gyrating slowly to unheard music, her hair tossing about.

As soon as her ass moved out of the way, Michelle set to finishing Nicole’s job of raising me back to full readiness. “It’s my turn to feel that inside me.” Once satisfied that I was ready, Michelle joined us on the bed and lowered herself onto me. We both heard the slurping sound of my rod spearing straight up into Michelle, as she moaned out her approval of being filled so completely. Nicole turned about, facing Michelle, and lowered her steaming cunt down to my face. I felt nearly suffocated, but such a happy suffocation as I grabbed Nicole’s ass and began to eat her out in earnest. Nicole gave little gasps of approval, and leaned forward to embrace Michelle across from her. I watched as we all bounced up and down with the give of Nicole’s bed, Nicole’s pussy sloshing about my face, grinding herself deeper onto my tongue. Michelle’s hips were rising and falling and circling about as I felt like I was fucking inside a washing machine. The two of them continued to caress each other, pawing at each others tits and frenching like there was no tomorrow.

Since I had just come, I knew I could last a little bit longer. For Nicole on the other hand, it was a matter of male pride to be able to get her to orgasm quickly. I gently bit down on her clit, then snaked a few fingers into her tight snatch. Her hips redoubled their shuddering, and I was rewarded with her sweet nectar pouring out onto my face. I bucked harder into Michelle, and she suddenly stopped her bouncing up and down on my cock to throw her head back and scream her release as well. She toppled off me onto the bed, and I dropped Nicole next to her. I turned and climbed atop her, slamming my cock deep into Nicole’s still spasming cunt in one stroke. She gasped at the intrusion, then set to licking her cream off my face as I began to pump her in earnest.

Exhausted, Michelle merely leaned over to kiss Nicole, as she lazily relaxed and watched us go at it. “He’s good, isn’t he?”

“Oh… oh, fuck, yeah!” were the only words Nicole could make out as I set to make sure my cock carved out every corner of Nicole’s pussy. I rested my head against the crook of her neck, wrapping my arms about her torso to hold her tight against my body. I focused all my energy left to my hips, piledriving myself into her body over and over.

Nicole finally climaxed and her whole hd altyazılı porno body trembled as she felt the wave wash over her. She shuddered, then finally passed out from the pleasure.

So close, but not quite, I pulled out and flopped onto my back.

“Aww, poor baby.” Michelle leaned forward to finish me off, sucking my twitching member deep into her mouth, until I felt myself hit the back of her throat. She sucked in powerfully, and I watched as her cheeks fled inwards to create a powerful suction about my cock. That pushed me over the edge as I released my load deep down her throat. She gagged a bit, but managed to hold it in and swallowed it all down. Sighing, we settled down into the warmth of the bed. I drifted to sleep between these two gorgeous goddesses, a wide smile across my face. Today had been a good day.


I awoke in a strange room, in a strange bed. I took a while for the cobwebs to clear from my head, then memory began to trickle back in for me. This was Nicole’s room, and I was in her bed. I checked the clock, a cute Minnie Mouse analog clock mounted on the wall, and found that it was late evening. Apparently I had only been asleep for a few hours. Both girls were gone. I rolled out of the bed, and found that someone had brought my clothes into the room. I slid into my shorts, but ignored the shirt for the time being. While I was no body- builder, my chest had enough definition that I could proudly go without a top. I padded over to the door, and stopped just short of twisting the handle when I heard voices fluttering through.

“Please, can’t I? He’s so much fun!” That was Nicole’s silky tones, having turned a bit petulant for this conversation.

“But he’s my boyfriend. I’m supposed to keep him for myself.” That was Michelle, seeming a little defensive. “I’m afraid I’m going to lose him if I keep letting you screw his brains out.”

Okay, this was getting interesting. I tried to remain as still as possible, my ear pressed to the crack in the door. Eavesdropping is wrong, I know. But I couldn’t help myself given the conversation.

Nicole had switched to her big-sister-I’m-just-looking-out-for-you voice. “Let me put it this way, if he’s the kind of guy who would screw your best friend behind your back, you’re better off without him. So let me try to seduce him when you’re not around. If he holds up, then you’ll know you’ve found a keeper! If he caves in, well, it’s best that you found out sooner than later.”

There was a long pause, and finally Michelle sighed. “But I really like this one.”

“If he’s all that, then you have nothing to worry about, and I get to have my fun!”

“Please, don’t steal him from me? Promise?”

“I’ll try not to. Okay?”

“Okay. Well, it’s getting late and we need to get dinner. I should go wake him now.” I heard the creak of a chair being pushed back across the floor, and I made a mad dash back to the bed. I sat down, and dropped my shorts to my ankles.

The door swung open, and Michelle poked her cute face inside. Her eyes lit up when she saw me, and she gave me one of her dazzling smiles when she looked down into my crotch. I had my hands on my shorts, as if I was just pulling them on to get dressed, but I had developed a new erection while listening to the girls discuss seducing me and screwing my brains out. Michelle clucked like a mother hen as she came up next to me, her hand holding my shorts down and preventing me from pulling them on.

“Good morning.” I said to her, a sweet a loving expression on my face. It was nine o’clock in the evening, but ‘Good morning’ seemed appropriate.

“Good morning!” she growled back at me, not sweet or loving, but husky and lusting. With that she dipped her head, engulfing my stiff cock in her mouth, apparently tasting the dried cum from all three of us still caked on it. She pulled up and off me, still holding my stiffness in her hand as she looked directly into my eyes. “Honey, I want you to promise me something.”

“Of course.”

“Promise me, that you’ll never go behind my back. That you’re not going to cheat on me. I mean, I know we have some fun with Nicole, but that’s when I’m here and I’m encouraging you.” She cupped her other hand around my balls, tight enough so I could feel her fingernails. Her voice dropped into a threatening growl. “Swear on your testicles that you won’t let me down.”

“Michelle, honey.” I looked straight into her eyes. “I promise.”

She smiled sweetly at me, then helped me slide my shorts on. “Come on, then. I’m hungry.” I had some extra clothes I’d left behind in Michelle’s room, some nice slacks and a button-down shirt. Michelle loved to dress me, and so we stood in her room while she did the buttons on my shirt.

I looked over Michelle’s head, and out the doorway. Nicole was leaning against the wall not ten feet away from us. She too, was wearing a button-down blouse, and from my vantage point she showed me that most of the buttons had come undone, revealing that she wore no bra underneath. She held up a finger, licking it erotically before plunging it into her mouth. She sucked on it visibly, then pulled it out, showing off the wetness still clinging to its surface. Then she opened up the flap of her blouse, revealing a firm breast inside, and rubbed her wet finger all around the nipple.

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