Just Another New Year’s Eve

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Bob gave a desultory look around the packed ballroom from his spot against the wall. Glittering jewels, some real, most paste, vied with party store tiaras emblazoned with “2010” for gaudiness. Freely flowing liquor loosened inhibitions as society matrons and their equally stuffy dates danced feverishly to the swing music the band was playing. Bob sipped his Sambuca, his second of the night, savoring the sweet bite as it trickled down his throat. Catching his brother’s eye, he raised his glass in a silent, sardonic toast, inwardly vowing never to do this again. A glance at his watch showed that he only had ten minutes until midnight, ten minutes to endure this interminable party and escape to his suite of rooms upstairs. Ten minutes and the new year would roll in while his fiancée Sara was a continent away at a business function she couldn’t escape.

So caught up was Bob in his own misery that he didn’t really notice that the dancers had stopped dancing, though the band played on. He didn’t see how every eye suddenly turned to the woman walking across the ballroom, her deep red dress shimmering under the lights of the hundreds of candles in the room. Although every other man in the room took notice of the shapely length of leg showing through the thigh-high slit in the skirt, Bob was oblivious. Brilliant diamonds — real ones — cascaded down into the deep V of the bodice, ice cold against the woman’s warm cleavage. Every man — and not a few of the women — stared as this vision in red approached Bob.

The band segued into a slow song, and Bob heard a familiar voice singing the lyrics. “Ring out the old, ring in the new, a midnight wish to share with you.” He turned and a slow smile split his face as he gazed deep into Sara’s warm brown eyes. Taking her hand, Antalya Escort he led her onto the dance floor, where she slipped into his arms as the music flowed through the room. His hand slid down her back to rest possessively on her butt, gently pulling her closer to him. Sara could feel his turgid length through the thin material of her dress and through Bob’s trousers. One of her hands caressed the back of his neck while the other found its way inside his tuxedo jacket to tease the tiny black studs on the front.

In each other’s arms, everything ceased to exist. Gone were the streamers and balloons. Gone was the band. Gone were the other revelers. Here, in this moment, there were just them in their own little microcosm of love and passion. Dimly the countdown to midnight broke through their consciousness — “10, 9, 8, 7…” Craving each other after nearly a week apart, their kiss started before the shouts of “Happy New Year!” rang throughout the room. As the rest of the party goers sang “Auld Lang Syne,” Bob and Sara were locked in a consuming kiss.

With his tongue in her mouth, Sara hooked a leg around Bob’s hip, the skirt of her dress falling away from the slit to reveal the creamy golden flesh above the tops of her silk stockings. He brought a strong hand around to cup the bare mound scarcely hidden by a fold of satin, a thick finger parting the moist, swollen folds. Sara’s hips arched into Bob’s hand, her hot cunt seeking relief from the pressure starting to build. His free hand came up to trace the cascade of diamonds dripping from her neck, the backs of his knuckles caressing the golden swell of breast peeking out of the bodice. Deftly, Bob freed one soft globe from its satin prison, only to capture it in his hot mouth, drawing Antalya Escort Bayan the tight rose-brown tip along his tongue to his throat, using his mouth to elongate it, eliciting a gasp from Sara at the succulent pleasure-pain as his teeth bit into the surrounding flesh.

Sara rubbed Bob’s thick cock through his tuxedo pants before her nimble fingers unzipped them and worked his member out of his silk boxers. It filled her hand; her slim fingers weren’t able to encircle its girth as she jacked her lover off. She brought her thumb to the tip, using Bob’s precome to massage the velvety skin around the crown. Up and down, she worked the steel-hard shaft, feeling his life force pulse and throb against her palm.

Bob moaned against her breast, the sound sending delicious vibrations through Sara’s body. Releasing her sweet flesh, he kissed his way across to her other breast, using his teeth to slide the bodice of her dress away, liberating that one as he had her twin. He nipped the sensitive skin on the underside of the swell, kissing the tanned mound, his lips and tongue touching everything but the puckered tip. Sara shifted, trying to guide the nipple to Bob’s mouth, but still he’d do nothing more than tantalize it with his hot breath.

In between their bodies, Bob’s fingers rubbed Sara’s clit in small circles, spreading her dew all over her swollen pussy. One long finger slipped inside, curving forward to stimulate her G-spot, before sliding back out and rubbing her throbbing clit. Sara’s hand tightened on Bob’s shaft as the pleasure intensified. She stroked up and down his shaft, careful not to touch the head, tantalizing Bob with what could be just as he teased her breast. Bob’s cock jerked and throbbed in her hand, and his Escort Antalya hips pistoned against her, silently begging her to give his head the attention it craved.

The ballroom disappeared to them as they continued to love each other with hands and mouths. Bob commanded Sara’s breasts as he possessed her now sopping wet cunt with his fingers. Sara claimed Bob’s cock for her own as she stroked him the way she knew he preferred, now encircling his bulbous head with her hand, lightly tugging on it. The precome flowed down his shaft, coating her hand.

Again, Bob’s finger plunged deep into Sara’s hole, only to come out to lightly pinch her clit. And yet again, Bob teased Sara’s slit with the hope of fulfillment, and again, he resumed his clit play, driving her wild with lust. The third time he filled her hole with two thick fingers while his thumb rubbed her clit. She rode his fingers like the horny slut she became at just a glance or a touch from him, her bare breasts bouncing against the diamonds at her throat. Bob finally took mercy on her, sucking her craving nipple deep into his mouth just as a third finger joined the other two as he thrust them into her hungry cunt as deep as they would go. Sara ground her mouth against Bob’s as her orgasm swept her to bliss and beyond, only to have him follow her a few moments later as copious streams of white, hot come exploded out of his throbbing dick.

Slowly, carefully, Bob helped Sara keep her balance as she lowered her leg, and he replaced her breasts in her dress. Staring into his eyes, she seductively licked his essence from her hand, savoring his unique, salty taste. Then she brought his hand to her lips and sucked the fingers that just moments before had been fucking her swollen pussy, enjoying the combination of their flavors on her tongue. Taking her hand, intertwining their fingers together, Bob led Sara to the elevator that would take them to his suite. As they left, the final words to the song waltzed through her head: “If you’re with me, next year will be… the perfect year.”

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