Just Being Neighborly

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I would like to Thank MistyMorgan for her editing assistance with this story.

* * * * *

Mark loves how far Cat will go to fulfill his fantasies. What more could anyone ask for?

Since renovating my house, I love working in my study upstairs. It relaxes me with a nice view when work gets too tedious and I need a break. It makes for a great distraction in the middle of the day, well really anytime of the day.

I thought of you today over there, Tanning naked outside. Since moving in you do it almost everyday same time of the day. I love watching you; I get hard just at the thought you laying there; you drive me crazy.

I know you have to know that I watch you. I try to get my work done early, so I can watch and daydream of joining you. Someday I keep telling myself; someday…

You use tanning oil, so you shine all over. As I glance out my window, I catch you lying out again. Stretched out on a lounge chair, eyes closed, face up, and all alone. All that you have on is a gold necklace and an anklet. God that’s so sexy! I watch you often since you’ve moved into the neighborhood. I’ve decide today is going to be that day!

I wander out my back door crossing the yard I enter your fence quietly moving to stand over you. I cast a shadow; You try to look up at me shielding your eyes with your hand.

I sheepishly smile and ask if you’d like some company. You say, “Only if you get naked, too.”

While taking my shorts and shirt off, you say “Do you always masturbate while watching me?”

A little embarrassed at being caught I say, “Yes, I do, how could I not?”

I notice while sliding my shorts down you’re licking your lips, seeing you do that my cock grows to full mast.

I tell you that you need more oil; looks like you’re burning.

You say,”Okay, but you first.”

You stand up dribbling the oil in your hand to warm it, before rubbing it over my shoulders and down my back.

Your hands are sliding seductively over the cheeks of my ass. Then they travel slowly down my thighs arousing me even more.

Then You say, “Turn around so I can do your front.”

Pouring more oil into your hands, you rub it across my chest, flicking your thumbs over my nipples, causing them to get as hard as my cock is, standing out away from my body. You’re so close when it throbs the head brushes against your tummy.

You work the oil down my stomach. Then you kneel looking up at me andsay, “You need to do my legs,”

My cock is eye level with you. Your pink tongue flicks out of your mouth and licks it. Smiling you say,”No lotion on him,” and wink.

It twitches at the thought. As you give it a few licks and a quick suck making me groan. You let it pop out of your mouth giving it a kiss on the tip and then give me a wicked smirk.

Groaning, I tell you it’s your turn. “Roll to your tummy!” Tekirdağ Escort

You pull your long hair up into a pony tail and I start rubbing the oil down your back purposely skipping over your cute ass.

I start working my way up your legs, massaging the oil in. You giggle as I run my fingers in little circles on the ticklish spots behind your knees.

I also make you squirm, by running my hands up your thighs, kneading them as I oil your skin. Moving up more, I squeeze your ass cheeks as I work the oil in. You feel the heat of my hands sliding over your skin.

I’ve fantasized about this for a long while now. My hands on your ass, spreading them wide to see your asshole; your very cute little hole, the way it puckers. You feel the breeze as I part your cheeks; it looks like it’s aching to be teased, to be opened up.

I lean forward, and lick up between your cheeks, hearing soft moans escape your lips. I take that as a sign to continue. I spread you a little more.

Reaching out to touch it with my tongue. This sends a shiver down your body and you spread your legs farther for me.

My hands caress and squeeze your soft skin. I can feel your body quiver under my touch. You gasp as my hot, wet tongue delights and excites you. Leaving you horny and wanting more. Teasing you….

You say, ‘ MMM Mark, please lick my asshole more; I love how you use your tongue! Since you’re begging so well, I do! And I press it into your cute little asshole.

You squeal saying “MMMM yesss, Baby, pleaseeeee!”

I push my tongue in and out, sending shock waves to your clit. You moan softly, telling me what it’s doing to you, making your sweet pussy so hot and wet.

Your moans get more urgent, and in a deep throaty voice you tell me, “Mark, now right now.”

You drop your knees over the sides of the lounge. You try lifting your ass up, trying to get more, but I have you pinned to the chair. You try to slide your hand under you to get the relief you so desire. But all you can do is spread yourself wider, and enjoy only as much as I give you.

Then you beg me, “Mark, I need more… Please! I need your finger in my ass. Mmm please use it, while I rub my clit… MMMM”.

Seeing how needy you are, and since you did say please, well I’m always ready to help a lady in distress! I poured a little oil down your crack, and rubbed it around your little asshole getting you ready.

I slide my middle finger in to the first knuckle, you moan an ‘Ummm!’ I push in to the second knuckle, you groan, as I slide it in the rest of the way.

I feel your body start to shake with pleasure. I slowly start masturbating your little asshole. You moan again and in a deep whisper cry out. “Mark, ohhhh yessssss…. in heaven…MMMM that’s the most I’ve ever had in there.”

And I know that’s true; the way your Tekirdağ Escort Bayan asshole clenches my finger so tight the more excited you get.

Then you say “Please Mark, I’m so close to cumming, put some oil on your cock; I want you to take my ass… and Baby after I get use to it, I want it hard!”

I slowly press my cock against your little asshole, watching it stretch to accommodate me. My head pops past your inner ring; you’re so tight and I’m hearing no negative groans.

I slowly work my length into you until I’m balls deep. The moans I hear from you are those of pleasure. I pull almost all the way out, then in slow short strokes I work your ass letting you use to it, until I can wait no longer and fuck your sweet ass in full length strokes from the tip to my balls sawing in and out of you; enjoying the

tightness of your luscious buns around my manhood.

Feeling you getting close, your ass sucking me in I pull you to your knees, my hand in the small of your back pushes down gently. Then I grab your hips and I sink my cock in you hard, balls deep.

Grunting with each thrust as I feel my balls filling knowing it’s not far off. You’re begging me, “Please, mmm, fuck me harder!” Spurring me on.

It’s not like you need to. The only inspiration I need is watching your ass take me.

Totally mesmerized by your cute little- Oops -a little stretched now asshole! I’m telling you “Take my cock!” as I thrust it hard and deep!

Then I ask “Do you feel me now Baby? I’m deep in that sweet ass of yours. You grunt out,”yes, yes, yes, yes!”

Then you surprise me by asking me to pull out and fuck your pussy, “Fuck it hard! “Fuck me doggie style, ummm I need it so bad! Slam your cock hard in this pussy!” You say, “Your wiggling that cute ass, teasing me and since I’ve wanted some of that too, I say, No problem!” Since you’re so wet I slide in easily, shoving it in as far as I can go. As I’m thrusting I feel your fingers working your clit over, tweaking it, pulling it. As I plow your pussy in long, hard strokes.

It doesn’t take long and your exploding with a massive orgasm, I pull you back onto my cock hard, holding it there deep within you, feeling your pussy spasming on my cock, clenching and releasing with each spasm. Making my balls draw up tight to my body, I give a final few thrusts, you reach under us and give my balls a little squeeze while gently tugging on them, causing me to let out a low growl and cum hard, with spurt after spurt of my hot cum, splashing deep in your hot pussy. Our cum mingled together. Your pussy dripped with girl cum, so much so it’s running down the inside of your thighs.

Catching my breath, I started laughing at the mess you’ve made. You came so hard and so much, the cushion under you was soaked… You ask, What are you laughing at? I tell you to look Escort Tekirdağ down.

You look down then back at me raising an eyebrow.

I say, “Don’t look at me like that, that’s not my mess!”

You say, “Thank you, for the mess!” Then giggling, I tell you, “You’re not blaming me. That’s not my cum! My cock is still hard, you drive me crazy!

I start thrusting again, asking you if you’re gonna cum again for me. You only nod and moan softly. I

tell you,”I want you to cum now and damn do you! I’ve never met a woman that cums so much,”

I pull out of you and plop down on the chair next to you pulling you with me on my lap.

I tell you put your fingers in your pussy to see how wet you are.” You Do, and then I tell you to suck your juices off of them. “MMM you are so sexy even when you’re doing that.”

You laugh saying, ” You know me so well, then adding you ought to, as much as you watch me.” Then you stick them back in and pull them out, bringing them to my lips for me to sample. I lick each finger before sucking it into my mouth. You pull them from my mouth, leaning in for a soft kiss.

We were so into each other and what we were doing; we didn’t realize we weren’t alone. That is until we heard a noise and looked up to see your girlfriend just outside the backdoor.

Just standing there, her panties around her ankles on the ground, her skirt pulled up to her waist, her blouse open and a breast pulled out of her bra. Her fingers were going in and out of her sopping wet pussy, just fucking away, and a dazed look in her eyes.

She didn’t even realize that we were watching her. We hear a loud but throaty moan escape her lips then she came hard. I chuckled and whispered, “She cums just like you!” Her hand covered in girl cum as ran

down her fingers and into her hand. Then she brought them to her lips, licking them, glances up to say, ‘MMM finger licking good!’

She says, “You two were sooo hot!’ I just had to masturbate, while i was watching you. Then you tell her, “Yea he was sooo good! Just like last time!” And you both giggle. Causing me to blush, then laughed, saying “Thank You Baby.”

You say, “Well you are!” Your girl friend came over and sat next to us. Wow how lucky could I get? Not one sexy lady but now two.

She’s just the opposite of Cat, my now new neighbor. She’s blonde and blue eyed, with smaller breasts than Cat, but they’re full and perky, and she’s taller with long legs. They’re such a nice contrast; I bet they turn heads when they walk in anywhere together.

She leans over and kisses me softly on the lips and pulls back and then grins, while licking her lips. Cat giggles. “recognize the taste?” you ask her. I perk up real quick, saying, “Something you’d care to share with me?” You say, ‘well, it’s a long story, starting with a night of partying and dancing.”

Then you add, “I think I’m going like living nest door to you!’ I say “yea,” and think, ‘I hope it’s just the beginning of things to come.’

* * * * *

Till next time. Thanks for reading Mark’s fantasies, and if you enjoyed them please rate them, feedback is always welcomed!!!

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