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As I drove through the rain all I could think of was Sarah, we had been friends since school and we were always there for each other, she was there for me two years ago when my husband walked out on me and after the phone call I had from her I felt I had to see her.

She had called me after she’d had an argument with her husband Joe, it had been a difficult time for them both, Sarah was involved in a serious car accident about eighteen months ago, she had only recently got back to being herself and had returned to work. Joe had supported her and pulled her through the worst over that bad time, Sarah had been very thankful and had appreciated what Joe had done to help her, but since the accident one aspect of her life had changed and that was the physical love between her and Joe.

Sarah had told me a couple months ago that although she still loved him she just didn’t enjoy making love anymore, as though she had lost the enjoyment of sex, she thought it would have come back after she had recovered. It was upsetting her that she couldn’t have that feeling she once had and she felt for Joe as well and the frustration he was feeling which was really straining their relationship.

I pulled up outside the house, it was a detached house in the corner of a cul de sac, the rain had eased as I got out of the car and made my way to the front door , I was glad the rain had nearly stopped as I was only wearing a white summer dress. It wasn’t ideal wear for the weather, although when I left my house the sun was shining, oh for the British summertime. The door opened as I approached and Joe appeared in the doorway, he was just short of six feet tall, he had blue eyes and dark hair that had tints of grey at either side, he was dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a black t shirt. He was forty four years old, ten years older than Sarah and 12 years older than me, I stood and just looked at him, it was obvious that it was taking it’s toll on him.

“You better come in Fran,” Joe said as he moved to one side.

I gave a slight smile as I entered the house and made my way into the living room, I sat on the leather sofa and Joe came in the room and sat on the chair opposite.

“If your looking for Sarah she’s not here, she’s gone to her mum’s for a while.”

“Will she be back later?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, she took some clothes with her so I think it might be a couple of days at least,” Joe replied.

“Do you feel like talking about it, I’m here to listen.” I said trying to offer some support.

Even though I hadn’t known Joe as long as Sarah I still liked him as friend and wanted to try and help out.

“If your just going to take her side on it there’s not much point,” Joe answered as he slumped back in his chair.

“I’m here to help both of you, I’m not here to take sides, I will make some coffee and we can talk.”

“There’s some wine in the fridge if you want something stronger,” shouted Joe as I left the room.

“I’m driving so I will have to stick to coffee,” I answered as I popped my head back around the door.

Joe looked up at me.

“Well the spare room is made up if you want to stay, I could do with the company.”

“I don’t think I should it wouldn’t be right.”

I made my way to the kitchen and started making the coffee, I went into the fridge and picked up the milk carton, I then noticed the full bottle of wine on the shelf and it was one of my favourites.

“Oh screw it,” I muttered to myself.

I put the milk back and grabbed the bottle of wine and took two glasses from the cupboard and made my way back into the living room.

“That’s funny looking coffee,” said Joe as I entered the room.

“Well I have decided to take you up on your offer and I’m going to stay if that’s ok.”

“Yeah it’s aksaray escort fine I will be glad of the company.”

I opened the wine and filled one glass, Joe decided he preferred a beer and went into the kitchen to get a couple of bottles for himself, Joe returned and instead of sitting on the chair he sat next to me on the sofa. We chatted for a while and Joe poured his heart out about everything, although I knew both of them were hurting, I was beginning to feel really sorry for him. As we spoke he was edging closer to me until we were almost touching, then I made a move I probably shouldn’t of and put my arm around him in a move to comfort him.

As soon as I did it I thought that I was maybe sending out the wrong signals, at first he didn’t move but then slowly moved his head onto my shoulder, his head then turning towards me, as I turned my head we were now face to face. I looked into his eyes for what seemed an age but was probably only a couple of seconds, he moved forward and placed his lips on mine, it was like I was paralysed, my whole body couldn’t react, I should of moved back but didn’t. I responded by letting him kiss me, I couldn’t seem to stop as I felt our tongues push together, at that moment I suddenly woke and my body reacted by pulling away from him.

We just looked at each other seemingly waiting for the other to speak

“I’m so sorry Fran I didn’t mean too, my emotions took control I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok it was my fault too maybe comforting you sent out the wrong signal, I’m sorry as well.”

Joe moved over to the chair and sat down, we carried on our conversation but it seemed different since the kiss, he was keeping his emotion in check and wasn’t opening up as much. Joe had another couple of beers as we chatted albeit candidly, I continued on the wine not realising how quick it was going down, it got to about eleven pm and Joe decided to go to bed , I decided to finish the wine and I would go up as well.

Once Joe had left all I could think of was the kiss, it was brief but I couldn’t help playing it over in my mind time after time, then a stupid thought entered my head. All Joe wanted was some physical contact to release his frustration, he needed to feel the touch of a woman, one question I never asked him was if he would ever go off and find sex elsewhere, I didn’t think he would but after the kiss I started to think differently, maybe he would go looking for somebody else.

The thought of me getting into bed with him and giving him what he wanted was now in my head, I was thinking it would help him and take the pressure off him, which in turn would help his relationship with Sarah, there was really no logic in it, and going through with it would of course mean betraying my best friend which was the part I was trying not to think of.

The wine wasn’t helping either, in fact it was making it worse because now I had the courage to do it, I stood up and walked towards the door, I turned off the light in the living room and headed upstairs. I didn’t bother turning on the stairs light as the streetlight from outside shone through the window and gave enough light to see as I walked up the stairs.

I got to Joe’s bedroom door where I stopped, the door was slightly open and a shard of light shone out of the room, my presumption was that Joe was still awake, the thought of going in was very much in my mind and before I could think anymore I pushed the door open enough to get through it, I stepped into the room, the bed was just a couple feet away from the door.

Joe was led down with just a white sheet covering his body, he turned his head and looked at me as I stood there, he was just about to speak but stopped himself as I broke the silence.

“This only happens tonight and we never speak of it ankara escort ever again is that clear.”

My words were said in a rather forceful voice and Joe’s only response was a nod of the head. I reached round to my back and slowly slid the zip on my dress down, I then pulled the straps over my shoulders and the dress dropped onto the floor.

I stood there in just my white bra and panties, Joe’s gaze was locked on my five foot seven and size 10 body, I looked at Joe as I let my hair down and with a slight shake of my head, my brown locks fell down to hang just above my shoulder blades. I reached behind my back and undid the clasp on my bra, moving my arms around the bra became loose and I let the straps run down my arms and the bra fell onto the floor, my hands gently caressed my mid rift before I slowly moved them up to my breasts.

My fingers gently danced over my B cup breasts, Joe’s eyes never left me, he was now gazing at my lacy white panties, I moved a little closer to the bed, my hands now on either side of my panties, slowly I moved them down until they were loose enough to fall to the floor.

Joe pulled the sheet back and I climbed into bed, at this point it hit me, there was no going back now I had to go through with it I lay down next to him and he pulled the sheet over me, Joe led on his back and I moved closer to him, I was lead on my side and I leaned into him, I pushed my lips against his, our mouths opened and our tongues immediately entwined, the kiss was intense as his hands started to caress my body.

Joe moved his hand onto the back of my head as we continued kissing, he broke the kiss and gently guided my head to one side, I pushed my lips against his neck and began to kiss his soft skin. I moved slightly as I run my tongue over his smooth chest, I could feel how aroused he was, his cock brushing against my body as I moved . I flicked my tongue over his nipples which were now protruding from his chest, as my mouth and tongue worked on one, my fingers rubbed over the other. I felt Joe’s hands on the back of my head, his fingers running through my hair, he gently pushed on my head moving me down, I slowly moved down making sure my lips and tongue covered every part of his torso.

Just before I got down to his cock I knelt up in between his open legs, I looked at Joe as he lay there, I looked down his body till my gaze stopped at what was just below me. At the same time Joe was looking at me, his eyes once again fixed on my body, Joe moved his hands down to his cock and began to stroke his uncut shaft, it was about seven and half inches and fairly thick. The excitement ran through my body, Joe continued to stroke his cock and pulled his foreskin back to show his head which was already wet with pre cum.

I started to touch my body, my fingers gently running over my stomach before moving up to my breasts, I rubbed my thumbs over my erect nipples, I gently pinched then as Joe looked on, I teased him like the little slut that he wished Sarah was. My hands moved onto the tops of my legs, slowly they moved to my inner thighs, I put one hand in between my legs and rubbed my fingers over my wet lips, I let out a gentle moan as I rubbed on my clit.

Joe moved his hands away from his cock as if to say “it’s all yours.”

His knees were slightly bent, I placed my hands on them and moved them up his legs until I reached the top, with one hand I took hold of his cock, it felt so good in my hand, I began to caress it and moved my hand up and down his shaft. His cock head was wet through with pre cum, I rubbed my hand over the head collecting his wetness onto the tips of my fingers, I put my wet fingers up to my mouth and put my tongue out, I licked the tips of my fingers and tasted his juice.

I moved my head down to his cock, antalya escort I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock, tasting more of his pre cum. I took hold of him and slid my mouth down on him, Joe let out a moan as he felt my mouth around his cock, I gently sucked on him to start with, I wasn’t sure how long he would last as it had been a while since he had this kind of treatment. I sucked him for a short while then slid him out of my mouth, my tongue then licking up and down his cock before flicking my tongue over his tip. I kept repeating this and soon enough I could sense Joe was getting closer, his hands were now on my head and as I sucked down on him I could feel him apply more pressure to the back of my head as he pulled me in.

Joe was now on the edge and I could hear his moans, I took him deep into my mouth and I felt his body tighten and his hands pushing on my head as he cum. My mouth was filled with his juice and I swallowed quickly as I felt his body relax, I pulled my mouth off his cock and ran my tongue over his wet cock, licking up every drop.

I got up onto my hands and knees and crawled up the bed and lay next to Joe, he turned to me and pressed his lips against mine, we kissed passionately as our tongues entwined and he tasted his cum in my mouth. He pushed me over onto my back as we carried on kissing before he broke off the kiss, Joe lightly kissed my neck before slowly moving down to my breasts. He was in no mood for a tease and began to suck on my nipples, taking turns on each one he flicked his tongue over them and sucked on them and give them a gentle bite before he made his way down my body. He slid down and knelt at the bottom of the bed, my legs were only slightly parted, Joe took hold of my legs and bent my knees up, he then gently pushed my legs open, he lowered his head down and I felt his lips on my skin, he began to kiss just above my pussy, his hands caressing my inner thighs.

My body felt as if it was on fire, Joe was now kissing my inner thighs which was heightening my excitement, his mouth was so close to my pussy and just like he had done to me, I placed my hands on his head applying a little pressure in moving him where I wanted.

Then I felt what I wanted to feel, his lips pushed against my pussy, his arms moved underneath my legs and he firmly held onto me as he pushed his tongue in between my lips. His tongue flicked over my clit and I let out a moan, he moved one of his hands so it was now stroking my pussy, Joe’s tongue pressed against my clit and he slid two fingers inside me. My moaning was becoming louder as he worked on my clit with his tongue and his fingers fucked me, my hands were all over, pushing his head into me.

Joe then pulled back, we looked at each other for a few seconds, he then moved down on me, we looked into each others eyes, I could feel his cock against my pussy and with a push I felt him inside me. He started slowly sliding in and out of me, he moved his head to one side and nuzzled on my neck. He started to get quicker, my legs were now wrapped around him, we were locked together as we fucked.

My moans were getting louder, as Joe got quicker I could feel myself close to the edge, then Joe tipped me over it, my body felt as if it was being slammed all over the room as he brought me to orgasm. Joe continued his quick pace until I could feel him ready to cum, again I found myself looking deep into his eyes as he pushed hard inside me and I felt his body tense up as he filled me.

We looked at each other and Joe pressed his lips against mine, and once again we shared a passionate kiss, it seemed to go on forever, it was a kiss to end our night together.

After the kiss broke Joe moved off me and onto his back, his breathing still a little heavy, there was no words from either of us, we lay there side by side for a few minutes before I got out of bed.

I gathered my clothes up off the floor and went into the spare room for some sleep, although I wondered if sleep was going to be possible as my head was still spinning from what we had just done.

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