Just One Drink

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Caitlyn. She’s the one I wanted. Short, blond, stunning personality, and beautiful blue eyes that make my heart flutter. One hundred and twelve pounds! Four foot eleven! And to top it off, that butt is round and delicious!

I was meeting her for a drink. Just one drink. She walked in wearing this little black dress and these heels. They had to be four-inch heels. She looked scrumptious.

The clothes she wears, she does this because she knows. She knows it turns me on. She knows that it will make my dick hard.

Caitlyn slid onto the barstool next me. The glass of wine already sitting on the napkin waiting for her.

She leaned over and whispered ever so softly, “I love you and I’m not wearing panties.”

My dick started to swell and throb. There is something beautiful about knowing your lady is looking ever so elegant, but underneath she is being a bit naughty and wicked. I love it when she does this.

Our conversation always moves smoothly. I listened to her discuss the intricacies of her work, the ups, the downs, and the rumor mill and still I find it interesting after all these years.

Caitlyn grabbed my hand, pointed to her empty glass, and told me she was ready to go. Lucky for me, our room was upstairs as we wanted a night away from the kids and their prying eyes.

I paid the bill, slid off my stool, and looked to where she was waiting just a few feet Antalya Escort away. Beautiful. Stunning. I wanted her in the worst way. She winked at me and then motioned towards the elevator. She grabbed my hand and started leading us to the elevator. I noticed her hand was a bit wet, turned to her, and questioned her about it. She put her index finger to my lips to quiet me. It was at that moment it hit me. Her finger was wet because at some point she pushed her finger into herself. She does that! She does that to get a rise out of me. She does this because it is exciting and a bit wicked!

The ding of the elevator woke me from my daze. The daze was brought on because of her intoxicating smell. She drug me into the elevator and the doors shut behind us. I pounced! I pushed her up against the wall of the elevator, lifted her dress just a bit, and ran my fingers through her wetness. She moaned and softly bit down on my shoulder. She was excited. She was soaked. I looked forward to the opportunity of having her alone in the room.

The elevator doors opened, she grabbed my hand and drug me to the room. I fumbled with the keycard, but the door opened. I pushed her in and slammed the door shut. I became a bit more aggressive as I pushed her up against the wall all the while undoing my belt and lowering my zipper. She made an attempt to drop to her knees, but I stopped her.

She Antalya Escort Bayan asked softly almost coquettish, “I thought you liked it when I sucked your dick? I thought you liked it when I slid my lips up and down your dick? I thought you liked it when you were lodged in my throat? I thought you liked it when I swallowed your cum?”

A growl built in my throat. I groaned and responded, “I love all of that, but right now this is about you.”

I pulled Caitlyn back up, pushed her against the wall, lifted her, and sank my cock into her. There was no resistance. She wanted this as much as I did. She was warm, wet, and inviting. Pushing her into the wall, sliding in and out of her, she came quickly. The pressure was right. The angle was right. This moment was right. Her legs were around me. The dress and heels were still on. I loved this feeling of being buried in her and having her against the wall.

Her arms were draped around my neck as I pulled her off the wall and carried her to the bed. I dropped her on the bed with her dress around her waist and her sex on full display. She was wet. She was dripping and I knew where I wanted to be. I knelt on the floor between her thighs and started kissing her ankles and continually moved my way to her glistening honey hole. I pushed a finger in. She moaned. I enjoyed the feeling of her wetness. I enjoyed the feeling of Escort Antalya making her groan and writhe on the bed. Finally, after all the kissing of skin, from her ankle to her thigh, I put my mouth on her pussy. A growl emanated from her.

She pulled my head into her. I loved this. I loved making her squirm. I loved making her come. I am still in awe that she comes when I use my tongue and fingers.

She let go of my head, snaked her hand down, used two fingers to spread herself, and tapped her clit. “Carlos, right here! Lick right here! Flick right here! Suck right here!” She is wicked!

I obliged. I wanted you to get off. I assaulted you…fingers and tongue. Just when I thought you wouldn’t, you did. You came for a second time that night. I continued to lick and suck on you. I was hungry for you. My face was soaked. You were dripping off my chin.

Reluctantly, I rose from my kneeling position and you pulled me down on top of you. You grabbed my face and licked my chin. You licked your wetness from my face and then then put your lips to mine. We shared your wetness. It was intoxicating. It was wicked.

You rolled me onto my back. You asked for another. You demanded another. You reached down and grabbed my still hard dick, aligned it with your opening, and sank down. You grinded on me. You raised up. You sank down. You continued do to this over and over again. I reached down remembering the car sex and applied pressure to you. It was the pressure and the sense of being filled that brought you to another orgasm. You tried to remain vertical while grinding on me, but you collapsed forward. Satiated. All the while still wearing your black dress and heels.

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