Just Out of High School Ch. 02

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Hi again. Jim here. Glad you enjoyed going back in time with me and my sexy neighbor, Vicki Decker. One note not mentioned in my first story, Mrs. Decker had been fixed, she could not have any more children when we were together.

We are now several years down the road. Vicki is divorced, and I have been doing odd jobs around the region. Lately I’ve been doing deliveries throughout the area. I haven’t seen Vicki in several years. With her divorce and some other domestic troubles, we kind of parted ways. That was like I said, four, five or six years ago.

Vicki, now in an apartment with her daughter Michele, works at the local mall in the cosmetics department, which I found out accidentally.

One morning, I’m doing a big delivery at the local mall. Hauling two big packages through the aisles with a dolly. I catch a glimpse of a lovely blonde saleswoman at the cosmetics counter. Now if you’ve ever been to any mall, and you’ve been at the cosmetic counter, the saleswomen are generally very nicely dressed, and attractive. Almost running into an elderly couple, I catch myself and see it’s Vicki Decker! Holy shit! Her hair is the same length, same lovely blonde color, makeup on her looks perfect, professional looking and knockout attractive at the same time. A soft-gray business suit, with matching skirt. She doesn’t see me, as I continue my delivery, telling the elderly couple I was sorry for not seeing them.

It’s nice and cool in the store I’m in, as it was brutally hot outside. I unload the dolly and have to go back to the truck for another smaller load. Walking back into the store with my final delivery, Vicki still doesn’t see me. I’m finished with my work for that store and decide to casually walk by her counter. I hear her voice, ‘Hey, can I help you with something?’

‘Mrs Decker, how are you? It’s been a long time since we seen each other, hasn’t it?’

“Hi James. Yes, how long has it been…three years?’ It was really more than three. ‘How have you been? Married? I saw you doing that delivery, I was hoping you’d stop by and say hello. You look kinda cute in your green uniform. You been working out, I can tell you’re in very good shape?’

‘I have been doing some work at a gym about 10 miles up the road, along with this delivery gig, so I guess I’m in good shape. Still not married. You, on the other hand, never seem to age. Geez, you look very nice behind that counter. How old are you know?’

‘A woman never tells a man her age, silly. 37 in December.’ She whispered.

‘Hmmm, it has been a Beylikdüzü escort while then. You like working here?’

‘It’s a job, you know. Anyway, want to look at anything, can I show you something.’ She asked politely, motioning to the counter with fragrances everywhere.

‘I’ll pass. Besides, I have my deliveries to make yet. Listen,’ I moved closer to her, ‘my lunch is from Noon until 1PM. You want to meet for lunch?’ I asked.

‘I would love to. I can go at Noon also. What day?’

‘Tomorrow. I’ll bring us food. My truck will be parked in the rear entrance, over there.’ I motioned.

‘I will be there, I know where the trucks park.’ She nodded. ‘It was so nice seeing you. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am surprised our paths haven’t crossed all those years, but I am glad also, as my divorce was very hurtful. He knew I was cheating, as did I know he was a heavy gambler and drinker. I will see you tomorrow at Noon.’ She ended as she flicked that beautiful mane of lovely blonde hair.

At 11:50AM the next day, I’m parked at the rear entrance of the mall. Waiting for Mrs. Decker to come out for lunch. I have a couple salads and Cokes waiting. Here she comes!

‘Hop in, or do you need help?’ She struggled coming up the steps in her nice skirt and heels. Her blazer was left back inside the mall.

She just got in and we kissed, just a casual hello-type smooch.

‘You look very nice Mrs Decker.’

‘Thank you James, it’s no longer Decker though, now it’s back to Lander’ she corrected me as we took sips of our Cokes.

Her skirt was sure riding up her stockinged leg. I was looking at it and she knew it. She enjoyed knowing I was eyeing up her legs.

‘You think I look older Jim?’

‘Vicki Decker…er I mean Lander, hell no. In fact, you look better than when you were 31. You told me once you were voted ‘Best Legs’ in high school, remember?’

‘Ah yes, that was like almost 20 years ago!’

Now she’s crossing her gorgeous legs, revealing so much of her stocking, the tops are now visible.

‘See anything you like?’ she purred in my ear.

We set our Cokes down, and really kissed. Her perfume was now filling up the cab mixing with the air-conditioning. The combination made it surreal. I’m on lunch, it’s 90 degrees out, my AC going on full, and the cab is filled with a woman’s perfume!

‘Listen, you want to go in the back, it’s air-conditioned throughout? I asked.

‘Right now! Let’s go big boy.’

We stepped into the back of my truck, there Beylikdüzü escort was plenty of room this afternoon. We began kissing, heatedly, our tongues on tongues, my hands feeling her ass through her short skirt, her hands clawing my back, pulling off my work shirt. I unbuttoned her blouse only to see a lacy white bra, I dove right for her breasts, feeling them, kissing them, her perfume was now intoxicating.

‘Oh my, you sure were hungry, weren’t you?’ She said, while unzipping my work pants.

‘Vicki, I don’t believe how good you look today, it’s been so long, I have thought of you often.’ My hands were exploring this lovely well-dressed blonde once again. She enjoyed the manner in which I showed her my attention.

‘Jim…Jim…you still make me wet darling. I have thought of you, and the beautiful moments we had together. You were one hot lover. Unh! Baby, you make me feel so good. Mmmm, your hands on my ass feel good once again darling. My ass still drive you crazy? I always remember you eating my asshole. Fuck! I’ll never forget that honey!’

She had my cock out now, stroking it, staring at it’s length. She was now in her stockings, pumps, and that was it! Her pearl necklace still on her neck, looked very sexy underneath that golden blonde hair. I was now undressed, with my throbbing cock in her hands. She was on her knees, sucking it. I had some old piece of carpeting on the floor, so she was on something soft. Her mouth would take all of my hard cock, slurping and sucking and kissing. Ah yes. This woman was clearly the best by far!

I played with her long hair, pulling it, grabbing her face to my hard-on. She would give off some moans, some noises from her lips which only intensified the moment. She was winning this confrontation, and she knew it. She had the way of knowing when I was ready to shoot, and she’d pull back, look up at me and smile, then go right back at giving the best head in the world!

That was it, I couldn’t hold it anymore, she had won! I was shooting…and shooting…and shooting some more…all over her red-colored lips! She was swallowing as much as possible, and what she couldn’t was now coming out the sides of her gaping mouth. Fuck! I was giving this cosmetics saleswoman all the cum she could handle, and she was hungry for more!

She slowly stood up, we now were kissing. Hmmm, my cum inside her mouth and on her lips wasn’t bad at all!

I now positioned her on a soft chair I had in the truck. Facing the back of the chair, her ass sticking out, invitingly to Escort Beylikdüzü me. The site and the memories wafting back inside my head were endless! This almost-40 year-old hot blonde was once again in my immediate presence. I put my hands on her hips, now, my cock as regained it’s hardness, I was beginning to find her pussy from behind. She was so lubricated! I instead took another route…yes, to the lovely asshole once again!

‘Vicki, I love your ass baby! Always have!’

‘Unngghhh, Jim…please be careful baby. Nobody’s ever been inside my asshole baby. I want you to be the first but be careful. she pleaded softly.

I was, at first, she did not need any more lube, this ass was so hot and sexy and well greased, I slapped it playfully a few times. She tossed her hair in approval of my kindness. I was slowly grinding, a little in, a little out, a little more in, a little more out. She was calling me ‘her stud’. And coaxing me to ‘take her ass!’

I did! I now went further inside her nether hole, oh Jesus, was it nice! Back out slowly…back in hard. I was giving this saleswoman an ass-fuck to remember.

‘Unngghhh Jimmy…you’re…fucking….you’re fucking Vicki’s ass…Unngghhh…I love it oooohhhhh aaahhhhhh I love it thhhheeerreee babeeeee! Oh yes, that’s it…fuck my ass you stud. Fuck Vicki’s ass with your hard cock baby! Fuck my sexy ass you hard fucker you!’

I was into this! Her knees were now straddling on the chair was squeaking like crazy! The moment taking place now was unreal! Her ass was now being flooded with my cum. The depths of her lovely ass were reamed real good by my hard cock. She was taking all of it. Now, her voice was silent, a few soft grunts had become silence. A contented silence. My cock had just conquered it’s first asshole! In fact, the first asshole I had eaten, was now the first one I had fucked! The beautiful blonde woman below me, her hair matted down from sweat, although it was cool inside the back of the truck. She slowly got up from the creaky chair now. I held her close, very close. She looked into my eyes with a relaxed, sex-filled stare. We kissed. She was still lovely after everything that had just happened. Her skirt was slowly put back on. As was her sexy bra and blouse. I helped her. Using a clean rag we cleaned her knees, which were actually dirt-free. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to. We had both wanted what had just happened. After the long interval of not seeing each other, we had just made up the lost time.

Mrs Lander was now close to being ready to go back to the cosmetics counter. Although she said she might take the rest of the afternoon off. I helped her down from my truck and walked her to the door.

What we had just done, in the back of my delivery truck, will never be forgotten.

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