Just Teasing Ch. 10

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The past few months had been rather adventurous and it was ironic that the tennis club I’d joined with the intent of seeking out rich pussy, was now true relaxation for me. The trainer/coach I had was a true professional focused on getting my technique right.

Anyway, with me getting lots of pussy elsewhere I just enjoyed the two mornings per week having a social hit around. There was always a player around to team up with, most often a lady, but that was kinda irrelevant at the moment. I took perverse enjoyment out of letting me be beaten by a middle aged rich housewife, sometimes the delight a lady took out of beating me was hilarious.

Keeping the mornings I played constant helped in becoming just one of the regulars, and like I said earlier, for the moment this suited me perfectly.

Then came the morning when I was invited to join in a game of mixed doubles. Had no inkling it would be a turning point of course.

“Say Nick, would you be keen to join this grumpy threesome?” Stephanie, my trainer, asked me as I came in that morning. As I was still wearing my bike gear, so not really into tennis club mode, I simply quipped back without thinking; “Three’s company isn’t it, four a crowd?”

The way Stephanie smiled back at me in a hesitant way and opened her mouth, then closed it again and paused, was funny to watch.

“Cat got your tongue?” I added as I watched Stephanie compose her thoughts.

“Sorry Nick, just caught me off guard with that, I totally did not expect that from you,” she said laughingly.

“Yeah well, threesomes are fun, but foursomes just don’t do it for me, too complicated” I said, once more bringing a dirty grin to Stephanie’s face.

“Oh then you’ll get on well with this group, I gotta warn you though,” Stephanie explained as she walked me over to the three players I was to join, “the young blonde is our club’s ice queen, daddy is rich but she’s such a snooty cow, and the couple is Mr & Mrs Davies. They’ve been members here for years.”

I was promptly introduced to the ice queen, Lisa, then Eva and Barry Davies. The ice queen wouldn’t even shake my hand, but I couldn’t care less about that as I was teamed up with Eva at my end.

The way Barry put it: “To even up the game, one young one at each end.”

Eva was actually a better player than the ice queen anyway, may have been because Lisa focused mostly on shaking her tight butt at Barry. For almost an hour we played a fierce game of tennis, ending with Barry and the ice queen being beaten.

“Loser buys lunch,” Eva said as she pointed a finger at her husband, before we all shook hands. Lisa smiled briefly but excused herself from joining us for lunch.

“No great loss, cock teasing little cow,” Eva muttered under her breath as Lisa snuck away. This surprised me a little, why play with her if you don’t like her I thought to myself.

“Hubby is always looking at her tight young buns I reckon,” Eva said to me quietly as Barry came closer.

“Hey buddy, are you hitting on my wife?” Barry laughingly said as he walked around the net.

“Not yet Sir, give me time,” I said calmly, to which Eva flung her arms around my neck, and pressed her body up to mine. Lifting one leg up she kissed me full on the lips, darting just the tip of her tongue between my lips, then broke contact again. It seemed playful enough at the time…

“Oh Barry, he’s a bad boy, he slipped me his tongue,” Eva giggled as we made our way to the showers.

Barry just laughed, we showered and twenty minutes later Barry and I were sitting in the restaurant waiting for Eva to join us.

“Here’s the deal,” Barry said matter of factly, “we are both in our mid forties and the spice in our sex life comes from variety. For Eva it’s a young guy hitting on her and taking advantage of her, for me it’s watching her and the younger fellow. Occasionally I might dabble with a younger lass, but for the most part it’s three ways, every now and then a foursome. So that’s where Eva and I are at. Now, judging by her reaction to you earlier I’d say she’s keen to climb into you. Are you game?”

As Eva approached the table I just nodded to Barry, who smiled and winked in reply.

We both got up and Barry let me slide Eva’s chair under her, thus giving him another opportunity to admonish me; “Hey Nick, I warned you about hitting on my wife.”

“Sorry Barry, just wanted to take another look at Eva’s fabulous pins,” I said as I trailed a finger across Eva’s shoulders before sitting down again.

“Ah Beylikdüzü escort well, she’s got hot legs….as long as you’re just looking,” Barry grumbled in a mocking tone.

Eva took great delight in my attention towards her. Eye contact was all that was needed after a while…

Over lunch I found out that Barry had a lucrative business, married Eva only 5 years ago, her two kids both left home a year or so ago and now they were simply enjoying life.

By the end of lunch I’d been invited to a little party at their house over the coming weekend, with the only suggestion being to bring swimming gear and a change of clothes.

Around midday on Saturday I rode up the long driveway to Barry and Eva’s house, more like mansion I guess. As I got to the front of the house, Barry came out and had me put my bike in the garage, out of the baking sun. Once out of my leather suit, I joined Eva and Barry on the patio next to the pool.

It was now that Eva was wearing a bikini that her Mediterranean ancestry showed. Her body was lean and muscular. Her black hair blowing slightly in the gentle breeze, her eyes looking me up and down from time to time.

“Not bad for a gal coming up to her 45th birthday huh?” Barry said as his wife took a dive into the pool.

“Rather yummy I say, best we join her in the water what do you reckon Barry?” I said as Eva beckoned us to dive in as well.

“You go, I’d rather watch,” Barry grinned as he sat under the umbrella and sipped his drink.

“C’mon guys, hop in!” Eva urged.

As I walked to the edge of the pool in my swimming shorts Eva protested loudly: “Hang on a second Nick, that’s not swimwear! Barry, sort him out please dear.”

With that Barry got up and walked me into the changing area adjacent to the pool. As he waved his hand at the selection of Speedos hanging up just said: “Take your pick, the smaller the swimwear the brighter Eva’s smile.”

Barry stood there and it was obvious he wasn’t going to move until I’d hopped into a skimpy pair of Speedos. So as I dropped my shorts and my cock came into view, Barry just grinned and said quietly; “Yep, I thought so.” With that he walked out and left me to tuck myself into the budgie smugglers.

Walking to the edge of the pool this time, Eva smiled and just gave me little thumbs up sign. As I was about to dive into the pool I saw Eva grin at Barry, perhaps her way of saying thank you to her hubby for letting her play?

Eva swam up to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me square on the lips. For several minutes she tenderly kissed, nibbled and probed with her tongue. My cock stiffened rapidly and escaped over the top of the waistband, but for now she ignored the throbbing cock tapping her tummy.

I ran my hands up and down her tanned body, taking my time to squeeze her butt and pulling her into my rock hard cock. Putting my hands under her bikini bottom I caressed her flesh as her tongue lashed mine. Pulling the ties at her hips, I soon had her bikini bottom off.

This seemed to be her cue; she broke the embrace and floated her body to the surface. As her thighs came to rest on my shoulders I was soon facing her engorged pussy.

Lapping at her pink folds tenderly I saw Barry taking photos and giving me a grin. As Eva was struggling to keep her head above water I walked to the edge of the pool so she could hang on while my mouth pleasured her. Running my hands up and down her back I took the liberty of releasing her from her top as well.

Her smallish breasts were topped by large dark brown areola, with very small hard nubs now pointing up at the midday sun. Running my fingers lightly over her nipps made her hips twitch gently. I was in no rush so I just kept following her subtle guiding commands, she’d just urge me to lick faster, slower, lower, higher etc. This lady was quite happy to guide a lover’s tongue and mouth to where it worked best for her, an attribute I love about older women!

Her orgasm was long and gentle, her lean body shuddering lightly for a long time against my mouth. As her pussy oozed thick nectar I lapped at her some more, but Eva had other ideas. Her thighs off my shoulders, back on her feet, she reaches for my cock and smiles lasciviously at me when she sizes me up. “Hot damn, Barry was soooo right about you,” she giggles as her small hand tries to cup my balls.

She dips under the water and takes my knob into her mouth, sliding the Speedos down to my ankles so I can step out of them. Sucking my knob Beylikdüzü escort hard for twenty seconds or so, she comes up and orders me to sit on the edge of the pool.

Obeying her I park my butt on the edge and spread my legs so she can fondle and suck me some more. Eva surprises me though when she strokes me briefly, then hops out of the water and pushes me flat on my back. With her feet at my waist she squats over me, takes my shaft and wriggles her pussy onto my knob. The sheer audacity of this lady was hot, but I was wondering how long she’d be able to squat and ride me in this position, delightful as it was.

Her small 5’6″ frame had me wondering whether she’d find it easy to slip my dick up her little fanny. She wiggled and squirmed, but soon had my balls tapping up against her rear as she squatted up and down on my hot prick. The urgent pace suggested she was about to cum again, and this time I was taken by surprise. She howled something in Italian, slammed herself hard down on my cock and rocked in small circles as her slot clenched and released in quick, sharp succession.

“Mmmmmmmm….” she simply groaned as I once more saw Barry with the camera, now capturing on video my pole sliding from his wife’s juicy snatch as she hopped off and kneeled beside me. Taking hold of my dick at the base, Eva wiggled the meaty shaft, then without warning brought her other hand along and slapped my knob gently. The surprise and the pleasant sensation caught me off guard, Barry capturing all at the perfect angle.

His petite wife, hand not able to encircle my cock, now repeatedly slapped the rock hard tool that had just violated her pretty little pussy. Stroking me rapidly up and down, groping my nuts firmly with her small hands, then every now and then slapping my shaft sharply was a new sensation for me. In the end, it was when she slapped my cock several times, forehand then backhand, that I exploded. In a flash Eva had her mouth over my knob, letting me cum in her mouth, then as it got too much she just opened her mouth and allowed my load to dribble down my shaft and over her hand still grabbing my pole at the base.

Looking up at her hubby, Eva just smiled a lusty grin as she then resumed sucking my knob dry of every last drop. Licking all the spilled seed from her hands, Eva took great delight in hoovering my shaft and balls clean, swallowing all my spunk that she’d spilled earlier.

“There, that’ll get the ice queen creaming her panties,” Eva said to Barry as I now knew where the video footage might end up.

“If this goes to plan we can both bang that young stuck up cow,” Barry laughingly said to me. Eva just smiled, adding; “Good luck with that boys…..”

Still, I liked Barry’s thinking….

Never saw the finished video Barry put together, but I do know that it would end up with Lisa sooner or later.

Over the next few weeks I tried talking to Lisa, she’d join us for mixed doubles every Tuesday and Thursday morning, but it was hard work getting her to join in a conversation. Barry joked that all her attention was taken up with looking fabulous she couldn’t afford any spare energy conversing with the plebs. Eva was annoyed at times with how Lisa behaved like a snooty stuck up cow.

Lisa had long blonde hair, long tanned legs, plastic tits and if I didn’t know better could have been Paris Hilton’s twin. Her surly face was more than made up for by her gorgeous thighs, which she wasn’t shy about showing off. When Lisa joined us for lunch, she always made sure she could sit so that Barry and I could look up her skirt. Eva was mature enough not to compete on this level with Lisa, even though in my view she was much yummier to look at. What Eva had going for her was far more appealing to me; experience, decisiveness, always up for a laugh, and mostly treating everyone politely regardless of how good they looked. That seems to be a common thing with a lot of the hot young chicks, they look great but have such a bad attitude…

So when Eva and I played I made sure there were lots of laughs, especially when we were playing doubles. Lisa would get annoyed at this as she didn’t know how to combat this. At her playing end Barry was usually busy perving at her pert arse, and Lisa made sure her skirt was short enough to show plenty as she ran back and forth.

About a month after Eva and I were captured on video, Lisa’s demeanour suddenly changed. I took this to mean that Barry had managed to slip the video to her.

From being a snooty cock teasing Escort Beylikdüzü little cow towards me, she now was very friendly. Barry laughed so loud when I told him about this, he just sat there with tears rolling down his face as I reported that finally the ice queen was starting to melt.

Now Lisa was only too eager to join us for lunch after our games, flirting with me openly, flashing more flesh at me and just being very attentive overall.

Eva was enjoying this immensely, saying: “She’s on foreign territory here, she’s never had to chase a guy before, they’ve always fallen over their feet to see to her every whim I reckon.”

It was also obvious that Lisa couldn’t handle me paying more attention to Eva than her. In Lisa’s mind, young and pretty meant sexy whereas to me sexy was more about attitude.

Barry and Eva enjoyed the whole charade immensely. In the meantime I was spending a few hours most Saturdays with Barry and Eva playing out some of the fantasies they had. The most intense experience was when Eva had straddled me on the floor and Barry took her up the arse. That poor woman was so full of man meat I was sure she was going to cry and break in half. Instead she just cried out in sheer delight and her hot cunt squirted me as she came in violent shudders. Her muttering in Italian didn’t sound like cursing either…

Some of the ideas they had seemed more like rape to me, snatching her from a running trail in the park and taking her into the bushes, pulling her shorts down and fucking her harshly from behind. Then coming in her cunt and slapping her arse before simply running off reminded me of Sonia, and her crazy antics towards the end. Still, I was not doing anything against either Eva or Barry’s will…

Lisa took forever to pluck up the courage to do something with the video that she’d now had for almost a month.

But even then, her youth may have contributed to approaching me first, as if I was in a position to be blackmailed…

“Hey Nick, need to talk to you,” Lisa called out as I was about to leave the club one morning. “Sorry Lisa running late already, can you make it quick?” I replied. So she walked out to my bike with me and even though she laid out what she’d seen, the wife of our doubles couple ‘being unfaithful’ with me, I just kept zipping up my suit, donning my helmet and gloves.

When I flung a leg over the ZZR and got ready to start it Lisa just put her hands on her hips and said: “I’m not finished yet, you better listen Mister or else!”

Sitting back briefly I listened to Lisa and in short she wanted to blackmail me alright, she wanted me to be the entertainment at an upcoming bachelorette party. Something about wanting to beef up the evening, I knew what she meant of course, I just had to laugh at how ashamed she seemed to be about saying she wanted my big cock to be part of the evening!

“Ah, well, you’d best see if Eva is happy to lend me out, I answer to Mrs Davies you see. Eva might be OK with it if the price is right,” I said, now cranking the bike and leaving Lisa standing there with a puzzled look.

Called Eva and let her in on our conversation and she enjoyed the fact that the ice queen wanted something and I’d steered her in Eva’s direction.

“You’re bad Nick, but I will so enjoy Lisa coming to me… to get your big dick to her party…” Eva growled over the phone.

Our next game of doubles was on Thursday. Eva had filled Barry in of course, both Eva and Barry having a sly grin on their face as we started the game. We laughed more than we played tennis, even Lisa was getting into it now.

At lunch, Lisa paid obvious attention to Barry, making me wonder if Eva had made a deal with Lisa. Eva knew how hot Barry was for the young blonde bimbo and from what I could see here, it seemed simple enough, you give Barry a stroll thru your playground and Nick will come to yours. Barry clicked on quickly enough, not wasting any opportunity to look up Lisa’s skirt at her smooth shaven fanny. Or down her top at her big honkers, plastic as they may have been….

Barry called three days later and filled me in on lots of sordid details. Apparently Lisa enjoyed sucking cock, and she’d sucked Barry off whilst he drove around, cumming in the blonde’s mouth several times. At the house he took her for a walk thru the grounds, in her tennis outfit, and took her from behind as she leaned over in front of him. That would have been my first choice too, as her tennis skirts were barely long enough to cover her cheeks standing upright, when she leaned over whilst wearing a thong you could see her jucy cunt trying to escape… In short, Barry was very happy with how Eva had played my serve. “Thanks Nick, good luck with the party next week,” Barry said in a rather happy tone.

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