Just This Once

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Amber Wave bit her lower lip and toyed with the key in her hand. She knew that once she unlocked the door she was committing herself to a fantasy she’d only imagined. Her throat went suddenly dry and her palms began to sweat. Taking a deep breath she slid the keycard in and watched the light flash green. The door opened and she stepped in.

Three men sat at a small hotel room table. Cards were held in beefy fingers and chips littered the polished surface. They all looked at Amber and she felt her pulse race. Her gaze held each ones for a brief moment, before she set her overnight bag down.

“I guess I owe you five grand,” Jon said as he rose from the table.

Amber knew it was Jon. She knew each one of the men, though this was the first time she was actually meeting them in person. Jon pushed in his chair, reached in his wallet and tossed it toward Mark. Mark chuckled, reached in and pulled out several green bills. Amber watched as he rolled them up and stuffed them in the front pocket of his jeans. Jon had said he was well off, now she’d seen the proof.

“You bet him I wouldn’t come?” Amber asked, slipping her shoes off and kicking them to the side.

“He did,” the third voice chimed in. Adam picked up the bottle of beer he’d been nursing and leaned back in his seat. “I however knew you’d come. You’ve wanted this too long.”

Amber blushed and nodded her head. What Adam said was true. She had fantasized about each man, whether it was just a one on one meeting or a group. It didn’t matter to Amber, each one made her feel beautiful, something she herself never believed.

“It feels odd though, just walking in here like this. . . I’m not sure what to do,” she admitted and pulled off her jacket. Jon was there, taking it from her hand hanging it in the closet. She thanked him and then Mark rose, offering her a wine cooler, knowing she didn’t like the taste of beer. She thanked him, but decided to pass up the offer. She wanted no excuses when the morning came. Amber shuffled nervously on her bare feet as she tried to settle the racing of her heart.

Adam rose from the chair and walked over to Amber. She watched his movements, a fluttering in her belly just one of the signs that overcame her whenever she looked upon the older man. His salt and pepper gray hair was somewhat curly. It hung just over the collar of his dress shirt and the tie he wore hung loose around his neck. She remembered the way he looked in his pics and on the web cam. When he reached her, she felt herself sway toward him, blush brighter and then whimper softly when his hand caressed her cheek.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I saw your picture,” he told her and ran a finger along her jaw.

Amber bit her lower lip and then felt Jon’s breath brushing against her neck. She shivered as the soft strands of hair rose up and seemed to beg for his attention. Jon chuckled and ran his lips across her neck, while his fingers toyed with the bobby pins she had in her long copper hair.

“I’ve been wanting to do that,” he whispered, repeating words that Adam had just spoken. She leaned back and felt his chest against her back. Her lids fluttered closed and then they opened just enough to watch Mark step in. She felt his lips on her collar bone and praised herself for still standing.

“Amber I don’t think you have to worry about what to do. Since we arranged this little get together a few months ago, we’ve all been a little nervous. But it is something we’ve all imagined. . . and wanted,” Adam said and then stepped back and removed his tie and shirt. Amber watched him, continuing to whimper and gasp as Jon and Mark slowly removed her clothing.

She felt strong fingers skim down her arms and then rest on her hips. She knew they were Jon’s; his hands were soft; he claimed it was because he was a pencil pusher and had grown up a city kid. She didn’t care though, she loved the soft skin as it curled around her shirt’s hem and grazed up her sides. Amber felt a bit of self-consciousness when her spaghetti strap top was off and her strapless bra was all that hid her large breasts. She reached up to cover herself but stopped when Adam shook his head no, seconds before Mark pulled her arms away.

Jon’s fingers had managed to free her long curly hair and he now toyed with it as he casually made his way down her back to play with the snap of the offending satin and lace. She felt one hook, then another, followed by a third; her bra was soon only held up because of the fullness that was buried inside the material.

“Mark, you concentrate on the front while I learn how straight this lass’s spine is,” Jon whispered and gathered Amber’s locks into one hand, swept it over her shoulder and let it spill across her chest. Beylikdüzü escort She shivered when she felt his tongue begin to trace the shape of his intended path. The tip trailed a line of moisture that made her skin grow warm and pink.

Mark chuckled, more than willing to do as his friend had suggested. He stood at an angle, allowing Adam the view he desired. Amber shifted nervously; her fingers, clenched in fists, remained at her side. She tried to remain calm, but her body betrayed her. The scent of her sex was already wafting up to mingle with the aroma of both feminine and masculine colognes. She breathed deep, enjoying the different fragrances and then took in her own natural perfume and closed her eyes.

She felt Mark’s hands take the sides of her bra. He tugged gently and then she heard a low moan of approval from both Adam and Mark. She smiled softly, opened the lids that covered her dark green eyes. The sight of the two men’s faces, told her that she was desired. Butterflies erupted deep in her stomach. She got bolder and ran her palm down her chest, cupping one breast and squeezing it gently. As she did, she felt a nip to the small of her back and jerked from the electric jolt that spread through her back and skated around her hips to settle on the top of her pussy. “Oh my,”she whispered. Her ass pressed back into Jon’s personal space and she felt his hands grip both cheeks.

He was on his knees now, she could tell by the loss of his chest that she had been leaning against. Mark covered her hand and squeezed the generous mound of flesh she was holding, then pushed her hand away and lifted it up for Adam’s inspection. “Beautiful isn’t she?” he asked, though no one needed an answer.

Adam gave one though, nodding his head and then reaching to remove his slacks. She’d noted that each man had already removed shoes and socks. She also knew that each man had come to the hotel room, prepared to leave if Amber didn’t show up or if she said no. Now that she was willingly there, and allowing the other two men to undress her, everyone knew this fantasy was going to become a reality.

She, Jon, Mark and Adam wanted the same things, just for different reasons. She wanted to be the slut that lived inside her head, the fantasy woman that lay on a bed and was covered in the seed of many. Adam was to be the man in charge. Mark as well as Jon simply wanted to sample the delights Amber had been showing them after conquering weeks of self-doubt. There were no promises of love or devotion. Friendship and respect existed between them all as well as lust and curiosity.

Amber looked back to Mark and watched as his fingers brushed against one of her nipples. She watched it grow thicker and harder. The ridges of her areola poked out and she gasped when the pad of his thumb brushed against them. He moved and pressed a kiss just above the pink-hued circle; her throat allowed a growl of impatience to escape. Soft chuckles came from each man and she grinned. Her left hand came up to play with Mark’s blond hairs and she felt its softness against her palm. “Aww, Mark, don’t tease,” she whispered.

Her body was burning. She watched Mark step away and felt Jon’s hands on her jeans. The button was soon popped free, the zipper hauled down and as Jon unwrapped her, Mark and Adam watched with looks of hunger clearly written on their faces.

Jon’s hands pulled the denim down, and held one leg then the other as she stepped out of them. She heard a low whistle and looked down to see his eyes focusing in on her white bikini-cut panty. She hooked her fingers into the band and began to shimmy herself out of them, and giggled when Jon picked them up, breathed deep the scent of her and then tucked them into his back pocket.

“A souvenir?” she asked, “Are you going to forget me?” she teased.

Jon rolled his eyes and then playfully slapped her naked ass. “I doubt any of us will forget this night. “Do you still want everything we talked about?” he asked, then looked over to the other men.

She stepped up to the bed and ran her hands across the headboard. “I’m glad this is going to happen,” she told them and slid onto the thick blankets. She sat down in the center and watched each man reveal himself to her as they finished disrobed.

Three cocks jutted out from three different men. Amber gazed longingly at each one. Adam’s was the longest of the three; his pubic hairs were a soft gray and white. The desire to run her polished fingernails through the curls made her sex tingle. She knew the red polish would contrast well against the tight hair. Mark’s was thicker, but shorter. She was curious as to how he would feel inside her tight channel. His balls were larger than Adam’s, as well as shaved. Already she wanted to suckle the Beylikdüzü escort spheres and toy with the soft hairless package. She blushed when she heard Jon’s question, “Enjoying the view?”

Her gaze met his and then she purposely took a long and slow journey down his body. His cock was slightly crooked, slim and already glistening with pre cum. She licked her lips and winked at him. “Very much so,” she said before laying back on the pillows and ran one hand down her torso, cupped a breast, squeezed it and then asked, “Are you?” Her other hand moved down to her pussy and she rested her palm against it.

Three nods came from the three men and as they watched her Amber slipped her middle finger into her slick opening. She kept her gaze on the faces of her friends and soon to be lovers. She explored herself, never going too deep, but still she knew the juices of her sex were slipping free of their home and gathering on the soft appendage.

“Where to begin?” Mark asked, as he moved toward the Amber. He climbed on the bed and laid down beside her. His hand rested against her stomach, the other remained bent and he supported his head on his palm. He trailed circles across the round belly, toyed with her navel and then brushed against the red bush that kept the treasure of their lust hidden. Amber smiled, turned her head toward his and kissed his lips.

Their tongues danced slowly as she felt him slide his hand upwards and rest just under her left tit. She turned just so, and felt his cock pressing against her hip. The bed shifted and she felt a pair of hands on her ass. Releasing Mark’s mouth she turned her head and captured Jon’s. They too did an erotic dance with their wet muscles; each one shivered when the kiss ended. His hands moved from her ass up her ribs and then into her hair. She felt his cock jerk against her ass cheek and she pushed back against it. “I want you there,” she whispered and licked his upper lip, before she moved her emerald gaze to Adam.

“There is where you’ll have him,” Adam told her and grabbed her ankles. He pulled her down the bed and then moved his hands to her hips. Pulling her up, he felt the full length of her body pressed against his. She rubbed herself, letting her nipples feel the hairs of his chest as her fingers searched out the cock and balls she desperately wanted to touch. Her gaze traveled down to watch as the red polish stood out against the backdrop of snowy white and gray. She pulled on the hairs, just enough to bring a soft groan of approval from Adam. He took her hands away and kissed the inside of her wrists.

“I want your pussy,” he told her and nipped at the pulse that raced beneath her tender skin. She nodded her head and watched the other two men move from the center of the bed. Adam took her hand and he climbed onto the spot she’d been sitting. He pulled her to him and covered her mouth. “Climb on board, beautiful,” he said and then helped her straddle his hips.

Amber felt tension rise up and invade her mind. She bit down on her lip and mentally scolded herself. Mark’s hand rested against her shoulder and she turned to him. She smiled at the offered condom, took it with grace and sheathed her lover’s long tool. Adam groaned as her fingers rolled the latex down. Her fingers brushed his cock with a gentleness that caused his dick to bounce. Amber’s lips rose in a smirk of satisfaction and then she lifted herself up on her knees.

“Ready?” she asked and then felt Adam’s hands on her hips. She knew from the look in his eyes that he was beyond ready. The swollen shaft in her hands spoke of just how ready he was. As she lowered herself, he lifted his hips and pulled her down onto his rod. A moan of pleasure escaped them both and then she felt Jon’s soft hands on her ass.

“Are you ready?” he asked and she nodded her head, too busy enjoying the feeling of Adam’s member buried deep inside her. Her hair cascaded down her back. The soft curly ends brushed against the roundness of her ass and Adam’s thighs.

The sound of a flip top lid filled the room and Amber leaned over Adam. Her hands rested on each side of his head and she grinned down at him as her hair made a curtain. “That feels good,” he whispered, before pushing his tongue into her mouth and toying with the wet muscle. Amber moaned her agreement and then tensed slightly when the warm lube began to fill her tight anal opening.

She was ready for Jon’s dick. For several months she’d been playing with herself, anally. She had purchased toys in various shapes and sizes, took photos of herself while she “graduated” up to a larger dildo or vibe and those were often sent to the three men whom she hungered for.

Firm hands spread her cheeks open and she pushed down on Adam’s cock as well as relaxing Escort Beylikdüzü her muscles so Jon could enter her easily. Adam’s hand moved to the back of her head and he brought her back down to his seeking lips. As they kissed, Jon eased his cock into her ass. Slowly he went, bringing various moans to Amber’s lips, that were eagerly swallowed up by Adam. When she felt the full length of Jon’s slim dick buried in her tight hole, she sighed.

Adam left her lips, nipped at her jaw and then began to suck on the soft lobe of her ear. He felt her begin to rise up and he growled low. Her muscles clenched around his shaft and her nipples pressed into his chest, the hard nubs teasing his skin.

Amber felt Jon withdraws and then slide back in. A few more globs of lube were shoved into her opening and she felt the warmth of the gel further coat her cavity. She hissed, opening her mouth to let out a soft squeal and whisper for Jon to fuck her slow and steady.

He agreed and then the bed shifted again. Amber opened her eyes and smiled at Mark. Her gaze left his and she saw his cock, proudly uncovered and pointing at her open mouth. “Feed it to me,” she told him. Her voice was thick with the lust her body felt.

Mark took his shaft and pumped it several times before letting the tip play with the soft petals of her lips. She circled the rod with the tip of her tongue, sucked on the pre cum and then pushed her head onto the hard meat. Amber closed her eyes and felt her body begin to hum in pleasure. As Adam slid his cock in and out of her, his hands pushing between them to knead her breasts, Jon continued to retreat and attack her tight hole. She was in a place where only her mind had been, now her body was living the dream.

“Fuck Amber. You’re so hot,” one man’s voice reached into her thought process. She ground her hips, bring another curse from Adam’s lips. Jon’s words mirrored Adam’s and she purred in pleasure, bringing a mutter of incoherency from Mark as the vibrations rolled across his dick.

The sound of baritone voices mixed with girlish squeals and gasps filled the air. Amber took time from blowing Mark to lap at his balls, sucking the spheres into her mouth and rolling them back and forth. She felt hands on her tits, rolling her nipples, pinching and pulling them. Adam’s mouth bit down on her shoulder, another squeak of pleasure erupted from her lips and she smiled down at him. “Again,” she said and was rewarded with a harder pinch. She opened her mouth and welcomed Mark’s cock back into the heated blanket of tongue, cheek and moisture.

Jon bent over her, leaving her a love mark on her back with his teeth, before he reached back and slapped her ass. “Ohhh fuck, yes,” she muttered, leaving Mark’s dick to beg Jon to spank her again. When she returned to sucking one lover’s cock, every slap brought a moan that rolled through her and covered him.

In time the sounds of pleasure were replaced with shouts of “fuck”, “coming”, “oh God yes”, and “Fuckin’ slut.” The last words brought a thrill to Amber and she felt her pussy suddenly explode. Her come flooded Adam at the same time Mark’s filled her throat. She swallowed, knowing that his was only the first of many ounces she’d be drinking. Her lips slipped up his shaft, sucking as she drew another stream of juice from his balls. She reached the tip and then let his cock plop out of her mouth. Mark knew what she wanted and he pumped the last spray onto her cheeks.

Amber grinned in delight as the hot seed slid across her face, dripped down her chin and fell across the smooth neck, bruised by Adam’s teeth. She felt Jon pull his dick from her, and heard the ripping of the condom as he tore it from his rod. Looking back, she watched him stroke the now unsheathed dick and soon ropes of pearls coated her ass and back. She climaxed again, the sight bringing her nothing but pure carnal pleasure.

“Amber,” Adam’s voice reached into her lust-laden mind. She turned glassy eyes to him and barely heard his words. “I need to come, baby girl.”

She slipped off his cock and sat on her knees. Her hands lifted her breasts and she watched Adam rise to his knees, uncover his dick and finish himself off. His cream sprayed over her tits. Freckles once a soft tan were soon blanketed in a creamy froth of white pearls. She ran her fingers through them, trailing the sticky substance all over her areola’s and rubbing it back and forth, up to her neck, and then across to her lips. She shivered as come slid down the cheeks of her ass and along her thighs.

Amber left the hotel, several hours later, more come covered her as well as settled into a warmth that filled her belly. The smile on her face hid the secret buried deep inside that no one, but Mark, Adam, and Jon knew. The fantasy that she’d lived with for so long was nothing like the real thing and she knew that in time, she’d want to live a new fantasy. She thought of her three friends and wondered if they’d be up to the task when it was time to act out another dream.

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