Justice and Reward Ch. 03

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Content to lay in his lovers arms Bill was caught completely unaware as his groin muscles clamped down some ten minutes later. “My dear Teri, I must leave you… like now!” Bill rapidly withdrew from his lover, scrambled off the bed and darted towards the toilet. Crossing the threshold of the bathroom he knew the toilet was too far. Bill jerked open the shower door with one hand while his other hand gripped his cock and aimed it at the far wall of the shower. His groan of relief masked the cry of ecstasy coming from the bedroom.

Teri lay beneath her lover and fiancé basking in the afterglow of their love making. She felt Bill’s weight but it was minor compared to the ecstasy of the evening’s events. Most pronounced was the fact that Bill had asked her to marry him. Then Teri felt Bill’s cock stiffen and heard him say something about leaving. Before she could react Bill’s weight was gone and his wonderful cock was stripped from her pussy. Every nerve ending in Teri’s body screamed as her orgasm thundered through. Breasts still tender from their previous love making swelled to their maximum size. Teri’s nipples once again became hard pebbles. Her abdominal muscles rippled while her pussy frantically searched for the cock so abruptly withdrawn. Expecting to be filled as rapidly as it had been emptied Teri’s pussy released a flood of nectar to ease the entrance. Overwhelmed Teri’s body, mind and soul let loose cry of ecstasy as she curled into a fetal position.

Bill, having finished relieving himself, leaned against the door frame of the shower. Reaching into the shower he turned on the water to rinse off the floor. Completing the rinse Bill turned off the water. His hand was still on the faucet when he heard moans coming from the bedroom. Bill quickly walked into the bedroom and approached the bed. As he knelt down by the bedside Bill saw the ecstatic look on Teri’s face. From pervious experience Bill knew Teri was still in the throes of an intense orgasm.

Teri saw Bill’s face and attempted a smile. It was broken off as her body was buffeted by another round of orgasmic shivers. Her hands sensuously massaged breasts swollen by sexual fulfillment while fingers tweaked rock hard nipples. Teri groaned as her abdominal muscles performed their dance. Bill watched Teri’s thighs convulse together that she was having another attack of vaginal contractions. Leaning toward the foot of the bed Bill saw a large pool of their combined cum forming on the bed. He also noted the reddish tint. What caught his attention next was ‘Rosebud’. It too was performing a dance. Bill watched as ‘Rosebud’ slowly opened and then closed tightly. The size of the opening was large enough to permit his thumb to enter with no restriction. Bill’s eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face. Without thinking Bill scooped two fingers worth of cum from Teri’s thigh as he straightened up to look at Teri.

Teri glared at Bill as her body went through another set of shudders. Bill stared intently back at Teri while he brought his two fingers to his mouth and cleaned her cum off. “Rosebud is thoroughly enjoying your orgasm along with the rest of you.” Bill said.

Teri’s whole body convulsed at Bill’s touch and the sight of cum being sucked into his mouth. “AAIIYYEE!” was the sound that exploded from Teri’s mouth. “Stop, Leave!” was uttered with a soft, quiet voice.

Bill nodded as he rose to his feet. “I’ll make a pot of coffee and a tray of snacks.” Turning around he walked into the bathroom and returned moments later carrying a fluffy hand towel. Placing it gently by Teri’s head Bill said, “You’ll need this when you are able to rise. Your period has started.” Going to the chair Bill picked up the afghan laying there. Returning he gently covered Teri and left.

Teri, still experiencing shocks from her orgasm, stared up at Bill. It wasn’t Bill’s face she stared at but his rampant hard-on. It was glistening from copious pre-cum oozing from the tip and sliding down the shaft. Teri closed her eyes shut but the image in her mind of Bill’s cock sliding into her rectum brought more juices gushing out of her pussy and groans from her lips.

Bill grabbed a white terry cloth robe from the chair as he walked out of the bedroom. Slipping has arms into the sleeves Bill walked into the kitchen. He didn’t tie the robe. He needed to cool down first and clean up his pre-cum. Bill washed his hands and arms up to the elbows. Then he busied himself my preparing a fresh pot of coffee and a tray of snacks for Teri. Approaching the sink a second time Bill opened a drawer to the right side and picked up a dish cloth. After turning the water on to warm up Bill tossed the dish cloth into the flow of water. Now he looked down his abdomen and focused his attention on the semi erect cock jutting out from his groin. The flow of pre-cum had stopped. His cock glistened in the light from the overhead and Bill felt the wetness on his balls and inner thighs. He quickly cleaned up and rinsed the dish cloth.

Teri was finally able to have some control Beylikdüzü escort over her body and mind. Grabbing the towel Bill had lay on the bed she parted her thighs and stuffed the towel between them. To minimize the staining she arose from the rumpled bed, made haste into the bathroom, and then the shower. Standing by the built-in seat Teri turned the water faucet to its hottest setting. After steam appeared she reset the faucet to a more comfortable temperature and stepped into the flow of water. After retrieving a bar of soap from its shelf Teri bent over and thoroughly soaped up her legs, thighs, and buttocks. As Teri’s hands swept up between her buttocks she felt her anus convulse several times. Acting on a whim Teri slid a finger between her ass cheeks and tenderly probed ‘Rosebud’. To her surprise the finger slid all the way in with no resistance. Changing her direction Teri next used two fingers from the front and gasped as both fingers slowly entered ‘Rosebud’ completely.

The coffee had finished brewing. The tray of snacks was prepared and Bill was relatively clean. Taking a large waiters tray from atop the refrigerator Bill placed everything needed on it and went out into the pool area. Setting the tray down he arranged the chaise lounges so that Teri and he had equal access. Bill returned to the house long enough to get cigarettes and lighter. Slipping his robe off Bill walked into the pool and began a reasonable swimming exercise. Some twenty minutes later he slowly walked up the steps of the pool and over to his robe. Putting the robe on Bill tied the belt, sat on the left hand chaise, and adjusted his position. Bill laid his head back and fell into a light sleep.

Teri stopped her experiment with ‘Rosebud’ and continued to wash her body. She was thorough but gentle with the cleansing because she was still on that plateau achieved after such a fantastic orgasm. With a final rinse of her auburn hair Teri stepped from the shower and wrapped herself in a fluffy bath sheet. Going to the vanity Teri opened a drawer and extracted a packet containing a vaginal cup. While opening the packet Teri placed one manicured foot on the toilet. With practiced ease Teri fitted the cup over her cervix making sure it was properly adjusted. Her towel had become undone during the insertion process so when Teri resumed a standing position the towel slid to the floor. Turning to face the mirror Teri gave herself a critical examination.

Smiling at the image in the mirror Teri said, “Good genes and all that exercise were well worth it.” Picking up the towel Teri placed it on the wall mounted hook and went to join Bill for coffee. Passing by the bed Teri saw and smelled the residue of her and Bill’s love making. With quick motions Teri stripped the bed of comforter, blankets, and sheets. She smiled when the mattress showed no signs of her menstrual flow. Gathering the bundle up Teri walked out of the bedroom and made for the washer/dryer in the pool area.

Bill, his senses on high, knew that Teri was entering the pool area. Turning his head slightly to the right Bill watched Teri close the slider and walk to the washer/dryer hidden behind bi-fold louvered doors. Silently he thanked the God of his understanding for the woman he had fallen in love with… body, mind, and soul. Bill remained silent as he watched Teri perform the mundane chore of starting a load of laundry. He admired the smooth skin and toned muscles as Teri reached for the detergent. Teri’s right breast was visible and Bill took notice of its sexual fullness and the puckered nipple. Bill’s body was responding to Teri’s sensuality and sexuality. His cock was now semi erect and lay along the crease created by the leg joining the lower groin. As Teri completed her task Bill asked, “Shall I pour you a cup of coffee and light a cigarette?”

Startled Teri replied, “Oh yes, please. When I came in I thought you were asleep.”

Bill responded, “I was but awoke when you opened the laundry doors. I lay here admiring your beauty, sensuality, and the flagrant display of sex. I love you with all my body, mind, and soul.”

Teri blushed at such open compliments. Bill’s love and admiration would take getting used to. Gamely she responded, “Yes, I can see the effect of my body upon your person. However, I insist on coffee and food… first.”

Bill’s cock now lay on his stomach its tip pointed at his chin. Winking at Teri he said, “I can endure the discomfort for as long as it takes you to replenish your energies. But know this… we shall couple again before we lay our heads down for restful sleep.” To prove his point Bill flexed his groin muscles several times making his cock dance up and down.

Teri let her body answer Bill’s words. Her tongue slid from her mouth and made a complete trip around silken lips. At the same time Teri spread her thighs wide. Using two fingers of her right hand Teri ran them up and down her vulva. Curling those same fingers Teri inserted them in her now wet pussy. Using a slow measured beat she began to Beylikdüzü escort masturbate. Teri brought her left hand up to massage the swollen breasts sitting atop her chest. After tweaking her nipples into hard points Teri forced herself to stop. She added a final flourish by licking the juices off her fingers.

When Teri looked over at Bill she saw him slowly stroking his now rampant manhood. Pre-cum covered his hand and the shaft of his cock. Bill said as he released his cock “Delightful and educational as always, my dear lady”. Using the same hand he picked up a cup and extended it towards Teri. Continuing his comment he added, “As the lady prefers, black and sweet.”

Teri accepted the cup and said, “Only so far as coffee is concerned.” Changing her position Teri brought her legs together and got comfortable on the chaise. Then she licked the outside of the cup and smiled at Bill.

Bill and Teri sat on their respective lounges enjoying coffee, cigarettes, and quiet time together. Rising from his chaise he looked at Teri saying, “What about a quick dip in the pool?”

Teri wanting her man replied, “I want to get wet from the inside. If you make me hot enough I’ll be wet on the outside.” To drive her point across Teri put her cigarette in the ash tray and set her coffee cup on the small table. She reclined on the chaise and began a slow sensual massage of her body. As hands worked on her breasts Teri’s legs slowly parted and knees rose to a forty-five degree angle.

Bill moved to stand at the foot of Teri’s chaise. His eyes followed the movements of Teri’s hands as they traveled over her body. Her breasts were now in full sexual bloom and her nipples sat like small cherries on top of twin mounds of ice cream. Bill watched as Teri’s hands worked their way down her body. He was about to kneel on the concrete floor when Teri said, “Take me into the bedroom where we can both be comfortable.” Teri lowered her legs and turned on her side. She extended a hand towards Bill as a silent request for help in getting off the chaise. Bill moved to assist his beautiful fiancé. As he approached her side Teri quickly sat up and engulfed the first few inches of Bill’s cock with her mouth. Surprised Bill had to place his hands on Teri’s shoulders to steady himself. Teri quickly set a rhythm with her mouth and one hand bringing Bill’s cock to its full length and girth rapidly. Her other hand was equally busy as it cradled Bill’s ball sack. Alternating between gentle squeezes and feather light scraping Teri soon had her man moaning with pleasure. Teri continued her blow job allowing plenty of saliva to run down Bill’s shaft. Teri knew from previous experience that masturbating a dry shaft was counter productive to the result she wanted.

Teri stopped sucking Bill’s wonderful manhood but continued her other actions. Looking up at Bill she said, “I want you to cum in my mouth. What I don’t swallow can be massaged into my skin. After we make the bed I would like you to pleasure me in the same fashion as I am doing to you.”

Bill’s cock surged with pleasure as he responded, “I will delightfully pleasure you orally by dear Teri.”

Teri smiled and resumed the task she had interrupted. As she engulfed the head of Bill’s cock her tongue danced around its circumference and then teased the opening at the very tip. Filling her mouth with saliva Teri took more of Bill’s cock inside her. As she withdrew Teri let the saliva flow down his shaft. Her free hand accepted the additional lubricant. When Teri’s mouth cleared the tip of Bill’s cock her hand slid up and down several times ensuring complete coverage of his length. Now Teri changed the style of her attack. She began to rotate her hand as she masturbated Bill’s shaft. Her motion was similar to the motion of her pussy when Bill was fucking her. Teri lowered her mouth over Bill’s cock and began her final attack. With her lips tight against the skin of his cock Teri slid down until she felt the tip touch the opening of her throat. She kept up this pressure on the way back up but added a powerful suction.

Bill looked down at Teri with love filled eyes. As he started to stroke her soft, auburn hair he said, “I hope that I can provide half the enjoyment that you are giving me when I reciprocate. When the tip of my cock touches the entrance to your throat it feels as though I’m brushing against your cervix. I wish my arms were longer so I could massage your breasts with my willing hands and fingers.” Bill flexed his shaft several times before continuing, “Keep that up and you will definitely get more than a mouthful of my cum. Oh yes! I can feel my balls starting to contract. I’m getting ready to explode in your mouth?”

Teri felt the change in Bill’s ball sack. As she increased the speed of her sucking and massage Teri became aware of her own body and the orgasm swiftly approaching. Hard pebble like nipples sat atop lust filled breasts ached to be massaged by Bill’s slender hands. Her pussy was acting as an extension of her hands and mouth. Volumes Escort Beylikdüzü of nectar flowed down her canal and out onto the cushion between her thighs. Because of her position Teri’s anus was being bathed and teased by the product of her pussy. As her anus responded to the stimulation Teri made a decision. She would give Bill her most intimate place this night. While no stranger to anal stimulation Teri had never experienced a rampant cock sliding in and out of her anal canal. Just then Teri’s thoughts were interrupted by Bill’s words.

“Get ready Teri, I’m going to explode!” As the words left his mouth Bill felt his ball sack contract and his cock swell. Fortunately Teri was on the up stroke when the first shot of cum left the tip of Bill’s cock. “Oh Yes! I’m cuming Teri. Please don’t stop sucking me. It feels so wonderful. Your mouth and hands are doing wonders to my cock and balls.” Putting his chin against his chest Bill was able to see the overflow from Teri’s mouth falling onto her upper chest and sliding between her breasts. Teri made a twisting movement with her upper body. Bill stood there and watched as his cum now flowed over one breast and then the other. He felt Teri’s hand leave his balls. That same hand was now rubbing his cum into the skin of Teri’s breasts. With his orgasm over Bill slowly withdrew his cock from Teri’s mouth. He slowly knelt down in front of Teri and leaned forward to kiss her. As their mouths pushed against each other Bill felt Teri’s tongue dart forward. Bill accepted the challenge by lancing his own tongue into Teri’s mouth and began to duel with her. His assault was rewarded with the taste of his own cum. Cum that Teri had not had a chance to swallow.

Teri was savoring the taste and amount of cum Bill had produced when she felt Bill’s cock being removed from her mouth. Reluctantly she allowed the withdrawal but was delighted when lips were pushed against hers. Tentatively Teri pushed her tongue against Bill’s lips and was rewarded by a tongue that lanced forcefully into her mouth. As their tongues fought each other Teri’s body went into orgasm. She scooted forward on the chaise in an attempt to engulf her lover. Only Bill’s position prevented such an act. As her nipples met the fine hair on Bill’s chest Teri’s pussy began to flutter with rapid contractions. Teri jerked her head away from Bill to get air into her lungs and give voice to the orgasm she was experiencing. “Oh my God, so wonderful!” she said. After taking several gasps of air Teri continued, “Between your tongue and chest hair my pussy feels like its stuffed with your cock. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm from giving a man a blow job.”

Bill’s chuckle rumbled in his chest as he said, “Maybe its because we are in love with each other. Or it might be as simple as an extreme case of horniness.” Pushing Teri away gently Bill said, “I need to change position. This concrete is too hard. Why don’t you scoot back on the chaise and stretch out so your muscles can relax?”

Teri heard the knees pop and the low groan as Bill pushed himself to a standing position. “Are you alright Bill?” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” Bill said, “Thank you for asking. I need to do two things before I sit beside you.”

“What are those two things?” responded Teri, “If I’m not being too nosy.”

“You aren’t being too nosy.” answered Bill, “I need to use the bathroom and renew my pain meds. I’ll bring back the coffee.” Before entering the house Bill changed out the laundry and started the dryer. After relieving himself he quickly made up the bed with fresh linen and then took his pain medication. Going into the kitchen Bill picked up the coffee pot and started towards the pool. Bill saw by Teri’s position that she was asleep. Returning the coffee pot to the coffee maker Bill went to get Teri and put her to bed. As Bill softly stroked Teri’s cheek he said, “Teri, my love, let us retire for the night. We have both had an excitement filled day.”

Teri smiled when she felt Bill’s hand stroke her cheek. When she heard his words Teri blushed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

As he helped Teri stand up Bill said, “No apology needed. Besides I like to look at your graceful and beautiful body.”

“Thank you, kind sir.” Teri said as she executed a full body stretch.

Bill and Teri tidied up the pool area and entered the main house. Bill glanced over at the fireplace to make sure it was turned off. He then turned off the lights in the pool area and closed the drapes. Teri meanwhile had cleaned up the coffee cups and prepared the coffee maker for the next day. Finished with the drapes Bill turned toward the dining area and saw Teri sitting there with a cigarette and lighter in her hands.

“Come sit by me,” Teri said after lighting her cigarette.

Bill walked over to the dining area and sat down next to Teri. Pulling a cigarette from the pack Bill quickly tamped it down and then lit it. Taking a full drag Bill turned his complete attention to Teri. “What is on your mind?” Bill asked, “I sense excitement and apprehension.” Bill paused and scanned Teri’s beautiful body. Bill rose from his chair and quietly walked to the kitchen cabinets. Extracting two dish towels from a drawer Bill returned to the dining area and offered them to Teri.

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