Kaitlin’s Tale Ch. 6

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Kaitlin was relieved to find that a shower awaited her as she stepped through the door. Her last encounter had left her sticky all over, and she welcomed the chance to rid herself of the reminders. Looking up, she saw a clock counting down from 30 minutes; she wasted no time and jumped into the shower. 15 minutes later she stepped out and dried off, finishing with her hair and makeup with 7 minutes to go. She looked to the side and found clothes waiting for her; she immediately slipped them on: black fishnet stockings and garter belt, electric blue thong panties over the garters and matching bra, and a very short bright blue dress that barely reached the top of her stockings, and afforded an ample view of her cleavage.

As the clock wound down to nothing, a familiar voice with that beautiful accent spoke through a speaker to her. “Kaitlin, my beautiful one, you did very well in the last room. But that was child’s play in comparison to what awaits you in the next. If you still wish to be mine, enter through the door in front of you. You will do whatever is asked of you, until such time as the far door opens and you are permitted to leave. I will decide when to open the door. Good luck to you.” With that, the door swung open into darkness. Kaitlin raised her head defiantly and stepped through the door.

As she stepped through another door opened in front of her, and she was, amazingly, in a bar filled with people. It looked like a hotel bar at lunchtime; men and women in conservative business suits. She gasped in amazement as the door behind her swung closed. Pulling her dress down unconsciously, knowing she stood out like a sore thumb, she walked to the bar and ordered a drink, not knowing what else to do. She could see people coming into the bar off of the street, but it never occurred to her to run; somehow she knew she wouldn’t make it far, and the punishment would be severe in the extreme.

Human nature being what it was, Kaitlin was sure she wouldn’t have to wait long before someone decided to try their luck with her; when the pass came, it was a shock nonetheless. A man dressed like a businessman, about 5’4″ tall and in average shape, slid onto the seat beside her and, without preamble, said “Follow me.” Sliding from the seat he led Kaitlin through the throng of people to the back of the bar, and walked into the men’s room. With a deep breath to calm her nerves, Kaitlin followed him inside. The bathroom was a study in marble, elegant and clean. As the door closed behind her, the man ordered her to sit on a toilet in one of the stalls. He followed her inside, locking the stall door behind them. “Close your eyes and open your mouth” he ordered.

Kaitlin complied without thought, hardly believing this was happening; it was so surreal that he should have picked her from the crowd and ordered her about so. That was her last thought before his hands slipped to the back of her head, pushing it forward, forcing her mouth down onto his stiff cock, then ramming it into her mouth again and again. “Suck me, whore” he commanded, and Kaitlin closed her lips, trying to end this as quickly as possible. He continued to push her head down and thrust his hips into her face. Once or twice Kaitlin was sure she heard men come into the restroom and relieve themselves, but the man wasn’t interested in even slowing down, and just kept pumping into her face. Finally he came, spraying her face with his semen, then using his softening tool to spread it around her face. He knelt next to her ear and whispered “Stay here for 5 minutes. Clean yourself up. Then go back out into the bar.” So saying, he walked out of the bathroom. Kaitlin locked the stall door and cleaned herself up; after 5 minutes she walked back out to the bar and ordered another drink for herself, unsure of how to proceed. No voices greeted her, no new doors were opened, so she was pretty sure she was supposed to stay in the bar.

Barely five minutes passed before the next person approached her. This time it was a woman who came up to her, and whispered “follow me” into her ear. With a sigh, Kaitlin slipped off the stool and followed the woman into the back of the bar, sliding into a small alcove with a semicircular booth and round table in it. The girl motioned Kaitlin to slide into the booth next to the man who was already there, then the girl slid in beside her. Kaitlin took a longer look at them, and realized they were both somewhere between the ages of 16 and 20, maybe 21 and just young looking. Their table was quite secluded from the rest of the bar; apparently that was why they had chosen it. Without preamble the man, or boy, whatever, reached up and squeezed Kaitlin’s breasts hard enough to make her gasp; the girl reached under and grabbed Kaitlin’s thong, yanking on it, pulling it down to her knees, then reached under and grabbed Kaitlin’s clit, squeezing hard, while whispering “Make no sound” in her ear. Kaitlin suppressed a scream at these violations, panting heavily to help absorb the pain. With her other hand the woman reached over and unzipped Beylikdüzü escort the man’s pants, freeing his cock to stand at attention next to Kaitlin. The man slid to the side and pulled Kaitlin’s head down roughly, shoving his cock deep into her mouth, making her gag. The woman, meanwhile, pushed Kaitlin onto the floor under the table, leaving her kneeling on the floor under the table, sucking the man’s cock. The girl spread her legs then, and climbed on top of the man, sliding his manhood inside her, then pressing Kaitlin’s mouth forcefully to them both.

Kaitlin did her best to breathe as she licked the woman’s dripping slit and sucked on the man’s engorged balls. The man slammed quickly in and out of his girlfriend; as she got more and more excited she twined her fingers in Kaitlin’s hair, pulling it roughly, forcing her to lick and suck even faster. Finally the woman came, shuddering with her orgasm, yanking Kaitlin’s hair mercilessly. She then hopped off of the man, who pulled Kaitlin back up to him, forcing his cock down her throat, shooting spray after spray of jism into her. Kaitlin took it all; the man released her, letting her fall back to her knees on the floor. As she collected herself the woman spoke to her disdainfully. “Back to the bar, bitch.” Kaitlin complied, pulling up her thong and smoothing her dress as she stumbled back to her stool at the bar, confused as hell.

Her confusion was alleviated several minutes later when a familiar voice spoke from the stool next to her. “Hello, Kaitlin. Anything I can do for you?” In disbelief, Kaitlin turned to look at Kelli, her former assistant. It took everything Kaitlin had in her not to leap off the stool and pummel Kelli to within an inch of her life. Instead, she just glared at Kelli, afraid to do anything more; after all, the purpose of this test was obedience. Kelli laughed arrogantly and said quietly “Or perhaps I should say… is there anything you WON’T do for me?” Kaitlin’s eyes fell at that… obviously Kelli knew the whole story of what was going on here… Kaitlin knew she was in trouble again.

Kelli stood up and spun Kaitlin’s chair around so her back was to the bar. Kelli was 5-4, 125lbs, fairly fit, with large breasts and lots of curves, topped off with a pixie-like reddish-blonde bob. She was wearing a man’s purple dress shirt unbuttoned to her breasts, tight blue jeans and purple high heels. It took a second for Kaitlin to realize it; she and Kelli now looked very much alike physically, although Kaitlin was in better shape and had a larger chest, and had almost white hair while Kelli’s was a reddish blonde. Kaitlin wondered if that was coincidence, then Kelli caught her attention again.

“You never knew how much I wanted to be you, did you Kaitlin? I would go home at night and dream about being in charge; eventually I began to dream of being in charge of you instead, of paying you back for all the opportunities you held back from me.” Kaitlin attempted to break in, but Kelli put a finger on Kaitlin’s lips, quieting her. “Then I got my chance, and I took it. I haven’t looked back since. But now is the best payoff of all; you are mine, and you will do what I say.”

Kaitlin sighed inwardly; outwardly, she attempted to look submissive and nodded in agreement with Kelli’s statement. Kelli continued “Get up on the bar and stand up.” Kaitlin complied, smoothing her dress unconsciously as she stood avoiding eye contact with everyone. Many of the people in the place had noticed what was going on and were watching now to see what would happen next to the woman in blue standing on the bar. Kelli turned around and spoke in a loud voice, commanding the attention of the restaurant patrons, about 20 of them. “This woman you see on the bar will do anything I say. All you have to do is make a request of me, and see her perform. Raise your hand if you have a request.” Kaitlin moaned inwardly; this was worse than she had hoped. She had thought perhaps to be ordered about by a few people, then be released from the room. Kelli, however, was apparently out for revenge in a big way.

Several of the people in the bar had their hands raised. Kelli took her time, looking over the crowd, then chose one of the men in the back, walking over to him, letting him whisper his request in her ear to heighten the tension of the moment. Several of the men in the room were sharing their attention between Kaitlin and Kelli, watching as the latter swayed through the crowd in her tight jeans and heels, displaying her cleavage under the man’s shirt she wore. From the back of the room Kelli yelled up to Kaitlin “Take off your dress, slut.” Without missing a beat she started walking towards the next person with their hand raised. Kaitlin complied, pulling her dress off over her head and dropping it down to the bartender’s waiting hands, standing tall in her bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings, and heels. Barely had she completed removing the dress when Kelli yelled up the next command.

“Close your eyes and do not move, no matter what” she called up, Beylikdüzü escort grinning in satisfaction as Kaitlin complied. Kelli was reveling in the moment, in her power over Kaitlin; her nipples pushed against the material confining them, betraying the excitement and pleasure she got from controlling Kaitlin. Kelli watched as the man next to her climbed up onto the bar and knelt in front of Kaitlin. To the cheers of the crowd he reached up and removed Kaitlin’s thong panties with his teeth, raising her feet with his hands to make her step out of them, rejoining the crowd still holding them in his mouth. Kaitlin blushed from toe to head, eyes closed, knowing that everyone was staring at her shaved snatch, waiting for the next humiliation.

She didn’t have to wait long. Kelli yelled out her own request. “Let’s see you play with your clit, whore, while we get the next request.” Kaitlin slid one hand to her crotch and began slowly rubbing her clit, to the now-labored breathing of the members of the crowd. As Kelli whispered to the next person, one man in the crowd yelled out “show us your tits!” Kaitlin complied immediately, removing her bra and dropping it behind the bar, then returning to her involuntary masturbation.

Kelli frowned, but let it pass. She yelled out the next man’s idea with a gleam in her eye. “Get off the bar and up against the wall, palms first, feet spread wide. Everyone else, form a line.” Everyone complied, Kaitlin standing at arm’s length from the wall, palms flat, feet spread far apart. Kelli came up behind her and removed her stockings and garter belt, leaving her nude. Kaitlin knew what was coming even before the first person stepped up behind her and let his hands roam her body, first frisking her like a policeman would, then grabbing and squeezing her ass and breasts. Each person in line was given 15 seconds with her, just long enough for a fast, often painful grope. Even the women in the room were involved, sometimes groping, sometimes just slapping her painfully. Finally, the line ended, and Kaitlin stood again, waiting, wishing for the door to let her out of this room to suddenly appear, to have fulfilled her purpose here, to get her away from Kelli.

Her wishes were to no avail. She was lifted and placed on the bar again, lying on her back, legs spread wide and bent at the knees, hands over her head. “Restraints?” she heard Kelli comment “This man would like to see the slut here tied up. Anyone else?” The crowd cheered their approval. Kelli picked several members of the audience and brought them forward, ordering Kaitlin to open her eyes and watch what was happening. Kaitlin watched as the first man came forward and placed leather straps with rings around each of her ankles, attaching them to one another with a hook. She watched as a woman dressed in a business suit came up and climbed on top of her, straddling her, then leaned over and snapped handcuffs onto her wrists. Then two more men, young looking, came up with rope and tied her handcuffs and ankle cuffs down to the brass rail that ran along the top of the bar, pulling them tight and stretching her out to where she was virtually unable to move. Kelli hopped up onto the bar, sitting next to Kaitlin and taking a look at her bonds. “mmm… not bad work, folks. Okay, who has a request?”

Kelli frowned as the audience started yelling things out. “One at a time, please.” She picked out a young man who came up and whispered in her ear. “Oh, yes, very nice.” Kelli replied and moved away, leaving the man room to clamber up over the bar and drop down on the other side. Kaitlin’s head followed as he stood up behind the bar and uncapped a 3/4 empty bottle of whisky, upturning it quickly over Kaitlin’s mouth and forcing the opening into her mouth with the words “Swallow it all, whore.” Kaitlin swallowed what she could, eventually needing to breathe and spitting out the bottle, coughing and writhing against her restraints as she struggled to catch her breath, the crowd at the bar laughing at her the whole time. The man behind the bar hadn’t finished though. “Form a line!” he yelled to the rest of the crowd, who complied. He then asked the first person “What’ll you have?” The man at the front of the line responded “Scotch, straight up.” The new “bartender” took a bottle of scotch and poured a liberal amount onto Kaitlin’s chest; the man leaned down and licked it from her breasts, biting her nipples as he did so, one hand creeping down to roughly flick her clit, to the delight of Kelli and the rest of the crowd. The next person in line was a woman, who requested a white russian. The bartender coated Kaitlin’s face with vodka and cream, the woman taking only a small lick from one of her ears, leaving the rest on Kaitlin’s upturned face, pinching Kaitlin’s nipples painfully as she walked away. The orders continued, Kaitlin having alcohol poured all over her body, the patrons of the bar licking, sucking, biting, fondling, and pinching all over her body. Finally the line had finished, and everyone in the bar looked at Kelli expectantly, Escort Beylikdüzü wondering what degradation she had in mind for Kaitlin now. Several of the men were discreetly rubbing their cocks through their pants; a couple of women were doing the same for their partners’. Kelli judged that the crowd was ready for the final effort, and turned to the bar, hopping up and kneeling over Kaitlin, straddling her, her face inches from Kaitlin’s.

Kelli whispered so that only Kaitlin could hear. “Now is where I finally get what I deserve, you power hungry bitch” Kelli said vehemently. My final command to you is this: you will bring every person in this room who wants it to orgasm, however they want you to do it. And you will like it. You will be the biggest slut any of them has ever seen; you will beg them to fuck you, beg them to use you, beg them to let you SERVE them. I will cut off your restraints now, and you will go to work. If you fail to serve anyone who wants it, you will fail in your testing. I hope you do, because then, hopefully, I will be allowed to torture you more.” So saying, Kelli hopped from the bar and removed Kaitlin’s restraints. Kaitlin waited a few seconds, lying on the bar, gathering her courage. Then, reaching down, she grabbed the “gun” that the bartender uses for mixers, and used it to rinse herself off, spraying soda water all over herself as she lay on the bar, sure to miss no part of her body, knowing the effect it would have on the people watching; she was right, every eye in the bar was riveted on her.

After rinsing herself, she sat up on the bar, letting her legs hang over the side, then slid down to the floor. Putting a seductive look on her face, she walked the room, letting her hand slide across a crotch here, across a chest there, grabbing a handful of ass somewhere else, raising the level of arousal in the room palpably. Finally, she stood in the center of the room and asked “Who wants some of this?” One man took the initiative and stepped forward immediately. “How may I serve you, Master?” Kaitlin asked, looking into his eyes. “Suck my cock, and swallow my cum” the man replied. Kaitlin dropped to her knees before him immediately, unzipping his pants and taking him into her mouth, pumping him with her hand as she sucked on the head. He came in seconds, Kaitlin gulping his seed greedily as he shot it into her throat. She stood up and asked “Who’s next?” As she took on each of the people in the bar she was used in every way imaginable, one cock blurring into the next as she sucked it or fucked it with her pussy, ass, and tits. She was a toy for the women as well, who were often happy just to cause her pain while she fucked their men, pulling at her hair or pinching her nipples or slapping her. Finally, she had finished with all of the bar’s patrons, and knelt on the floor, her hair in her face, waiting for the exit to be offered to her.

“You’re not done yet” said Kelli from across the room. Kaitlin stood up and saw Kelli standing alone in the corner of the room. “Come here” she ordered Kaitlin. Kaitlin complied, walking over to stand eye to eye to Kelli. “Take off my clothes, slut” Kelli commanded, kicking off her heels. Kaitlin unbuttoned her shirt, freeing her braless chest to the room, then slid her tight jeans down her legs, taking them off at her feet. Kelli grabbed Kaitlin by the hair as she reached for Kelli’s panties; “with your teeth” Kelli ordered. Kaitlin knelt, tugging at the panties with her teeth, noticing how damp they were, finally pulling them from Kelli’s body.

Naked now, Kelli picked 2 women from the crowd, the two who had most taken pleasure in causing Kaitlin pain. She handed each of them a large strap-on dildo, at least 8″ long, and whispered in their ears. They smiled at Kelli, who returned the look. Then Kelli came back to Kaitlin, and ordered her to lie on her back on a table. “Now you will serve me, slut. This test ends when you have made me cum.” Without another word she climbed onto the table and lowered her dripping slit to Kaitlin’s mouth, facing towards Kaitlin’s feet. Kaitlin started to lick and suck, trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. She felt Kelli’s hands at her pussy, slapping it gently at first, then harder, then pinching at her clit. Kaitlin moaned with the pain, which seemed to turn Kelli on even more, her juices spilling out over Kaitlin’s face.

Kaitlin slid 2 fingers inside Kelli then, causing her to gasp; she continued to lick while ramming those fingers in and out of Kelli rapidly. Then it was Kaitlin’s turn to gasp as, without any warning, a hard plastic dildo was slid deep into her ass. Kaitlin’s eyes shed tears from the pain as she continued to lick and finger-fuck Kelli, moaning as the hard shaft was slid in and out of her, wishing for it to end. After what seemed an eternity, there was a pause, and then another shaft slid into her ass, replacing the first, presumably the second woman, and began thrusting. Kaitlin screamed as she was filled again, which set Kelli off; Kaitlin felt Kelli’s juices flowing out of her as she shook, grinding her pussy into Kaitlin’s face. Finally, the abuse stopped. Kelli climbed down, and Kaitlin was allowed to get up. Without a word, looking angry, Kelli pushed Kaitlin to the back of the room and through an unmarked door.

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