Karen’s First Year Ch. 04

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This is a story of pure fiction. This story is copyrighted and all rights reserved by the author. I hope you enjoy, and please vote.

“So, did you enjoy your spa visit?” Jeannie asked as soon as they were in the car.

“Oh, my god, yes! Absolutely!”

“Isn’t it divine? And so satisfying. At least I find it so. Did Amy give you a good massage?”

“Oh yeah! Although I have nothing to compare it to, since she gave me my first massage ever. Her fingers are just divine, and she is so good at hitting just the right spot, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah! I know! She found my g-spot on the first try, and I’ve been putty in her hands ever since. Not that I’m complaining. Did she make you cum?”

As much as Karen had come to expect such frank talk from Jeannie, she was still taken aback at the intimacy and directness of the question. After gasping, she replied, “Uh, yeah, she did. Several times. When she put her fingers in my pussy it was tremendous. And her tongue, oh my god! Thank you, by the way.”

Jeannie looked over at Karen, feeling her pussy moisten again as she thought about what she had planned for Karen for the evening. Being ever so careful, Jeannie figured she’d better make sure Karen was still a willing participant. “So, Karen, are you still willing to submit to whatever sexual pleasures I dictate?”

Karen looked over at Jeannie, taking in her beauty, which combined with the seeming contradiction of a person who is in total control, yet so sensitive to the people around her. And she was so sexy, too. “Hmmm! Absolutely! I assure you I am prepared to do whatever you tell me to do. I’m sure I will enjoy it.”

“Good! Now we are going to buy you an outfit for the evening, at “Giselle’s”. Giselle is a good friend of mine, and owns the local women’s wear store. And you must promise to do whatever she or I tell you to do, while we’re there.”

“Yes, maam. Am I to act subservient while we are there, maam?”

Jeannie smiled. “Yes, that would be good.” Deciding to press the point, Jeannie continued, “Now, I want you to finger my pussy while I drive. Show me that you know how to play with a pussy. Unzip my pants and stick your fingers in there.”

Karen unbuckled her seat belt and slid over next to Jeannie. She slid her right hand between Jeannie’s thighs and immediately felt the moistness, even through the fabric of the slacks. She slid her hand higher, finding the zipper. With her eyes focused on what she was doing, Karen slowly unzipped Jeannie’s slacks. Once the zipper was fully down, Karen slid her fingers inside the pants, finding that Jeannie was not wearing any panties. Jeannie parted her thighs, giving Karen full access to her nether regions. Karen pushed her hand deeper, when she felt her fingers slid easily between Jeannie’s pussy lips.

“My gawd! You’re soaking wet down there.”

“Oh, yes! I am. Thanks to Jim. He gave me several orgasms with his wonderful tongue, and I decide to save the evidence for you to find.” That was when Karen slid a finger inside of Jeannie’s pussy. “Oh, yeah, push it in!” Jeannie commanded.

“Do you like that, Madam Jeannie?” Karen asked, wanting to make sure she was satisfying Jeannie. She found herself jealous of Jim. He had given her several orgasms during their massage. But as jealous as she was, for no good reason, she realized that she had had several orgasms herself with Amy. Karen felt like Alice in Wonderland, without any clue what was going to happen next. She continued to play with Jeannie’s pussy, just like Amy had done for her. She had two fingers inside of Jeannie, while her thumb teased her clit. Jeannie’s sudden intake of breath told Karen that she had found her g-spot.

“Oh, yeah! That’s it!” muttered Jeannie. “Yeah! Right There! OH! Fuck! FUUUCK!”

Karen was completely surprised by the spontaneity of the orgasm, but gloated in the success of bringing satisfaction to a woman like Jeannie.

“Now, STOP! And sit back over there!” Jeannie’s sudden shift to bitch caught Karen unaware, but she was quick enough to obey before her surprise got her into trouble. She quickly slid back over and buckled in. “And when we get to Giselle’s, I will do all of the talking and selection. Clear?”

“Yes, maam!”

A few minutes later, Jeannie turned into a strip mall on the outskirts of town. Giselle’s was flanked by a Starbucks and a Supercuts. Karen followed Jeannie as she entered the clothing store. Jeannie headed straight for the counter at the back, where an attractive woman in her early 40’s stood. She was tall and slender with long light brown hair. She wore librarian style glasses, but her outfit was anything but librarian clothing. She was wearing a tight tank top and very tight slacks, both of which accented every curve of her body. She had nice sized breasts, just a bit of a tummy, and well rounded butt cheeks. Karen took in all of this in a matter of seconds as Giselle was standing on a stepladder behind the counter providing a complete view of her figure as they approached the counter.

“Hey, there, Beylikdüzü escort cutie,” Jeannie said, announcing their presence. Giselle had already turned to face the door, having heard the chime announcing their arrival.

Giselle climbed down from the stepladder, responding, “Back at you!”

As soon as Giselle’s feet hit the floor, the two ladies were in a bear hug, followed by a kiss on the lips that was just a bit more than a light kiss. Jeannie introduced Karen to Giselle, and explained what she wanted in clothes for Karen.

Giselle nodded, and led them to a staircase at the back of the store. Karen obediently followed Giselle and Jeannie up the stairs, admiring the delightful view from below. But, she was truly blown away as soon as she got to the second floor. Where the first floor was a conservative small town women’s clothing store, the second was quite the opposite. It was clearly a woman’s sex store. Intimate apparel, sexy dresses, toys and lubes were all out on display. Giselle led them over to a rack of fetish wear, and pulled a maid’s uniform off the rack, holding it up for Jeannie to see. Karen saw that it consisted of a very short skirt and a button down the front sheer white blouse.

“I think this will work nicely for you, once we accessorize it appropriately,” Giselle said, directing her comments to Jeannie. It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time that Giselle had catered to Jeannie’s desires as a customer. For accessories, Giselle selected thigh high black stockings, 3″ high heels, and a black sheer demi-bra and matching thong panties with a garter. Jeannie agreed, and Giselle took Karen off to the changing room to try on the outfit.

Given the high level of sexual involvement that everybody seemed to have with Jeannie, Karen was a bit surprised that Giselle was totally professional, as she helped Karen try on the outfit. Although Giselle’s hands touched Karen in many places as she fit the underwear and then the maid outfit to Karen’s body, not once did she steal a sexual caress or cop a feel. Karen found herself disappointed.

The outfit fit Karen very well, and her pussy started creaming again, when Giselle said that she made a very proper serving wench. Karen was still wrapping her mind around the fact that in less than 24 hours she had transformed from a conservative young lady into a sex-starved submissive slut. And she was loving it!

Jeannie wolf-whistled when Karen walked back in the room. Karen just oozed sexuality, and that was just what Jeannie wanted. Jeannie knew that Paul would be drooling the moment he set eyes on the transformed Karen. The blouse was unbuttoned at the top, giving a full view of Karen’s smooth-skinned breast, with a just a hint of the aureoles peeking out above the lace of the bra. Karen’s nipples could be seen poking out against the sheer material of the bra. The white skin of her upper thighs was blatantly sexual, accented by the short skirt and thigh high stockings. The high heels did what they were supposed to do, accenting and highlighting the muscle tone of her calves and thighs.

“Mmmm. Yes! That will work nicely,” Jeannie commented after looking Karen up and down and turning her around.

Giselle responded, “Yes, she is delightfully yummy, isn’t she? If she were serving my dinner, I’m not sure which I would want to eat first? My meal or your maid?”

Karen blushed at the comment, with the color spreading across her face and upper chest. She felt he pussy tighten yet again at the thought of being eaten out by Giselle. She knew she’d be happy to be an appetizer for her any day.

“Mmm, that is such an enticing thought,” Jeannie responded. “Who knows when the opportunity might arise?”

Jeannie paid the bill, so Karen never did get a chance to see how much Jeannie was spending on her. She felt a little guilty for accepting the clothes, but the excitement it presented overpowered her guilt. At Jeannie’s request, Karen left the store wearing the new outfit, after Giselle put her regular clothes in a bag. Karen’s short walk to the car garnered multiple leers from the few men who were present at the strip mall. Never having been in a position of being a sex object, Karen found it quite thrilling, sending shivers of excitement up and down her spine.

On the drive home, Jeannie told Karen that for the rest of the day she must play the role of the maid, and must respond to Paul’s and her every wish and desire. Karen eagerly agreed to the demands. On the drive back to the beach house, Karen contemplated the new twists in her life, realizing that her entire outlook on her life and career had been upended in only a few hours. She wondered how she would deal with Paul on Monday when they returned to the workplace. She knew he had said that what happened at the beach stayed at the beach. But, did that mean that they would pretend it didn’t happen when they returned to the office. And, she wondered, who else at work had been to the beach house. It was illogical that she was the only one, but who else, and what would it mean. Interestingly, Beylikdüzü escort try as she might, she could not remember seeing any indications of sexual relationships within the office for the time that she had been there. As she contemplated her workmates in light of her weekend learnings, she saw them in a whole different light; as sexual beings.

Jeannie woke Karen from her contemplation, asking, “How’re you doing honey? I know we’ve thrown a hell of a lot at you in a few hours. But, you seem to be handling it well. I just wanna make sure we are open and honest in our dealings here.”

“I’m fine. In fact, I’m great. But, to be honest, there is no way I would have been caught dead in an outfit like this just two days ago. And to be seen by my mentor and manager in such a get up is totally alien to all of my training.”

“You’re right about that. But, I’m going to give you some advice. Don’t let the sexual pleasure and adventures shatter your fundamental beliefs and integrity. Keep your values. They’re pretty damn good. Just relax the Victorian morals you’ve been taught to believe. And, obviously, be very careful who you allow to see your new sexuality. Many people might condemn you for your behavior.”

“Yeah! I pretty much figured that out already. But, I sure am enjoying the weekend.”

“Great! We are too!”

“May I ask a question?”

“Certainly! Any time! Just remember that when you are playing a role, you must stay in character. Remember, we are just role playing. We, in no way expect you to be subservient to us in real life. You are an individual and will be respected as such. Now, what was your question?”

“Well, did you and Paul intend to seduce me when he invited me to the beach?”

Jeannie laughed. “Guilty as charged! We both found you delightfully and naturally sexy, despite your conservative dress and behavior. And in the time that Paul has worked with you, he discovered that you were very intelligent, emotionally balanced, and well grounded in who you are. Those are three critical criteria to ensure that we aren’t victimizing you in any way. While I very much enjoy the adventure of sexual seduction, there is no way that I could live with myself if it victimized someone. So, how does that make you feel?”

“Well, I’m not sure. Excited of course. I’m flattered that you two found me sexy, as I don’t consider myself sexy and I haven’t aspired to be. That’s what cheerleaders do. I’m curious to see where this goes of course. I feel like I’ve launched into a whole new adventure of life, and I haven’t got a clue where it will take me.”

“Like I said. Intelligent. You have a very sane attitude towards what is happening. And you can trust Paul and me. No matter what, we’ll be here for you, and support you in whatever decisions you make as you pursue this journey. Oh, and selfishly, I want to continue to participate as your teacher, guide, and occasional master. You really make me hot! And, as I tell my clients, sex is natural. It is part of our genetic makeup. For many reasons, some anthropological and some based on fear, we humans have created an atmosphere that demonizes sex in many ways. Creating a healthy understanding and attitude towards sex is extremely difficult in the world we live in today.”

“God, is that ever true!”

“Anyway, sorry for the lecture. I just hope you don’t hate me, and find a way to trust me.”

“Not to worry. I’m sure I won’t hate you.”

Jeannie laughed. “Well, that is good! Now shall we go take advantage and enjoy our boy toy back home?”

That caused Karen to laugh. “Uh, I think you’ll be enjoying him, but if I understand my place this evening, I’m your girl toy, and you’ll both be enjoying me.”

“Aw, yes! That is true. But I think you’ll enjoy it too.”

“I’m pretty sure I will.”

Moments later they were pulling into the driveway to the beach house. Just before they got out of the car, Jeannie reached over and undid the top button of Karen’s blouse, exposing all of her cleavage and a hint of the flimsy bra containing her breasts. Karen’s pussy tingled as her imagination turned to xxx thoughts.

When they climbed the stairs to the main floor, they found Paul in the living room ensconced on the couch where the night before Karen had watched him masturbate and the two of them fuck. He was watching NASCAR and was casually dressed in Dockers and a polo shirt. He looked amazingly yummy to Karen.

As soon as Paul saw Karen in her new outfit, he whistled, and asked Jeannie, “Is this our new maid?”

Recognizing that she was being treated as a sex object, Karen felt tingles ricochet through her body. They felt good, even though she knew that she should rebel at the very thought of being treated like a sex object.

Jeannie spoke first, “No. she’s not our new maid. But she is our serving wench for the evening. She’s not here to do our housework, but she is prepared to do anything you may desire as a personal service.”

Paul picked up his beer bottle and waggled it at Karen. “Well, I could stand another beer. Escort Beylikdüzü And when you get back, you fill the pipe for me. I feel like getting stoned.”

Karen immediately left for the kitchen to fetch Paul’s beer, as Jeannie settled in on the couch next to Paul. As Karen headed for the kitchen, Jeannie added, “I’ll take some white wine, and you’ll find some snack preparations in the frig. Bring us our drinks and then prepare the snacks.”

“Yes, mistress,” Karen answered as she moved through the doorway to the kitchen.

As soon as she was in the kitchen, Paul asked, “Is she really buying into all of this? Are we pushing her too far too fast.”

Jeannie dropped her hand onto Paul’s lap covering his cock with her hand as she answered, “I don’t think so. She let Amy pleasure her at the spa, and on our drive home, we had a good conversation. Unless I’m mistaken, we have awakened a real sexual animal.”

“Great, honey! You’ve never made a mistake on this type of thing before. Keep that up and I’ll be demanding sexual favors very soon.”

“Go for it honey. I want to watch her suck you off.”

“Oh, damn. The things I have to do for you!”

Just as he finished, Karen reentered the living room with their drinks. Karen did her best to emulate the walk of a sexy waitress. She hoped that they would appreciate the fact that she had undone yet another button of her blouse, presenting a socially unacceptable view of her cleavage to her new friends and masters. As she gave them each their drink she bent from the waist making sure that they got a full view of her breasts. She then bent over to fill the pipe with her backside to the couch, making sure that Paul had a full view of her ass, as the skirt rode high up on her thighs. She took her time filling the pipe and then slowly turned back around to hand them the filled pipe.

After they had thanked Karen for the drinks, Karen asked, “May I have some wine, too, mistress?”

Jeannie beamed at how well Karen was getting into her role. Normally she would have deprived her serving wench. But, deciding to reward her for her good behavior, she answered, “You may have whatever libation you choose for the rest of the evening. And that includes partaking of the pipe.”

“Thank you, mistress.”

Karen took a few tokes from the pipe and returned to the kitchen to set about making the snacks. Twenty minutes later she returned to the living room with a tray of snacks. She almost dropped the tray when she saw what they were watching on the big screen. They weren’t watching NASCAR any more. They were now watching her. Or more specifically they were watching the video of her playing with herself. She quickly recognized that the video was of her playing with the rabbit from the night before. Fortunately she caught herself before she dropped the tray of snacks which would have caused a mini disaster and continued on into the living room to serve her masters.

As she rounded the couch, she was presented with a full view of Jeannie stroking Paul’s rigid cock. Once again, she had to work to retain control and not drop the tray. She set the tray on the table and as coolly as she could she picked up the pipe and took a couple more tokes, trying to calm herself down. Even as she was dealing with the embarrassment of having herself up on the screen, she asked if they desired anything else.

Paul answered, “As a matter of fact, yes!”

“What can I do for you sir?” Karen asked.

“Suck my cock, and make me cum!” he commanded.

Without hesitation, Karen responded, “Yes sir!” Her mind giddy with the fact that it was her body that had turned Paul on so much, Karen immediately dropped to her knees between his legs, and slid her hands up his legs towards his crotch. As her hands approached his man meat, Jeannie let go of his cock and leaned back on the couch to watch. Moments later Karen wrapped her hands around his turgid cock. She felt it throb in her hands, begging for attention. It wasn’t long before her mouth followed her hands, approaching the thick purplish head. Drawing on her memory of all the cock sucking scenes she had scene, Karen intended to perform like a porn star.

She slowly stroked his cock with a light touch as she snaked her tongue out towards the tip of his cock. The glistening moisture at the tip of his cock told her how hot he was, and she was desperate to taste him. She wasted no time in licking some of his precum with her tongue. She heard him moan, and realized that between the video of her that he was watching and the attention she was giving his cock, she had total control over this man for the moment. Her pussy was already twitching and moistening at the sexual power that she had discovered within herself.

Karen licked his cockhead for a bit, and then slowly licked her way down his nine inch shaft. As she did so, her eyes met Jeannie’s, and she saw that Jeannie was already into being the voyeur. The smile on Jeannie’s face egged her on, and she found herself hoping that Jeannie would masturbate right there while watching her service Paul. Karen licked her way back up the shaft, following her lips with her hands, using her saliva to lubricate his delightful toy. Reaching the head of the cock, she ran her tongue around the tip, causing Paul’s cock to convulse slightly.

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