Karla’s Brainwashing Room – 1 Lesbian Stitches

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====Know the Special Room designed to breakdown Karla and transform her in a “never go back” Lesbian Slave and FuckSow, where is trained to receive her Mistress and her friends, all focused to humiliate and degrade Karla. ENJOY======================

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My name is Karla, skinny Karla, slut Karla, whore Karla, cunt Karla and I’m a Lesbian FuckSow Slave. I live in a mental and physical fog of debasement and lesbian submission, so I don’t know if I’m Karla or other girl. Also I don’t know what time it is but I guess it’s daytime, I don’t know what day I live either. I don’t know if it’s been days or weeks since I’ve been here, but I guess at least a month and a half because my hair has grown out. I can’t complain about how I live in this room to be transformed in a lesbian sex slave, submissive, humiliated. I eat very well, but I am beginning to understand why I eat as in a recognized Michelin star type restaurant.

I am in a 4 x 4 meter room, right with a single bed almost in the center. On one side is the door that leads to the hallway and on the other the automatic door that opens for the bathroom and shower. I am not imprisoned, or kidnapped, or forced. I willingly accept all because I want to be the best sex toy for other women, girls, MILFs and even older granny women. I want nothing more than to be her doll, broken or not, it doesn’t matter.

All the walls of the room are upholstered including the ceiling. Everything is coated, there is not a free inch. Everything is covered with photos from porn magazines, from porn magazines of lesbians fucking in the most different situations. There is everything … In the middle of all the photos, on the four walls, there are four screens, one on each wall, HD, which project to me all the time, 24 hours, videos of lesbians fucking and cumming like crazy. Those screens are huge 75-inch, high-resolution screens.

Both the photos on the walls and the perpetual videos on the screens always show girls with girls, ALL THE TIME. Never a man, never sissy slaves but only all-girl. I see them, photos and videos, from when I wake up until I sleep, from when I eat until I think. All the time I hear them and I see them fucking, cumming, moaning, whimpering, screaming with pleasure. When I sleep, the sound lowers but never disappears: all the time I am bombarded by the infinite pleasure between women, with touches or disgusting moments of submission from one to the other, from slight domination to continuous pain caused by the Mistresses to their slaves. Like I said, there is everything you can dream of.

18 year old schoolgirls in uniform, who look cute and innocent and how they are conquered by slightly older girls who pervert them by making them discover the delights of lesbian love, or girls in uniform who fuck each other after classes, even in school orgies in the school or out of it, studying and then wallowing. The freshness of these bodies catches my attention, young breasts, freshly shaved pussies available to be licked by classmates and teachers. But schoolgirls are also punished when there are fouls, they are taught to be submissive by spanking, spanking, and even whipping. They all succumb and become submissive always.

I also see adult women and some older women. Here things change. They kiss passionately, they meet when their husbands work, or they are executives who in their free time fuck left and right. They appear abusing secretaries or abused by maids, with beautiful submissive things such as licking and cleaning mud shoes of their Mistresses (sometimes the schoolgirls) and – surely they know that my Mistress Gabriela likes that – they suck and suck on the high heels of those shoes with adoration, concentrated, showing their tongues in them or putting them in their mouth deeply, in ecstasy of humiliation and lesbian degradation, because EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, HAPPENS ONLY BETWEEN WOMEN.

Rough, ruthless lesbian situations also appear. Girls or executives or maids tied up like frogs or sows for slaughter, with gagballs in their mouths, with or without masks, with or without covered eyes. Tied hands behind the back or with those long leather gloves beyond the elbows, with the elbows precisely pressed against each other that make the breasts of the submissive slaves stand out – as I want to be. Then the ropes that go from the feet to the neck and shoulders, tight so that the girls’ bodies are arched, some with more or less pain in their back. Thus, some with pleading or teary eyes from humiliation, others in the ecstasy of lesbian degradation. And the Mistresses with the eyes and the satisfied smiles of those who play with their slaves like broken dolls that impose their will and desire on the broken bodies of their voluntary slaves, some with fear of pain and others truly addicted to pain in all their forms.

There are also parts dedicated to breasts and pussies, in great close-ups. The breasts are pricked, twisted, sucked, bitten by the hands and mouths of other women, some discovering how delicious it is to fondle them or even torture with needles inserted in them and even thin screws that go deep through the nipples, where the pain It is assumed by the slaves as a tribute to their Mistresses (and hidden lesbian pleasure for them). Pussies and clits are licked, sucked and sucked with love and frenzy by the slave girls; sucked and bitten with dominance by the Mistresses who humiliate and degrade their lesbian slaves. It is a moment where the groaning concerts of the cumming of all of them are heard even louder.

Many dominating insults against submissive women are also heard in the situations of fucking between women, amid spitting in the face of the latter. “PUTA, Whore, pathetic whore, my teen whore, posh, slut, miserable worm, dragged Çorum Escort and trembling worm, moron, stupid and the very Mexican daughter of the chingada, of your chingada mother, chingadera, reputisima mother” and others that occur to them.

I soon noticed that on the four screens, sometimes in special moments, there were no videos but live actions played. They let me see what was happening outside, at the end of the hall, where the blank space with mirrors was, Yes, I saw what was happening there at the end of the long corridor that was lighting up.

I heard a rough conversation. I opened the door slightly and I saw Mistress Gabriela, my beloved Mistress from the boutique in Perth, WA. Mistress Gabriela was having a heated argument with a 35-year-old woman in full bloom of her Mexican-type beauty, similar to Victoria Ramírez / Vicki Chase.

Mistress Vicki, let’s call her that name, said to Gabriela: “That’s enough. It’s a taken decision. You’ll go to Perth to a smaller lesbian lodge as our Diplomatic Observer, and your report will let us decide if that Lodge will federate to us. Meanwhile, their Head Mistress Amy will be here with the most promising sadistic and ghoulish girl they have. Her fame has come to us with very serious and solid recommendations. She is a real sadist, a star, a sadistic supernova”.

“But you can’t take away Sara from me. I brought her here… and what will happen to Erin?” said Mistress Gabriela.

“Erin will go back to the boutique expecting further orders”, said Mistress Vicki. “Sara will be broken by the new incoming sadistic girl. She is called Marylou. She is here with her Mistress Amy and will take control of Karla right now. You won’t see Karla for a while”.

“But why?”, said Gabriela.

“There’s gossip you’re not as heartless and cold as you were. Gossip says Karla has found a soft spot in your heart, so we decided we need this sadistic supernova to break and made shreads of our own submissive star and devour her in the explosion. We need soon a fully broken lesbian puppet, a ragged puppet, a mindless one: Karla’s”, said Mistress Vicki.

Mistress Gabriela was very angry.

“You’ll travel back to Perth after a few days because Amy and Marylou will be staying with us for a time of observation. You’ll be back also with them to their lesbian lodge. Now you knoe all. Be gone”.


KNOW MORE ABOUT MARYLOU AND AMY right here in The lesbian humiliations of Peta 1 – A new submissive life www.sexstories.com/story/105295/


After that I closed the door and I heard the unmistakably sound of Gabriela’s High Heels Shoes going away. I was now really alone.

I know something outside is going to happen outside because the lights in the room are dimmed but the sound stays as it is and does not diminish. There are four cameras, two of general bodies and two of details / close-ups. What I have seen have only been general and distant shots, as if nothing else were passed to me so that I did not see well who it was. There is always a very thin girl, very attractive in her thinness, who attracts my glances because of that, small breasts, long legs, small hips, but all of her harmonious and attractive: she is a bitch, true daughter of a mean bitch, whose domination overflows sadism. She is dedicated to dominating and tormenting women older than her, already in her late 40s and early 50s, some very attractive executive types and others hams, her favorite victims.

Her trainer is Mistress Vicki. She teaches Marylou whipping, candle wax on body, bdsm ties until almost breaking the spine of the slaves, to torture their tits with ropes and needles. One specialty that Vicki taught the teen girl Marylou was how to force the hams to wear ballet boots to destroy their feet and insteps just by standing, let alone trying to walk with them. But after Vicki teaches her, the girl has a sadistic inventiveness that hams suffer especially: when tying them, she not only arches them, but uses knots in their necks to play with their suffocation, because when the legs get tired they tend to stretch and that pulls the knot in the neck and the hams strangle themselves. Several times Vicki cut that tie when the hams were shaking in the panic of suffocating without Marylou intervening to stop the torment. In others, the girl knew how to handle the whip so skillfully that, with the beautiful hams stretched out in an X cross of torment, she would whip them exactly in the cunt, making them shake in pain. But perhaps what most terrified them -and me- was the girl’s laugh, of an incredible sadistic freshness, which denoted her happiness but froze the blood of the tormented hams.

Everything on screens. I saw the training of the girl to turn her into a very tough Mistress, almost soulless, and therefore super attractive for all the submissives who fell into her hands. Like her I have really seen few. That, when I was able to look out a few times through the door that leads to the hall, happened at the end in the illuminated area of the mattress and the mirrors. In front of me there was another door, which I never knew what it contained, and another door at the bottom of the other end, perhaps the exit. When at night I heard between dreams and the sounds of low DVD sor streamings, I could hear the heels that walked the hall, and the occasional howl of pain from a slave. Other times, between dreams too, I wondered if my Mistress Gabriela had been trained like the teen girl and, also, by the woman who looks like Vicki Chase.

The days passed but I remember an indelible one. That day the door to the long corridor was opened and Marylou entered the room.

“Hello Karl bitch. They tell me that you have come a long way, that you are already more submissive and you are on your way to being an almost perfect slave. But I want to prove the wood you are made of ”, said Marylou.

Having Çorum Escort Bayan said this, a woman, about 45 years old, entered the room afterwards. I saw that she had better years but now she is grotesque. She is not ugly, she is grotesque. She is a fat woman who must weigh more than 120 kilos, but she is not a nice chubby, she is horrible. Her flesh not only have stretch marks but fat wrinkles one on top of the other, a sign that she was fatter and lost weight, wrinkled skin, like sandpaper and fat stripes on fat stripes. Her sagging and flabby breasts, her withered thighs and the most terrible look I have ever seen, hungry, insatiable, devouring eyes; more than sadists they were of a void that devoured everything around her. When she saw me she didn’t even smile, she only saw something else in me that she could devour and disappear inside her, in her disgusting fat. She moved towards me and I retreated to the bed. Mistress Marylou put in a chair, sat comfortably ready to watch and said to the fat woman:

“She is all yours, feast on her meat.”

She came up to me, took me by the head and kissed me while I was shaking. I felt Marylou’s gaze fixed on me the whole time, but the fat woman’s hands, which looked like sausages, were groping me. She began to twist my nipples hard, while she watched my reaction with an impassive, zombie-like gaze. I fell apart inside when she carried me and threw me on the bed and then she threw herself over me. I almost fainted from the blow of her body on mine. She covered me almost completely as she was also taller than me. She covered me as long I am, and the weight of her was unbelievable.

Marylou saw everything and she smiled. She knew it was the beginning of another humiliation, different, different from the ones I knew. The fat woman kissed me with her full lips, with her mouth with a hanging jowl. They weren’t hard or dominant kisses, they were greasy, invasive from the excess meat. She then she sat on my hip and her weight almost unbalanced my bones, it was as if an elephant was stepping on my belly.

Marylou handed her a very thin long needle. The fat woman has done it before because of her ability. She took the base of my right nipple and began to stick the needle in that part of my breast, crossing only from one end of my areola to the other with the needle and then, over my breasts, she directed it to my other areola to make it pass under my left nipple. I was so scared that the pain was not sharp but dull and constant. My two nipples were now pierced and she was watching her work without emotion from her, with those empty eyes. I turned to see Mistress Marylou, but she only looked concentrated in what the fat woman did to me and my reactions, without letting me know what was going through her mind.

The fat woman stretched out on my horizontal body again. The fat woman looked at me, she turned to see Marylou who made the sign for her to continue. The fat woman looked at me again and I didn’t take my eyes off her. She began to squirm like a boa clutching her victim’s body. With the movement I felt her flesh heavier spilling over my body almost covering me with her weight. She moved and moved and crushed me until I could barely breathe. She put her hands between our bodies and twisted my nipples, which I felt pressed with the pain of stingers nailed in them.

I felt a horrible shame because Marylou was seeing my humiliation, my greasy possession because the meat of the fat woman completely stained me in a disgusting way. That’s what the fat woman wanted and what Mistress Marylou saw. My humiliation was total, I was the sex slave of a stranger who absorbed my normal body with her fat and made it part of hers, integrated it. I completely sank into her flesh that covered me all. Through making me feel her flesh worn away from her and scratchy on my satin skin rubbing over me, I felt how the fat woman possessed me like a void that absorbed me, not only my body but my whole being. I could disappear into her body and I would never have existed on Earth.

The fat woman felt when I felt her emptiness and she kissed me again. I was terrified because I felt how the fat woman devoured my soul, how she tried to fill her fat void with my body. It was no longer lesbianism, she was not woman against woman, she was a female entity that fed on me. I began to try to flee, to free myself, to escape from that decayed body where stale, decaying fat reigned. But the more I moved, the more I felt flooded by the fat meat that covered me.

The point of greatest pain were my breasts, tortured by the weight of the fat woman that made me feel the hardness of the needle, which sagged from the weight of the fat woman making my breasts feel penetrated, destroyed in my most sensitive points.

The fat woman got up when she felt that my being was going to disappear inside her and I would faint if she kept absorbing me. She walked to the door, got out and was back almost in an instant carrying a long, fat strapon in her hand, with the difference that she had no harness but a small belt and a large plastic paddle. It was a strapon to place in her mouth, to bite the paddle with the teeth as a base to give her strength and a belt to tie to the head.

Marylou told me: “You miserable Karla bitch, now you must satisfy your visitor, it’s is my wish and order, filthy slave. You must attend to all the types of women in Earth, mindless worm ”.

The fat woman put the strapon in my mouth and I bit down hard while she tied the strapon on my head, but whether it would stay fixed and work depended on my bite. I turned to see Mistress Marylou: she was undaunted, as if she were somewhere else.

The fat woman got on top of me and slowly, so I could see her perfectly she was nailing the strapon in her pussy until her vaginal lips touched mine. She began to move up and down hard, riding me mercilessly. I wanted to die Escort Çorum from the humiliation of having to satisfy such a grotesque woman, so possessive in the way of her so strange to absorb me with the weight of her … and it was the weight of her that she began to torture me. Her flesh, her pussy and her thighs enveloped my head and I began to not be able to breathe when our lips touched, they were sealed in a vaginal / oral kiss that the fat woman imposed on me.

She took the rhythm to cum caring nothing of what I felt. My jaws were shattered on the point of fracturing, and the pain in the muscles below my ears, where my jaws met my head, was excruciating. I started to suffocate, her flesh would not let me breathe. She was riding me wild until she suddenly came and dropped all the weight of her body on my face, with the spasms of her coming and so she stayed. I couldn’t breathe anymore, I began to shake, to kick, to try to free myself from the deadly embrace of her pussy and her thighs that covered me and her weight crushing me. It was terrifying, I’m going to die. As I entered a kind of dream I heard clapping and the fat woman got up and I began to breathe in jerks. Marylou had given the signal that it was enough was enough. Through the orgasm of this anonymous fat woman, had pushed me beyond my limits to a terrifying point.

The fat woman dismounted me, went out the door, and came back with a huge package of fries, extremely greasy, covered in ketchup. She approached me and began to devour them in front of me. I couldn’t take her eyes off her, her fat dripping from her mouth and she was filling her hands with grease, as if she had washed them in grease. I saw them both. Marylou and the fat woman, and their gazes were cold, as if they were somewhere else and not destroying my body and mind.

Almost at the end, with her mouth covered in grease, the fat woman kissed me again, and I felt the taste of the fat from the potatoes flooding me, sealing my memory of the fat woman with another grotesque experience. After her, with her greasy hands, she slowly removed the long needle from my nipples, also very slowly and with her forceful maneuver, she covered them with grease. My breasts with bleeding nipples ended with the greasy handprints of the fat woman, a seal that she had possessed me … or not yet … The grease-dirty fingers then went to my vagina and with penetrated me. They sank into my pussy as far as the fat girl could.

Terrible humiliation as if I was raped with fat sausages, with roasted sausages dripping all the fat from it. The fat woman put them in and out increasing the speed and I warmed up with this horrible nightmare of greasy degradation and, little by little, my cum was growing. The fat woman noticed it and for the first time her eyes gave signs of life showing perversion. She finally had me, whole, on the tips of her greasy fingers.

I tried to run away from what I felt but wherever I looked, on the walls I only saw women seducing teen girls, uniformed school girls who were tortured, even raped by young or mature women, hung up, kissed by force and suddenly I saw the fat woman printed in an underground porn magazine with a smaller woman, smiling as the girl licked her greasy hands in a gesture of absolute lesbian submission.

Then I went crazy and I just wanted to cum with those disgusting fingers inside my vagina, cum, cum, cum and I felt her inside of me and I came, like this, like this, like this, wanting to lick her fingers to feel the fat mixed with my juices and I closed my eyes and came in one of the worst humiliations of my life.

When I came after my disgusting cum, sweating, with my crazy eyes, I turned to see Marylou who was finally smiling. I murmured, “Did I do it right Mistress Marylou?”

Marylou smiled “You deserve some awards for being such submissive slut.”

She beckoned to the fat woman, who walked over to Marylou to give her a small case. The fat woman opened it and showed me the contents. An aerosol spray, a thin and fine sewing needle, a spool of surgical thread to close operations. I opened my eyes incredulous when the fat woman approached my vagina, she sprayed my vaginal lips with what was anesthesia and began to sew my lips to close them, to seal them. I could urinate badly, but nothing would enter my vagina or touch my clitoris, which would be covered by the folds of skin that would be sawn on top.

The fat woman sewed my vagina like an expert. I was in pain, but it wasn’t excruciating. What was frightening was the horrible humiliation of being sealed, of being shut down without being asked for my opinion. It was her desire, I was her toy, her doll, her miserable fucksow. Stitch after stitch I felt like the needle went in and out of one side of one of my lips, ran the thread to the other lip to go back in and then out, stitch after stitch like a seamstress, until the fat woman finished. I was totally stitched up as if a professional doctor had done it or a spider had spun its web over my pussy. The fat woman, one of the kinkiest lesbians I’ve ever met, finally smiled when she saw her play finished.

Mistress Marylou said: “Now, Good girl Karla, you fucking slave, you will have your prize: your special dinner”.

Mistress Marylou and the fat woman went out and only Marylou came back with a tray of three stainless steel doggie dishes, all overflowing with food. At one end a delicious stew with sausage and chorizo, in the other freshly served wet black caviar … and in the center the contents of several packets of dog food. All the food was greasy.

Marylou sat in the chair to watch me: “Good appetite, sow, eat your reward. And I, on all fours, buried my mouth in each plate and ate, ate, chewed, burped, licked and sucked, sipped the liquids while my hips moved with happiness as I beat my beautiful face on the three plates until it was smeared with fat: chin, neck, cheeks, nose, eyelids, forehead. I was, at last, the perfect submissive sow that my heart cries out to be.



Karla’s Brainwashing Room – 2 Weird lesbian punishment www.sexstories.com/story/105234/

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