Kasey’s Almost Ready

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Maybe it was the new apartment, a noticeable step down from my last address. Tara and I built our dream house in a new development just on the outskirts of the city. Lots of room and wonderful amenities. Now here I was in Rock Hill Apartments. Not a slum, but there existed an uncomfortable proximity with all my new neighbors that my previous neighborhood did not have. That’s what divorce does, I guess.

Maybe that was it, the impending divorce. Tara and I had married right out of college. Twelve years and no kids, no family. Nothing to show for our love. Just as well, I guess. When your wife tells you she wants to start her life over, with another woman, you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. Believe me, all the sophomoric thoughts about women having sex with women–something all us guys fantasize about–all that means nothing when the woman you love loves someone else.

Maybe it was that, maybe something else. Maybe all of it together. Either way, I had started smoking again and evenings found me sitting on the back-stoop of the apartment building dragging on a few before I eventually went in to read or go to bed.

This evening was a little different. This time I had a bit of wine with my cigarette. Okay, I had a whole bottle of wine with my cigarettes. Let’s just say I was relaxed. That is right about the time Kasey walked up.

“Hey, Mr. Martin!” she half-yelled as she approached.

Kasey and her mother, Shawna, lived in the apartment across the hall. Both very pretty women, I felt the divorce gods were showing mercy on me when I moved in two weeks ago. That night after moving in, Shawna knocked on the door to introduce herself and to invite me over for some pizza and cake.

“It’s my daughter’s 18th birthday, if you’d like to stop in,” she said.

Shawna looked very inviting. She is only about 5′ tall, but has a body like an ex-cheerleader, very pert and cute. Her shoulder-length blonde hair frames a gorgeous face with a slightly up-turned nose and sweet, not-overly large mouth and beatiful teeth and smile. Her slender figure complements her 34B breasts and an ass that certainly gets my attention.

She stood at my doorway that night and seemed a bit disappointed when I turned her down.

“That is so generous of you,” I offered, “but I am so beat from moving in today, I think I will have to decline, this time.”

“I perfectly understand,” she said smiling. “Next time then, okay?”

“Great, thanks,” I added watching that sweet ass disappear back into her apartment.

I closed my door and went to the bathroom to start the shower when more knocking came at the door. When I opened it, not one, but two lovely creatures were revealed this time. Shawna had returned with Kasey, her daughter who held a plate with two slices of pizza stacked on one side, and big piece of chocolate cake on the other.

“Kasey, this is our new neighbor, Mr. Martin,” then to me, “This is my daughter, Kasey. She turned 18 today.”

She held out the plate for me.

“Since you can’t come over we thought you might at least like a bite to eat,” Shawna explained.

I couldn’t hide my hunger from them. Taking the plate and immediately picking at the pizza, I replied, “This is so nice of you. Thank you so much. And happy birthday, young lady. 18, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” Kasey shyly said.

Kasey must have gotten more of her looks from her father. She was cute, and short like her mom, but had short, almost boyish brown hair, and was even more diminutive than her mother. Shorter than her mother by at least a couple of inches, she stood there in a well-worn, and a bit-oversized soccer uniform, appearing more like a 12-year old boy, than an 18-year old woman. She had a pleasant mouth and hazel eyes that had that ubiquitous look of surprise. I couldn’t really make out her figure but as they walked away the form of her ass shone through in those shorts and appeared very feminine and appealing; small, round and firm. Very nice, I remember thinking.

Over the next couple of weeks I didn’t see much of either of them. Shawna apparently worked a second shift job and didn’t get home until midnight. Kasey spent each day completing her senior year at “Our Mother of Mercy High School,” and each afternoon and evening either at soccer practice or at games.

I, on the other hand, had a lot of time on my hands. This was my vacation. Bostancı Escort Tara and I had booked a month-long cruis–which she and her girlfriend were now using. So, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I wasn’t ready to face any of our old friends just yet. So I read a lot, watched television, drank a little more than normal, and began smoking cigarettes again.

The highlight of my day was going to the door to peer out the peephole whenever I heard Shawna and Kasey’s door. Shawna kept a spare key hidden behind the apartment number near the top of the door. She and Kasey would slide it out, open the door, then slide it back inplace for the next time.

I found these moments to be my only excitement. It’s not like I was stalking them when came and went, it’s just that, well, it’s just something I did now and then. You see, they were both so short, they had to kind of reach high for the key. On more than one occasion I managed to gain an accidentally revealing look at what was beneath their skirts. Such was my life at this point. This single, electrifying event would afford me the opportunity for self-pleasure later. It wasn’t an obsession, but just a happy circumstance of my new living arrangements.

So here I was, sitting on the back-stoop of my building, lightly buzzing on a bottle of red, and finishing the day’s last cigarette when Kasey strolled up. It was about 7 in the evening and just beginning to get dark. She was in her school uniform and toted her soccer bag.

“Did you win?”

“Of course!”

“You score?”

“Of course!”

“Hey, why’d you change back out of your playing clothes? Or was this a very formal game?” I teased.

“Very funny. No, Sister Marguerite, whenever we have away games, always makes us shower and change back into our lovely school uniforms,” she shrugged. I could see her eyeing my pack of smokes.

“How ’bout one of those cigarettes, Mr. Martin?” she laughed.

“Sorry. I know you’re 18 and could buy them if you wanted to, but I can’t stand the thought of getting you hooked. You’re too young anyway,” I laughed back. “Besides,” I joked, “It’ll stunt your growth.”

“Oh, you’re just a load of laughs today.” She grinned and stared, all the time reaching for my cigarettes.

“Listen, Mister, I’m old enough for a lot of things, whether I look it or not.” Her hand had grabbed the pack off the step before I could react.

“Hey, they’re all gone!” she laughed, giving me a poke in the arm. She then spotted the empty wine bottle beside me.

Well, well, well,” she teased, “Mr. Martin had a party and didn’t leave anything for me. Guess I’ll have to steel a cig from mom’s stash before I do my homework.”

She picked up her soccer bag and flung it onto her shoulder, then disappeared up the stoop and up the three steps to our floor. I turned halfway and watched her nether end sway up the steps. I felt I might need to go inside before I fell asleep, not drunk, just incredibly relaxed.

Suddenly, Kasey reappeared, a bit out of sorts.

“That idiot mother of mine. She took the key with her. I hate when she does that.”

“You locked out?”

“Hey, you’re pretty fast,” she laughed. “Com-on over here and give me a boost.”

She walked a few paces to a window, just out of our reach. As her apartment was identical to mine, only backwards, I knew this was the smaller of the two bedrooms and most likely hers.

“Put your back against the wall and lock your hands together, like this,” she said demonstrating what she wanted me to do, striking a pose simialr to a volleyball stance.

“What are you going to do?

“You’re gonna boost me up to my bedroom window; it’s unlocked, I think.”

With that she placed her right foot in my hand then pulled herself up by my shoulders. She stood in my hands, bracing herself against the window-sill, my face now buried into her skirt-covered crotch.

I hadn’t been prepared for this. She caught me of-guard as I immediately began to feel myself getting hard.

“Pay attention, down there. Lift!”

Perhaps it was the wine, but she seemed a bit more stout than her diminutive stature betrayed. I struggled to lift her. She placed a knee on my shoulder and her skirt flung partially over my head. Now, I was staring straight into white cotton-laced panties with tiny black hairs Ümraniye Escort poking out of each side, and as she pulled herself up by the sill, she grazed her crotch against my face. The friction, the smell, the sensuality of it all began to have a profound effect on me.

“Hey, yoo-hoo, down there…you think maybe a little higher?” she teased.

With her skirt now in my eyes, I reached blindly to boost her by her hips. Now both knees rested on my shoulders and my hand landed on her ass, pressing her up, toward the window. As I pressed, one of us shifted and my thumb was now pressing on her panties, the portion directly covering her soft mound, my fingers spread over her tiny, round ass. I couldn’t believe it. Was I drunk? Was I doing this on purpose? She squirmed but didn’t really move off my thumb. My eyes met hers as she looked down,quizzically.

“What must she be thinking?” I wondered.

“Got it!” I heard her say as the window opened and her weight began to lessen on me. I stepped way from the wall and turned to be in a better position if she were to fall. I looked up just in time to see her white, lacey-cotton covered ass disappear over the sill.

She stuck her head back out the window and stared into my eyes for a second, not smiling. I could only imagine what her thoughts were: that I was a big perv, that I tried to cop a feel, that she was going to tell her mom that I tried something with her. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

“Thanks,” she said, with little expression on her face, then added, “Hey, meet me at the door. I gotta get my soccer bag and you can help with something.”

“Sure,” I blurted, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. I was just glad she didn’t seem afraid of me now.

Running up the steps of the stoop and into the hallway, up the steps to her door, I found the soccer bag. I picked it up and couldn’t help but notice the heaviness.

The door opened, and as I picked up the bag and placed it on my shoulder, my eyes followed Kasey’s sweet, slim, toned legs up to her uniform skirt and higher till our eyes met.

“What have you got in this thing?” I asked trying to get my mind of the sweet little budding form before me.

“Shoes, balls, shin guards, uniforms, all that crap. That’s what I want your help with. We don’t have practice or a game for a few days and I want to put this up over the washer and dryer in the laundry room. Can you do it for me?”

“Sure, dear.” Not sure why I added “Dear,” but carried the bag and followed her into the laundry. I put the bag on the shelf over the washer. Seemed to me that it wasn’t all that high, but I was glad to help.

“Thanks, Mr. Martin, you’ve been a big help!” she said as she turned out the laundry room light and we walked toward the door.

“Oops, I almost forgot! Get it back down.” As I did, she went on,” Mom gets so mad when I forget to get my dirty things out of there,” she said grabbing the pack from me and turning her back. Facing away from me, she plopped the bag on the floor and dropped to her knees as she rummaged through it.

The zipper was now at the far end of the bag and she leaned forward to get it. There, on all fours, on the floor of the crowded laudry room, her panty-covered ass emerged once again as she struggled with the zipper.

“This thing always gets stuck! Give me a hand, will ya?”

I dropped to my knees behind her and tried to reach over and around her to get the zipper. Her ass now pressed against me, squarely on my hardening cock. The immediate sensation was quite overpowering and I lingered in that position for a a couple of seconds. then, as i tried to move, she seemed to counter, almost press her ass into me.

This wasn’t happening, I thought. Surely she didn’t realize what she was doing or the effect it was having on me. Then, slowly, but deliberately, she lifted her skirt higher and began to press and grind her ass in to me. I was out of my mind with desire. But guilt and propriety were winning out.

“Kasey,” I whispered, not pulling away though, “What are you doing?”

She said nothing, at first, just continued to rotate her hips and ass against my now-engorged member. Then in a hushed, innocent, almost desperate voice, “Please…I want this…I want you …”

Her hand reached for mine and she pulled it into her blouse and against her Ataşehir Escort tiny breast. Her eyes rolled and then closed and she began to buck her ass against my dick. “Please….” her voice trailed off.

The wine, the teasing, and the need–mine and hers–all swelled up inside me and I found myself massaging her breasts through her bra with one hand, and rubbing her ass with the other, sliding to her crotch and rubbing back and forth, feeling her moisten.

With one hand she reached behind her to my jeans and tugged at the snap. I helped her unzip me and felt her hand searching through my boxers until my now fully hard 7 inches emerged. She wrapped one hand around it and I heard a gasp escape her lips.

“Please,” she moaned, tugging lightly on my cock. “Be my first. I want it sooo badly.”

“You mean..you’re a …you’re a vir–?”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Pleeease!” She parted her thighs and pressed her ass toward my cock, rubbing up and down.

“Your first time is not going to be with a 34 year old man on the laundry room floor.”

She began to whimper. “Please….” She slid my cock between her thighs and pressed it up into her panty-clad crotch.

Even as I whispered “no,” she was totally in control at this point. She cupped her hand beneath my sensitive shaft and pressed my cock into her crotch, slowly gliding back and forth. Before I knew what was happening, I was holding her hips and thrusting my cock against her beautiful cotton-clad pussy. She was using my hard cock to masturbate herself and me at the same time and the rhythm grew faster. Her warm hand pressed harder against me and I felt myself swelling even more. My hard cock rubbing against her hot thighs and soft cotton, damp from the friction building up in her juicy little pussy was more than I could take. Watching it disappear and then reappear from her white-covered ass was as hot as anything I’d ever experienced.

Her thighs tightened around my cock and she began to buck more violently and press even harder.

“Oh damn….nnnnhhhh!” She was nearing the edge.

“Gaaa….oh f-f-fuck, yes!” she exclaimed. Her hand, thighs, and panties couldn’t have felt more like a real pussy. As she began to shudder from the power of her first cock-induced orgasm, I erupted into that warm little hand of hers. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum soaking her hand, her soccer bag, and her beautiful lacy underwear with every thrust. I had never cum so hard and so much in all my marriage and I could hear the sloshing in her hand and between her thighs. I slowed my pace as the jets of cum waned, then I slipped from between Kasey’s thighs and rested on my haunches, fairly certain of what had just happened, but unclear of what it meant or what to do next.

Kasey turned and stood on her knees in front of me, pulling my face to her and planting her moist, sweet lips on mine, our tongues entwined. Her shirt was opened and her bra still on, but pulled off and above her small breasts. She leaned back and seductively took her cum-filled hand and began rubbing my hot spew over and over her tiny breasts, licking her hand at the very last.

She kissed me again, then whispered, “I’m yours now.”

I wanted nothing more than to take her right there, and as I kissed her I felt the urge building inside me again, but I made no effort to continue.

“God, you are incredible,” I sighed.

“I’m not sure that fat monster of yours will fit in me,” she said as she began rubbing my cock with both of her hands. I wanted to leave, to stop this before it got any further. She leaned down and slid her moist lips onto my cock and in no time I was at full attention once again and completely at her mercy.

She rose slowly to her feet and pulled me to mine. Her skirt fell back over her hips and covered the pot of hot wet gold I so desired. She buttoned her top and then stuffed my cock back into my pants.

Taking me by the hand, she led me to the door and tiptoed to peer through the peephole into the hallway.

“Let’s go to your place,” she said in a low voice.

With that she opened the door and led me across the hall and into my apartment. As I closed my door behind me, I turned and saw her walking down the hall of my apartment toward the master bedroom. She paused at the door and undid her skirt, allowing gravity to let it slowly slip down her thighs to the floor. She turned and disappeared into the dark of my bedroom, her white little ass wiggling slowing into the shadows. Closing and dead-bolting my door, I shuddered, rubbing the outline of hard cock, in anticipation of what was about to happen….

To be continued….

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