Kate: Good Woman, Hungry Cunt Part 2

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Kate: Good Woman, Hungry Cunt Part 2Kate got ready for bed with some trepidation. Earlier Bob had caught her fisting herself in the master bathroom and Kate didn’t know what was going to happen now. They’d played monopoly with the boys and had a normal evening, but now the boys were in bed and Bob would be in the bedroom soon. Kate changed into a teddy with no panties and got in bed, hoping for the best. She had just got into bed when Bob came into the room from the master bath. He was naked and his cock was stiff as he walked up to her and smiled down at her. “So, he said, Fisting? Did I catch you fisting yourself today?” Kate gave a tentative smile and said, “Yeah, I guess you did. But it was an accident! Honestly, my hand just kind of slipped in while I was wiping myself!” Bob laughed. “You expect me to believe your hand just slipped into your pussy? I’ve fucked you Kate. You’re usually tighter than that!” “Well I don’t know how it got so loose, Kate said. Just happened! You know I get wet and horny for you so I must have been thinking of you!” “Well, Bob said, let’s just check you out right now.” He pulled up Kate’s teddy and slid 2 fingers into her pussy. “Gee, Kate, these 2 fingers feel a little snug up here. How could a hand accidentally slide up here?” As Kate began to make up an answer istanbul escort Bob pulled the Kong toy out from behind his back! “Is it possible Max’s toy helped with that? ” Kate said, “Where did you find that? Bob said, “I saw it on the floor of the bathroom when I caught you wrist deep in your pussy. I looked and found it in your underwear drawer. And it smells like your cunt!” Kate decided to come clean and told Bob about her hungry cunt. “I swear Bob, I’m a good woman, but my cunt just aches to be filled all the time. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but today that Kong toy met all of my needs! I think I’m two people, Kate and Kate’s Cunt!” Bob said, “I know you love it when I play with your pussy. I love you, all of you. But I really want to see Kate’s Cunt at work. Show me how the Kong went in!” Smiling at him, Kate asked Bob to get the lubricant from the bathroom. He fetched it and Kate liberally lubed up the Kong. It might be only 3.5 inches long but it’s 2..25 inches wide, but that’s twice Bob’s cock width! Bob sat on the end of the bed and watched Kate rub her clitoris and get wet. Putting 2, then 3 fingers into her cunt hole, she began trying to ease the Kong into her. This time it only took a minute avcılar escort or two for her cunt to open up and accept the whole toy inside of her. Kate was in stuffed-cunt nirvana! She kept stroking her clit and Bob leaned in close to watch her work. This made Kate feel raunchy and nasty – here she was legs wide open and cunt stuffed for her husband to view! “Oh no! she cried.” She felt her orgasm come on and her cunt spewed out a hot stream of fluid right into Bob’s face! As she bucked and came, Bob spluttered with her cunt juice and piss all over his face and chest! What the fuck! he yelled. Now you’re a squirter?! Kate just panted from her orgasm and giggled when she saw his soaked face. Hey! she said. You’re the one that wanted to see my toy at work! I was checking to see how stretched I was when you came in the bathroom. It went in easier this time, so I bet I’m stretched even more!””Let’s take a look, said Bob.” As Kate bore down he helped her ease the Kong from her cunt. She immediately slid her hand in to her greedy hole and began exploring it’s depths. “Yes, she said, It’s definitely a little bigger.” Bob pulled her hand out of her cunt and stuck three of his fingers into her. The snug pussy that barely took 2 fingers now had plenty of şirinevler escort room. He slipped in a fourth finger and Kate began to grind her cunt on his hand. “Oh god Bob, Kate said, I’m stuffed to the limits!” Bob poured a little lubricant on his hand and kept moving his fingers into her cunt.Without warning he slid his thumb next to his palm and tried to thrust the whole hand into her! Kate screamed and said “Damn Bob, I can’t stretch that far!” “You can’t, Bob said, but I bet Kate’s Cunt can!” And with a twist of his wrist suddenly his hand was fully inside her cunt! Kate moaned but kept riding his wrist, enjoying the feeling of a cunt fully stuffed with live meat! Her back arched and she clamped down on his wrist cumming and squirting again! Bob was ready this time, and slapped his mouth over her pussy, letting her juices spray into his mouth and down his throat! His dick erupted in cum as her took part in the nastiest sex he’d ever imagined. It spurted on to his chest as Kate began descending from the heights of her orgasm. Kate’s Cunt relaxed and let Bob’s hand slip out. Kate lay there, legs splayed out, cunt gaping and sloppy, bed clothes soaked in cunt juice, cum and piss. Bob tried to lick her clit and Kate pushed i away. “I can’t honey, I’m all fucked out.”Bob flopped over beside her and said “That was amazing! Oh honey, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with Kate’s cunt!’Kate smiled as she lay there, drifting in a post-cum haze. Kate’s Cunt tingled in anticipation of it’s next stretching. Oddly, Kate noted, her asshole was tingling too! Kate thought to herself, “I am a Good Woman. But Kate’s Cunt is a very bad girl!”

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