Kathmandu adventures Ch. 01

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Hello readers, this is a story I spun based on a real life incidence narrated to me by colleague long time back. All the characters are purely fictional and the story is as narrated to me. I hope you like this. The story is based during a visit to Nepal for business purpose. Please do have patience to read through the whole text.


It must have been the 2nd week of December as we landed at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. The weather was quite chilly as we boarded the cars that had come to receive us, me and my three colleagues. We were on a visit to Kathmandu to assess the feasibility of an investment in Nepal. We had appointed a local consultancy firm to help us in the assessment. As we reached our hotel I looked forward to the next day’s agenda and started planning my work. My juniors, as young they were, started planning to visit the tourist areas in Kathmandu. I advised them to visit a couple of places I knew from my previous visit and asked them to come back in time as we had to start early next morning.

I reached the room, had a bath and as I was changing my clothes I got a call on my mobile. I was curious who it was at that time and answered the call. It was a sweet voice of a lady from the other side. She (Veena, name changed) introduced herself as a senior office bearer of the consultancy firm we had appointed and said that she was in charge of the assignment and would help us for the next 3 days. I was quite impressed with the sweet voice and as I was entering into my pyjamas I realized that I was having a mild erection. I laughed to myself. Veena interrupted asking me what happened to which I realized my folly. Obviously I couldn’t tell her about my erection and I just changed the topic. I finished the call and kept wondering what kind of lady Veena could be as I was stroking my now active dick.

Next morning as I greeted Veena in our hotel lobby and shook her warm hands an electric shock ran through my body. In my trance I forgot to release her hand and she literally had to wriggle out her hand from my grip. I profusely apologized and gave some stupid reason. Next half an hour she was briefing us on the meetings she had lined with government officials and our action Beylikdüzü escort plan for the day. I soon realized that I was not listening to her and was just watching her lips and her wonderful body. Veena was a sweet Nepali girl, short and petite, in her late twenties, slightly fair, with nice black eyes and long hairs running to her bums. I was switching my attention between her face and her bossom (must be 32 or 34c) which was heaving up and down as she was speaking.

I must confess that the whole day went just like that, running between meetings. To be frank I was no where in the conversations and was at some pretext or the other looking at Veena or talking to her. For the first time I realized that my erection had not subsided through out the day. As we were returning to the hotel after a hard day’s work, I smartly dispatched my colleagues in one rental car to some tourist places and invited Veena in my rental car to drop her to her residence. As I opened the door of the car for her, slowly brushed my hand over her ass by mistake. I invited her for a cup of coffee on the way to my hotel to which she replied she her young son would be waiting for her and she would like to go home early. However she promised to spare the next evening for me. As I went to my room and was having a shower, I just couldn’t stop myself from stroking my dick and masturbating thinking of Veena’s sweet body.

The next day went by fast. I was eagerly waiting for the evening. I wrapped the work early and by 4 pm decided to call it a day (winters in Nepal bring evenings early). On the way I invited Veena for a coffee which she gladly accepted to come along. As we were sipping our coffee, Veena became quite talkative and told me about her successful career, her family and her kid. Although I was listening to her, half of my attention was towards her lips and her bossom. More than twice she would have noticed me staring at her bossom. Although she noticed me staring at her boobs, I realized that she was more than pleased with the attention I was giving her and would be foolish to believe that she had not noticed my strange behavior in the last two days. As I was finishing my coffee she offered to take me to the Swayambhu Nath Stupa just outside Beylikdüzü escort the city in her car.

I left the rental car and went to the Stupa in her car. The Stupa is just outside the city and over a short mountain. After seeing the Stupa as we were returning to her car, she offered to show the city from the hill top. As she was showing the city with her stretched right hand, I didn’t realize when I went behind her, close to her body. While talking she took a step behind and accidentally her ass stuck in my crotch as a key would fit into a lock. I held her shoulders with both my hands as I felt my erection touching her ass and demanding an entry into her valley as we saw the Kathmandu valley below. She was quite surprised by my move and before I realized anything I removed my hand from her shoulder pulling her face towards me and slowly kissed her lips. The kiss was one way as I couldn’t get any response from her. I was freezing with fear that if it didn’t work I was in a soup. So I tried kissing her again and this time it worked as she opened her lips and we locked our lips in a frenzy of a kiss that must have lasted for more than a minute. My tongue probed her tongue as my dick probed the crack of her ass from behind. We suddenly realized that we were in a public area and separated from each other quickly. As we went and sat in the car in the parking lot which was quite empty, I was wondering on my next move. Brazenly I just pulled her face again and now kissed her voraciously in the beginning and then slowed down as I enjoyed her tongue which had become active and lashing my tongue. As lips were drawn in a kiss my hands were busy feeling her body and her nice tender breasts. As I was rubbing my hand over her dress and breasts I could feel her nipples getting hard. My left hand pulled the shirt from her trouser and tried to feel her bare stomach and slowly I tried to enter my hand into her panty when she caught my hand and said we must leave now as we were getting late. I was disappointed but hoped for a better tomorrow.

Next day, which was to be our last day in Kathmandu, I had to do something to savor her body else all the foreplay over the mountains would have been wasted. I came up with a plan. When all Escort Beylikdüzü of us met at the hotel lobby (including Veena) next morning, I told my colleagues to go ahead to Veena’s office, get some reports and proceed to our first site visit. I told them that Veena and I were expecting visitors and would meet them after this meeting. Veena was quite surprised by this move of mine. As my colleagues left she asked whom are we meeting? I winked her and asked her if she could have a coffee with me in my room as the visitors came in half an hour. While she accepted my invitation I am very sure she would have known by now what my intentions were.

Now was the moment for me as we were entering the room. As I opened the room door my heart was thumping like a teenagers heart would thump on his first kiss. I asked her to get in the room and closed the door after entering. The moment I entered the room I threw my bag down and pulled her close to me like a magnet would pull iron pieces in its vicinity. We kissed ferociously for more than a minute. I couldn’t control myself now. I now pushed her to the door, her face to the door and hung both her hands spread upwards. I spread both her legs from behind as my one hand was busy pulling her skirt down while the other hand was opening my zip. I barely pulled her panty down and entered her divine hole from behind. I couldn’t even think of using a condom. As my cock entered her pussy from behind I realized that my zip is hurting my dick but I had no time to think for such things. My dick was slipping pass the inner walls of her pussy and felt her wetness even without foreplay. Now both my hands were busy feeling her breasts from behind as my hips were thrusting back and forth in smooth motion.

My humping would have been on for around three minutes when I could feel Veena shuddering, presumably with her first orgasm. Not more than 15 seconds and I released my cum into her pussy. As both of us witnessed our frenzied orgasms our thrusting slowed down and we stood there in trance realizing the position in which we were standing at the door just half naked.

Friends this was the first part of my experience and I hope to put together the rest in another week. Hope you guys and gals liked it. However it would be difficult for me to post it unless I get some encouraging emails from my readers, especially female friends out there as I believe I have not really touched the female mind here in this story. Do post your feedback through the link below.

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